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Introducing Periwinkle!

Hi! I’m so sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I had to take pictures for new business cards and it took FOREVER πŸ™

Anyways, here’s a photoshoot of my new Periwinkle Disney doll! πŸ˜€


She’s so cute and looks so much like Periwinkle from the Tinkerbell movies! πŸ˜€





I love the shoes!!! πŸ˜€




I really like this one! πŸ™‚



Well, that’s all for this photoshoot! These were the first pictures I took with my iPhone and I just love how they came out! πŸ˜€

I hope ya’ll (LOL! Where did that come from? XD) didn’t mind having a photoshoot of a non-AG doll, but I’ve got one of Cecile coming up soon! πŸ™‚

Do you like the Tinkerbell movies?

Have a great day!


National Donut Day!

“Hi everyone! Happy National Donut Day! You know as mommy and I are totally in love with donuts, we just have to celebrate Donut Day!”


“Don’t they look so good? That long one…. And-and the pink…. OOOH! AND THE CHOCOLATE!! Sorry, I’ve had a lot of treats today….”

Hi, it’s Jaclynn now! Β Oh, my gosh, it’s National Donut Day and Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts and I’m not eating one?? This is just sad. LOL!

Do you love donuts? What’s your favorite kind or place to buy donuts?


Crazy Play!

Apparently I am in a crazy weird mood today, because this post was just gonna be a normal story of Jane going to the doctor, but it turned into something MUCH more than that! Jane will take it from here πŸ™‚


I walked up to the front desk at the doctor’s office to sign in for my annual checkup. The lady appeared to be busy and I don’t think she noticed I was there, so I cleared my throat to get her attention.


“Oh, hello! Do you have an appointment?” The lady asked, looking up from her work.


“Yes, it’s with Dr. Albright for 2 o’clock.” I replied.


“Ah, yes! Jane Potter! Could you just fill out this form for me, please?” She asked as she handed me a form and a pencil. I filled out all my information then took my seat in the waiting area until finally the doctor called my name.


“Jane!” She called, pushing aside the curtain, and I went to her.


“Hey what are you guys doing?” Eli asked.


“Oh, we’re playing doctor.” I answered as I turned to face him.


“Cool! I’ll be the doctor!” He said as he entered the room. Julie glanced at me with that “Oh boy” look and I tried not to smile.


“Have a seat, please!” He said in a British accent and I did as I was told.


“Now, I will listen to your heartbeat.” He said as he held a calculator up to my heart (It’s supposed to be a stethoscope. We didn’t have one, so we had to use what we had on hand πŸ˜‰ ).


Eli suddenly gasped very dramatically. “OH NO!!! NURSE!! OUR PATIENT IS DYING!!!” Eli shouted with his hands in the air.


“Wait, what?!” Julie shouted back in confusion.




“Invisible monkeys?” I asked with a giggle. I didn’t know where this was going!


“So you know, don’t you?!” Eli inquired and at first I just stared at him, but then I flashed him a playful grin.


“Yes! Yes, I am beginning to feel it in my heart!” I said as I lied down dramatically. Eli laughed at my quote. He’s such a LOTR fan, just like me. “There is only one thing that can save me!” I continued.


“What is it?!” Eli asked frantically.


“Waffles…” I whispered. Inside I was trying so hard not to laugh at how ridiculous this was!


“What is going on?” Julie asked in bewilderment. I don’t think she was all that good at playing games with guys yet, otherwise she would know that things get insane when a boy gets involved with your story.


“It’s improv, Jules! Just go along with it and be crazy and random!” I whispered. “Ooooh…” She said.


Julie leaned over the table and pretended to cry. “WE. HAVE. NO MORE WAFFLES!!!” She cried.


“Then there is only one more thing to do!” Eli said as he stood on the examining table.


“WHAT IS IT?! I’ll do ANYTHING!!” Julie cried.


“You must sing about waffles!” Eli said to me. “Do you think it will work?” I asked with worry. “It’s worth a try!” He said with determination. “Alright. Waaaafflessss! I love them buuuuutteryyyy! And with syyyyrrruuuup!” I sang and Julie was busting up!


All of a sudden, Caleb walked in the room! “Hi!” He said with a giggle. My guess is that he was laughing at how silly we all looked and sounded. “OH NO!! HE’S THE ONE THAT STOLE ALL THE WAFFLES!!” Julie cried as she climbed on top of the table to avoid him.


“I cookie!” He said. That’s his way of saying that he wants a cookie.


“Now he wants our cookies!!! STAY AWAY!!” Eli said and we all stood and tried to keep our distance from the little “food monster” as I called him.


So that is what my day consisted of! We ended up having to journey half way across the world to find waffles and when we did, I ate them and was healed. Some more of the kids had started playing with us too and we all sang an ending song at the end to close our game. We were all singing so loud and nothing matched or made sense. It was so awesome! It just goes to show that sometimes things don’t always have to make sense when you play, because you can have a ton of fun just being crazy and random with your friends or siblings πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this random post! Bye for now!


What My Dolls Are Up To

Hey everyone! Yesterday I cleaned out under my bed (my doll’s bedroom) because I’ve been having a ton of baby spiders in my room lately (*shudders*) and the other day I noticed a few under there, so I freaked out… Anyways! Back to the subject of this post – I set up my dolls to where they’re all doing something and I thought it’d be fun to show you what they’re up to πŸ™‚


So here’s the overview! Some of them are hiding behind the curtains, though LOL!


Over here, Dallas is getting Pepper out of his bed so he, Eli, and Jeremy can play with him. Rapunzel is asking if she can play with him, too and Lissie is trying to get a book, but Dallas is in the way. You can kinda see Clara back there just hanging out πŸ™‚


Bella, Ellie, and Snow are being as sweet as can be playing with Licorice πŸ™‚


Belinda is helping Cecile with some school.


And Merida wants Belinda for something…. Probably to help her climb something πŸ˜›


And of course Caleb and Kendra are fighting and screaming at the top of their lungs. Kristoff is trying to pull Caleb off of Kendra and Annika starts to intervene. Mickey and Minnie are sad and scared by their fighting as usual, too πŸ˜‰


Kanani, Riven-Delle, and Annika had all been talking, but then stopped instantly when they noticed Caleb and Kendra fighting. Anna was gonna talk to Riven-Delle, but also stopped when she noticed the fight.


Janie looking over at Caleb and Kendra. They attract a lot of attention to themselves whenever they fight πŸ˜›


Julie, Kaya, and Samantha are talking πŸ™‚


And oh, dear! Marie-Grace was talking to Saige (who is painting) when she was supposed to be practicing her singing, so Lana told her to stop talking to Saige, Marie-Grace got mad, and now Jess came over and is trying to tell Lana that it’s okay for Marie-Grace to talk to Saige. My goodness!


Josefina and Kirsten were about to bake and are now trying to persuade Rebecca into helping them, too. Addy was talking to Kirsten πŸ™‚


Jenna doing some things at the vanity πŸ™‚


And Kiara and Caroline are chatting πŸ™‚

Do your dolls have a usual thing that happens every day? Like how Caleb and Kendra always fight? What do your dolls like to do?


Some Random Things :)

So, the other day, when me and my mom were doing some errands, I mentioned how I have four GOTY dolls, and I asked my mom if she knew them. She thought for a while and she named each one! Although she did have to ask for one hint, she still did really good! Then I asked if she could name ALL of my AG dolls! She probably only asked for about three hints!! I was seriously so proud of her!!! I was so excited that she knew all of my dolls well enough to name each one! πŸ˜€


Now, another thing, is that I noticed that I must really like names that end in the “uh” sound. I realized that ALL of my MAG dolls have that! AnnikA, ClarA, KiarA, JennA! And then as I was looking at my “Doll Wishlist” poster thingy, I have three MAG’s on there that have that, too! EricA, MariAH, AlishA! I just thought that was really hilarious LOLOL! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›


One more thing:

You know you’re obsessed with AG dolls when:
1. You see the speed limit on the street that says “55” and you immediately say, “MAG #55. Annika.”
2. You’re playing a game and see the number “33” and you immediately say, “MAG #33.”

Yep, that really happened to me LOL! πŸ˜€

Do your moms know your dolls well enough to name them? Do you have repetition with your doll’s names? Do random numbers make you think of MAG doll numbers?


Q&A With Your Favorite Desserts~ Dreaming of Custom Dolls

YES! My Q&A with Emma is here at last!! You can watch below or on my YouTube channel. Link to my YouTube is on the left sidebar πŸ™‚

Please remember to leave more questions down below! We are so excited to answer them! πŸ˜€


Planning For Hillside

Oh, my goodness! Tomorrow it will mark one week exactly until the Hillside Farms Holiday Craft Fair! I must admit that I haven’t been doing much crocheting for the past couple of months, cause in my head I think “Oh, there’s plenty of time!” and so at night I would just sit and watch movies while doing things on my iPod…. Ugh, so bad. Now that it’s a week away I am feeling majorly stressed! I still have so much to make and so little time! Eeks! πŸ˜•

Anyways, I didn’t want to fully neglect all of you for a week, so my mom gave me the idea to post about my preparation for the craft fair! I thought it was a great idea, so here we go!


I usually bring seven of my dolls to the craft fair each year, but since I have SO many new costumes (I’m planning to have every single main Disney Princess dress), I decided that I need to bring them all (and my friend Emma is loaning me one of her dolls to be Merida. Thank you SO much)! But that was a problem. I needed to find a way to make sure they all could fit, and also have some room to lay my other products on the table. So today I got the table out and made all of my dolls fit on top! YAY! πŸ˜€Β The ones in the back are going to be raised up, too, but I need to buy some more risers, so that’s why they aren’t even with the others πŸ˜›


Then after that, I needed to see if our big 30 gallon bin, would hold all 15 dolls, and it did!! But I need to buy a new one for myself because my mom uses that bin for all of her stuff πŸ˜‰

Now I am off to crochet! This whole next week is going to be crazy busy, but I promise, you will still see some posts from me! πŸ™‚

Bye for now!


Sneaking Around

Oh, dear! What am I going to do with Anna and Merida? Yesterday they did something pretty sneaky….


“Are you sure it’s okay to be out here?” Anna asked. “Yeah! The door was open, so we came out! If you don’t wanna be out here, then go inside.” Merida replied.


Merida walked off and Anna stood there watching her.


“Well, the door was open…” Anna said to herself, then hurried to join her sister.


“You wanna climb this slide?” Merida asked excitedly.


“I don’t know… Prob’ly not.” Anna said, unsure if I would be okay with that.


Anna and Merida walked around the yard for awhile, then finally they stopped and just stood.


“Merida? Are you mad?” Anna asked, breaking the silence.


“Everything fun I wanna do, you’re saying no to.” Merida replied with a tone of annoyance.


“I like fun, but I don’t know if mama would want us to do those things.” Anna explained.


Merida hung her head down and didn’t say a word. “Merida?” Anna asked.


Merida swooshed her head away from her sister. “I’m sorry, Merida.” Anna said sweetly, but Merida didn’t move.


“Do you wanna play hide and seek?” Anna asked. Merida turned her head slightly with a little smirk.


“1….2….3….4….”Β Merida stood by a pole and counted to ten.


Anna found a place to hide and giggled. “She won’t find me here!” She thought.


“HERE I COME!” Merida yelled.


Merida walked around, then she tilted her head…


“FOUND YOU!!” Merida yelled from across the pool. Anna laughed and laughed.


Anna ran over to her sister, still laughing. “How’d you find me?” Anna asked. “I saw your hair!” Merida replied.


I realized that Anna and Merida were nowhere in the house, so I decided to look outside. “Anna, Merida, what are you doing out here?” I asked firmly.


Anna hung her head down and Merida stared to the side with a smirk.


“Anna, do you want to tell me what you’re doing out here?” I asked gently, but Anna shook her head “no”.


I sighed and looked over at Merida. “How about you tell me?” I asked. Merida’s smirk grew bigger, and I knew, by the look in her eyes, that I was in for a very dramatic (and not true) story…

Do you have any sneaky “kids”?

Let’s Play Soccer!

Eli really wanted to go outside and play soccer, so he asked his sisters if they’d like to play, but only Kiara and Clara agreed.


“I don’t know how we’re gonna play soccer with only three people.” Eli said, feeling disappointed.


“Well maybe we can do it differently. Like how about two of us are playing against each other and one is the goalie, who tries to block the ball from whoever kicked it? And we can just keep taking turns!” Kiara suggested.


“That’s a great idea! We can use that fence for the goal!” Clara said excitedly.


“Hm, yeah, I guess that’ll work!” Eli said. He was starting to perk up now πŸ™‚


Clara had the ball, and Kiara was running over to get it from her.


Oh no! Kiara got the ball!


Kiara got ready to kick the ball…


And it went flying!


Eli dodged to the floor, to try to grab it, but it went right past him!


“Whoo-hoo!” Kiara yelled excitedly.


“That was a nice shot!” Eli praised.


“Good kick!” Clara said, reaching her hand up for a high five. “Thanks!” Kiara replied.


They played for two hours straight and finally, they were sitting up against the rail, feeling really exhausted from all that play.
“You guys wanna go back inside now?” Kiara asked. “Yeah! And we can have some rainbow sherbet ice cream!” Eli said excitedly. Kiara and Clara chuckled, and they agreed that ice cream sounded delicious!

Do your dolls like to play any sports?

A Little Change

As you all may know, I posted a while back about starting “Jaclynn’s Q&A” and I had some troubles with getting it started. Then just recently they got fixed πŸ™‚


But then I had been thinking a lot about how fun it would be to do the Q&A with my friend, Emma, that way you could get to know both of us a little more! And I really thought it was meant to be when Emma talked about doing a Q&A together. So we have officially decided to do a Q&A together!!! YAY!! πŸ˜€

We will be doing it at least once a month and we will be choosing questions from my post “Jaclynn’s Q&A”, but if you have some more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments on this post! We are both really excited to answer your questions! πŸ˜€

Have a nice day!

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