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Family Photo :)

I’ve noticed a few blogs have been taking family photos of their dolls, and I’ve always wanted to do that, but because I have so many, it would take HOURS to get them all ready, so I never did it. But- it is time to stop being lazy, LOL! πŸ˜›


Back row, left to right- Addy, Josefina, Felicity, Kirsten, Rebecca, Kanani, Marie-Grace, Caroline, and Saige.
Bottom row, left to right- Beth, Annika, Kendra, Cecile, Caleb, Samantha, Jeremy, Kaya, Mickey, Jess, Minnie, Clara, and Janie

I took a family photo of all of my AG dolls (including my sisters) on Saturday and I think it turned out great! It was so neat to see them all set up together πŸ™‚ I was going to do a family photo that included everyone in my doll family, which would include MyTwinn, Disney Toddler Dolls, and other baby dolls, but I didn’t have room anywhere to get a picture of all of them! So maybe some day I’ll get a family picture of my non-AG dolls πŸ˜‰

Who is in your American Girl Doll family?

Ginger’s Toy Chest

Hey everyone! My friend, Ginger just recently started a blog where she posts about her dolls and stuffed animals, and possibly a few of her other toys. She is a great writer and her blog is definitely worth taking a peek at!


Join Samantha, Jess, Jessica, and Desiree in the photostory “Samantha’s Showcase”. Will Samantha find her costume before she has to perform?


Ivy and Emily take a trip to Sea World! This was probably my favorite photostory that she’s done. I love how she made the aquariums look so blue. I’ve only been to Sea World once, but I know for a fact that she nailed that look! πŸ˜€

So, please head on over to GingersToyChest and leave her a comment! I’m sure she would really appreciate it πŸ™‚ Also don’t forget to vote on who’s pumpkin you like best! πŸ˜€


Fire Cove Season 2- Blackheart’s Resolve~ Part 4 THE GRAND FINALE!!


Jake went over to Captain Coronado to thank her again. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am to ye.” Jake said.


“Aye, I know ye are. Twas the least I could do.” Captain Coronado replied. Then she reached into her desk and pulled something out of it…


“Here, I want ye to have this. It will bring ye wisdom. But, ye must promise never to take yer eyes off it! Any evil pirate would die fer a special item as this.” Captain Coronado explained.


“Thank ye. And, aye, ye have my word.” Jake promised.


“Now then. Ye best get prepared for battle. Blackheart will have heard of what I done and I’m sure she’ll be comin’ after ye with ships and cannons. Ye must be ready.” Captain Coronado stated.


“Aye, we’ll start preparin’ for battle right away.” Jake said.


I had been talking with Siara, but as soon as I heard Jake mention battle I turned my head towards him. I didn’t want to have anything to do with a battle. But since Jake thought it was best, I knew it was only right for me to follow him- whether I liked it or not.


Meanwhile, Blackheart was on the hunt for me and Jake. I knew she would not rest until we were back in her cells.


“Captain Jones! Captain! Captain!” Blackheart’s deckhand called. “Aye, what is it?!” Blackheart shouted. “It’s a note! It’s about The Code!” The deckhand explained. “WHAT?!” Blackheart yelled furiously and snatched the note from his hand.


The note said: “Code number 12 has hereby been terminated by Captain Coronado- The Keeper of The Code.”


Blackheart exclaimed in disgust. She threw the note to the ground and squished it with her foot.


“YOU! Bring me some paper NOW! I have me own little note I need to write. Thar troubles are far from over…” Blackheart ordered.


“Aye, Cap’n!” He said and scurried off.



“Victoria, we have to be prepared to defend ourselves!” Jake stated. I had been talking with him about the battle. I know I had decided to follow him, but I just didn’t want there to be any battle.


“I know, but perhaps we could try reasoning with her first!” I said.


“Uh, ‘scuse me, but while ye were talkin’ a bird dropped this here note. Ye might wanna take a look.” Siara said.


Jake read aloud: “As Captain Blackheart Jones’ second in command, I regret to inform you that Captain Jones is dead. Ye are now free from her wrath. Captain Reed.”


“What? Sh-she’s dead? But how? What on earth happened?” I was in a state of shock. It didn’t make sense to me that she died.


“It don’t say what happened. But as the note said- we don’t have to worry ’bout her fighting us anymore.” Siara said. I know that Blackheart was evil and mean, but I still felt sad that she died.


Jake was staring at the deck. “I don’t know. This doesn’t make sense to me. Blackheart is the best pirate around. It doesn’t seem likely to me that she just died. Ah, well, I’m sure it’s true. We did get a note from Captain Reed…” I walked over to Jake and said-


“Yes, Jake. It’s all over. We may finally live and sail forever- in peace.”



Fire Cove Season 2- Blackheart’s Resolve~ Part 1

In case you have forgotten what last happened, please read the last part by clicking here πŸ™‚


Jake and I sat still for a moment and we could hear footsteps constantly.


“Victoria, we need to get out of here. If we stay in this cave forever Blackheart will surely find us.” Jake stated.


“But, Jake, Blackheart and her crew are searching everywhere for us. If we leave the cave we will definitely get caught!” I said discouraged. Β “Well, either way we’ll be found, so the question really should be, where would we rather be discovered?” Jake said jokingly. “Oh, Jake, this isn’t a time for jokes!” I said very upset.


“Really, Captain Turner, ye should listen to yer wife. You see, the joke is all on you. Because thanks to me, you won’t ever be together again!” Blackheart said with a grin. “Now, put your hands up!” She ordered with a point of her sword.


We put our hands up, but I really wish Jake would’ve fought her! Although he didn’t have his sword.. “Jake, are we doing the right thing?” I whispered. “Yes, just do as Blackheart says.” He replied.


“Well, someone knows what they’re doing. Listen to yer ‘HUSBAND’, Missy, while ye can.” Blackheart ordered. Something in the way she said “Husband” made me sick. Like she really despised us being together. And what was all this “Never be together again” and “While you can” business? Was she threatening to kill us?


“Now, walk out of here and go to the ship. And remember, I have a sword and ye don’t, so no funny business, ye hear?” Blackheart said.


“What is Blackheart going to do to us? We’re captives now. If only Elinor knew where we were.”

To be continued in Part 2!! πŸ˜€

News On The Second Season Of Fire Cove!


Hey everyone! It’s me, Jess. Mommy wanted me to talk to you today about the second season of Fire Cove.


First- It’s JULY!! That means the second season will be starting in a few weeks!! YAY!


Second- WHY AM I THE BAD GUY?! I am way too nice to play a bad guy!! But then, I guess I do a pretty good job at acting, but still!


Oh, did I let that slip? Okay, yes, I am going to play the Evil Blackheart Jones! ARGH!!


And third- Mommy still has to make my costume and Clara’s, too. Oh, right! Clara is gonna be playing a pirate as well. And no, she isn’t working for me. She’s actually like, super nice. Anyways, I think that’s about it for now… Oh wait!!! Mommy wanted me to tell you that in the THIRD season (so not this one coming up, but the next one) something REALLY sad is going to happen!!! You’re not allowed to know yet, though. πŸ˜‰

Okay, so that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed hearing some news about the second season! Have a great day everyone! Bye!


A Day At The Park- A Photoshoot of Jess

Hey Girls!!
Wow, I haven’t posted for a long time! So sorry about that πŸ˜•
Well, today I went to a beautiful park with a waterfall, ducks, geese, and SO many dozens of turtles!!! They were so cute! πŸ˜€ Anyways, on to the photoshoot!!


Jess just looked so pretty today!


“Hey! Look up here!” Wow! You’re high up there, Jess! I think you’re gonna need some help getting down, though.. πŸ˜‰


Resting in the shade. “Oh, my gosh it is so hot!” Yeah, but at least its windy πŸ™‚


Being the little explorer she is, she climbed up the tree to get a better view of the park. “Wow, this place is big!”


Then she wanted to roll down the hill!


Now to talk about her outfit! She is wearing Saige’s Sweater Outfit Tank Top, Springfield Jean Capris and My Life As (I think :P) Jean Vest.


Her shoes are from the Sweet School Dress.
Okay, seriously, who doesn’t love a doll feet pic, right? Especially if they are doll feet and the shoes they’re wearing have adorable pink bows on them! Just sayin’, feet pics are super fun πŸ˜€


Her pink headband is from the Weekend Fun Outfit.


Sweet smile!


One last look at the lake and it was time to leave. All in all Jess had a very good time and so did I! πŸ™‚

Do you take your dolls to the park? Or do you feel embarrassed?Β 
P.S. I have to admit to you all that I did feel a little embarrassed to be walking around with a doll in my arms and taking pictures. But it’s okay. I’m taking one step at a time and I know that the more I do it, the easier it’ll be for me πŸ™‚

Behind the Scenes Pictures!!



Haha! I look so funny crouching way down there! πŸ˜›

Hope you enjoyed!!

Fire Cove~ Part 6 The GRAND FINALE


It was a sunny afternoon and we were coming upon the city of Dale. Ever since Jake mentioned about Blackheart being there I hadn’t been able to keep my mind off it. So I went to go talk to Jake about it.


“Jake, I’ve been thinking a lot about Blackheart. If she is at Dale and if she sees us, what will happen?” I asked. Jake looked at me closely and could tell I was worried. “Don’t worry, Victoria. We’ll be okay.” He replied, but I knew he was just trying to make me feel better.


“Jake, what would happen?” I asked a little more demanding this time.


“It’s difficult to say. Maybe nothing if she doesn’t really notice us, or….” His voice trailed off. “Or what?” I asked. “Or she might bring us to the keeper of the Code. She is dangerous. If she sees someone not following the Code, she’ll do something about it. And well, we’ve been broken just about the biggest code.” Jake said with a sigh. He looked at me again and said, “I’m going to Dale alone. It’ll be safer if you stay here on the ship. Savvy?” He asked. “Alright.” I replied sadly.


Jake bought our supplies and started to head back for the ship. But something wasn’t right…


Jake turned his head to the side, so he could see in back of himself.


He was being followed!


Realizing who it was Jake began to run as fast as he could!


But then the woman began chasing after him!


When Jake reached the ship he threw the bag of supplies to the floor and ran for the wheel.
“Jake, what’s wrong?” I asked in a panic.


“Jake!!” I yelled. He was beginning to stress me out!


“I was being followed, Victoria. By Blackheart! She was wearing a disguise.” Jake said quickly.


“That means-” I began, but Jake interrupted me.


“-We’ve been discovered.” He finished my sentence with a look of worry.


I looked over the rail and called Jake over. “She’s following us.” I said as I spotted a ship.


“I know. We’ll have to abandon ship and take the row boat to the nearest island. If she finds us, it will not be good.” Jake explained. I was sad to leave our beautiful ship, but I knew there was no other alternative.


We reached an island at last and hid our boat under some palm leaves. Then we spotted a cave and knew it would be perfect for us to hide in.


“Oh, Jake! What are we going to do?” I asked. “We’ll wait here. And hopefully we’ll be able to leave by morning.” Jake replied. My mind couldn’t help but wonder what would become of us. Then suddenly, I heard a voice…


“Jake, did you hear that?” I asked. We listened for a moment and then heard a woman’s voice saying, “Find Captain Turner and his wife! When you find them, bring them to me. They must pay for breaking the Code!”


Jake put his arm around me and said, “Blackheart…. She’s found us.”


THE END!!! To be continued in the second season! πŸ˜€



Tell Us Tuesday~ June 10th, 2014

Hey everyone!
Okay, I know I said I was doing Tell Us Tuesday last week, but I got busy and it totally slipped my mind! I am so sorry about that! But as you know, it is better late than never, so let’s get on with this week’s Tell Us Tuesday! πŸ˜€

First two photos are from Abigail-


“This is from a very old photo-shoot I took of Kirsten awhile ago. Hope you enjoy!”



“All the girls in Cabin Mushroom are really excited to go exploring!” Submitted by Emma

The last three photos are from Peace-

Photo on 6-9-14 at 5_01 PM

”Β my doll lydia is easy for a summer full of fun. (with her doll!)”

Photo on 6-9-14 at 5_02 PM

“this is my little sisters mini samantha; she wanted me to show it to you.”

Photo on 6-9-14 at 5_04 PM

“and, some super duper cute clay doll treats i made; cinnamon bun, pie, and a donut.”

Thank you all for sending in pictures for Tell Us Tuesday! They were great! πŸ˜€

If you’d like to participate in next week’s Tell Us Tuesday, here’s how it works:

You send in a picture of your doll(s) (the most you can send is three pictures) through myΒ Contact FormΒ with a description. Please remember to attach the image(s)! Also, your images must be 2MB or smaller (please not too small, though) otherwise the Contact Form won’t allow you to send in pictures πŸ˜‰

Have a great evening (or night)! πŸ˜€
P.S. See you in a few days for the next part of Fire Cove!!

First Day Of Camp!

Alright, who has just been DYING for Camp Doll Diaries to start?! I’ve been ready for WEEKS!! I am so excited that Camp has started and I look forward to all the fun my dolls and I are gonna have this summer! πŸ˜€

Just to refresh yourselves, my camp this year is focusing on Clara and Rebecca who are sisters πŸ˜‰


All the girls had been waiting forever for camp to start and finally, today is the day they’ve all been waiting for! The first day of camp is mostly focused on getting registered and settled in. Here a few girls are in line to sign in.


“I’m okay, I’m okay. I’m gonna have fun! Don’t be scared.” Clara said to herself. She was still very nervous about going to camp.


At last, it was Rebecca’s and Clara’s turn.
“And what is your last name, Rebecca?” Jess asked. She is the head counselor at camp πŸ˜‰
“It’s Rubin.” Rebecca replied.


“Ah, yes, you are in Mirkwood Cabin.” Jess said.
“Here is your cabin key.” Lana, a younger counselor, said.
“Thank you!” Rebecca replied with a smile. She just wanted to go take a look at camp already!


Clara dug in her tote bag for her registration form. “Ah, there it is!” Clara exclaimed.


“And I assume your last name is Rubin, as well?” Jess asked.
“Yeah, that’s right.” Clara replied shyly.


“You are in Enchanted Cabin!” Jess said and Lana gave her the key to her cabin.


“But, me and Becca are supposed to be in the same cabin together! Our mommy said she was going to request it.” Clara said starting to get very sad and upset.


“I know, I remember her calling. I told her I would see what I could do, but I’m afraid by the time you two signed up there was only room for one girl in two separate cabins and all the other ones were filled. I’m very sorry. If there had been more room, I would’ve put you two in a cabin together, but there was nothing I could do.” Jess explained.


“Rebecca, I don’t wanna be without you! I only decided to come because you said we’d be together the entire time!” Clara cried. “I know, Clara! I wish we could be together, too and I’m also really disappointed, but there’s nothing we can do.” Rebecca replied.
“I wanna go home.” Clara said sadly.
“Oh, please, Clara! Stay here! I promise you, we’ll still see each other! Okay?” Rebecca said.


“Okay.” Clara replied and Rebecca gave her a hug.


“Once you girls have unpacked, please come back here for you name tags. They’ll be waiting for you. I’m sure you will both have a great time here this summer!”

Are you doing Camp Doll Diaries? How was your doll’s first day at camp?
P.S. This all happened yesterday, but I’m posting it today πŸ˜‰

How My Dolls Spent Easter

After we got home from church yesterday and ate lunch I just wanted to relax for awhile. Then it was time to go over my brother in-law’s family’s house. I had such a great time and I got to see my friend Alyssa (you might remember me asking for prayer requests for her when she was in the hospital with bad seizures. Thankfully she is doing a LOT better and it made me really happy!) πŸ˜€

First, my girls started out with an Easter Egg Hunt! All of my “kids” didn’t do it, only 6 of them and they were in teams of 3 πŸ˜‰


All the pretty eggs on the lawn πŸ™‚


“Which way should we go first?” Cecile asked excitedly.


“Oh, oh! Let’s get those pretty pink eggs!” Marie-Grace said.


Rebecca went to pick them up and placed them in the basket.


“I think we have enough eggs now. We should let the others get the rest.” Kaya said trying to be fair to her sisters.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Saige replied.


After the egg hunt, they all went inside to join the others.


Marie-Grace counted her eggs and Cecile and Caroline sat with her.
“How many did you guys get?” Caroline asked.


“Five, six and seven! We got seven eggs!” Marie-Grace said with a big smile.


“They collected practically all of the pink eggs. There were hardly any for us!” Kanani said to Jess.

“Well, I know I haven’t been here long, but it seems like pink is Marie-Grace’s favorite color, so I guess it makes sense.” Jess said with a giggle.


Samantha poured herself a cup of tea and said, “Do you like tea, Lissie?”
“Yes, I love tea!” Felicity replied and Samantha poured her a cup.


“C’mon, Kristoff. Let’s get all the cinnamon rolls before the others get a chance to have any!” Eli whispered, but Samantha heard him. “Eli, you two are not eating all of those cinnamon rolls! That is so bad for you!” Samantha scolded.


“How are you doing, Jess? I thought it might be hard for you to celebrate Easter without your family.” Annika said sadly.

“I’m doing okay. Some things have been a little hard, but I’m doing alright.” Jess replied.


“That’s good. And remember, I’m always here if you need to talk to someone.” Annika said kindly.


“Thank you, Annika. I’ll remember that.” Jess smiled. “This family is a lot different than my old one,” Jess thought, “but I think that in time, I’m going to love it here. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with such an amazing family.”


Alright! You all guessed correctly, I did get the Sweet School Dress! Now as for the doll, Anonymous was the only one who guessed that correctly πŸ™‚


It’s Jess!! She absolutely LOVES this outfit! And I’ll definitely be reviewing it soon, so keep your eyes open for it! πŸ˜€

Happy (late) Easter from me and my dolls!!!!

How did you spend your Easter? Did you get any dolly surprises?

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