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lord of the rings

Monthly Recap~ January 2017

Well, here I am again to bring you a monthly recap that is actually on time! XD

I’m currently lying in my bed watching Storks cause I’m really tired and just feel kinda blah – I think I’m getting sick :/

Anyhoo! Let’s get on wiiitthhh….


Ooh, lookie! I made a cool image thingy! XD

1. I started playing piano. Really the keyboard since we don’t have a piano, but ya know. XD I’m having so much fun with this!! I can’t wait until I get REALLY good! 😀

2. I’ve practiced my singing a lot more. I really love to sing and lately I’ve been focusing more on singing on key and using my actual voice instead of my fake singing voice. I think I’m getting pretty good 🙂

3. IT HAILED – OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS IT WAS AMAZING!! There was a storm like last week and it kept hailing off and on. There was lightning, winds, thunder, pouring rain – I literally died. It hasn’t hailed since I was super young so it was almost like a first experience for me. XD There was so much it seriously looked like it had snowed!! And afterwards the mountains you can see from our house were covered in snow, but it’s all pretty much melted now. 🙁

4. We went to our friend’s wedding – which was SO beautiful! Okay, guys. The parents walked down the aisle to “The Last Goodbye” music and I forget who (probably the bride), but someone walked down to “All I Ask of You” music. I was crying. It was amazing. *dies*

5. We are looking into moving- yet again we’re in the searching stage. I really think that this time we’re going to move so it’s exciting and scary and emotional and yeah…. Prayers concerning this would be appreciated. 😉

1. TENNEY AND LOGAN WERE REVEALED – I’m not going to post any pictures, but oh my goodness me needs. O_O

2. The. Last. Jedi.
Just – oh my gosh. Can you even believe that it’s THIS YEAR?? *dies*

3. LOTR POP!s were revealed!! :O FRODO and SAM!! Oh my heart. <3

4. Rey is a Solo. I’m like totally convinced. I’ll be surprised if it’s not true, that’s how convinced I am. O_O (I made that image after reading an in depth theory of Rey being a Solo and fell in love with the idea. XD )

Tenney and Logan’s release- isn’t it so exciting?! They’re almost here!! :O

My 18th birthday- Guys I’m gonna be 18 this month. Isn’t that bizarre?! I started this blog when I was 14…. So crazy… O_O

So with my 18th birthday means….

A fancy dinner, blonde highlights, and Jordan and Aaryn coming down! I’m so excited! 😀

I’m also planning to start writing another book this month since this month will be a year since I started my last one 🙂

I don’t know what else will happen this month, but that’s okay – if I knew everything that was going to happen life wouldn’t be much of an adventure, now would it? 😉

So tell me…

How was your month? Was it a good start to the New Year? Anything exciting to look forward to in February?


2 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!


Hey everyone, I am back to present to you my 2 year blogiversary giveaway!! 😀

Since The last Hobbit movie, The Battle of The Five Armies, comes out on DVD tomorrow, and since The Hobbit and LOTR trilogies are my all time favorite movies, I thought it would be only fitting to give away……


A Hobbit Outfit made entirely by me!! 😀


The outfit includes a dress, a lace-up vest, and a tie-on apron.


Clara makes a perfect little Hobbit and she had so much fun dressing up in it today. Even if you or your doll hasn’t seen any of the LOTR movies or don’t know much about it, this is still a super fun outfit for your dolls to wear! 🙂

Now, here is how to enter to win:

1. First have a parent’s permission since I will need your home address (by email)  to ship your prize to you if you win.

2. When you comment say that you would like enter.

3. Tell me what your favorite thing is about my blog.

4. Make sure that your email address is typed correctly so I can email you about your prize. Don’t worry- it will NOT be shared with anyone ;)

5. Get an extra entry by sharing this giveaway on your blog/site (if you have one). If you share, please come back and leave a comment linking to me where you shared it.

Also I can only ship to the U.S.A.

The last day to enter to win is Monday, March 30th at 12:00AM (midnight) PST. I will post the winner on Tuesday, March 31st.

Clara says, “Good luck!” to you all! 🙂


So Ends This Day~ A Photoshoot

Okay, so I know I’ve been doing a few photoshoots lately, but when I took pictures for the previous part of The Disappearing Heirs, Riven-Delle looked SO pretty, I just had to take some pictures of her! 😀
Oh, and yes, the title of this photoshoot comes from the credits song in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. It’s called “The Last Goodbye” 🙂


I think this outfit looks so great on her!






I so love this one! And, ooh! Look at her highlights! 😀









So ends this photoshoot! Riven-Delle is so photogenic 😀

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures! 🙂

More Of The Beautiful Jenna :)

Okay, so the wind stopped, it was still light outside, and I had done a pretty hair style on Jenna, so I went to outside to take another photoshoot! 😀



This hair style is so pretty! I actually wore my hair like this and thought it would be really cute on dolls! So of course I tried it on Jenna 🙂


I think it looks kinda elvish 😉




I love the trail of fruit behind her 🙂




Just walking along 🙂


Since I forgot to take a picture of the shirt included with the Bright Stripes Outfit, Jenna was kind enough to unbutton her blazer so I could take a pic of it, despite the cold 😉




I really like this one! I love the light on the trees in the background 🙂



Jenna says, “Bye for now, everyone! I’ll be back tonight!” 🙂

Which picture was your favorite?


Annika and Elijah Talk Hobbit


Annika- “Hi everyone! It’s me, Annika, with my brother Eli.”
Elijah- “Hey, guys! Do you know what movie came out yesterday?”
Annika- “The second Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug! You may or may not know, but we LOVE  The Lord of The Rings movies as well as The Hobbit movies. They are just SO good!”


Annika- “Me and Eli are the only kids who have seen the movies because mommy feels that it is just too scary for the others.”


Elijah- “Yeah, but they’re really good! I like all of the action and sword fighting and one of the elves, Legolas uses a bow and arrow! He’s definitely my favorite character, but I also like Aragorn, Gandalf, Frodo, Gimli, Sam, Merry and Pippin-”
Annika- “Eli, why don’t you just say that it’s too hard to pick a favorite before you list everyone that’s in the movie?”
Elijah- “Oh, fine. So, yeah, I like the movies, but I’m mad that the girl elf, Tauriel is made up. She’s not even  in the book!! So practically every scene she’s in is fake and made up and not in the book!!”
Annika- “Yeah, that’s a little disappointing, but I do like Tauriel. She’s really cool and nice! I think her character is good. And Eli, Legolas wasn’t in The Hobbit books either.”
Elijah- “Oh-Well-uh-yeah, but he’s cool and actually exists!”
Annika- “Oh, Eli.” *giggles*


Annika- “These are called POP!s. The one on the left is Legolas who mommy got in her stocking last Christmas, and the other is Bilbo who belongs to our gramma (Jaclynn’s mom).


Elijah- “These ones are Thorin Oakenshield King Under The Mountain, and Gandalf The Grey Pilgrim and most awesome Wizard EVER!”
Annika- “Eli, you can just say their names.”


Annika- “And of course there’s the movie! Mommy bought it yesterday and we watched it last night!”


Annika- “I hope you enjoyed our little review-ish thing-y! And please let us know if you’ve seen The Hobbit or would like to! We’d love to know!”

Both- “Bye for now!”

Annika & Eli

With help from

New Items In My Etsy Shop!

I have been doing A LOT of crocheting these past few weeks and I uploaded all of my new items on Etsy! I’m going to share the link to my shop and some pictures with you 🙂


“…but where our hearts truly lie, is in peace and quiet. And good tilled earth.”
~Bilbo from The Fellowship of The Ring

This is my Hobbit Styled Outfit (obviously for the ladies). I got the style idea from a picture that was in the book that came with The Hobbit movie.
Hobbit’s dresses are flowy, with puffy sleeves, and sometimes a vest. And Hobbits wear aprons a lot because they are always eating or working in their gardens.


You can wear this outfit many different ways. You can wear it all together as worn in the first picture or just the dress and vest…


Or just the dress and apron..


Or just the dress alone! Either way, this outfit is perfect for any little Hobbit 🙂


As Pippin says: “We’ve had one, yes- what about second breakfast?”  LOL!

Hobbits eat up to seven meals a day! Here’s their menu:
Second Breakfast
Afternoon Tea
Long list of meals, huh?


Here is my Hobbit Cloak!

“May these cloaks shield you from unfriendly eyes.” ~Galadriel from The Fellowship of  The Ring

Whether your doll needs to stay hidden and safe or simply just to stay warm this cloak will do the trick!


The dress is long and drags the ground, flows out in the back, and has long hanging sleeves.


This picture shows the flow in the back of the dress and the long hanging chains of the crown.


Arwen Undomiel (or Luthien Faelivirn as is Annika’s Elven name) helps an injured bird with her kindness and grace.

You can find all of these outfits and more on my Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BittyBeanies?ref=si_shop

Arwen’s Coronation Outfit is $45
Hobbit Outfit is $45
And Hobbit Cloak is $20

Which is your favorite?

My Elven name: Alatariel Faelivrin
My Hobbit Name: Myrtle Proudfoot of Standelf

My Etsy Shop

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