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Elijah’s New Shirt

“Hey, everyone! My mom took me to the mall today and we looked in the Lego store!! I wanted a lot of the sets, but we didn’t buy anything. Anywaaaays, we also went in the Build-A-Bear Workshop store and I got a really cool shirt! My mom wanted to do a photoshoot of me, so here we go!”


“Isn’t that a cool shirt?? I really like the colors blue and green. I think they’re my favorite colors. But I also like red and black and gray and- oh, back to the photoshoot!”


“Another real cool thing is that it has a hood!”



“I think this is a cool picture, haha!” 😛


“Well’p that’s all! This shirt was $7.50, but mom had a coupon, so it was only like $2!! Bye for now!”

How do you like my new shirt?

Elijah (mom helped, too!)

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