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A Trip To The Ice Cream Parlor


It was such a hot day, so Jess called her friend Samantha to see if she wanted to get some ice cream. Samantha gladly accepted her invitation.

“Hi, welcome to Tyson’s Ice Cream Parlor!” The kind lady from behind the counter called.


“What can I get started for you today?” She asked.

“I’d like a vanilla ice cream cone, please.” Jess said. “What are you gonna have, Samantha?”

“Hmm… I think I’m gonna have a scoop of pistachio.” Samantha replied.

“Alright, you’re total is $5.00.” The lady said.

“I’ll pay for both of us, okay?” Jess said to Samantha.

“Aw, okay. Thank you, Jess!” Samantha said gratefully.


The lady placed the cone under the ice cream dispenser.


She pushed on the pump and beautiful, yummy ice cream came out.


“Here’s your vanilla ice cream cone!” The lady said as she handed Jess the cone.
“Thank you!” Jess replied with a big smile. She couldn’t wait to lick that refreshing ice cream!


When Samantha’s ice cream was ready they went to a nice little table in the corner where they could chat peacefully.
“Thanks again, for buying my ice cream! You didn’t have to, you know.” Samantha said.
“I know, but I wanted to.” Jess replied kindly.


Samantha dove right in to her ice cream. “Mmm! Just what the doctor ordered!” Samantha said.


Jess took a big, and I mean BIG lick of her ice cream and let out a sigh of refreshment. “I couldn’t agree more!”

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

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