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sparks flying

2 Fillies & A Colt~ A Photostory

You’re all probably doing this right now – *rechecks title* Does that really say photostory? 

Yes, yes, it does! I’ve finally made a photostory! YAY!! 

Annika will take over now 🙂

Sometimes when I stand by the door to the backyard and I feel the cool breeze sweeping over me and hear the birds chirping, I just feel called to go outside. That’s what happened to me today. It was so beautiful outside I just had to go out and be surrounded by the fresh air.

And then I saw our ponies playing in the lawn. 


I smiled gleefully as I watched them. They were so adorable, it killed me.

Sparks Flying was the first to notice me. He stared at me, a gleam in his eye. Then he ran over to me.

“Hey, you good boy!” I greeted as I stroked his fluffy face. Nothing better than the fluffy fur of a pony. Well, maybe there is, but to me, it was one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

It wasn’t long before Luthien and Eowyn noticed me and trotted over to us.

Eowyn lifted her muzzle under my arm to make me pet her and I giggled as she did so. These two girlies were jealous of the attention I was giving Sparks Flying.

“Don’t be jealous, you two! I love you all very much.” I cooed.

I could have stayed out there forever. These ponies definitely held a special place in my heart. 

Awww…. I love my horses, but I hardly ever use them! It felt good to give these little ponies some attention 🙂

Have you ever pet a pony? 


Kaya’s Photoshoot

Is it raining where you live? It’s been raining ALL day today! And yesterday we had LOUD thunder, crazy wind, and pouring rain! I liked it all except for the thunder. I do not like thunder 😛
Anyways, let’s start the photoshoot!


Kaya’s horse Steps High arrived yesterday! Kaya is so happy to be reunited with her horse! And I’m sure Sparks Flying is glad to be near his mommy again 🙂


There’s nothing sweeter than the strong bond between a girl and her horse <3


Steps High is an absolutely beautiful horse!! I highly recommend her!


Okay, doesn’t Kaya look SO cute in the Frosty Fair Isle Outfit?! I think she looks so pretty 🙂


I’m sure you also noticed that I took out Kaya’s braids. Her hair is almost as long as Kanani’s and it is the softest hair EVER!!! I am obsessed with her hair 😀


See how beautiful her hair is?? Did I mention it’s the softest hair ever?? I literally can’t stop touching it! It’s like I’m petting her hair! 😛


My beautiful Kaya 🙂

Of your dolls, who do you think has the softest hair?


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