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A First Mini Cutie

Not too long ago, when I was at Target, I found that Our Generation had come out with some new Mini dolls! I surprisingly found myself in love with Mini Sienna and she ended up coming to live with my doll family 🙂


Sienna is warming her cold little hands at the rather large fireplace.

I have personally never cared for the AG Mini Dolls, but the OG ones are just so adorable!

Sienna has such a sweet little face and her eyes are just so pretty!

A side view of Sienna to show her beautifully long ponytails 🙂

Sienna’s shoes are so cute and the quality of them really makes me think of Barbie shoes- the ones you would put on the little Kelly or Tommy dolls! I really love the rose and the tights are also a very nice quality.

Sienna’s vest is probably my favorite part of her outfit! It’s very soft and just so adorable! The shirt and skirt are also very nice.

She also comes wearing an adorable flower headband. I just love the little rhinestone in the middle!

Being cute 🙂

Sienna is a very nice doll and everything about her is a very nice quality and I would definitely recommend these dolls. The Our Generation Mini Dolls are sold for $9.99 at Target- a great deal! I was really happy to be able to add her to my doll collection 🙂

Do you have an OG Mini Doll? What are your thoughts?

A Special Lullaby


Marie-Grace lied wide awake in her bed. She had been trying for hours to get to sleep, but the excitement of having a new baby sister kept her awake.


“I just have to look at her one more time.” Marie-Grace said to herself and jumped out of bed.


“Oh, Abby! I can’t believe you’re really real!” Marie-Grace whispered.


“I can’t wait until you’re a little bigger, so we can play games and dress up together.”


Marie-Grace bent over and softly kissed Abby’s head.


Then she went back to bed and fell asleep with a smile.


An hour later, Abby started to cry!


It had been awhile and their mom still hadn’t come, so Marie-Grace got up to look after Abby.


“Oh, Abby, what’s wrong?” Marie-Grace asked as she held Abby’s tiny hand.


Marie-Grace knew that sometimes babies just wanted to be held, so she lifted Abby out of her bed.


“Shh, it’s okay! I’m here.” Marie-Grace said gently.


Marie-Grace sat down and gave her a little cuddle.


“You wanna hear a song? Shush now, Abby, you are just fine. You’ve got a sister to love you for all time. And whenever you are feeling sad, I will be there to make you, once again glad.” Marie-Grace sang her lullaby in a gentle whisper.


And soon enough, Abby had stopped crying and fell asleep in her sister’s arms.


P.S. Marie-Grace’s lullaby was sung to the tune of “Hush Little Baby”

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