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A Ball In Honor of A Newborn Princess!

I love Camp DD’s theme this week, don’t you? With how obssessed I am with Disney (and princesses) I knew this week would be great for me as well.

This post, however is not exactly part of Camp, but the theme gave me the idea! So this post is something that I used my imagination with and pretty much made up- not part of Camp 😉


In honor of the newborn Princess- a Ball was thrown in her honor!



Several guests were invited to share the Royal Family’s special moment.

The orchestra was playing happy music, the guests were dancing, eating, and talking. It was certainly a special night!


Kanani grabbed a plate and tried to decide what to eat, while Josefina grabbed a cookie.


Saige- “I’m not too good at dancing Kirsten, I hope you don’t mind.”

Kirsten- “I don’t mind at al- Ouch!”

Saige- “Oh, I’m sorry!”

Kirsten- “It’s okay- just follow my lead.”


Later on, the guests lined up for a group dance.


They twirled around and switched places to some fast and happy music 🙂


They danced and danced!


The Princess Annika and her younger sister, Princess Caroline watched their guests spin around to the music.

Princess Annika- “Our guests seem to be having a lovely time.”

Princess Caroline- “Yes, indeed! And the Ball Room looks beautiful, does it not?”

Princess Annika- “Yes, it does. Sister, dear, you should go fetch Daisy now. It is nearly time for me to make the introduction.”

Princess Caroline- “Oh, yes, of course!”


Princess Annika- “My people- As your Princess it is my duty to make all announcements and introductions until my mother- the Queen- is able to do so. Now without further ado- please welcome my new baby sister- and your new Princess, Daisy!”


Princess Caroline brought out Princess Daisy. She was a perfect little angel!


 Princess Annika and her sister, Caroline, both held their new little sister up together. The guests were thrilled!

Everyone- “Hoorah for Princess Daisy!!!”

The End

Have your dolls ever been a “Princess” before?


Winner of the Blue Sparkle Tiara!

Thank you all who entered in my giveaway! It was fun learning all of your favorite Disney princesses 🙂
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She said her favorite Disney princess was Ariel! Good choice 😉

Madison- I will be emailing you about your prize so be sure to look for it! If I don’t hear back from you within a week I will have to pick a new winner.

I hope you all had fun entering this giveaway! And don’t worry, there will be many more in the near future 🙂

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