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Think Tink

Along with my Periwinkle Barbie sized doll, I also got the Disney Animator’s Collection Tinkerbell Toddler Doll! She is so stinkin’ adorable and so fun to take pictures of! Prepare for a kinda long photoshoot of adorableness 😉

Isn’t she just so cute?! You may be thinking that her bangs are weird and I thought they were a little weird, too, but now I’ve gotten used to them 🙂 Oh, and a quick story, when I first opened up Tinkerbell and was taking her out of the box- her head popped off and rolled onto the floor! It was the saddest thing ever! But Disney sent us a replacement so now I sorta have two Tinkerbell’s. I’m not sure what we’re doing with the broken one yet LOL!

Agh! Her face!!


As if Tink wasn’t cute enough, look at her cute little Croccy plush!!! AAAAH!!! :O

I love the little pom poms!

I love how the Animator doll’s heads are so poseable! It makes for great pictures! 🙂

Aren’t the wings just too cute?! They are plastic and attached to the dress, in case you were wondering 🙂

EEE! Her little ears!!

Tink + Croccy = <3

That’s all for this photoshoot! I’ll try to get her added to the “Meet My Non-AG Dolls” page soon! 😀

What are your thoughts on the Disney Animator’s Collection Dolls?


21 Responses to Think Tink

  • Cute! I think animator dolls are really cute! They should sell more separate outfits though.

  • Aww! I love the Animator dolls! I used to see those all the time at Disneyland…I love the Aurora and Pocahontas one’s the best I think.

    That’s so sad that her head popped off! Probably would be creepy too…

    Are you guys still getting Disney passes after the price increase? Random question. 😛

    • Yeah, they are so adorable! I love Pocahontas, too! My mom has her (you might remember me mentioning that 😉 ) and I’m still dying for her to take her out of the box! LOL!
      Yeah, it was both sad and creepy! I don’t wanna see that again XD
      LOL! Hmm… I’m not sure, but I think we probably will 🙂

  • Tinkerbell’s adorable! You’re making me want her! 🙂 I love the DAC dolls – I’m getting Anna And Elsa for my birthday on the 27th, and they’re so sweet. I took them out of their boxes when they arrived to change their clothes because I didn’t want them to stain their bodies, and I played with them a little before I put them back. 😉

  • I think I would have screamed if my dolls head fell off!
    I saw a Tinkerbell doll in a thrift store, now I wish I had got her. The A.imator dolls are very cute!


  • Awwww! Tink is adorable beyond words!! I’m really glad you were able to get her. I’ve seriously been thinking about getting her before and now after seeing these pictures I really might have to. 😉
    And that’s a shame about Tink’s head popping off! 🙁 I wasn’t surprised when I heard about it though…. I’ve read that’s a common problem with the Tink Animator dolls for some reason. :/
    The other Animator doll I love is Belle. She’s so cute!

    • Isn’t she?! 😀
      Oh, that’s so weird that her head has popped off for a lot of people! Maybe there’s too much pixie dust on her head and it can’t help but fly off 😉
      I definitely recommend Tink, though! You’d love her! 🙂
      Oh, yeah, Belle is adorable! 😀

  • She is so cute! I love her little ears!

  • can,you take off her dress?,ok i know weird question!!! sorry!

  • Periwinkle was so beautiful, but Tink is just SO STINKIN CUTE!!! Adorbs!!!! How tall are they?

    • I KNOW!!! Her face is just the cutest, isn’t it?! 😀
      Hmm… I’m not sure… I’ll measure her in the morning and get back to you 🙂

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