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Until Tomorrow!

Hehe! Did I scare you? Well, it’s ok- I’m just going to be gone all day again today (I think- I don’t know what time we’re coming home! hehe!) so there will be no post! However, I have a surprise for you!! Tomorrow I am going to hold a………..
GIVEAWAY!!!! I can’t wait to see how many entries we get 🙂
I will also have a photostory for you on Saturday which will be fun and funny! LOL! I hope you all have a great day while I’m gone! I’ll actually probably see you tonight but I’m not sure- hehe!
Bye for now!
~Jaclynn 🙂

12 Responses to Until Tomorrow!

  • Ok! I can’t wait to see the photo story! Check out my dolls new post on their blog!

    • Thanks! I did this morning but didn’t have time to comment! I’ll watch it again tomorrow as well as comment 🙂

  • I hope you have a great day too!
    A giveaway! Oooh! That’s so cool!
    A photo story too! That’s fun! 🙂
    Btw, I sent you an email last night, so I just want to make sure it got through(since there is some sort of problem.
    I hope you have a stupendous day!
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • Thank you very much! I did have a very fun and great day, thank you 🙂
      Hehe! Yes, tomorrow will be FUN!
      Ok, I just got it now since there wasn’t time today- I’ll go check it out 😉
      Hehe- Thank you again!

      • Good! I am glad that it went through this time. 🙂
        ~Christian Homeschooler
        P.S. Poor people in Boston.

        • Yes, me too! I’ll reply later today 😉
          I know 🙁 But let’s not talk about that stuff on here, ok? I don’t want to bring that sort of talk on here 😉

  • Yayayayayayayyay!!!!! A giveaway!!!

  • A giveaway!? yay! i love giveaways! i can’t wait to see what your giving away! i am sure it will be something good!

  • Hehe! You did scare me! YAY!!!! Your first giveaway!!!! I can’t wait to see what it is!

  • Emma- LOL! “Yay” is right! 🙂

    Hannah M- Yes, indeed! I like giveaways too and I can’t wait for it!!! 🙂

    Carli- Hehe- I knew I might scare someone 😉 I know! I’m SO excited!!

  • I can’t wait to see what it is too! 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  • I am too!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

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