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You Know You’re Obsessed With Dolls When…

So, I was at Disneyland today and I saw a little girl (when we were in line for a ride) holding an AG doll. We walked by quickly, but I’m pretty 100% sure that she was carrying this doll:


And she was wearing the Casual Chic Outfit πŸ™‚

So, anyways, my main point is that, you know you’re obsessed with dolls when you’re on a ride that you could possibly get wet on and you tell your mom, “Oh, my gosh, I hope that American Girl doll is okay!” πŸ˜€

Do you ever have moments like that?
P.S. I will be posting comments tomorrow. I don’t have time tonight, but keep commenting! πŸ™‚

65 Responses to You Know You’re Obsessed With Dolls When…

  • Yes! And when you see little kids holding messed up dolls I’m like- Awww poor doll!:(

    • I know!! Me and my mom always get so heartbroken!! I once saw a little girl on the tram at Disneyland with Caroline and her hair was a complete MESS! And she was super little! I don’t think a girl that young should have Caroline because her hair is too hard to manage πŸ™ It makes me most sad when I see a doll that I have who’s all dirty with their a mess πŸ™

      • I know! Whenever I see doll like that I always think ‘GIVE-ME-THE-DOLL. You are not treating her nice!” Then I think to the parent “Are you crazy giving her that doll that young?! You payed like $100 for that doll and you let her treat her that way?! Arrg!” LOL!

        ~Lydia~ <3

        • That is EXACTLY what me and my mom ALWAYS say to each other! If you’re gonna spend $110 on a doll, make sure that your daughter is old enough to take care of it! “Arrg” is right! LOL! πŸ˜›

          • I think if a really young girl wants an american girl doll, I think that I would just buy one of the off brand ones. then once she would get a little older, and more responsible then I would buy an American Girl doll. πŸ™‚ It breaks my heart when I see an abused doll! πŸ™

        • My lil friend has a doll and my best friend litarlly said,”She’s way too young! She should have a bitty baby!!” and I said, “I can help her!” πŸ˜‰

          Have you ever wanted to find a really messed-up doll from some website/thrift store and fix her up? I have!

          • Aw, that’s so sweet of you πŸ™‚

            YES!! We can NEVER find AG dolls at our thrift stores and we see people online getting rare retired dolls for like $3.95! I really want to rescue a doll. I hope I find one someday πŸ™
            That’s so awesome! Was it an AG doll?

          • Whoops, I meant I wanted to fix up a doll! My mistake, although I guess you could call Samantha a ‘Fixer-upper’, only I haven’t done it yet. Eventually, though, her limbs will get looser and then I’ll have to tighten them!
            Do any of your dolls you didn’t get direct from the AG store/website ever had any scratches? Like scratches that make it look like a tiny bit of vinyl is peeling off?

          • Oh, LOL! πŸ˜€
            Aw, poor Samantha πŸ™
            No, I’ve never had that before. Have you?

          • Guess what? The day after I commented saying Sam’s leg was loose, it popped off while I was playing with her!! :0 So I have been doing some research on how to fix it and I was wondering if you had any suggestions. I looked at stevenswodadancer’s (on Youtube) vids and a few other sites.

          • OH, NO!! That is NOT good at ALL!!
            Well, I have never had any experience with that, but maybe looking at this post on AGFan will help?
            Sorry I couldn’t be of much help πŸ™
            I hope you can fix her quickly and soon!

          • Thanks, Jaclynn!

      • I know! I get a doll almost every other Christmas from grandparents, but my best friend and my cousins families both can’t afford dolls. It makes me so sad when I see a four or so year old walking around with a messed up doll, when my BFF and cousins would take so much more care of them, but they have none.

        • Maybe you could buy them one? I’ve been thinking about buying other people one, it would be a really nice thing to do! You could even fix up one you found cheap or something!

      • It always makes me feel sad to see a doll with messy hair πŸ™ ,and also that is why i always take care of my doll’s hair ,(and i have straight haired dolls) πŸ™‚

  • And also- that is the doll I want to get!:)

  • Ha ha! That’s so true. When I see girls holding their AG dolls, I’m always like “Mom, they’re holding an American Girl doll!” Then I always try and guess what doll they have :).

    ~Abigail β™₯

  • I have things like that happen all the time, although I don’t often see AG dolls (or any others actually:P), because I live in England. But when do see dolls I always worry about them.:) (BTW, just for fun, the dolls could’ve been Nicki, too, because that doll looks a lot like her.:) Nicki just has more golden-brown-strawberry blond look (it looks different in every light, but it’s very pretty:)), and freckles, so if the dolls’ hair wasn’t very obviously red or orange, then I probably was Nicki!)

    • Yeah, me, too! πŸ™‚
      It might’ve been, but I think it was the MAG. I just wish I could’ve seen the doll’s face!! I kept looking in back of me to see if the face was showing, but it was always hiding! I wanted to ask what doll it was, but I heard them speaking a different language, so I didn’t know if they spoke English. Plus I’m shy πŸ™‚

  • I do that all the time too πŸ˜€

  • Wow! I would love to see girls carrying AG dolls places, but I don’t really go anywhere, soo….
    Also, I would NEVER bring my doll an an amusement park ride. Especially if it was a water ride!!

    • Yeah, I’ve seen a few at Disneyland πŸ™‚
      I know!!! I wouldn’t even bring them to Disneyland! They could get so dirty and depending on the crowds they could hit them on something and get them all scratched! OR if it’s super hot, they could start to melt in the sun πŸ™ I’ve thought of bringing a doll to Disneyland for a photoshoot, but then I get way too scared πŸ˜›
      Yeah, like you can only get splashed (and it’s VERY little) about once or twice (but the second time is even smaller), but still, that was not smart at all. And also there’s drop (in the dark)!! What if they accidentally let go of the doll and it got lost?! Poor little AG doll πŸ™

  • hahaha! That is so funny! I have never had a moment like that, but I can always seem to spot an American Girl doll anywhere! ha! πŸ™‚ Like one time I came out of music lessons and there was a little girl playing with her american girl doll, I wanted so bad to ask which doll it was, but I had to go! haha! πŸ™‚


  • Yah, I know. Once I was at a water park and saw a little girl with a doll. It was Felicity. And then, the girl THROWS HER IN THE WATER!!!!! And then we never heard from her again…… Naturally, she was pretty upset. Moral: Never throw you dolls in water or else you’ll get busted. -_-

  • Aww! I love that doll! I WANT HER! I’ve had her on my list for a while. I’d name her Brigitta, after my second favorite young girl in The Sound of Music. That’s also why I’m naming MYAG F1215 Liesl, after my favorite girl. Yeah, I know what it’s like. I even have moments like that! Once, I saw a little girl carrying a Bitty Baby through the local Kohls, and I was like, “I hope she doesn’t lose her!” LOL πŸ˜‰

    • Oh, and one more thing about that doll. She looks like Anna! You know, if Anna had curly hair instead of straight. Cool, right? That’s another reason why I want her. She’d be Anna! And Caroline would be Elsa. Thanks to YOU, Jaclynn, for giving me that idea!

  • Oh, when you see a little girl’s doll, and It has ratty hair and stains on it! Than you know that the doll is loved though….

    • Yes, that’s so sad! πŸ™
      Hmm, I guess. Or it could mean that they don’t know how to play and take care of AG dolls properly πŸ˜•

  • I have her! πŸ™‚ LOL! Yes! We were at the movie theater a couple days ago (we were watching Muppets: Most Wanted, it was sooo funny!) And there were two girls with AG dolls. My dad was like, “So, Lydia, can you tell me what dolls they are?” and I’m like, “Marisol, JLY something.” LOL! Ask me what dolls they are and I can answer it!

    Some people just don’t understand how rare their dolls are. A lady had an AG Samantha who was from pleasant company. I keep picking her up and looking at her neck and thinking “Oh my goodness, this is a Pleasant Company doll! You seriously need to change her outfit from a ballet leotard! πŸ˜›

    • LOL! That’s how I am, too! Whenever I see an AG doll I’m like, “Oh, that’s Caroline (or whoever)” LOL! πŸ˜€
      LOLOL! That is funny!! πŸ˜€

      • Oh, my gosh, that’s funny, because last week I was playing Name That AG with my brother (he does a close up on the dolls eye, and I guess which one it is) and it was so much fun..idk why I’m telling you this, it was just a fun thing to do with both of our interests.. (I played name that bird with him, too)…idk..and, yeah, I got all of them right, and he was really kinda creeped out that I knew all these..

  • TOTALLY. ALL THE TIME. Just the other day at the park I saw a girl wearing the sweet savannah dress for girls and I said “where did you get that dress?” knowing it was from AG and we ended up talking about all our dolls and stuff. It was awesome. And then my brother saw a girl with Saige and Isabelle at the hotel, too bad I missed it. Whenever I see a girl holding a doll and stuff and she’s not like handling it OK, I’m like, “I hope that poor doll is ok….” AG is popular! lol!

  • AND THAT DOLL IS THE DOLL I WANT! That’s the third doll on my wishlist. #33.

    • Oh, it is!! I forgot you wanted that doll, too! I now know 3 girls who want that doll πŸ˜€

      • LOL! #33 is so pretty. The first outfit I will get for #33 is the casual chic outfit. AG actually hows it on her, and it goes so well with her. I can’t wait until I get Isabelle, Ivy, and #33. DOLL PARTAY!

        • Yeah, she does look really cute in that! I also think she’s a cute doll, probably won’t be getting her. There are other dolls that I want more πŸ™‚
          LOL! That will be so awesome!! Now you’re making me want to go look at the dolls that I want and buy them! LOLOL! πŸ˜›

          • Yeah ALWAYS get the dolls that you REALLY REALLY want. I almost made the big mistake of getting #56. While she was purty pretty and all, I didn’t REALLY want her. πŸ™‚

          • Absolutely! Don’t just get it because you think it’s cute. You have to have a special connection and calling to a doll when you buy it πŸ™‚
            Yeah, I get that πŸ˜‰
            Which one is #56?

      • Now you know four. πŸ˜‰ I’m considering getting Isabelle, Samantha, Lydia (A Girl for All Time) or this doll! πŸ™‚

  • You know your obsessed with dolls when you see a little girl waving a poor messy haired marker spotted doll by the arm really fast up and down and you think “poor doll!”

  • Haha…I know that I’m obsessed with AG when I write down a wishlist of all the dolls that I would want to get…then I read it over and realize that EVERY. SINGLE. AG. DOLL. is on it! LOL:)

  • You know you’re obsessed with dolls, when you see dolls that have ratty hair and you want to fix it, and show the girl how to care for their hair properly!

  • Oh, wow! She was going on a wet ride? I would think the same as you. I might even suggest I hold her until they finish the ride. So I suppose I am obsessed. πŸ™‚

  • when a girl from our homeschool group brings an american girl doll whose head is literally about to fall of, is naked, and she says thats how it’s head is “supposed to be”.

  • I got my first AG when I was six, and even then I was super careful with her and always put her hair in a ponytail or something if we were going somewhere, and I would always ask my mom why other girls didn’t take that good care of their dolls, and I still do!

    • Aww, how sweet! That’s good that you took good care of your doll. That makes me happy πŸ™‚
      Yeah, I wonder the same thing!

  • That’s so funny! But I know what you mean. I get so upset when I see dolls with their hair all messed up. At the AG store, I saw a Saige doll whose hair was a tangled mess and had absolutely no curl left! I am definitely waiting to get my girls (when I have them) AG dolls until they’re older and I’m getting them a cheaper doll first to make sure they take care of them well. I got a Gotz 18 inch boy doll for my birthday!!!!!! His original name was Henry, but I changed it to Toby James.


    • Yeah, I think Saige’s hair is actually hard to manage for little girls. It’s sad πŸ™
      That’s probably what I’ll do, too πŸ™‚
      That is so awesome!! Congratulations on the “adoption” of your new “son”!! I’m sure he’ll love his new home with you πŸ˜€

  • I know right I mean i was walking one day and I just saw a doll that was all dirty and the hair was messed up and everything and she was like 5! it got me so mad!! Also what kind of doll is that?

    • If you mean the doll pictured, she is a My American Girl Doll (or I should say TrulyMe) #33 πŸ™‚

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