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Monthly Archives: August 2013

AMAZING Giveaway At Doll Diaries!

Oh, my word! This giveaway is amazing!


Doll Diaries is giving away the Mix and Match Outfit Collection (including the accessories!) and the new School Back Pack Set! Wow! Talk about generous and amazing!
Be sure to enter the giveaway:

Good luck to all who enter! 🙂

New AG Holiday Release 2013!

So, I wasn’t going to go on the computer this morning (cause I got up late), but then my mom said “Oh, yeah AG just announced all of the new Bitty Babies” And I ran to my computer to turn it on! I was so excited!! And when I was on the site I saw that they also released tons of new items for MAG and a few for the Bitty Twins, too! This has got to be one of the best days ever this year!! 😀


I think the Purple Posies Outfit is just so cute! I love those colors together and I think my Beth would look so sweet in it 🙂


Oh, my word! Just look at the face! I am in love with this Polar Bear, but I think that $30 is WAY too much money for it…


Aaah!! I’ve always wanted a Travel Seat for my babies and I think that I MUST get this one! Once again, I LOVE the colors!!


The Bitty Twins have a few new things, too! I love this Cookie Baking Set! I really would like to have this someday 🙂


Oooooh, man! Annika looks too cute in the new Polar Bear PJ’s! I really want to get these! 😀


Awww!!! I love the Fair Isle Set and Puffy Jacket! I think I’d rather get the Fair Isle Set and not the Puffy Jacket, though 😉


I think this Snow Much Fun Set is really cute! I probably won’t get this set, though- I just really like that snowman! Hehe! 😀


OK, I really like the style of the Sparkle Sequin Outfit! Look at that skirt! Isn’t that just adorable??


Look at this gorgeous dress! This is the Brocade Holiday Dress and I think it is so pretty! I think my dolls want this one… 😀


The new Salon Stylist Set is adorable! I think my girls would have so much fun with this 🙂


Now, the last thing- the Spa Chair!! This is absolutely amazing! I would really like to get this someday (as I love to do my doll’s hair)! But knowing that it’s $110 I think I’ll have to pass on this one 😉

Be sure to check out everything new at americangirl.com!

What do you think of the new release? Do you like the new Bitty Baby line? I’d love to know your opinions on everything!

Me And My Dolls- Looking Back

I was thinking today about when I got all of my dolls and what a joy it was to open up each one. Then I thought it would be fun to share with you some pictures of when I first got each of my dolls! Enjoy 🙂


This is the only picture I have of me and Felicity (when I first got her). I took a magazine picture with her and it is very treasured to me. I got her February 24th 2008- 3 days after my 9th birthday 🙂


The same year I got Felicity I got a Bitty Baby who I named Elizabeth (But it practically got changed to Beth). I didn’t ask for her, but I love her so very much! My mom got her for me because she looks like me when I was a baby 🙂 I got her for Christmas 2008.


On February 21st 2010 (my 11th birthday!) I got the set of Bitty Twins that I wanted so bad! I didn’t think I would get them because we just couldn’t afford it, but my mom found a way to make it happen! I was so surprised and happy to receive them! I decided to name these two Caleb and Kendra- my sweet and feisty little twins- hehe! 😀


On Christmas of 2010 I was surprised once again by a “Bitty!” I opened up my *Star gift* to see an adorable Bitty Boy all wrapped up in a blanket and wearing footie pajamas and a blue beanie. I named him Jeremy and I love him so much!


February 21st 2011- my 12th birthday- I bought my very first doll! After lots of thinking and flipping through the catalogs I knew that Rebecca was the one for me! Rebecca is so special to me and will always have a place in my heart. One of the things that I think makes her special is that the day after I got her- I got sick. I couldn’t play with her or do anything with her, so she was a comfort to me during that time. I held her and had her with me all the time and would try to at least do little things with her like changing her clothes or doing her hair.  I love Rebecca so much 🙂


On October 11th 2011 I bought another doll- and that was Kanani. When I saw her in person (when I bought Rebecca) I knew I had to get her as well. She is so beautiful and I just love her sweet face and long, gorgeous hair! I am so happy to have her!


 On Christmas of 2011 I got Marie-Grace! It was such a debate for me trying to decide if I wanted Marie-Grace or Cecile. Finally I just told my mom “I don’t know who to pick and I love them both, so surprise me!” Although deep down I knew it was Marie-Grace that I wanted and my mom could tell as well. It wasn’t much of a surprise to open her- more of an excitement and happiness- knowing that I finally have her! And although those PJ’s are too small for me now, it was so much fun to match with her! I love my little girl 🙂


February 21st 2012- my 13th birthday- I bought my second set of Bitty Twins! I looked at them in the catalogs so much during the time I was saving for them. I couldn’t stop looking at them! They were just too cute! I would sit at my computer desk or at the kitchen table, look at the picture of them, and write down name ideas. My mom kept on suggesting Mickey and Minnie and I kept saying no. I decided to name them Joshua and Jasmine, but my mom said Mickey and Minnie so much that I actually grew to like it! And now when I look at them I think “They do not look like a Joshua or a Jasmine!”
Mickey and Minnie are the sweetest little things! I love them so much!


February 21st 2013- my 14th birthday- I bought Saige!
When I saw the very first picture of her (I think someone got her early for a review or something) I didn’t think she was cute at all! She seemed so boring! But when I saw AG’s picture and saw what she really looked like- I just about died! I fell in love with her right away and knew that I wanted to get her!
I love Saige so much and she is just so beautiful!


June 24th 2013- I bought my very first MAG doll and named her Annika!
I don’t actually know what made me start looking at the MAG’s, but when I was I was looking for one that looked like me. The one that matched me best was cute, but I liked Annika much better! She is so gorgeous and her hair is great- it’s a lot like Saige’s actually! I love my girl 🙂

Sadly I do not have pictures of me with each doll that I got. We are missing Kirsten, Caroline, and Janie. I wish I had pictures with them to look back at 🙁

Well, I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to tell me about when you first got your dolls, too! I’d love to know 🙂

I Got An American Girl Outfit!

You all know about the sale going on at AG, right? You can save up to 70% OFF on everything!
So, I think it was the day the sale was put up that my mom (she’s so awesome) bought me the Fashion Tee and Pants (for dolls) and Coconut PJ’s (for me)!
The package came sometime last week and I put the Fashion outfit on Annika right away! She looks so adorable and I just have to share some pictures!


This outfit is just TOO CUTE! It comes with some pink capris and a white t-shirt with a design at the chest.


Close up of the design. I think it looks like a flower made out of stars- LOL!


On the right leg there’s a pocket and a little star graphic.


The left sleeve has a little tag-ish thing that says: “American Girl Fashion Show”
I wonder if it’s from some special event?


Annika wanted to pose for one last silly picture- Hehe! 😀

What do you think of the outfit? Did you buy anything from their sale?

P.S. If you’re interested in buying something from their sale section- it’s still going on! Just follow the link:

New Items In My Etsy Shop!

I have been doing A LOT of crocheting these past few weeks and I uploaded all of my new items on Etsy! I’m going to share the link to my shop and some pictures with you 🙂


“…but where our hearts truly lie, is in peace and quiet. And good tilled earth.”
~Bilbo from The Fellowship of The Ring

This is my Hobbit Styled Outfit (obviously for the ladies). I got the style idea from a picture that was in the book that came with The Hobbit movie.
Hobbit’s dresses are flowy, with puffy sleeves, and sometimes a vest. And Hobbits wear aprons a lot because they are always eating or working in their gardens.


You can wear this outfit many different ways. You can wear it all together as worn in the first picture or just the dress and vest…


Or just the dress and apron..


Or just the dress alone! Either way, this outfit is perfect for any little Hobbit 🙂


As Pippin says: “We’ve had one, yes- what about second breakfast?”  LOL!

Hobbits eat up to seven meals a day! Here’s their menu:
Second Breakfast
Afternoon Tea
Long list of meals, huh?


Here is my Hobbit Cloak!

“May these cloaks shield you from unfriendly eyes.” ~Galadriel from The Fellowship of  The Ring

Whether your doll needs to stay hidden and safe or simply just to stay warm this cloak will do the trick!


The dress is long and drags the ground, flows out in the back, and has long hanging sleeves.


This picture shows the flow in the back of the dress and the long hanging chains of the crown.


Arwen Undomiel (or Luthien Faelivirn as is Annika’s Elven name) helps an injured bird with her kindness and grace.

You can find all of these outfits and more on my Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BittyBeanies?ref=si_shop

Arwen’s Coronation Outfit is $45
Hobbit Outfit is $45
And Hobbit Cloak is $20

Which is your favorite?

My Elven name: Alatariel Faelivrin
My Hobbit Name: Myrtle Proudfoot of Standelf

My Etsy Shop

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