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A Comparison of Lea and Rebecca

Hi everyone! I’m so excited because it’s raining right now and it’s cold! I was just lying on the couch with a blanket and reading Lea Dives In – so far, it’s really good! It makes me kind of sad, though because of Lea and Zac’s relationship… Okay, let’s get back on track!

Today I thought I’d do a comparison of Lea and Rebecca. I didn’t realize how many similarities they had until I took them outside for some pictures. They would make some really great twins or even just sisters šŸ˜‰

Aren’t they just adorable? So the first thing that’s the same about them, is that they both have the Josefina face mold. In my opinion, Lea’s face looks slightly chubbier and her lips also look bigger, but we’ll get into that later šŸ˜‰


Here is Rebecca’s eye. She has a beautiful bright green hazel color with grey-ish brown and black stripes. Her eyebrows are basic.


This is Lea’s eye. They are a darker green than Rebecca’s and have lots more brown in them and she also has the black stripes. Lea also has a thick ring of black around her eye. Her eyebrows are thicker, similar to Grace’s and arched, which is new. 

Here are Lea’s lips. They are painted mauve.

And these are Rebecca’s lips. They’re like a light peach almost. I think due to the darkness of Lea’s lips, it makes them look bigger than Rebecca’s because they stand out.

Here you can also see the difference in the skin color. Lea’s skin is tan and Rebecca’s is white. 

Side view. Here, Lea’s skin looks similar to Kanani’s. I’ll have to compare their skin soon šŸ˜‰

And finally, their hair! I had no idea that their hair color was so alike, and now I can definitely tell that Lea’s hair is brown. Lea’s hair goes down to her hips and is curly/wavy with light blonde and auburn highlights. Rebecca’s hair goes a little past her shoulders and is curly.

Even though they share the same color brown in their hair, I still have to say that Lea’s is slightly lighter than Rebecca’s which I believe is because of her light highlights. 

So here’s a list telling how they are alike:

1. They both have brown hair, with Lea’s slightly lighter.

2. They both share the Josefina face mold.

3. They both have green hazel eyes, with Rebecca’s being much brighter.

As I stated earlier, I really think that Lea and Rebecca would make great sisters. Even though not everything is the same, they share many similarities šŸ™‚

What are your thoughts on Lea and Rebecca? Do you think they look alike?


39 Responses to A Comparison of Lea and Rebecca

  • Interesting comparison! I think Lea is a gorgeous doll with an adorable collection, but I don’t think I’ll get her because I have Rebecca.?

  • Yes RAIN!! It’s been raining ALL DAY so far IT”S AMAZING!
    Side by side they could be sisters, but they definitely have differences! Rebecca is the next on my wishlist, so then Rebekah’s Lea will probably be her ‘lookalike’.

    • Same here!! I LOVE IT!! šŸ˜€
      That’s the way I feel, too! Oh, that’s awesome! Hopefully you’ll get her before Melody comes out because then you’d probably get Melody first and wait on Rebecca XD

      • The rain stopped. šŸ™ Oh well, hopefully more tomorrow!
        LOL True! Maybe I can save up enough to get both? XD

        • It’s been raining like all day here today!! I LOVE IT!!! But, couldn’t it have been raining all that time when I didn’t have a brand new camera and AG doll? Now I can’t take pics outside! šŸ™
          LOL! That would be great! XD

          • YESS!! I’m making a stopmotion indoors right now but outside it smells so good so that’s a plus. Now I’m looking for WHERE IN THE WORLD DID I PUT SAMANTHA?! I’m searching all over the house LOL.

          • Mmmm… Yes, I love the smell of rain! šŸ™‚
            LOLOL! Good luck finding her! Hopefully she isn’t jumping around in puddles in the rain…XD

          • Update: I found her after looking for an hour. I should have commented sooner…literally as soon as I did that I found her LOL

          • Oh my goodness! LOL! That’s so something that would happen to me XD

          • LOL I hope not! XD It scared me so much! (I”VE LOST A DOLL WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!)

    • Seriously, mine and Lea’s hair color is pretty similar. A worker in the store even commented on it.

  • Wow, they look like twins!!! I didn’t realize how similar they were until I saw this post, and the very first pic I was like, “wow!” šŸ˜€

  • Wow, they are super alike! I think they could even be twins. šŸ™‚

  • wow, it really is similar!!!! their both very pretty girls to!!

  • I think they look very similar in some ways. I think they would be more like cousins then sisters.

  • They look so cute together! I think they are totally alike.

  • They make really cute sisters!!! Btw, do you recommend MAG 59?

    • Yeah, I think so, too! šŸ™‚
      I do recommend her, but only if you don’t mind that her hair is layered since because of that, you can’t do many hairstyles on her šŸ˜‰

  • You are very right, they are so similar!
    P.S. I have a giveaway going on on my blog! Make sure to check it out! šŸ™‚

  • They do look alike! Lea looks like she has lip gloss on, though, when you compare her to Rebecca! šŸ˜›
    Also, I would love it if you did a comparison of Lea and Kanani! I have been wanting to see something like that, especially since Lea’s collection is a lot like Kanani’s.

    ~Ms. AGdoll~

  • Wow, last post you made me want Lea and now you made me want Rebecca! STOP DOING THAT šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Now, WHEN I get Lea and Rebecca they and going to best sisters (best friends + sisters.) I should really stop looking at your blog for the safety of my piggy bank šŸ™‚ ?? Also, could you do a review on the outfit Lea is wearing? I’m thinking about getting it but I’m not sure. #anxiouslywaitingfornextpost (I NEVER do hashtags, but I kind thought that looked cool) šŸ™‚

    • Aww! LOLOL! Well, it makes me really happy to know that my pictures make you want these dolls! It tells me that my photography is pretty good šŸ™‚
      Sure! I’m planning to do that soon, as long as the rain stops ;D
      LOL! I don’t really use them either, but sometimes I can’t resist XD

  • I just finished reading Lea Leads the Way, and now my mom wants to read them LOL šŸ™‚ I think they’re really good. I feel like Lea is a mix of Rebecca and Kanani and her collection and story are a mixture of Jess, Kanani and Kailey.

    • Oh that’s awesome! And so cool that your mom is interested in the AG books, too! My mom used to love reading them šŸ™‚ I’m about halfway done with the first book and then I’ll have to wait on the second one, since I don’t have it yet LOL! Yeah, I think agree with that šŸ˜‰

  • I think Lea and Rebecca could be sisters! It looks like Lea would be in 7th or 8th grade and Rebecca would be in 4th or 5th grade.

  • Wow, seeing them side by side, they look a lot more alike then I thought! But I still want Lea because she is beautiful!


    • Yes, you can definitely see the similarities when they are standing together šŸ™‚
      She is beautiful! I hope you get her soon! šŸ˜€

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