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A Pirate Adventure~ Part 4

If you missed the other 3 parts you can follow these links to see them:
Pt. 1- http://littlehouseofamericangirl.com/?p=1272
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“Ya need some help, Celeste?” Juliet asked.
“No, Jules. We should be ready to set sail again tomorrow at noon.” Celeste responded.


I saw Captain McGovern studying a map near the ship and decided it was a good opportunity for me to ask her some questions.

“Captain? I was wondering if I could you ask you a question?” I asked feeling a little nervous.
“I ain’t gonna stop you, but I can’t promise an answer.” She replied.
“I was just wondering about the treasure chest…” I said slowly. Then she folded her map and turned to face me.


“And what about it?” She asked.
“Is- is it dangerous?” I stammered. She made me feel so scared sometimes!
“No, it is not. But it’s very valuable! More than you know!” She said strongly.
“What is it we’re going after? Isn’t it just some ordinary treasure?” I asked firmly. I wanted an answer!


“No, it’s not!! Like I said, it’s extremely valuable! And we need to get to it first! Now you just do what I say and stay out of the way!” She ordered. She was getting angry!


Before I had a chance to say another word, she stormed off. I knew something was wrong. And the treasure seemed dangerous to me- even if she wouldn’t say.


Captain McGovern went up to the crows nest. Then she saw a ship in the distance. “No. Elena!!” She exclaimed.


“Celeste! Juliet! Make haste! We sail for Isla del Tesoro NOW!” the Captain yelled.
“But, Captain! The ship- she’s not ready!” Celeste protested.
“I don’t care! We need to leave now!” Captain McGovern ordered once again. There was no changing her mind. I could tell she was in a great hurry and it troubled me. “I wish I’d never come.” I thought to myself.


Soon enough we were on our way. In the distance I could see a ship- something was up. And I thought that maybe Captain McGovern was fighting for the chest.

That’s the end of Part 4! Look for Part 5 coming tomorrow 😉

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