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A Pirate Adventure~ Part 9 The GRAND FINALE!


Yes! It was Elinor! I knew she would come!
“Elena, what do you want for me to give you, so that you will not harm Miss Victoria?” Elinor asked.


“What do I want? I want the KEY! What do you think?!?” Elena exclaimed.


“Very well, I will give it to you.” Elinor said.
I watched restlessly as Elinor was about to give the key to Elena. If she won, we would’ve come all this way for nothing!


Then suddenly, Elinor grabbed her sister and said,


“Victoria, catch!!” and she threw the key.


“Got it!!” I yelled.


When I looked down I saw Elinor and Elena fighting. “Oh, no.” I thought to myself.


“Enough, Elinor!! You’ve lost!!” Elena cried.
“You misunderstand, sister. You’re the one who has lost!!” Elinor grunted as she tried to get Elena off of her.
“AMELIA GET THE KEY FROM VICTORIA!! You may have 65% of the treasure!” Elena commanded. Just as Amelia was heading towards me, Celeste rushed forward.


“Oh, no you don’t, matie!” Celeste yelled as she pushed Amelia to the ground.


Juliet rushed to the aid of Celeste.
“Get off of her!” Juliet yelled.
“Stop, she’s my friend!” Rosa ordered.


I looked down at them all fighting and was troubled. Then I remembered the riddle:
“Take Heed!
Once inside the cave
A hero will save!
Tis’ no easy task
Ye should wear a mask”
“Perhaps the riddle means that I have to save my friends and restore everyone else’s friendship. ‘Wear a mask’ could mean that I need to be someone different to help everyone.” I thought to myself.


I went to Juliet and pulled her off of Rosa.


“Victoria, what are ya doing? She works for Elena!” Juliet said.
“That doesn’t mean that she’s evil, Juliet!” I said.

Then I walked over to Celeste and Amelia and I seperated them.


“You all wait here and just ignore each other for a sec, okay?” I ordered.
I pulled Elinor off of Elena and said,


“Elinor, think about who you’re fighting. This is your sister and as bad as she may be, she deserves a second chance.” I whispered.


“Everyone, stop fighting and listen to me for a moment!” I said, “I have come a long way and I have seen things I’ve only read about. It’s been quite a journey with a lot of hard work and determination. And I’m not going to see all that go to waste.”


“What exactly are you trying to say, missy?” Elena asked, getting bored of all the talk.


“Elena, Elinor, you’re sisters! I don’t know what happened between you two, but it needs to stop. Now, instead of both of you fighting to get to the chest first, so one of you ends up rich and happy and the other poor and miserable, why don’t you split the share of your parent’s treasure?” I suggested. Elinor smiled and said,
“I’d go for that.” And Elena agreed.


“Good! Elena, because of all that you have done I am going to give the key to Elinor.” I said.


“That’s not fair! We should both open the chest if we both have to share it!” Elena said not happy with the decision.
“You can help lift the top open, but there is no way I can trust you with the key!” I explained.


I handed the key to Elinor and she unlocked the chest.


“Wow!” Elinor and Elena exclaimed at the same time.


“Elinor, I want to apologize for how I have acted these past few years. I don’t know what came over me. We always used to have fun when we were younger, didn’t we?” Elena said.


“Aye, we did.” Elinor replied with a sigh.
“I want to change my ways and be a good older sister to you. Can you ever forgive me?” Elena asked.


“Aye, I forgive you, Elena.” Elinor said.


“Victoria, I am so sorry for what I have and what I have almost done to you. Could you forgive me?” Elena asked me.
“Of course.” I said with a smile.


I said goodbye to Rosa and Amelia. I thought of everything that had happened those past 2 weeks. Then suddenly, I knew where I belonged.


Weeks past and Captain McGovern’s ship was back in order. Celeste and Juliet looked on the horizon from the crows nest and Captain Elinor was at the wheel with her new crew mate…


I-  Victoria Farnsworth who used to live a wealthy life and never used to do any work at all, was now a pirate.


I guess that Captain Elinor was right- it truly is a pirate’s life for me!



31 Responses to A Pirate Adventure~ Part 9 The GRAND FINALE!

  • AHHHHHHHH!!!!! THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST SERIES I HAVE READ, EVER. And I’ve read a whole years worth of lot’s of girls AG doll blogs, from near and far, from AG photostory central to Julie’s Jumbles to American Girl Doll Story! This is the most amazing, wonderful, heart warming photostory I have read in my LIFE. ESPECIALLY since it ended on forgiveness (if you’ve read all my stories on the AGFMB, you’d know that I am HUGE on forgiveness! :)) THIS IS TRULY AMAZING!

    That was such a great story!
    I LOVED the ending and I adored Victoria’s outfit! Where did you get the keys?

    Have you been to AG fan yet and looked at the pictures? Did you like my paper dolls?

    I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEDDDD your story! (I am expecting to see another one in the next half year LOL)

    • Thank you SO much!! I’m glad you liked it! 😀
      Why, thank you! I was rushing to make that outfit as well. I made it in like one day, so that was good 😀
      The keys are old house keys that my mom gave me to play with 😉
      I did see your pictures and was going to comment this morning, but it wouldn’t let me 🙁
      Anyways, yes your dolls look so cute! I love the Saige one and the stuff you made for them! 😀
      LOLOLOL! Thank you!!
      Hehe- it will probably be sooner than that! I had so much fun doing this! 😀

      • heehee! The outfit does not looked rushed at all!
        Cool! My mom used to give me things like that!
        Thank you SO much! I’m glad you like them!
        That is good! I will give you an even sooner due date which is 3-4 months (well maybe… 1-3 days LOL! No I am not rushing you or anything LOL)
        Goodbye until later!

  • Oh that was one of the most awesome, frightening, epic, sad, forgiving, amazing photostories EVER!!!!!!!
    Aha! I was wondering which of the sisters was older! They actually look the same age to me! Maybe because All AG dolls are suposed to be the same age! 😛
    Aw! Annika looked so cute in that pirate outfit! Expecially the vest, I LOVED the vest! Even though she looked pretty cute in Marie-Grace’s summer dress 😀
    And she kinda looked like Captian Elinor to me 😀
    I almost can’t believe it’s over! 🙁
    I need a new photostory. I COMMAND YOU, WRITE!!!!!!!! LOL! Jk. 😛

    • LOLOL! Thank you!! 😀
      LOLOLOLOL!! Yeah, maybe! I just thought that Caroline looked older in that outfit- hehe! 😛
      I know, right?!? Thank you!
      Who looked like Captain Elinor? Victoria?
      I know! I’m kinda sad, too 🙁
      LOLOLOLOL!!! I will do another one sometime because this was just too much FUN! Grace AG Lover suggested a Princess series and I am considering that 🙂

      • You’re welcome! 😀
        Hehe! I kinda thought so too, but Kirsten looks older to me in general, but that might just be me 😛
        You’re welcome!
        Yeah, just because of her outfit, minus the vest and the hat it looked alot like it to me! But Annika doesn’t look like Kirsten 😛
        Yeah 🙁
        Oooooh! That would be fun! You could make her get captured or something like that! What dolls would you use to be the Princesses? And do you have any other photostories in mind? 🙂

        • Yeah, she does. Caroline looks a little younger, but like I said- the outfit made her look and seem older- LOL! 😛
          Oh, I see! LOL! Yeah, that’s why I was confused. I was like “Annika doesn’t look like Kirsten!” LOLOL! 😛
          I know!! And then someone else suggested a spy/detective them! 😀
          Hmmm… I’m not sure! Maybe Rebecca could be one of them… I don’t know! I’d have to put them in some princess outfits and see! Maybe I could do a voting thing! 😀
          Yes, I do! Not a series, but just a photostory 😉
          I might do one tomorrow or today if there’s time 🙂

          • LOL! That is true! 😛
            LOLOL! Yeah, the only thing Annika and Kirsten have in common is their face mold! Other than that they are 2 totally differant dolls.
            Oh, that would be so fun! Agent _____ reporting for duty! 😀
            Rebecca would be a good one, and since your getting Cecile, I think she’d be a cute one too 😀
            A voting thing would be cool! But you’d still have to narrow down your choices if there are to many dolls.
            Yeah, that’d be good, that way we won’t get addicted 😛
            Oh okay! I can’t wait to see it! 😀

          • LOLOLOL! Right! 😀 😛
            I know! It woul dbe SO much fun! 😀
            Ooooh!! I didn’t think about Cecile!! She would be such a cute princess! 😀
            LOL! That’s true! 😛

  • Awww!!!! That was cute! You should make a sequel. Like how it is for Victoria, now being a pirate.:) or for another idea you could make a fairytale series, like fairies, princesses, unicorns, etc,. That would be so cool!!!:)

    • Thank you!
      Those are both great ideas! I’ll have to start writing some of these down 😀
      It would be very cool! 🙂

  • That was a awesome photo story!!!!!!!! I am so sad it is over!:(

  • Was it easy to crochet the outfits for them??

    • Yeah, it wasn’t too hard. I had to picture in my head first what I wanted the outfit to look like and went from there. And then I’d finish a part of it and say “It needs something else” So I would add ruffles to the shirt, a collar to the jacket, etc. 😉
      It wasn’t very hard, though. Although, when I had to make Victoria’s costme I couldn’t think of a style to do, but it all worked out 🙂

  • Yes it would! To write and to read! 😀
    Oh yeah, I’ve dressed her up as a princess, and she looks adorable! But in my opinion, the dress she comes in looks alot like a princess dress! And her hat, necklace and gloves! 😀
    And I think that Marie-Grace would make a good princess to, because of the pincurls, and her hairstyle! 😀

  • Yeah, I think so.
    Yep! 😀

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