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A Royal Dilemma~ Part 3

If you missed Part 1 or 2 you can see them here:
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After I had eaten my breakfast Aunt Bea grabbed my bag and said, “C’mon, I’ll show you to your room. It’s just right through that door! I hope you’ll like it. I made a blanket and mattress for you just as quick as I could!”


“Aunt Bea! I have more luggage outside, shouldn’t you bring those in first?” I asked.

“Oh, no! You won’t be need’n them fancy things! I brought in the chest with your hair things, but everything else you won’t use.” Aunt Bea said with a laugh.

“How dare she say that I will not need my things! What about my shoes?” I thought angrily.


“Here it is! I know it’s small, but it should suit yer needs.” Aunt Bea said as she set my bag on the bed.

“Oh, it is very small!” I said with a nervous chuckle, “Where is my vanity and wardrobe? And a table and chairs?” I asked.

“Well, I only have one vanity and a wardrobe for myself. And as for a table and chairs those go in the kitchen.” Aunt Bea explained.


“Okay, well, is there a restroom?” I asked.


“Oh, surely! It’s outside around back. Only it’s not called a restroom it’s called an outhouse.” Aunt Bea said. “Oh, and I’ve got the CUUU-TEST pajama’s for you!”

“I am officially shocked now.” I thought to myself. “Aunt Bea, I have a nightgown already.” I explained, but I was too late. She had already reached under the bed and was holding up the pajamas.


“Aren’t these just the sweetest things you ever did see?” Aunt Bea asked with a huge smile on her face.

“They’re very nice.” I said, though I didn’t mean it.

“And I have an adorable outfit for you to wear while you’re helpin’ me around the place!” Aunt Bea said and she pulled out another outfit from underneath the bed.


I felt my jaw hang down. “Oh, my goodness. I can not wear that.” I thought as I looked at the boots and the shirt. “Thank you, Aunt Bea.” I said politely.


“Here’s a hat to go with it!” Aunt Bea said as she placed it on my head.


“Awww!! You look adorable!” Aunt Bea exclaimed. “You finish gettin’ dressed now. I’ve gotta go milk the cow.” She said and was gone.
I can not begin to describe to you how difficult it was to get dressed. Those trousers, or whatever they are called, are so hard to get on! Dresses are much more comfortable.


Then putting on my boots was another challenge.
“How do people get these on?” I said aloud.


I fell backwards onto the bed as I tried to put that boot on. Then I realized I was putting it on the wrong foot. Oops!


Then I attempted to brush my hair…That did not go well!

“Ow! How do people- Ow! Brush their- Ow! Hair? OOW!” I asked myself. Each stroke of the brush hurt. “I give up!” I said and tied a ribbon in my hair.


“Oh, hi, honey! There’s a basket on the shelf for ya’, so you go on to the chicken coop and collect the eggs, okay?” Aunt Bea said as she walked through the door. She had just finished the milking. “Why is she making me work? I have never done any work in my entire life! I am princess for goodness sake!” I thought.


I grabbed the basket anyways and headed out the door.


“Hello! I am new to this, so please do not peck me.” I said to the chicken. I had to think of all of the books I had read and movies I had seen for help. I did not know how to do this!


Surprisingly, I was doing very well!


When I turned to go into the house, I saw a rooster! “Hello! I am just going inside now.” I told the rooster.


I moved a little to the side and the rooster kept his eyes in my direction.


The he crowed and lunged towards me!

“AAAAH!!” I screamed as I dropped the whole basket of eggs and moved back.
“AUNT BEA!! AUNT BEA, HELP!!” I yelled.


“Laaand sakes, Andy! What’s got into you?” Aunt Bea said as she picked him up.


“You alright, Ruby?” Aunt Bea asked. I was too startled to speak so I nodded my head. “Good. I’m sorry ’bout that. You best come in the house now.” Aunt Bea said.


After dinner that night, as Aunt Bea poured some milk, I apologized for dropping all of the eggs.

“It’s fine, dear. There’ll be more eggs tomorrow.” Aunt Bea said with a smile. “You drink some of this warm milk and get to bed.”


I lied down in bed and waited for Aunt Bea to come cover me.


After about 5 minutes, she still hadn’t come. “I guess I have to cover myself as well.” I said aloud.


I reached down to the foot of the bed and grabbed the blanket. “How strange to not have someone doing this for me!” I said.


“I wonder what tomorrow will be like?” I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

That’s the end of Part 3! Look for Part 4 coming soon!

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