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AMAZING Giveaway At Doll Diaries!

Oh, my word! This giveaway is amazing!


Doll Diaries is giving away the Mix and Match Outfit Collection (including the accessories!) and the new School Back Pack Set! Wow! Talk about generous and amazing!
Be sure to enter the giveaway:

Good luck to all who enter! 🙂

30 Responses to AMAZING Giveaway At Doll Diaries!

  • Just entered SQEAL! I an SOOOOOO excited! Thanks for posting!

  • Sorry I made a mistake I *am* so excited

  • Cool!!! 🙂 I’ll ask my dad if I can enter.

  • Oh my! 😀 HE SAID YES I COUOLD ENTER!!!!!

  • I just entered! That has got to be one of the best giveaways I have ever seen! What’s your favorite outfit from the set Jaclynn?
    And good luck to you too! 🙂

    • I know, right?!?
      Probably the Flower Sweater and Skirt. I also like the School Days Outfit 🙂
      I would say the Striped Hoodie Outfit, but I do not like those pants! LOL! 😛

  • I like the Flower Sweater and Skirt, but I like the skirt more than the sweater.
    Oh really? The Striped Hoodie outfit is probably my favorite out of all of them! I LOVE the hoodie and the sneakers, and I like the jeans, but I just wouldn’t want to wear orange jeans myself, but I don’t like the jeans in Saige’s Tunic outfit either, they just look weird to me! LOL! 😛
    You’re welcome! 🙂

    • Yeah, same here 🙂
      Oh, that’s funny! Sounds like we have a different taste in clothes 😀
      Yeah, orange jeans are not cute to me. I like the hoodie of the outfit, though! 😛
      Oh, really? You mean the white ones? I love white pants! I think they’re so cute! 😀

  • Tag, Your It! Go to my blog to see the post.

  • I don’t know what it is about the sweater, but it just looks kinda weird to me! 😛
    Yeah, I like the orange jeans, but I wouldn’t wear them, I’d just make my dolls wear them. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hehe! 😀 😛
    Oh the hoodie’s the main reason why I want the outfit, it’s so cute! And I LOVE the shoes! They’re so cute!
    I don’t like them for some reason, I don’t really know why. But I think they’d look really cute on Saige, I can see them on her, and I think with the tunic, they’d really bring out her eyes! 😀

    • Yeah, it’s not the best 😀
      LOLOL!! I would probably give them away. I don’t want those LOL! 😛
      Yeah, I like the Hoodie, not the jeans! And the shoes are kinda cute 😉
      Um- Are we talking about the same outfit? I’m talking about Saige’s Tunic Outfit- with the blue tunic, beaded belt, and white pants. The reason I ask is because you said you can see them on Saige- they are on her- hehe! 😀

      • No, it’s not.
        LOL! Yeah, I need to get a few more hoodies, because my only hoodie, is apart of an onld JLY outfit, I can’t remember the name of it thought, oh, and then there’s the limited edition hoodie from AG that I got, so yeah, I could use a few more… 😛
        LOL! Yes, we are, but I was saying I can see them on my Saige doll, I know it’d look the same, but to see it in person you know what I mean? Do you like that outfit?

        • Wow, that’s cool! I don’t even have one! LOLOL!
          The only hoodie I have is a Bitty one form one of the sports outfits 😛
          Ooooh!! LOLOL!
          Yes, I do! It’s on my wishlist!! Hehe! 😀

          • LOLOL! Acutally once of my hoodies is like a dress, only it’s a hoodie. It’s long enough to be a short dress thought, it just has a hood! 😛
            Oh, then it’s probably for you boys then?

          • Ah, I see! 😀
            Yes, I usually put it on Caleb- I love him in that hoodie 😀 😛

  • Happy Labor day! We are having burgers tonight! My dolls are having hotdogs & hamburgers for dinner! Hope you have a great one!
    -Grace AG Lover

    • Oh, I forgot it was Labor Day! Happy Labor Day to you, as well! 😀
      Mmmm! Sounds delicious!
      Thank you! You, too! 🙂

  • I am definitely going to enter!! What an awesome giveaway!!! 😀

  • I entered!! 😀

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