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American Girl 40% OFF Sale!

Yes, it’s true! AG is having a huge sale of 40% OFF!! 

I wish I had money. I would totally buy the Parlor Desk and Seat and the Brocade Holiday Dress!

Here’s a list of everything I would buy:


Brocade Holiday Dress- $27 on SALE


Parlor Desk and Seat- $40 on SALE

Polar Bear Pajamas- $18 on SALE


Pretty Pink Coat Set- $25 on SALE


Sweet School Dress- $21 on SALE


Casual Chic Outfit- $25.50 on SALE


Meatloaf- $12 on SALE


Fairy Costume Accessories- $10 on SALE

They also have SO much more!! There are 11 pages total of sale items! I LOVE to look through AG’s sales 😀

Do you plan to buy anything from their sale?

Note: Did you notice how much of Marie-Grace and Cecile’s collection is on sale? Could it be true that AG plans to retire them?

11 Responses to American Girl 40% OFF Sale!

  • I saw this sale this morning, and I think it is pretty good!! I am not going to buy anything, but I would love to have the Polar Bear Pajamas. I am so sad they are not going to sell them anymore. 🙁 I really love them!! I have noticed that Marie-Grace & Cecile’s collection is going down. If they do retire them, it won’t be this year, I’d say. I think the HC friends are not going to last much longer, either. Did you notice that Ruthie wasn’t even mentioned in the Spring catalog?

    • Yes, that’s how I feel about the Brocade Holiday Dress 🙁
      I know!! Like they only have about one outfit each! It’s so sad! I hope not! But you never know with AG 😕
      Oh, wow! I just checked my catalog and you’re right! That’s sad! Like, I don’t really care all that much for Ruthie or Ivy, but I still think it’s really sad that they’re probably gonna get rid of them 🙁

      • Yeah, it is sad when outfits go away so soon. Although I think that they had to get rid of the Brocade Holiday Dress, because they only sell holiday dresses for one Christmas season.
        Yeah, I don’t care about Ruthie, but I do like Ivy, and she is one of the dolls that I kind of want.

        • Yeah, I know. It’s just that I REALLY wanted it, but I already owe my mom some money, so I can’t be buying anything right now. 😕

  • Wait, WHAT?! I love Ivy!!! She is the one I want to get next!! AAAK!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 I’d better start saving money. 😛

    I know! I love ag’s sales. I might buy a couple little things, maybe a book or two, but I won’t buy anything big like clothing or anything.

    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous for AG to retire Marie-Grace and Cecile so soon, if they plan to do so. I mean, they have only been around for about 4 years. *sniffs* As well as great joy, this post also brings me great sadness. LOL. 🙁 🙂

    ~Lydia~ <3

    • I think it’s ridiculous, too! They’ve been around for a little over 2 years. It’s so sad 🙁
      LOL! I know what you mean!

  • I bought the AGP Dallas Tee for girls!! I have a matching one for dolls already, plus I just adored it. 6 bucks, too. What a steal!
    ….until I found out what it all added up to with shipping and tax. XD 12.95. Oh well, still cheaper than the shirt would’ve been with no sale.
    I love AG so match, can I just put that out there? I mean seriously. No matter how much people might say the trust your inner-star stuff is just a sales gimmick, true or not, I still love them. No matter how much they say that Mattel and the ‘newer’ AG is trying to get rid of all of Pleasant Company, why else would they have the American Girl Archives page for preserving a dolls place in history? And keep their books and sometimes movies still alive? And the mini dolls?

    It’s official, AG rocks.

    Okay! rant over! :p


  • I know right? I saw the sale when I woke up today! I actually bought a few things with my paycheck from my mom and my gift card that I won from Liz in February! I was so excited!!
    I got:
    Soft-as-Snow outfit and Earmuffs
    Pepper Pet set
    Technically I got the Soft-as-Snow outfit separate from the Earmuffs since the earmuffs weren’t on sale, but I’m super excited for them to come, since I’ve wanted everything for a while! 😀
    Yes I did notice that, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are going to retire this year.
    1. AG got rid of their two holiday outfits
    2. Now they’ve got most everything of theirs on a “while supplies lasts” sale
    and 3. They’re not as popular as AG thought they would be, so sadly, I think they’re retiring 🙁

  • Their retiring Cecile, Marie Grace, and ruthie and ivy. For sure. This year. Period. I have to get ruthie and Cecile! Cecile and Marie Grace have no activities in ag stores after June, and Samantha is set to return July or August. I don’t know exactly when ruthie and ivy will this year, but I’m guessing June or July.

  • hmmm… i wonde why they arent more popular. they are very pretyy and i would get marie grac of i could get anoyher doll.

  • I lovvvvvvveeeeeeee the Casual Chic Outfit! ~Leah

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