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An Oz Engagement~ A Photoshoot

Hi everyone! First off, lemme just say thank you all SO much for your sweet birthday wishes! That post has 23 likes (my most ever!) and over 70 comments- you guys are awesome! 😀

Now, the other day I felt like taking pictures of some Barbie dolls. After trying for a while to choose who to photograph, I thought- I haven’t taken pics of a guy Barbie before – so I decided to take pics of my Disney Oz doll as well as Glinda. I hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

The detail on these dolls are amazing! He looks so much like James Franco, it’s insane!

This picture has officially made me want to make a photostory with my Barbies. Doesn’t he look so mysterious and like he’s looking over his shoulder as though someone is following him? 😉

No more hatsies XD

Why, hello, Glinda 😉

Wow. I never realized before how beautiful Glinda is!

This picture had come out blurry so I had to do some editing to it to make it clearer. Came out pretty good, huh? 🙂

This is probably my favorite picture! It looks so sweet to me 🙂

Okay, now I feel like playing with my Barbies. I must make them get engaged. Ooh! Maybe it could be really sad with all that’s going on in “Barbie Town”…. :O Sorry about that XD
How many of you would like to see a photostory with my Barbies? What about more photoshoots with them?


Bonus picture-

I love this in sepia! 😀 

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