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An Unexpected Injury~ Part 1


Ever since Cecile discovered that we had horses she has wanted to learn how to ride. Well, the day for her to give it a try has finally arrived!


Annika and Rebecca came outside to watch.

“Good luck!” Annika said with a smile.

“You’ll do great!” Rebecca shouted.

“Thanks! I’ll need it!” Cecile replied.


“Do you think she’ll do alright?” Saige asked Felicity.

“Well, why wouldn’t she?” Lissie wondered.

“I dunno. It’s just that I’ve felt very un-easy all morning..” Saige explained.

“Oh, don’t worry, Saige! She’ll be fine.” Felicity said trying to cheer up her sister.

“I hope so. But if anything happens to her I will never ride again.” Saige said.


Cecile started off great and Felicity and Saige were doing great at guiding her around.

“That’s it, now bring her over here.” Saige said.

“Good job, Cece!” Felicity said. Cecile smiled broadly 😀


“Uh- Annika? Don’t you think she’s goin’ a little too fast?” Rebecca asked.

“Yes, she is. She needs to slow her down.” Annika said, getting worried.


“Cecile! Bring her to a walk!” Felicity said.

“You’re going too fast! Slow her down, Cece!” Saige shouted.

“I don’t know how to slow down!!” Cecile yelled.

“Pull back on the reins and-” Felicity started, but was interrupted by a scream.


“AAAAAAAH!!!!” Cecile screamed as Penny stood on her hind legs. Cece had lost complete control and then all of a sudden-


*THUD* Cecile fell backwards off of Penny.


All of the girls rushed to help her,

“Cece! Cece, wake up!”

“Is she okay?”

“Oh, Cecile!”

“Cece, please come back to us!”

I looked out the window to see my girls gathered around Cecile, who seemed to be unconsious. I ran outside and called an ambulance to come right away.


The doctors told me that she had injured her neck and needed surgery.
After fighting back some tears I asked the doctor,
“May I sit with her for a while?”
“Of, course.” The doctor replied.

I sat by her bed and prayed.  Then I kissed her cheek and said, “I love you sweetie.” 


That’s where we end part 1!  I have a busy schedule the next few days, so I will be posting Part 2 on Monday 😉

Will Cecile be okay? Do you think Saige meant what she said about not riding again?

56 Responses to An Unexpected Injury~ Part 1

  • Well…. This is interesting… Poor Cecile. 🙁 Saige better ride again! I wouldn’t want her not to.

    • I know, I feel so bad for her 🙁
      Yes, I hope I can get her riding again. She says she is scared now 🙁

  • Oh no! Poor Cece! I hope all goes well and that she will be able to ride again. I also hope that Saige will want to ride again.

    • Yes, it’s very sad 🙁
      I know! I hope so, too. She loves horses so much, that I would hate to see her never riding again 🙁

  • WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTT?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?! SHE FELL OFF?!?!?!??! SHE IS UNCONCIOUS?!?!?!??!?!??! For shame, you left off on a clifhanger!! LOL! JK 😛
    I hope she’ll be okay, if not that’d be just plain sad! Neck surgery *shivers* I’ve known about 5 people who have had some sort of neck/collerbone problem.
    I also hope Saige didn’t mean that she won’t ride again! It’d seem so strange! But I also don’t quite get it. I understand that her sister got hurt and all, but why not ride again?

    • LOLOLOL!! Yes, that’s right! Poor little thing
      LOL! You’re funny!
      I hope so, too! And I also hope that she is not injured anywhere else! The doctor’s only examined her head and neck. And It’s not like Cece can tell us she’s in pain when she’s unconsious! She better be okay
      Same here! I know, it would be strange. Well, you know how when someone falls off a horse that person doesn’t want to get back on because they’re too scared? Well, that’s kind of what’s wrong with Saige. Her sister fell off and got hurt during a lesson that SHE was instructing, so now she feels fully responsible (even though Lissie was there, too) and doesn’t want anything to do with horses. Does that make sense?

      • I know, poor girl…
        Why thank you!
        Yeah, that’d be pretty weird, if you’re unconsious and you start talking.
        Ooooh! I get it now. That’s really sad, feeling fully responsible for something that was hardly her fault 🙁
        Things like that have happened over here to Abbie, she’s broken alot of bones, like more than anyone else in the family. Like last time she was standing up on Georgia (not smart) and she fell off and I think she broke her ankle. Most of the girls felt bad, but Abbie convinced them that it wasn’t their fault, and she shouldn’t have been on the horse in the first place. Though they didn’t let her get on a horse again until Saige came, since Saige INSISTEd that she got back on. And she hasn’t broken a bone since! Hopefully it will stay that way, last time I was scared out of my wits! 😛

        • LOLOL! That would be very weird! 😛
          Yes, that’s right. It’s very sad 🙁
          Aw, poor Abbie! Oh, my goodness! Sounds like she needs to be more careful! 😉
          Well, good for Saige! I’m glad she was able to get her back on 🙂
          Oh, that’s great!! LOL! I completely understand. 😀

          • Yes it would! 😛
            Yeah… 🙁
            I know, I keep telling that, though luckily she hasn’t broken a bone for a while, I don’t like getting shocked like that! 😛
            Yeah, Saige is really great at helping people come over their fear.
            Yes, she is giving me a rest for a while 😛

          • LOL! I know what you mean! It’s horrible! 😛
            That’s good 🙂
            LOLOLOL! 😀 😛

  • Wow I hope Cece will b fine! Saige is probably being dramatic;) she loves riding! But possibly…:) Cece looks so cute…. Not the right time but true.:D

    • Me, too 🙁
      LOL! Maybe, but I don’t know… 😉
      LOLOL! Yeah, it’s not the right time, but I have to agree! She looks great in a hospital gown! 😀 😛

  • Oh No!! Poor Cece! I hope she is alright! I hope she’s not paralyzed! My dollies will keep her in their prayers! I can’t wait for part two!

    Oh dear…here it comes *faints*
    P.S. My Cecile says she hopes your Cecile gets better! and Jasmine hopes Saige will ride again 😀

  • I can’t wait for the next part! Wait.. I will have to wait until Monday! Oh, well, I guess I will have to wait. 😀

    • Hehe! Yes, you will! I’m going to post the next part today. Yay!! 😀
      Sorry for not posting yesterday 🙁


    • I don’t know! I hope she will! 😉
      Oh, okay! I see you comment on DWOD a lot, so I kinda know you from there 🙂
      Well, welcome to, hmm… Welcome to commenting on my blog! LOL! 😀

      • Thanks, and I comment A LOT. I guess I need a doll lover to talk to sometimes, XD! My family doesn’t love dolls. ;(
        – Anonymous A.

  • – starts crying- -wails- bawls- -screams- Uh-oh…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    -swoons- – dollies call 911- -“Help! We are dollies and our mom just swooned because a doll is hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”- -911 dispatcher: ” WHAT ON EARTH?! THIS ISN’T FUNNY KID! NO PRANKS! ONLY CALL 911 IF YOU NEED TO!!!!!!!!!!!” Dolls- “BUT WE AREN’T KIDS, WE’RE DOLLS AND OUR MOM REALLY IS HURT!!!!!!!!!!!” -dispatcher hangs up- one dollie goes and gets bucket- SPLASH! ” Dollies? Did I swoon?” dollies: Yes mom.”
    – Anonymous A.

  • Me: THE SUSPENSE IS KILLIN’ ME! -cries- -wails- bawls- UH OH! NOT A GAIN!……………………….. -swoons- Dollies: GET A BUCKET! – gets bucket- SPLASH! Me: Dollies? What happened? Oh no, is that a hurt doll on my computer?! Dollies: Mom, don’t cry, bawl, or wail. Me: Okay.
    – Anonymous A.

  • OMGoodness! so sorry to hear this…what happens next?!?!?!
    check your email, i sent a get well soon card for Cece! 🙂 hehe!


    – Anonymous A.

    • No need to worry! I have 23 comments awaiting moderation. That means that I haven’t approved them yet, but they will all be approved and responded to soon. I’m so sorry for the confusion 🙁
      I have been super busy, but I will try to get the next part posted this evening 😉

  • Umm… It’s Monday! Looking for the post… where is it? “Here posty, posty!”
    – Anonymous A.

    • LOL! So sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I’m going to post today, though! 🙂

      • Today… today… today…. WHAT?! COMPUTER WE CAN TOO ACCESS THE NETWORK!!!!!!! Still no post…. -bites lip- -starts to cry- dollies: MOM DON’T CRY! Me: Why not? Dollies: We ran out of buckets.
        – Anonymous A.

  • Isn’t the new post supposed to be today?!

  • I can’t wait for it!! 😀

  • Ok, sorry for my freaking out. 🙂 My dollies almost had to get a bucket. XD!
    – Anonymous A.

  • Oh, cute photostory! I just found your blog via AmericanGirlFan, and I’m LOVING it! Keep up the great work! 😀

  • That’s a great idea for a photo story!

  • It is! It’s one of the worst parts of being a “parent” 😛
    Yes, it is.

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