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Baking Table And Accessories Review!

I had a request from my friend Emma to do another review- so I thought about what I had and thought it’d be so cool to review the Baking Table & Treats Set and Baking Accessories!!

IMG_7839 - Copy

Here’s our first picture! The Baking Table is super good quality! Very sturdy and heavy.


Here is the door (or your doll might call it a cupboard) that holds all of the supplies and food! It holds everything from the Baking Table Set and the Baking Accessories with room to spare!


Look how deep that is! Crazy, huh?


The other end has the little towel rack and 2 pegs to hold the oven mitt and hot pad.


IMG_7840 - Copy

Here’s a picture of everything all set up and ready to be reviewed!


The table runner is very pretty but I could do without.


AG <3


Pretty flowers embroidered on 🙂


The Mitt and Hot Pad are amazing! AG made these great! They slip on your dolls hands perfectly and they’re super cute!


Here’s the towel- another great quality item. It’s just like a real towel!


Look at that- so real!


The Cupcake Mix box has something in it to make it a little heavy as if there’s stuff inside! Love it!


The icing bag…


has to be one of my favorites! I love how it’s squishy!


The sprinkles are really cute! The cap doesn’t come off which is a good thing since the sprinkles are like little sequins!

IMG_7856 - Copy

The wooden spoon is amazing! It has such a real wood look and is so cute and tiny!


The Mixing Bowl is great but I wish the dolls could really hold on to it while they’re baking.

IMG_7852 - Copy

Here’s the Muffin Pan! It’s plastic but looks like metal! It’s super cute! And the dolls can sorta hold it!

IMG_7841 - Copy

On to the food! There are 2 Rice Krispy Treats but looks like 4 because they’re attached together. And there are 2 cookies and plates.

IMG_7843 - Copy

The cookies look SO REAL!! The jelly is amazing and I love the powdered sugar on top! (at least- I think it’s powdered sugar :P) These are my favorite!!!

IMG_7845 - Copy

Close up of the Rice Krispy Treats. See how they’re attached? These look so real too! I wanna eat them every time I look at them! 

IMG_7853 - Copy

Truffles!! They’re so tiny and cute and look good enough to eat as well!

IMG_7854 - Copy

Out of the box. They’re all attached too for choking hazard.

IMG_7847 - Copy

Ok, now I don’t like cupcakes anymore but these make me want to eat some SOOOO BAD! They look so delicious! These have to be my favorite out of the whole set! (I think- LOL!)

IMG_7849 - Copy

The Cupcake Stand is so cute! It looks so elegant! I think my dolls are gonna have to open a bakery sometime 😉


LAST THING! The Apron! The apron is absolutely adorable! I love the colors of it! It has 2 pockets and velcros in back so it’s super easy to slip on and off.

Well, thus ends our review! (LOL)

It’s all amazing and I’m so grateful to finally have it! I love the colors, I love the realistic-ness of it, and everything! It may be a lot of money but you get SO much and the quality is incredible! This is something I would rate AG 5 stars for! And this will provide years of playtime since you can use the food and the table for so many different things. If you’ve been considering  buying this- I wouldn’t hesitate! Go buy it cause it’s AMAZING!!! If you just want the Baking Table that’s fine but I highly recommend getting the accessories too! It adds so much more and I’m so glad I bought it too!

Do you have the Baking Table? What are your thoughts about it?

Have a great day!

32 Responses to Baking Table And Accessories Review!

  • I don’t have the baking table, but I think it would be a really fun thing to have. How many American Girl items do you have?
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • It IS fun!
      Uh- ALOT! LOL! Like what kind of items? Furniture? Clothes? Accessories?
      Some time I’m gonna do a video showing you all the AG stuff that I have! It’ll be SO much fun!

      • Well, I kind of meant everything. Like a set of things that came together is one item. But I guess it would be hard for you to figure that out. 😀 Do you have a lot of AG furniture? I don’t have anything AG except for my doll. I have a lot of clothes that are generic or clothes that Mom or me made. And all the things that my dolls have are made by my family. I have a whole place for me and my sister’s doll things. 🙂
        I can’t wait for a video like that-except for I’ll have to wait. 😀
        ~Christian Homeschooler

        • Oh, yeah, that’d be too hard! LOL!
          Actually no- I only have the Baking Table! I made tables and booth seats for them when I play Doll Dining though! And at Toys R Us I found this awesome furniture set for $40 that includes:
          A Light up fireplace
          Coffee Table
          2 chairs with cushions
          a rug
          Bowl of popcorn
          3 cookies
          2 cups of hot cocoa
          Aaaannnnddd I think that’s it! LOL!
          Oh really? Well I’m sure you’ll get some AG clothes soon!
          Hehe! I’ll do it maybe next week 😉

          • That set is has a lot of stuff!
            That’s great!:)
            ~Christian Homeschooler

  • This is AWESOME!!! Ahhh, you’re making me want the Baking Table and accessories now….haha! 😉 Thank you for sharing.


  • Yay!!! Another review! I would totally get this if I had more room!! And money! Haha! I so totally want more thn one post a day!;)

  • The spoon looks pretty amazing. And cupcakes!:):):):)

    • LOL! Yes another one! Hehe!
      Uh- I think more than one would be too much for me right now- LOL! 😉
      I know! I should’ve shown you today! I’m so wierd 😛

  • You’re making me hungary just talking about them! That’s good. I love the baking table! I have been thinking about getting it, because my dolls don’t have a table yet! And I think its the cutest out of all the AG tables! And it comes with so much more!

    • Carli-
      LOL! I know! Everything looks SO real and delicious!
      Oh, you should! It’s alot of money but you get a TON of stuff!
      Exactly 😀

  • Exactly! I want some rice crispy treats! And those cupcakes…Yeah, I’ll propbably save up for it and get it when I go to Seattle for my birthday, or ask for it for Christmas. But I don’t know if I could wait that long!

    • LOL! I know! It’s worse when you see it in person! LOL! I LOVE the cookies, too!
      YAY! My review worked! LOL! I know! Like I have no idea what to buy right now! Like I have alot of money but I don’t know if I want to keep saing to buy something expensive from them like the stable adn supplies or a MAG….

  • Oh dear. The cookies, the temptations, the adorableness! Too bad they’re just plastic. They look to good to be plastic! Same here. AG has too much stuff! At least I was able to find two non AG horses at a garage sale. Yeah, I might have to buy some stable stuff. I’ve made allot though! Bandage wraps, hoof pick, bridle, saddle blanket, and a place to put it all!

  • Exactly! Thanks! I actually made the saddle blanket, the saddle came with one of the horses. There probably is a way you could make a saddle, I was just lucky enough to get one.

    • Ooooh! OK! Yeah, probably… I wonder if I could figure something out 😉
      I actually have 2 saddles. An English one that came with Penny and a Western one that came with the Western Riding Set! Saige rides Western and Lissie rides English 🙂
      How do your dolls ride?

  • Hehe! Oh okay! Nice! THey ride English, but I have been thinking about getting Saige’s parade saddle set, but its on backorder, of course. But the problem with it is the saddle is missing a sturrup, so its kinda hard to get them to sit in it right. So recently They’ve been going bareback.

    • Carli-
      Oh, ok! Lissie would like riding with them then 😉
      LOL! Of course! That set is really cute. If I got Picasso I’d probably get that set. Aw, how sad! Well, bareback is fun! 🙂

  • Oh okay, does Felicity not like Western Saddles?
    I know! The horse treats, the saddle, the clicker! Its all to cute! One of there days. I know! I haven’t gone bareback, but my friends tell me its fun!

  • No, she does. She just likes English much better! She’s not too good on Western anyways 😉
    Whoa-wait-what? It comes with a clicker?!?!? I didn’t know that!! LOLOL! I’m gonna go look it up right now!
    I’ve only done it once but it is fun 🙂

  • Oh okay! That makes sense.
    Yeah, its doll sized and they say it works, but I don’t know what they mean about that.
    Ooh! It sounds like fun! I hope to try it someday!

    • Carli- Oh, yeah! I saw it! It’s awesome!! Meaning it *clicks* when you press a button. How cool!
      It is fun but the horses’ back is sweaty! 😛

  • Yeah, it lookes cool! Okay, that’s kinda what I thought, because it would be weird if they had a clicker that made the horse do tricks!
    Oh yeah, forgot about that part, I think a friend of mine mentioned that. But it still sounds fun!

  • I’m looking through old posts of yours and I just realized….


    ~Madison 😉

  • the cupboard looks really deap

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