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Camp Doll Diaries EXCITEMENT!!

Yesterday, my friend Christian Homeschooler told me about a summer camp that http://www.dolldiaries.com is doing. I wasn’t sure if my dolls would want to do it at first, but once I read up on it I knew they would love it!


I printed out the pdf files for some of the crafts and the registration forms just this morning! It’s all so cute and fun! Let me tell you a little about it 😉

Basically starting June 3rd and ending August 30th there will be a virtual camp for you and your dolls to participate in. They will be posting crafts, activities, giveaways, and challenges for you to do at your own camp!

Be sure to check out the links all about it here:




I definitely think that anyone who reads this should do it! Your dolls will LOVE it!!!

This is going to be such fun!! I will be posting all about our camp weekly, so keep checking back!

This is going to be a GREAT summer!! 😀

Crochet Day!

Hi! Jaclynn here and I’m going to let Saige tell you what’s going on today 🙂



“Hi everyone! Whew! Is it hot where you live? It’s about 90 degrees over here! I’ve been helping my mommy make some Minnie Mouse Hats for her craft fair in just 2 days!  I’m making all the pieces and she is sewing them together.”


“Caleb! What are you doing?” Saige asked.
“Hahaha! I do yown!” Caleb said. The word “Yown” means “Yarn” in toddler language 😉
“Caleb I need that so I can crochet!” Saige explained patiently.


Before she knew it- Caleb was climbing down the chair- yarn and all!
“Caleb!” Mommy said. “What are you doing?” Mommy had a talk with him and he gave back the crochet.


“Thanks, mommy! Now, where is my crochet hook? Caleb!!” Saige exclaimed.

Jaclynn again- I have been preparing for my craft fair all day! I’m really excited for it but the last few days of preparation can be pretty stressful! Hehe!

Did you like seeing a bit of what Caleb is like? He’s so hilarious!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! And I just want to apologize for not posting so much but I have been so busy. I thought I would take the opportunity to do a mini post for all of you. All of you girls are such great friends 🙂

Do you like crafting? Have you ever been to a craft fair before?

New Outfits Made For Bitty Beanies!

I’ve been crocheting a lot lately since I have a craft fair in about one week. I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I’ve made with all of you 🙂


This is probably my favorite of what I’ve made! I LOVE Lord of the Rings- like I’m obsessed so I just had to make something to represent it for my dolls to wear! This is the Mirkwood Inspired Dress and Arwen’s Crown that she wears at Aragorn’s coronation. It’s not exact of course because you can only do so much through crochet- but I have to say that I got the chains hanging down really good!


This is the next best thing I’ve made! A Halter Top that ties in the back and a Hi-Lo skirt to match!  The Halter Top also has a butterfly sewn onto it 🙂


I think this is cute too! It’s a Holey Slouch Hat and matching Purse! The purse opens so you can put stuff inside, too!

I hope you liked seeing some of my new creations! If you’re interested in making an order just contact me through comments or email (using the “Contact Me” tab).
I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!! 😀

Being Crafty!

Today after I cleaned my room and thought about what I wanted to do, I decided I’d take my “kids” to the “park”! So of course that means I need props and stuff for them to play on. I made the swings easily because I’d done it before but the slide was a bit tricky- I had to actually make one! Here is a picture of the slide:


Isn’t it cute?!? I’ll tell you how I made it:First I got the box from Saige’s Painting Set knowing it would work with it. Then I remembered some strips of styrofoam my mom had cut to make something. She gave me 4 to use if I wanted to. I was going to throw them out so I went in the kitchen and grabbed them out of my trash bag (remember- I was cleaning my room, lol!). Then I got some tape and taped them onto the box! I had to trim the ends a bit because they were sticking out. Next I remembered I was going to cut the flaps off of the Baking Accessories box so it’d look more like a kitten bed- so I cut all the flaps off and taped them to the sides making the rails to hold onto while climbing up! Next I got the lid from the Berry Wheelchair and taped that to the ladder. While I thought it was a great idea the “steps” broke the second or third time I put Rebecca’s feet on there 🙁 Oh well! I can pretend they climb up!

My mom says if I’d used stronger tape it probably wouldn’t have broken, so if you want to try making one with stronger tape (I used scotch tape) it might work. Gotta go now! They’re waiting for me to take them to the park! I hope you enjoyed it!

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