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Frozen Fractals Series

Frozen Fractals~ Part 4

Yes, it’s finally here! If you would like to be refreshed by what is going on- go read the previous parts by clicking here 🙂


I went on my way to seek out Aldera, the woman who had cursed Eiden when he was little. And then I found her, smack in the middle of nowhere. “Why, Elexa, long time no see. Last I saw you, you were only 5 years old.” Aldera greeted.


“Enough of the fake kindness, Aldera, I need to speak with you, about Eiden…” I finished softly.


Aldera’s face turned cold. “I can’t bring him back, dear, if that’s what you want.”


“Oh, I think you can. Please, I already caused my father’s death, I don’t want to be responsible for Eiden’s, too!” I cried. Aldera smirked and then laughed. “You foolish girl! Your brother isn’t dead, he’s asleep and that curse can never be broken.” I looked at her in surprise. “But, if you made the curse, can’t you undo it?” I asked.


“I could, but I don’t want to. Your brother destroyed my castle and that took away almost all of my powers! If I were ever to break that curse, I would need to receive something very special and useful to me in return. Which considering why you ran away, I know you won’t give that.” Aldera stated.


“No, I will! I’ll give you anything you want!” I said hopefully.


A little grin spread across Aldera’s face. “Anything?” She asked.


“Anything. All I want is my brother back. What do you want?” I inquired.


“I want- your powers.” Aldera said while smiling.


“Wh- what do you want with my powers?” I asked.


Aldera stepped more closely to me and whispered, “You’ve heard the tale of Snow White, of course. Well that queen wanted to be the fairest of them all, but I want to be the most powerful of them all. If you give me your powers, I will bring your brother back.” I thought hard before replying then asked, “No one will get hurt, will they?” Aldera looked surprised and said, “Why, of course not! I would never dream of it! Do we have a deal?” What I didn’t notice was that she was crossing her fingers behind her back.


I held out my hands and sighed. “Deal.”


And with a wide grin, Aldera removed my powers.


When they were removed, I felt weak, and it caused me to fall to the floor.


“Oh, don’t worry. That’s bound to happen after having your powers removed. You’ll wake up, just as soon as I get rid of you.” She said and with a wave of her wrist-


-I was transported back to my ice palace.


“Eiden!” I yelled as I noticed him still lying on the floor.


“Eiden, are you alright? Wake up!” I said as I shook his shoulder.


“Elexa? Wh- what happened?” Eiden asked as he began to sit up.


“It’s okay. I gave up my powers to Aldera so she would bring you back.” I explained.


“Y- you gave up your powers for me? But, the reason you left is because you didn’t want your powers taken away.” Eiden said, confused.


“I know, but you’re my brother, and you mean more to me than any magical power in the world.” I said with a smile.


Eiden embraced me in his best brotherly hug. Then Eiden said,  “Come on, let’s go home and see Mother.”

That’s the end of Part 4! Look for Part 5 coming soon! 😀


Frozen Fractals~ Part 3


I was in my new ice cottage using my magic to make things colder, when suddenly-


Eiden burst in! “Elexa stop!!” Eiden shouted. I was disgusted at the sight of him. My own brother betrayed me. All of a sudden, I got furious and felt myself shaking in anger.


“So, after all these weeks my betraying brother comes to look for me.” I said angrily.


Eiden ignored me and said, “Elexa, what have you done to this poor young woman? She’s ice cold!” I just glared at him. “Anyone who is my slave must be COLD!” I yelled.


“You know, perhaps neither one of you is cold enough…”


Just as I shot out my ice Eiden pushed Abigail forward and said, “DUCK!” I missed them!


Eiden helped Abigail get up and tied his cape around her. “Take this and get out of here!” Eiden whispered and she ran off.


“Oh, that was very wise, brother. Now tell me, why have you just now come to look for me? Why did you agree to have my powers removed?! I thought you knew me better than that, Eiden!” I yelled angrily with tears in my eyes.


“I wanted to come after you, Elexa! But Mother wouldn’t allow it. She said it was dangerous….” Eiden’s voice trailed off as he realized that calling me dangerous would make very angry.

I raised my hands in the air and yelled, “I am not- DANGEROUS!!!”


And with that, I shot out my ice and to my surprise, Eiden shot out a fire ball!


I struggled to beat his fire with my ice and he was trying to beat me, so I put my hands down. “You surprise me, Eiden. I did not know that your powers were so strong.”


“Elexa, please, let’s talk about this. No more magic.” Eiden was out of breath as we spoke.


“Oh, no. We’ve only just begun this fight.” I said and brought myself up into a cloud of snow and ice.


I shot out an icy blast and-


Eiden quickly shot out some fire and jumped to the floor to dodge my magic.


Eiden stayed on the floor for a second- breathing heavily.


“Come on traitor, get up and fight!” I said.


“Please, no more magic. I can’t do it.” Eiden said in a whisper. “There will be magic.” I said.


Then I shot out my ice and he his fire.


Eiden was only able to hold his fire a couple of seconds and then fell to the ground.


“Eiden, get up!” I demanded. I was very tired of him falling to the ground after each time we used magic. As I studied him more closely, I realized that he wasn’t breathing. Was he unconscious?


I went down to him and shook his shoulder. “Eiden? Eiden, please get up!” I said with tears in my eyes. It was too late. He was gone.


“Oh, Eiden. I’m so sorry!” I cried.


Then I sat up as I remembered something from when we were little kids. A voice rang in my head saying,
“For destroying my home with your fire, I hereby curse you to never use magic unless the situation is dire. If you use it just once, just for fun, your life will be done. But if you use it in great need, three times I allow you indeed. After the third time, you will fall and never attend your future engagement ball!”

I gasped, “Eiden was cursed, and had to promise never to use his magic. And I made him do it. I must find the woman who brought this upon him!”

That’s the end of Part 3! Look for the next part coming soon! 😀


Frozen Fractals~ Part 2


“Mother, it’s been four weeks since Elexa left and we haven’t heard any news about her. Please let me go out and look for her!” Eiden said, raising his voice. He was very worried about his sister.


“No, Eiden. We can not risk going after her. And you especially- don’t you remember the promise you had to make all those years ago? If you went after Elexa and found her, you may break that promise. I will not have you risk that.” Elsa said sadly. She was just as worried as Eiden, if not more so, for her daughter, but there was nothing to be done. Then a young girl entered the Throne Room.


“May I help you, miss?” Elsa asked.


“Forgive me Your Highness, but I wish to inform you that I saw some strange things happening in the woods. It was like magic and as I went closer to see what was happening- I got so cold that I had to leave.” The young girl explained.


Eiden knew it was Elexa and his spirits were raised. “The woods… I have to convince mother to let me go!” Eiden thought.


“I thought it may be the princess…” The girl said shyly.


“Thank you for informing us of this predicament. We will look after it.” Elsa said sternly and the girl left.


“Mother, that’s Elexa- it has to be! Who else in the kingdom has magic like that? I have to go after her!” Eiden said firmly.


“Yes, it is Elexa, but you are not going after her! No one is. Now please, don’t ask me to let you go again…” Elsa said- this time more sad than before. Now that she knew where her daughter was, it hurt even more, because she knew that Elexa would not come home…


“She told me not to ask anymore, so I’ll just go. I know I can convince her to come home.” Eiden said to himself.



That night, Eiden sneaked out of the castle and went on his way to find his sister and then-


He stopped dead in his tracks and looked in the sky.


He saw ice magic swirling and shooting up high into the sky.
Eiden just stared and whispered, “Elexa…”

That’s the end of Part 2!! Look Part 3 coming tomorrow! 😀

Frozen Fractals~ Part 1

My name is Elexa and I am the daughter of Queen Elsa and Jack Frost. My parents are the rulers of a small kingdom in Norway by the name of Arendelle. Just a few years ago (when I was 18), my life was insane and I did something that will haunt me all my life. This is my story:


I gazed at my personal picture of my father, Jack Frost. I closed my eyes and I saw images and heard voices in my head of the day my father died….



I gasped- “Papa!”


As soon as I saw my father and realized I was striking him with my ice, I stopped my magic.


I gazed at him lying on the ground- he was gone.



I cried and cried….


“Oh, Papa. If I’d have only known you were standing behind me you would still be alive. You’d still be here with us. It’s been three weeks now….I love you and I miss you with all my heart!” I cried.


Then I heard voices outside and I was certain that I heard my name, so I looked out the window. It was Mother and Eiden!


“Mother, are you sure you want to do that to Elexa? Taking away her powers for what happened….” Eiden’s voice trailed off as he thought of his father. “That just doesn’t seem right. It was only an accident.” Eiden continued. Eiden was my twin brother and we’ve always been very close. I was glad he was defending me!
“No, Eiden. Elexa has been using her powers too much. Something like that should not be used lightly. I’ve seen a change in her, too. She seems more serious and she is focusing too hard on her power and I know what that’s like.” Mother had been forced to hide her magic all her life, then when her and her sister, Anna got into a little fight, her magic powers were revealed. She had run away on her coronation night and almost turned into a monster. But now, she has control over her powers and no one is afraid of her.


“Well, if you think it’s best….” Eiden replied. “What?! Eiden how could you!” I yelled, but in a whisper, so no one would hear.


“I’ll start searching for a way to remove her powers immediately. But I’m going to have a talk with Elexa first.” Mother said.


“Remove my powers? That would be like taking away my life! There’s no way I’m gonna allow that to happen. I need to leave…” I said to myself.


I looked once more at the picture of my father and slipped away. I was headed towards the woods.


“I should’ve changed my dress!” I grumbled as I ran through the trees. Then I noticed a small cottage and decided to see if anyone lived there.


“My Lady! To what do I owe this honor of having you visiting my house?” The lady at the cottage asked. I saw something in her and I knew exactly what I wanted her to do for me.


“I’d like to stay here for awhile an-” I was cut off by the woman.


“Oh, certainly, My Lady! I’d be happy to have you stay here for the night!” The woman replied. “Thank you, now tell me, what is your name?” I asked. “Oh, yes, it’s Abigail.” She replied.


“Wonderful! Now Abigail, there’s one more thing I’d like for you to do for me.” I said. “Anything, My Lady!” Abigail replied. I grinned and said, “I need you to be my slave…”

That’s all for Part One! The next part will be coming soon!! I hope you like it so far! 😀

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