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What Would You Name Her

Name That My American Girl!

My mom and I just agreed on 5 of our favorite names for this My American Girl. It was very hard to decide! There were so many pretty names!


Now YOU get to comment and vote on which one you like best for her! The last day to vote is Saturday the 15th. Here are the names:


I can’t wait to see who will win! Have fun voting!

Random Post :D

Okay, I was looking at the MAG dolls today and I just have to say that this doll is ADORABLE!


I can’t believe I’ve never really noticed her before! Her hair is super cute and I love the color! I am not saying I want her, just that I think she’s adorable. But who knows, someday she may be in my little family 🙂

Oh! Here’s a fun question! Ready? Okay, here it is:

If you had this doll, what would you name her?


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