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Charming Caroline~ A Photoshoot

So, I have a confession to make. I have always had a lot of trouble with styling Caroline’s curls- ever since I got her, and apparently I was using way too much water in her hair (yes, dumb me. I just had in my head “water helps” so I used a ton) and it made her hair smell really bad and the ends got all dried out. And before I knew it- she didn’t have anymore beautiful long curls. Just long wavy-ish hair. This has been bothering me for a long time and I was thinking about sending her to the Doll Hospital, but then I had the idea of trying to wash her hair, so the smell would go away. And so we did that recently and it worked wonders! And now, I have a fresh start with her and I can give her two different hair styles. One being natural, which is long curls, and the other is long wavy hair. Each way looks beautiful!

Now, in celebration of my “new” Caroline- let’s get on with the photoshoot! 😀



I love the shadowing of this picture 🙂



I LOVE how the color of her eyes go so well with the pool! 😀



Aren’t her curls so pretty?!


Is it just me or does she look super country-ish right here? 🙂



Now onto the edited pictures! 😀


I think this effect is so cool!


And this one 😀


Okay, this is seriously probably my favorite picture of Caroline that I have ever taken!! 😀



So pretty 😀

Do you have or want Caroline?

23 Responses to Charming Caroline~ A Photoshoot

  • Caroline is so pretty! I think my favorite photos are the first two that you edited. Of course, I really like Caroline and I would really like to have her someday. 🙂

  • Oh, Caroline is gorgeous! Especially her hair.
    My friend has Caroline, and I got to see her… Definatly
    Would consider her, if I was planning on getting more
    Dolls. Although if I did get another I would get Josephina.
    I like photo number 12best. Gotta love filters!

    • I agree, she’s so amazing! 😀
      Josefina is also a great doll!
      Thank you!! That’s my favorite, too! 😀

  • I have Caroline and the same thing is happening to me!!
    How did you wash her hair?
    Thanks for your time!!!!

    Hope you have a great time!


    • Oh, no!! 🙁
      I wrapped Caroline in a towel, put a wash cloth over her face and while I had a tight hold on her, my mom washed washed her hair in our sink with my mom’s shampoo and conditioner. Then when we were done, we squeezed it (do not twist it, just squeeze) and I combed through her hair. Then I let her hair dry for about 7 and a half hours (I’m pretty sure we finished at 2 in the afternoon and her hair was dry by around 9:30 that night 🙂 ). And voila! Her hair was perfect!! It dried in a wavy style, which I actually really like on her, so I just brush through her hair now and to curl it I use the technique I use on Saige- except without water. I don’t think I will ever use water on her hair again. And I have actually cut down quite a bit on using water on my dolls’ hair. Some of my other curly haired dolls were getting that same smell, too. 😕
      I hope this helps you! 🙂

      • Thanks!
        I shall try it soon and maybe email you a TUT picture 😉
        Thanks again for your help- can’t wait to try it!


  • I own Caroline! I just got her yesterday, when I went to AGP NYC, along with some other stuff:

    MYAG #59!!!! I named her Annabelle, and I totally reccamend her! p.s. plz tell me if I spelled reccamend wrong. I think I did!
    Tropical Bloom Outfit. Really, REALLY cute on Annabelle!
    Coconut Fun Outfit. Too cute on Caroline!

    Thanks, Jaclynn, for teaching me how to taim Caroline’s crazy curls!

    • Oh, that’s great! Congratulations! 😀
      Hehe, yes, it’s “recommend”, but it’s okay 🙂
      Glad I could help! 🙂

  • I love Caroline! So glad you fixed her curls! I would like to have her someday!

  • Awesome! Caroline looks SO pretty in the photos! OH I want her workdress!

    Caroline’s hair was always hard to manage for me. I just wet my finger with a little bit of water and wind it around my finger, hold it there for a few seconds, and then let it go and she has her very pretty curls again! 😀

    ~Lydia~ <3

  • Caroline looks so pretty! I don’t plan on getting another doll until January when the new GOTY comes out since I have gotten a lot of dolls this year, but after that the next doll I want is Caroline! I have wanted her since she came out and she is just so gorgeous!!!

  • These pictures of Caroline made me want her even more now! She looks soooo pretty in them 🙂 My favorites are numbers 1, 7, 8, and 14. 😀
    ~ Abigail

  • Hello!
    I have a caroline with very frizzy and dry hair. thanks for this and I am going to try it now!!! wish me luck!

  • Caroline!
    Hehe, I love Caroline, but I already have three blond hair blue eyed dolls, and my sister is determined to get Kit, so any other dolls with that hair and eye combo are pretty much out. Granted, I’m determined to make an Elsa custom. But she is definitely really pretty.
    I’ve been reading your blog since your second or third post, and now the only name that I love for #55 is Annika. I’m going to get her soon, and I was wondering if you would think it was rude if I named her Annika? I really like the name Annika Evangeline, so it wouldn’t be the exact same, but I wanted to ask. 🙂 If that isn’t ok, it’s perfectly fine and I will name her Evangeline, which I also really like for her.


    • Oh, I understand not wanting anymore dolls with the same combo 😉
      No, it’s not rude. Everyone is entitled to name their doll what they like 🙂

      • Yay! Ok, I can really only think of her as Annika now. Every time I go to a blog and they have #55, and I see their name, I think, but that isn’t _______, that is Annika.

  • I LOVELOVELOVE the pictures you took of Caroline!! I personally think her curls look much better now than before. 😀
    I had a similar experience with my MINI Caroline, sort of. I brushed out her hair so much that it looked like a BUSH. I don’t know how it happens…… But anyways I washed her hair and it turned all pretty again. 😉

  • I love the first picture and the twelfth picture!! Caroline is such a gorgeous model, those photos are beautiful! Congrats on getting her hair looking lovely again, I’m so happy for you!

  • My favorites are the last two pics, but they’re all great<3 I really like Caroline:)

  • I have Caroline and she is such a pretty doll! I was a little rough with her hair with the pick, so her hair is kind of frizzy now. She will probably go to the doll hospital eventually. Do you know how to fix doll frizz?


  • Wow, Caroline is GORGEOUS. I think that she’s my favorite current historical doll. What’s funny, is that I own her work dress and not her! Caroline is definitely on my wishlist… but I’ve heard an awful rumor that she may be retired this year! I’m going to try and earn some money super fast, and adopt her before she’s gone! 🙁 But hopefully this rumor is false.

    • Yes, she is! I love my Caroline 🙂
      Oh, my goodness!!! I haven’t heard that!! NOOOO!! I’m gonna be so sad if they retire her!! 🙁

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