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Craft Day :)

Hi girls!
I had SO much fun today! I was crafting since the early morning until 3:00 in the afternoon! It felt so good, too because I used my creativity and imagination for a few of the projects- which I hardly do 🙂


This is a picture of what our kitchen table pretty much looked like all day! Fun, huh? Hehe! 😀

By the materials pictured above- what do you think I made? There will be a fun new post tomorrow with a few of the crafts I made! 🙂

Do you ever have long craft days? Does your table ever look as messy as this?
Goodnight! 🙂

54 Responses to Craft Day :)

  • CONGRATS ON FINALLY USING YOUR CRAFTINESS XD If you’ve got glue, scissors, fabric and paper, it cane take you anywhere 0.0

  • Well, I can’t really tell what you made. You made stuff with craft foam, but I can’t guess what. 😉 I can’t wait for the post of the stuff that you made!!! I don’t usually craft like that. Sometimes I make stuff, but it doesn’t take so long, nor is is usually a BIG mess. 😉 Although, we make a HUGE mess on our kitchen table when we make valentines. 🙂 And I’m aure our table sometimes looks as messy. 😀

    • Hehe! Well, that’s good that you don’t make a big mess! 😛
      LOL! 😀

      • Were you making bean bags or pillows? I can’t guess anything!!! Can you please give me a hint? 😀
        hehe! That’s probably true. 😛

        • Nope! Nothing like that!
          Hmm… I think all of the hints I could give would give it away- hehe! 😛

  • Heehe! I don’t really do crafts at my table but at my desk! So if you were here after 10 min. of crafting you would most likely faint!
    hmm a stuffed animal,doll Popsicle,a card??,Shoes

    That is all I can guess!
    -Grace AG Lover

    • Hehe! It gets that messy? I can believe it. I have a computer desk in my room and it always has so much of whatever on it. It’s so hard for me to keep it clean 😀
      Sorry, but no. None of that 😉

  • Jaclynn!! You have the same stuffing that we have!! 😀 LOL!

  • how about a watermelon slice?

  • a hat?
    I can’t think of anything!!!

  • horse jumps?

  • Horse feed? I am getting ideas from Doll Diaries if you didn’t notice. 😀 😛

  • Some sort of chair?

  • A bouquet of flowers? I doubt it. 😛
    A pipe cleaner chain decoration? Doubt that one too. 😛
    Hair accessories made out of ribbon?
    Ice cream cones?
    t is really hard to think of things to guess. 😛 Hints please? 😀
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  • Jaclynn? Are you going to do the pick of the month soon? I just remember the first time you did it I was not really there for that : ) so I was wondering if you could do it again!
    -Grace AG Lover

    • Yeah, I need to change it. I don’t know when though because I need my mom to put it up for me and she’s really busy. Plus she says it will be hard to do. I will put that on my list of things I need to do 🙂

  • Some chocolate food?

  • A tiara?

  • A vest?

  • Wow. That’s pretty messy! Well, our table has never gotten that way, but my room has!
    Hmm… I saw your other post, so did you make some things for the Stables?

    • LOLOL!! My room has gotten worse than our table!! It’s pretty bad right now actually- hehe! 😀 😛
      Yes, I made some things for the stables. What you can see is the apples which I made out of Model Magic Clay and I used Easter grass for hay. That’s all that you can really see right now. Don’t worry- you’ll see the rest tomorrow, I believe! 😀

      • LOL! My room looks pretty bad too. I’m redoing the stables, so I’m adding a new background instead of my bedroom wall, and I’m adding new things, like a blackboard, and more horse supplies. And that’s pretty much the majourity of the mess! Hehe! 😛
        Oh okay! Yay! I can’t wait to see! 😀

        • LOLOL! Yeah, AG set ups is usually what makes my room look messy. I get so carried away sometimes! I have the stables set up right in the middle of my floor right now. I can barely walk and can hardly get into anything! LOLOLOL!! 😀 😛

          • LOLOL! With my room, it’s mainly crafts, like now I have scrapbook paper, cardboard, pipecleaners, and my doll clothes. But hopefully I’ll clean it up later today.
            So you don’t have a permanent place for the stables then?

          • Oh, ok! LOLOL!! 😀
            Sadly- no. My room is really small and it has a lot of stuff in it so I don’t have room to have the stables set up all the time. Plus I don’t have anything to have both the cabin and stable set up all the time. If you go to my “A Day at the Stables” post you’ll see that I used the same floor and background as the cabin. So right now the cabin isn’t set up! 😛
            And also- remember my post when I was preparing an AG store (you can search for it using the search box)? You can kinda see how small my room is 😉

  • Oh okay. Oh yeah, I see. I understand having alot of stuff in your room, I have alot of stuff in my room too, and about 99% of it is AG stuff! But for my stables I picked a corner in my room, and set everything up. And on YouTube I learned how to make easy folding sets, and they are so cool! I made some for the stables, and it looks really realistic! And when your done, it all folds up neatly until the next time you need it.
    Yeah, I saw that, when you were preparing everything was by your doll room, and when you showed us you AG store, your dolls were on your bed or something like that?

    • LOL! That’s awesome! 😀
      What do you mean folding sets?
      Hehe- yeah it was. No, they were on their bunk bed 😉
      I wish I had a room just for AG dolls and AG stuff. Wouldn’t that be the most AMAZING thing ever?!? LOLOL! 😀 😛

  • Well it’s kinda hard to explain, but basically, it’s a piece of cardboard, and you draw a square on a fold, so then you have an angled piece of cardboard, so it can fold back up when your done. I’ll also give you the link, so you can understand it a little better:
    Oh okay.
    I know! I think I’m going to need something like that pretty soon here! Maybe I need to get a job, so I can rent an appartment for my dolls! LOL! 😀 😛

    • Oh, ok! Thanks! 🙂
      LOLOLOL!!! That would work! But then you’d have to drive over to see them and play with them- you wouldn’t be able to get up and play 😉 😛

      • You’re welcome! 🙂
        That is true. And I’d have to drive to get them up every morning, and drive to put them to bed every night. Perhaps I just need a bigger room.
        My aunt and uncle will be moving onto a property down in- well, it’s down by a vacation town called Sunriver, you probably haven’t heard of it, but we go down there every year. Anyways so my aunt is moving down there, into a house on 10 acres, a HUGE house, where the bedrooms are, as my cousin tells me, TWICE or 3 TIMES as large as they are in the photos we saw! And as she told me that, the first thing that popped into my head was “BIGGEST DOLL ROOM EVER!!!!” LOL! 😛

        • LOL! Yeah, getting a bigger room would be best 😀
          Oh, wow! That sounds big!
          LOLOLOLOL!!! That’s awesome! You’re so funny! I would probably think of that, too, though! 😛

          • It IS big! They say we can go down and see their house sometimes this year or the next, and then I can really SEE the rooms!
            It is awesome! Thank you! I know! When we go down I’m DEFINATLY bringing a doll down there to take some pictures, since there on 10 acres! Even thuogh I am planning a little bit early…

          • How exciting! I bet you’ll have a ton of fun down there! 😀
            Hehe- you’re welcome!! 😀
            Oh, yes! Make sure you do!
            LOL! It’s ok to plan early 😛

  • Yeah, I’m really looking forward too it! 😀
    I will!
    It’s one of the things I do best. I plan everything out, but then I forget until a few days before the vacation! Then I have to rush to get everything prefect before we leave! 😛

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