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Day 6

So, today I have to tell you all my worst habits! This will be fun LOL! πŸ˜€

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 5_21_57 PM-2

1. Whenever I wear any piece of jewelry – which is every day – I can’t NOT play with it! I twist my rings around my fingers, unsnap and flip my bracelets inside out, and hold onto my necklaces. It’s a horrible habit because there have been a couple of times when I’ve almost lost a ring and I broke a necklace…. Yeah…. Oh gosh! I just realized between the pauses of my typing I was moving my ring up and down my finger XD

2. I am extremely lazy. It’s awful. There will be times when I’m sitting in the chair in our living room next to the crochet corner and I have to grab something, but I simply don’t want to get up. So I go through all this trouble straining myself and leaning way over (practically out of my chair!) just to get the thing I didn’t wanna get up for. It’s really bad LOL!

3. I’m a procrastinator, as I’m sure you can tell with my posting, but I’m getting a bit better, aren’t I? Procrastination is passed down in my family. My grandpa has it (hehe, sorry, Papa!), he passed it down to my mom, and now she passed it down to me LOL!

So, I honestly can’t think of anything else, but I think the jewelry thing is my biggest one. Seriously, I’m still playing with my ring XD

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your bad habits?

Until tomorrow! πŸ˜€


11 Responses to Day 6

  • I have all three of those habits!! πŸ˜€ And several more! Actually, I was going to do a blog post about them (because I’m doing this challenge on my blog too), but…well…there’s a reason why I’m not, and that’s why I’m commenting: my tablet (where I usually do posts and answer emails) is dying-it won’t hold a charge anymore. WordPress doesn’t work on the family laptop, so I can’t do any posts for a while, and since my whole family uses the laptop, I won’t be able to comment as often for a little bit. I’m just letting you (and anyone who reads this comment, that also reads my blog) know. πŸ˜‰

  • I mess around with my jewelry too! I usually only wear necklaces for that reason!

    • Oh, wow! It seems like a lot of people have that habit!

      • I also have a bad habit of when people say something thats wrong, like quote something wrong, I have to correct them. I usually get in trouble for it! IT just bugs me when someone says something wrong!

  • I have a bad habit of interuppting, and sometimes talking too loud…. I like to talk! Haha!

  • Ok, I can TOTALLY relate to every single one of these!!! It’s crazy! I’m soooooo bad about all of them. ;P


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