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Elsa’s Photoshoot and Review

I know that this Elsa doll is like a Barbie and that this is an American Girl Blog, but we talk about all kinds of dolls, so why not have a different type of doll in a post once in a while, right? 😉


Doesn’t Elsa look so radiant in this picture?!


“Let it go!”


“Let it goo!” Hehe 😛


The first thing I have to say is that her hair is AMAZING! They did a fantastic job with her hair!


She has such a pretty face and I love the make-up on her eyes! Too pretty!


Unfortunately my Elsa doll came with a couple imperfections. Although I inspected several of the dolls in the store, I did not see that her cape was coming un-sewn. That’s a bummer, but my mom said she can fix it for me 🙂

The other problem (I couldn’t take a picture because it’d be too difficult to see) is that her left leg is tilted in which makes it shorter than the right. That makes it hard for her to stand up, so usually I have to lean her against something or hold her up myself. So hopefully this teaches you 2 things:
1. Inspect the doll as much as you can before you buy/open her.
2. When opened, do not throw away all of the packaging right away. Make sure there’s nothing wrong with her first and then throw it out.


Her cape is so gorgeous and the detail is amazing! This is definitely one of the best parts about her!


Close up of the cape, so you can see the detail.


Something I really like about her is that her arms can move in three different places- at the shoulder, at the elbow, and at her wrist. This makes her very fun to pose!

Now I’m going to show you the differences between two Elsa dolls I have.


The one on the left, I bought at Disneyland and the one on the right, I bought at Target. I bought the one from Target first because I had NO idea that the other one existed. When I saw the other one at Disneyland I was very mad at myself for spending my money on the other one. But once I had money again, I bought the one from Disneyland and I was super happy with my purchase!
I’m sure you can see how different they are. I thought the one on the right looked good (seriously? How could I think that? 😛 ), so when I saw the other one, I pretty much died! LOL! 😛


Here you can see how different their hair and cape is. I LOVE Elsa A’s (Yes, I got tired of saying the one on the left 😛 ) hair!!! It’s perfect!! 😀


I thought I’d show you the Anna I have as well. The one from Disneyland is 10 times better, but I haven’t gotten around to buying her yet. 😉


And here’s my Kristoff! He’s cool, but the other one is also 10 times better. I plan to add the better Kristoff and Anna as well as Hans to my collection someday.


One last photo 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my review! Let me know which ones you have! I’d love to know!

25 Responses to Elsa’s Photoshoot and Review

  • Cute!
    thanks for telling us about these dolls.

  • I have the one from the Disney store, both Anna and Elsa, and I have the Target Kristoff. Although I do like the Disney Store Kristoff better, the Target one is very cute in my opinion. I also recieved the color magic Anna from Target for my birthday because I wanted her coronation gown and this was close enough. Same with the color magic Elsa. 😛 Disney Elsa’s dress rips VERY easily, though. We had to change her outfit because it got ripped so much! 🙁 🙁 So be aware if you want to pay with her CHANGE HER INTO SOMETHING ELSE.
    I <3 my dolls so much, all the same. 😀

    ~Lydia~ <3

  • *dies* Elsa A is so much better than the one from Target! Elsa is so beautiful.

  • I have Elsa! She is great! Yeah the ones that are Mattel are terrible in comparison!:)

  • I also have Hans!:) he’s really realistic too!

  • cool! i am thinking of dressing my siege up like anna, and my golden haired MAG like elsa! 🙂

  • I can tell the Disney one looks better. 🙂 However, I’m not much of a Disney person. 🙂

  • Wow, the Disney version looks WAY better! Probably because Frozen is a Disney movie 😛
    I actually don’t have any of the dolls, but I have been thinking getting some just because they’re so cute! 😀

  • i have the disney elsa i also have anna i dont have hans for kristoff though

  • Pretty Doll!! I haven’t seen it yet… 😀

  • I wonder why the target Frozen dolls have yellow skin.

    • Their skin is actually not so yellow. I think it’s because I edited the picture and it made it look more yellow.. not sure though 😉

  • My younger sister has the exact same Anna as you

  • Wow! The Disney land one is soooo much better! She is such a pretty doll! ~Leah

  • The moment I saw the Mattel doll I was soooo mad! I was mad because she looks NOTHING LIKE THE MOVIE. Wah. Wah. Boo HOO. And I knew I had to have the Disney store Elsa doll the moment I saw her! 😉 She will a display on my desk, when I can find her-if she doesn’t cost $60!! Yes, the Elsa dolls are SO popular that its impossible to find them (even the Mattel ones) and on Ebay they cost $60!! UGHHH.

  • How much did Elsa cost in Disneyland??

  • Disney Elsa is like…’ACK SO PRETTY AND CUTE MUST BUY HER!!’:D And she looks exactly like movie Elsa.;) Personally I think Target Elsa is a cute doll but doesn’t look much like her movie self.:P
    I wish Disney Elsa wasn’t so insanely hard to get…she’s NEVER at my local Disney Store.:( Boo. I love seeing pictures of her!:)

    • Yeah, the Disney Elsa is AMAZING!!! I guess as a regular doll (not as Elsa 😛 ), the Target version is okay, but I kinda think the eyes are weird 😛
      Ugh, I know! All Disney stores (including at Disneyland) hardly have ANY Frozen merchandise!! It’s SO sad! And when they get a shipment in, they sell out in just a few hours! It’s so sad 🙁

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