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Fire Cove~ Part 6 The GRAND FINALE


It was a sunny afternoon and we were coming upon the city of Dale. Ever since Jake mentioned about Blackheart being there I hadn’t been able to keep my mind off it. So I went to go talk to Jake about it.


“Jake, I’ve been thinking a lot about Blackheart. If she is at Dale and if she sees us, what will happen?” I asked. Jake looked at me closely and could tell I was worried. “Don’t worry, Victoria. We’ll be okay.” He replied, but I knew he was just trying to make me feel better.


“Jake, what would happen?” I asked a little more demanding this time.


“It’s difficult to say. Maybe nothing if she doesn’t really notice us, or….” His voice trailed off. “Or what?” I asked. “Or she might bring us to the keeper of the Code. She is dangerous. If she sees someone not following the Code, she’ll do something about it. And well, we’ve been broken just about the biggest code.” Jake said with a sigh. He looked at me again and said, “I’m going to Dale alone. It’ll be safer if you stay here on the ship. Savvy?” He asked. “Alright.” I replied sadly.


Jake bought our supplies and started to head back for the ship. But something wasn’t right…


Jake turned his head to the side, so he could see in back of himself.


He was being followed!


Realizing who it was Jake began to run as fast as he could!


But then the woman began chasing after him!


When Jake reached the ship he threw the bag of supplies to the floor and ran for the wheel.
“Jake, what’s wrong?” I asked in a panic.


“Jake!!” I yelled. He was beginning to stress me out!


“I was being followed, Victoria. By Blackheart! She was wearing a disguise.” Jake said quickly.


“That means-” I began, but Jake interrupted me.


“-We’ve been discovered.” He finished my sentence with a look of worry.


I looked over the rail and called Jake over. “She’s following us.” I said as I spotted a ship.


“I know. We’ll have to abandon ship and take the row boat to the nearest island. If she finds us, it will not be good.” Jake explained. I was sad to leave our beautiful ship, but I knew there was no other alternative.


We reached an island at last and hid our boat under some palm leaves. Then we spotted a cave and knew it would be perfect for us to hide in.


“Oh, Jake! What are we going to do?” I asked. “We’ll wait here. And hopefully we’ll be able to leave by morning.” Jake replied. My mind couldn’t help but wonder what would become of us. Then suddenly, I heard a voice…


“Jake, did you hear that?” I asked. We listened for a moment and then heard a woman’s voice saying, “Find Captain Turner and his wife! When you find them, bring them to me. They must pay for breaking the Code!”


Jake put his arm around me and said, “Blackheart…. She’s found us.”


THE END!!! To be continued in the second season! πŸ˜€



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