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Frozen Fractals~ Part 4

Yes, it’s finally here! If you would like to be refreshed by what is going on- go read the previous parts by clicking here 🙂


I went on my way to seek out Aldera, the woman who had cursed Eiden when he was little. And then I found her, smack in the middle of nowhere. “Why, Elexa, long time no see. Last I saw you, you were only 5 years old.” Aldera greeted.


“Enough of the fake kindness, Aldera, I need to speak with you, about Eiden…” I finished softly.


Aldera’s face turned cold. “I can’t bring him back, dear, if that’s what you want.”


“Oh, I think you can. Please, I already caused my father’s death, I don’t want to be responsible for Eiden’s, too!” I cried. Aldera smirked and then laughed. “You foolish girl! Your brother isn’t dead, he’s asleep and that curse can never be broken.” I looked at her in surprise. “But, if you made the curse, can’t you undo it?” I asked.


“I could, but I don’t want to. Your brother destroyed my castle and that took away almost all of my powers! If I were ever to break that curse, I would need to receive something very special and useful to me in return. Which considering why you ran away, I know you won’t give that.” Aldera stated.


“No, I will! I’ll give you anything you want!” I said hopefully.


A little grin spread across Aldera’s face. “Anything?” She asked.


“Anything. All I want is my brother back. What do you want?” I inquired.


“I want- your powers.” Aldera said while smiling.


“Wh- what do you want with my powers?” I asked.


Aldera stepped more closely to me and whispered, “You’ve heard the tale of Snow White, of course. Well that queen wanted to be the fairest of them all, but I want to be the most powerful of them all. If you give me your powers, I will bring your brother back.” I thought hard before replying then asked, “No one will get hurt, will they?” Aldera looked surprised and said, “Why, of course not! I would never dream of it! Do we have a deal?” What I didn’t notice was that she was crossing her fingers behind her back.


I held out my hands and sighed. “Deal.”


And with a wide grin, Aldera removed my powers.


When they were removed, I felt weak, and it caused me to fall to the floor.


“Oh, don’t worry. That’s bound to happen after having your powers removed. You’ll wake up, just as soon as I get rid of you.” She said and with a wave of her wrist-


-I was transported back to my ice palace.


“Eiden!” I yelled as I noticed him still lying on the floor.


“Eiden, are you alright? Wake up!” I said as I shook his shoulder.


“Elexa? Wh- what happened?” Eiden asked as he began to sit up.


“It’s okay. I gave up my powers to Aldera so she would bring you back.” I explained.


“Y- you gave up your powers for me? But, the reason you left is because you didn’t want your powers taken away.” Eiden said, confused.


“I know, but you’re my brother, and you mean more to me than any magical power in the world.” I said with a smile.


Eiden embraced me in his best brotherly hug. Then Eiden said,  “Come on, let’s go home and see Mother.”

That’s the end of Part 4! Look for Part 5 coming soon! 😀


24 Responses to Frozen Fractals~ Part 4

  • You must post the next post! YOU MUST YOU MUST!!!!:)

  • This is such an amazing photo story!

    How do you come up with the story, and how do you execute it?

    • Thank you so much! 😀

      I can’t really remember how I came up with this series. To tell you the truth, I’m still sorta making it up as I go along, but in between each part I’m planning what’s going to happen next 🙂 With most of my series, though, I get a little bit of inspiration from something and then just that little idea takes off and ta-da! I have an idea for a series! Sometimes the inspiration can be something so little, like lyrics to a song. That just happened to me recently 🙂
      I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by “how do you execute it?”…?

  • I mean, how do you carry out your plan? How do you keep costumes organized, stories consistent, and the like?

    • Oh, I see! Sorry about that 😛
      Well, I don’t really know! My costumes are basically just all kept in random spots and then I find them when I need them. I’m not an organized person so everything is just wherever and sometimes they get lost LOL!
      As for the second question, whenever I am working on the next part of a series I always go back and read the last couple of parts, that way the story is fresh in my head. And when I’m ready to get started I think, “Okay, where are they right now? What do I need to set up? Who’s gonna be in this part?”, so once I figure all that out, and I start taking pictures, I sort of act out what’s going on. I really think about what’s being said, that way I know for sure I get all of the right shots (and the right number of shots). So, yeah, that’s about it! Photostory series take a lot of work and concentration and time. But I love it so much and once the series is over I feel so happy and accomplished 😀
      I hope this answered your question! If there’s anything else you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

  • woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    love it.

  • This is awesome! Great as always!
    Can’t wait for part five!

  • PLUNK (That was the sound of me fainting again, BTW) I LOVE THIS!!! YES!!! AWESOME!!

    Oh, and in the first part it was so clever to blur up the pictures so no one would know it was Kristoff. 😛

    ~Lydia~ <3

    • LOLOL! Thank you so much! 😀

      Oh, yeah, I kinda had to do that, plus it sort of makes sense because she was having a memory and in movies those things kinda look that way anyway LOL 😛

      • Yeah, true. I was watching an episode of Columbo and it was all like wavy because the person was having a flashback. I was like, what? Is this really happening or is she thinking it? 😛

        And BTW, I’m doing a photostory to on my blog and somebody takes her powers away. Don’t think I copied you because I came up with it before I read this. Just letting you know. 😛

        ~Lydia~ <3

        • LOL! Yeah, usually when it looks like that, it’s a dream or a memory or something 🙂

          Oh, okay! Thank you for letting me know 🙂

  • I can’t wait for part 5!! 😀

  • Ohhh, I love this photo story series!!! 😀 It really reminds me of Frozen, it all just ties in together!!
    Looking forward to part 5!!

  • Are you going to post part 5? :):):):):):):):):)

    • Yes, don’t worry, this series isn’t discontinued, I’m just taking a break from it, so I can come back to it feeling refreshed. I hope you understand 🙂

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