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Giveaway At Doll Diaries!

Doll Diaries is having a super cute and fun giveaway! And it’s so easy to enter to win- just go to the post about it on their site by clicking here:



This Back Rest Pillow is so cute and comes in your choice of 2 colors. Enter to win now- it ends June 10th at midnight!

How do your dolls like to relax?

49 Responses to Giveaway At Doll Diaries!

  • I am entering right now! LOL! I always check Doll Diaries site, so I already saw it. 🙂 It is a pretty cool giveaway. 🙂 Three people are going to win! I never win anything soo… Maybe I have a better chance of wining this one. 🙂 I am entering to win the blue one. I LOVE the color blue. My dolls love to read on their bed. 🙂 That might be called relaxing for them. I love to read on my bed, which is relaxing for me. 🙂 Unless I have a headache. 😛 I would love it if you won! 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • LOL! That’s funny! 🙂
      IT is a good giveaway! Yeah, same here- I really hope I win!
      I’ve noticed that a lot of people are entering to win the blue one. I’m entering to win the pink floral one. It’s so me! Hehe! 🙂
      Yes, that is very relaxing- if it’s quiet where they’re reading 😉
      Oh, I can not read when I have a headache! It makes it so much worse!
      Aw, thank you! That’s really nice of you to say 🙂 It would be cool if you won, too!

      • Yes, it does! And when my eyes hurt, it is not good either. 😛
        ~Christian Homeschooler
        P.S. did you get a chance to look at the pictures that I sent you? Just wondering. 😉

        • Yes, agreed! Hehe 🙂
          P.S. Um- I can’t remember! I haven’t checked my email for awhile so I’ll check and get back to you on that 😉

  • Which one did you enter to win?

  • I entered! I can’t wait to see who wins!
    Well, all my dolls are differant, but when they all want to relax they generally agree on watching a good movie, or sitting out in the sun on a nice day!

    • I know! Me too!
      Hehe! That’s how I LOVE to relax every single night!! 😀
      That’s a good way to relax, too 🙂

  • I already entered! I choose the light blue one! I hope some of us at littlehouseofamericangirl win!! 🙂
    An american girl fan forever,

  • Awesome!I hope my sister can help me enter! i love the blue pillow! it wuld match my doll Emily’s Bed PERFECTLY! because her bed is all light blue! she loves to relax by reading or playing her ipad or snuggling with her dogs on her bed! her bed is on my bed it is a pile of blankets i am not using since its summer. with a blue floded up blanket over it for sheets. then she has a home made light blue quilt and pilllow on her bed!

    Ps WIll you please post more about your camp soon?

    • That’s a wonderful way to relax!
      That sounds like a great bed! Do you sleep with her or is she just on your bed?
      P.S. Yes, I will try to post something within a couple of days- so sorry for nothing happening lately 🙁

  • Hehe! Thats fun! I would enter for the pink floral one to! My dolls like to watch movies but mostly read!

  • Are you going to update the “Meet My Dolls’ page today Jaclynn? If you’re not that’s okay, I was just wondering 🙂

    • Hi Carli!
      I will get “Meet My Dolls” updated today or tomorrow!
      So sorry for nothing being posted lately! 🙁

      • Oh okay!
        It’s okay! Were you busy this week?

        • By the way… I was one of the winners at Doll Diaries, and it just arrived today!!!!!!! AND… my mom said that if I help her with certain things today, we can go to my sister’s house to pick up SAIGE!!!!!!!

          • Oh, wow! Congratulations on winning!! 🙂

            EEEEEEEEEK!!!! Do you have her right now?!?!? How do you like her??? Isn’t she amazing?!?! I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

        • Yeah, sort of. My grandpa is visiting so I haven’t been online much 😉

  • That is so cool! I SO want another post of camp!!!!!!!!!!:):):) Im dying!!! I come here every morning an every night!!!! I am in LOVE with ur camp!:) please more!:)

  • Hi Jaclynn! When are you going to post something new? Oh and I started a journal for some ideas for the blog I am starting! Hopefully it will be and running next Tuesday. Thanks again for the advice on starting a blog!! ILY!
    ~ Madison B~

    • Hi Madison!
      I’m going to try to post something over the weekend. I’m so sorry that there hasn’t been any posts lately! I’m going to start getting back on track now 🙂
      That’s great!
      You’re very welcome! I’m glad I could help! 🙂

  • Hey, Jaclynn! Please look at agfan’s From a Friend Friday for the 14th of June. I sent in some pictures… 🙂

  • You are on my favorite websites list!

    • Thank you, Madison! You’re so nice 🙂
      OH! You have your blog now?? I’ll have to go check it out! 😉

  • Thanks!
    YES!!!!!! I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH! SHE IS SO PRETTY! And I’m already obessed with her curls! I must have done her hair 100 times already! But one think I noticed is one foot is higher than the other, just barely. Which doesn’t really bother me, as long as she can stand on her own.

    • That’s so awesome! I knew you would just ADORE her!!
      LOLOLOLOL!!! I know, right?!?!? Her curls and her hair are/is AMAZING!!! Out of all the dolls that I have she has the best hair. It’s easy to style and getting it like new and it’s just all around beautiful!!! LOLOL! 😀 😀
      Oh my gosh! My Saige has that, too! Like one of boots is harder to put on than the other because one of her feet are higher. That’s so wierd!
      Yeah, it doesn’t bother me either 😉

      • Her hair IS amazing! I think she has the best hair for hairstyles, because it’s not too short, like Kits’ but it’s not so long that certain hairstyles look weird, like Kananis’. Exactly! Her curls definatly keep their shape, unless you brush them, and don’t recurl them.
        Oh yeah, you told me about that! It’s so weird! Like one of her limbs is pushed in a little further than the other! But as long as I can pose her, then it doesn’t bother me! And I’ve been waiting very patiently for 2 weeks for her to arrive, so I’m not about to send her back, and wait another 2 weeks for the next one to arrive! And I also LOVE her books! I’m in the middle and obsessed with the first one! And by the way, are you out of school? Or do you have to do school through the summer?

        • Exactly! Her hair is perfect!
          Hehe! Right- when I put her to bed I brush her hair through and leave it long. Because realistically the curls wouldn’t still be there in the morning 😉
          Oh, that’s very wierd!
          LOLOL! I understand that! I’ve only waited for one doll to arrive and that was Kirsten. I’ve bought all the others in store or received them as gifts 🙂
          I just finished reading the last one a couple weeks ago. I was in the middle of reading but I stopped because I started reading The Hobbit and then LOTR. LOL! But both of her books are really good! It makes me excited to see what they’ll do for her movie 😉

          Well, my grandpa has been here for a week now and isn’t leaving until like Thursday so I haven’t been doing school. I’m not officially off yet, though. My mom needs to see how many more days of school I have to do before I have summer break 😉

          • Yeah, that is true, but I don’t have any experiance with that because I have strait hair!!!! Hehe!
            Yeah it is, but maybe if one of my friends gets Saige I can see if her doll is the same way.
            Yeah, I’ve waited for two dolls to arrive and they were Kanani and Saige, because Kanani was off Ebay, and Saige I bought myself. The rest were gifts, or I bought them but they didn’t have to be shipped.
            Oh okay! I might finish the second boock today because I don’t really have anyting else to read! Except for some Dear America Diaries, but I really want to finish Saige’s story before I move onto those. Yeah me too! I just hope the movie will be as good as the books are. Sometimes the movies aren’t as good for some reason or another.
            Oh okay. I don’t really get summer break but my summer is pretty slow, I’m just going to do History and Math, my favorite and least favorite subjects! Hehe! 🙂

          • Oh, I get that- hehe 🙂
            Well, that’s good! You didn’t have to put up with much suspense either then 😀
            Yes, you should finish it! It’s so sweet! Did you finish yet? I know it’s probably been a long time 😉
            I haven’t had experience with that. Felicity’s and Samantha’s are both AMAZING! I really love Samantha’s movie 🙂
            Oh, ok! I still don’t know how much more I have to do 😛

  • No I didn’t but when the day came when they were supposed to arrive, I was jumping up and down and checking the clock every five minutes! Well not literally…
    Yes I just finished it a few hours ago! I nearly cried! But I realized that one of my dolls horses looks a lot like Georgia! So I might do something with that horse, but I’m not really sure yet.
    Well I haven’t had any experiance with that with AG movies, but some other movies, they make the characters a lot more sarcastic, and stuff like that. And sometimes the actors or actresses just aren’t as good as others.
    Yeah, I like Samantha and Felicity’s movies, but Felicity’s is kinda slow for me at some points, but I still like it. What’s your favorite AG doll movie?

    • LOL! I get it- I’m the same way 😀
      Aw, me too! It was so sad and sweet! Oh, that’s cool! See, I think that AG should’ve made Georgia to be her horse and not Picasso. They also made the wrong dog for her, too! They made it be her Grandma’s animals that she owned and not her own animals. It’s kinda wierd. :/
      Oh, yeah. I think I’ve experienced that, but I’m not positive 😉
      Exactly! Like the parts when she keeps sneeking over to see Penny are just so boring. Well, I’ve only seen the two so although I love horses I’m going to say Samantha. Her movie is good and I love to play orphanage- Hehe!

  • I think everyone gets that way when they’re waiting for an AG doll. Well except for some adults.
    Yes it was! I do too! Picasso isn’t even her horse! I know! If I ever get her dog, I’m changing his name to Sam, because Sam and Rembrandt are brothers, so it’d work out great! It is weird. They need to let some kids decide about the GOTY’s animals!
    Oh okay.
    Yeah, I think those parts are boring too, but I love it when they have Christmas with everyone! Oh okay! Hehe! Do you mean you like to play orphanage with your dolls?

    • I think so, too! 🙂
      Exactly! Hehe! I would change his name to Sam, too- it would make more sense! LOLOL! I agree! AG should ask the AG Fans of the world for advice and suggestions! 😀
      Yes, I love that, too! I LOVE Christmas! 🙂
      Yeah, with my dolls and just with myself. Like if I’m playing as me then I like to play orphanage that way, too 😉

  • It would make more sense! Yeah, they should, they would make the kids way happier, and would save them some brainstorming! 😀
    I do too! 🙂
    Oh okay! I’ve never played it with my dolls, but I have played with some girls at church though, and that’s fun too!

    • Exaclty! Like, we have so many ideas for AG to make, but we’re not allowed to send in suggestions :/
      It is fun! I love playing that- LOL! 😀

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