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I Got A Package!!

Yay! My prize for winning in Natalie’s Photo Challenge (at Doll Diaries) has finally arrived! I took a couple of pictures so you could see 🙂


It was inside a cute little Hello Kitty bag and sealed with a “J” sticker! “J” for my name- Hehe! 😀


How cute! A little Tote Bag! Inside the Tote Bag was a couple of Doll Diaries business cards and some Build-A-Bear stickers! Her business cards are adorable- I get mine from the same company 😀

That Tote is just too cute! I’ll have to take some pictures of my dolls with it 🙂

Do your dolls like Tote Bags? What do they use them for?

130 Responses to I Got A Package!!

  • Oh, wow! That took a while. 😉 I guess because she lives in Canada and you live in California. 😛
    I like that tote bag!! I actually have plenty of bags for my dolls. 😉 But they generally don’t use them. 😛 But they like to use them as book bags. My dolls have a lot of books. 🙂
    Is it going to be one specific dolls thing, or do you not do that sort of thing? For my dolls, they have individual stuff. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    • I know! It took forever! She actually lives in Virginia and just mailed it 2 days ago.
      Hehe! That’s a good thing to use them for 🙂
      Um- it will probably be everyone’s. I don’t enough of the same thing for 10 dolls to have their own- LOL! 😀

      • Oh, who does? I thought Char lives in Canada. ?!
        Yup, it is! 🙂
        That’s probably true. But I would probably try to do it that way anyway. 😀
        ~Christian Homeschooler

        • I know- I thought so, too! It came from Virginia, though! 😉
          Hehe! 😀

          • That’s so weird-but maybe it was a different person that sent it. You know, sometimes different people post.
            ~Christian Homeschooler

          • I don’t think so- I think the name was Char.. LOL! 😀

  • o so cute!! If you go to this site
    you recognize the name??

    My dolls use tote bags for the beach and well EVERYTHING!

  • I think I did it wrong! The site that is!
    Here is the right one!

  • Are you still going to enter more of her photo challenges, or not? Or are you allowed to at all?
    ~Christian Homeschooler
    P.S. Did you check out God’s Girl’s(Madison) new blog? Here it is: http://delightfulworldofdolls.com/

    • Yes, I am- I enter when it’s one that I think is good for me- LOL! 😛
      P.S. No, not yet. I’ll check it out later 😉

      • Okay, I like to enter them all. 😀
        ~Christian Homeschooler
        P.S. Okay! You really should. I like it better because it isn’t blogspot-I really don’t like blogspot. 😀

  • That is SO CUTE!!!! I know I’m a few days late, so how do you and your dolls like it?
    My dolls have 1 tote bag, and that’s the one in Kanani’s accesories, if that’s even considered a tote bag, and my dolls like it, except for Julie thinks the print clashes with a lot of her outfits 😛

    • A few days late for what? LOL! 😀
      Oh- I don’t even remember her accessories! LOL!

      Hehe! Is Julie a “Fashion Girl?” 😛

      • Oh, I thought you had posted this earlier in the week, since I haven’t been online since Wednsday or Thursday, I don’t know how I survived! LOL! 😛
        LOL! I don’t know if that’s even apart of her accesories, since I bought her off Ebay, so that might not even be included in her accesories!
        Yeah, that’s Julie. She’s always telling me to get some more modern clothes the next time I go to the AGP, but then Molly is always telling me to get some more HC stuff! 😛

        • Hehe! No, I think you commented the day I posted it 😀
          Oh, ok! I’ll have to look through an old catalog and see 😉
          LOL! Isn’t it just too hard to decide on what to buy? 😛

          • Yeah, I think you’re right 😀
            Okay, I don’t have any Kanani cataloges, but the funny thing is I have a Lanie cataloge! Which doesn’t make any sense to me! 😛
            YES!!! It’s almost impossible since everything is just to adorable! If I could only convince my parents to buy the company, then maybe I’d get some free stuff! LOL! 😛

          • Oh, that is funny! I’m not sure if I have a Lanie one… Now I want to look at all of my AG catalogs! LOL! 😛
            I know, right?!? I want SO much stuff, but I just don’t have the money for it.. LOL!
            LOLOLOL!! That would be so amazing to own AG! And we could think of all the cool stuff to come out with! Like what kind of HC, outfits, furniture, accessories- the list is endless! I have SO many ideas of things that AG should make, but I can’t tell them- Hehe! 😀

  • Oh, that’s true-but I never type it in because it “recommends” it in the place that I type it in. 😉

    • Yeah, I don’t have to type in any url because I just open my history thing and it shows everything I’ve been on- so there’s no trouble for me either- Hehe! 🙂

  • LOL! I like looking at the older cataloges, except for when I see something and I want it, but is now retired 🙁
    I know. I get around 40 dollars a month for working with my mom, and I always try to save it, but sometimes I see something I just HAVE to have so I spend the money! And mom also wants me to tithe.
    It would be AMAZING! Or you could have a GOTY named and based after you! Which would also be amazing! Designing AG’s outfits would again, be amazing! I know. I have so many ideas! I think in the AG magazines they should have a section where girls can send their ideas about what AG should make next, and AG picks a few and the things that the girls recomended would be in their next release! 😀
    P.S. How’s Alyssa?

    • LOLOL! I know, right? Like for me one of the main things is the Concession Stand 🙁
      That’s why I have to get the Campus Snack Cart!! 😀
      I know what you mean. Sometimes I’ll see something in stores I NEED to have that day, but I don’t have the money- so I’ll ask my mom to buy it and to just keep my next allowance- Hehe! 😀
      That would be cool, I just think that a GOTY that’s me wouldn’t be very interesting. LOL!
      That’s a good idea! But we can’t tell AG about that because right now we’re not allowed to send in ideas! Argh! LOLOL!
      P.S. Well, just yesterday I had heard that she was doing a lot better. She was able to stand up (but was a little unstable) and feed and drink herself and she was supposed to go home soon. Now I just found out that she had a horrible night last night with lots of seizures and she’s getting bad again. Now they don’t know if she’s going to be put back in the ICU or not. Ugh! I feel so sorry for her. Please, please keep the prayers coming!
      Thank you 🙂

  • I know, I really liked the Concession Stand, and it was only 80 dollars, while the Campus Snack Cart is 150… but I still want it!
    Exactly! I hope that doesn’t happen to me the next time I go to the AGP, because I don’t want to be broke once I walk out of that store for the millionth time! Although I’ve only been to the AGP 3 times… 😛
    I think it would be cool, but if there was one for me, then it’d be pretty close to Saige! Only I’d be more on the creative side than artistic. Yeah, but they wouldn’t have make it about your exact life. Like the girl who Saige was based after only has 1 arm, which a 1 handed AG doll might not look very good!
    LOLOL!! Thank you! Now I just need to get my dad to inherite a bunch of money one way or another, then buy the company, then let me take charge for a while! 😀 😛
    P.S. Oh no! I feel sorry for her too! I told my mom (hope you don’t mind 🙂 ) a few minutes ago, so we’ll be praying for her 🙂
    P.S.S. BTW my friend came over for a sleepover a few days ago, and we watched the Saige movie, and after watching it for the second time, I liked it a LOT more than I did the first time! Do you plan to rent it soon?

    • Oh, it was? Wow! What a difference! LOL! Yeah, me too 😛
      LOLOLOLOL!! You’re funny! Who cares about getting broke because of AG? I do that all the time! LOL!!! 😀
      Oh, really? That’s cool!
      Oh, wow! I didn’t know that! LOL! Yeah, that’d look kinda weird 😉
      LOLOLOLOL!! Yeah, he would have to inherit a trillion dollars! LOLOL! 😀
      P.S. Oh, I don’t mind at all! The more people praying the better!
      Thank you SO, SO much! Another thing you may want to know is that she’s not a Christian.. 🙁
      P.S.S. Oh, really? That’s good!
      Hehe! Yes, but like I said- we’re lazy and put things off! LOLOL! 😛

      • Yeah, I know. I think it’s too much money, but oh well.
        LOLOL!!! Thank you! True that, true that. But usually after I spend all my money my mom scolds me and tells me to put more money in the bank instead of spending it on a bunch of toys that don’t need! But the problem is I DO need them! LOL!
        Yeah, her names Lizzy and she lives on a farm with her parents in PA. I actually found out in the back of Saige’s book and it says “Real Story” and “Real Girl” or something like that. Yeah, and it might even scare some kids.
        LOLOLOL!!! Yeah, and that’s not going to happen, so back to the old drawing board… 😛
        P.S. Oh okay, good!
        You’re welcome! 🙂 Oh how sad! 🙁 I’ll pray for that too.
        P.S.S. Yeah, I was really surprised that I liked more that the first time, but I still think that Sidney Fullmor is a little bit too old to be playing Saige, but other than that it was great!
        LOLOL! I get it. Sometimes my mom puts things off until the night before, and she’s in a huge rush! And by the way, which week of Natalie’s Photo Challange did you win?

        • It is, but I’m still going to be buy it! LOLOL! 😛
          You’re welcome 😀 Oh, I see. LOLOLOLOL!! I totally get what you’re saying! 😀
          Oh, wow! I’ll have to look in the back of my Saige book. I wonder why they changed so much about her? If they were making a doll about me- I would want it to be exactly me! LOL!
          Yeah, it probably would.
          LOLOLOL! How about…Hmmm… Oh! How about YOU earn a trillion dollars?!? LOLOLOLOLOL!! 😛
          P.S. 🙂
          It is sad. And there’s more news. She’s getting really bad again. Yesterday morning she had 19 seizures and one lasted 24 minutes. When they did the MRI (a few days ago) they didn’t see anything different so I don’t know what’s wrong. We’re also wondering if the switching of all the different medicines are making her have more seizures, but we’re not sure on that. Ugh! It’s all so scary and even a little frustrating 🙁
          P.S.S. Well, I’m like that with some movies. Like the third Narnia movie- I liked it more when I watched it the second time. It happens to me a lot actually- it is funny though, hehe! 🙂
          Yeah, she is too old. Have you read the reviews on the American Girl site? Almost everyone is saying that the age and look of the actors are horrible for 4th graders! And I completely agree with them 😛
          LOL! My mom, too! 😀
          I won the 3rd one 😉

          • LOLOL! I think I will too… eventually 😛
            😀 Yeah, I know she’s right, but I can’t stand it! It’s an addiction! Everything captures me with it’s cuteness, then I just HAVE to get it!
            I don’t know. I’d like it to be more like me too, or at least have the same name! But I think they didn’t name her Lizzy because of Elizabeth, but that’s why they have to pick girls with more unique names like Jaclynn and Carli! LOL!
            That would work, and according to my calculations, if I keep buying things from AG, it will take approximately 9,344 years. That’s probably at the most though, at the very least, it will take about 5,087 years, so I need to start eating a little bit better! LOL! 😛
            P.S. Oh no! 🙁 I totally understand that, and it’s so funny that you brought that up because my grandma a few years ago was on some new medicines and that caused her to halucinate. And now she’s starting to halucinate again, so they’re wondering if it’s her medication again.
            P.S.S. I haven’t seen the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but I’m gonna start reading the book tomorrow, but I think I would like it since I LOVE the first and second, but I thought there was a sea serpant or something like that, that my parents thought that when it came out, it might scare me but that was a few years ago I think.
            That happens to me alot too, I don’t really like the movie the first time, especially when I’ve read the books, but I like it the second time, sometimes because I always try to accept the differances, but it’s hard sometimes!
            Yeah, I’ve seen some, and I agree too. I know they’re actors but they’re in 4TH GRADE! I’ve never seent that much makeup on kids in 4th grade! I think what really bothered me was how much mascara they had on, and the end of the movie they had glitter on their faces, but that was at the parade.
            Oh okay, I’ll go take a look at that 🙂

          • Hehe! You should! It would make a great addition to our doll collections 🙂
            LOLOL!! It sounds like I’m talking to myself! That’s exactly me! LOLOL! 😀
            Oh, yeah- that would make sense. LOLOLOL! That’s true!
            P.S. Oh, wow! That’s so sad. I hope the doctors figure out what’s wrong- it doesn’t seem like they’re really doing anything new to help her 🙁
            P.S.S. You love the books or the movies? The movies are great! I like the second one best 😉
            The third one- after watching it more and more and really thinking about it- it’s really dark with a lot of weird magic stuff and spells. But, I don’t know- I like it, but I don’t love it- you know?
            Hehe! Reading the books before seeing the movie doesn’t bother me too much- I just watch the movie happily and enjoy it and I like to see what differences they add to it. It’s pretty interesting in my opinion 🙂
            I know, right? Yeah, they do have a lot on- from what I’ve seen in the previews 😛
            Oh, my gosh- are you serious? Even if it’s for a parade that’s just too much! AG did not plan out their appearances very well, if you ask me- hehe! 😀
            Okey-Dokey! 🙂

  • Yeah I think it would. If only they’d make things a little cheaper, but if I have enough money, hopefully I’ll be able to get it for my birthday, since I’ll have my birthday money, my allowance money, and my parents give me a doll each year, but this year I told them that I’d rather spend the 100 dollars on clothing and accesories, like the Campus Snack Cart! Now I only have one more problem, where do I store it??? 😛
    LOLOL!! Maybe we’re third cousins…LOL!
    P.S. Well I think she’ll be out of the hospital pretty soon here, but she just needs to go to a nursing home, since she’s WAY past assisted living 🙁
    P.S.S. BOTH!!! I’m about to finish Prince Caspian tonight pretty much, and I can see a LOT of differances between the books and the movie. For example, I think Prince Caspian is a boy, like my age, and in the movies he’s 20, or something like that? I like the movies better than the books mainly because Aslan is a lot more serious in the movies, and in the books sometimes he acts like a cub! 😛 But we only have the first movie, and I love it, but what I don’t get about the movies is every time they make a movie, they skip a book, like before the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, there was a book called the Magicians Nephew that tells about how the Wardrobe got to be magical and the founding of Narnia, and the White Witch. And inbetween the Lion the Witch and te Wardrobe and Prince Caspian there was a book called the Horse and his Boy, which tells a story of what happened while Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy were ruling at Cair Paravel.
    Oh really? I’ve never thought of C. S. Lewis as dark, but maybe that’s just the movie. Yeah I get that, you like it, but it’s not your favorite.
    It doesn’t bother me either, but I know some families that have a rule that their kids have to read the books before watching the movies.
    Yep. Hehe! I know, 9 year olds do NOT wear glitter!
    Sorry this coment is like, super long, I never meant for it to get this long… 😛

    • Oh, yes! That’s a good idea! My parent’s usually get me a doll for Christmas each year, but there isn’t one that I want right now, so I’ll probably ask for the Campus Snack Cart or something else big 🙂
      LOLOL! I have that same problem. My room is so tiny and our garage is packed- I’m gonna have to get rid of something 🙁
      LOL! Maybe we are! 😛
      P.S. Oh, that’s sad. 🙁
      So yesterday I probably heard the worst news of Alyssa. She had 26 seizures, her speech is slurred, and she’s confused. Ugh! I just wish the doctors would find out what’s wrong! 🙁
      P.S.S. Oh, wow! Yeah, maybe 18-20 years old. That’s really weird! I haven’t read that book, but my mom read me The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe when I was younger. And I think we started to read Prince Caspian, but something happened that night- I can’t remember what…
      LOL! How cute! I don’t remember that. But, yeah I always like the movies better than the books- LOL! 😀
      Oh, yeah! That is weird. Maybe they just thought those ones wouldn’t make good movies? I don’t know- Hehe!
      I haven’t either. Yeah, I wouldn’t know because I’ve never read the books.
      Yes, something like that 😉
      Oh, my gosh! If I had to read like LOTR before I saw the movies- I would try to read it so fast! LOLOL! 😀 😛
      Yeah, it’s ridiculous!
      LOL! It’s ok- What’s funny is that our P.S.’s were longer than the main comment! LOL! 😀

      • Yeah, my parents do too, but this year I want clothes because I hardly have enough clothes for all my dolls! That’s why when I go to the AGP, I don’t want a doll. As much as I love ’em, I don’t want a doll!
        Ugh! Exactly! I’m probably going to have to put it in my closet or somthing, or maybe even my basement, but that’s unfinished so I don’t know if that’d be a good idea. What do you mean get rid of something, do you mean some AG stuff, or some other stuff?
        LOL! 😛
        P.S. Oh no! I hope they’ll find out what’s wrong! 🙁
        P.S.S. Yeah that’s what I thought. But I still like the books, but once you’ve seen the movie, then it kinda ruins it in some ways, because a LOT of stuff is differant, another thing in the book Prince Caspian, Nikabrik dies, and I don’t think he died in the movie, did he?
        Oh okay. I have to say out of all the books I’ve read I like the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and the Horse and His Boy the best because for the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, there isn’t really a differance between the book and the movie. And the Horse and his Boy doesn’t have a movie, so they’re isn’t anything I don’t like about it!
        That could be, and those other books have differant characters, one book is before Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, and the other one afterwards.
        LOLOL!! There are alot of strict people at our church, but I won’t go to far into the details, but one thing thats funny, is all the people who have rules like that are the Elder’s families.
        It is! I’ve never seen a 9 year old wearing glitter! What kind of girls have gone into the AGP’s these past few years?!?!? Hehe! 😛
        LOL! Yeah, they are aren’t they? LOL! 😀

        • LOL! I totally get it! I want clothes, furniture, and accessories! 😀
          Hehe! Yeah, and I’m not just gonna ask for a doll because I always get one 😉
          I don’t have any room in my closet. It’s really small and packed! LOL!
          Oh, no! Not AG stuff! LOL! Like some other big stuff I don’t need anymore. Maybe I will have to take my computer out of my room like my mom said… But it’s so cute I don’t want to! But then It’s just in a corner not being used- just for piling junk! LOL! If I did that I would have so much more room for AG stuff! Ugh! It’s so hard to decide on what to do! 😛
          P.S. Yeah, me too 🙁
          P.S.S. I don’t really think of it as ruining it, but as interesting on what different things they add 🙂
          Nikabrik is the bad dwarf, right? Yes, he does die.
          I vaguely remember some differences between the book and the movie, but not much. Prince Caspian (from what we read) the beginning was a lot different!
          Hehe! That’s true!
          LOL! That is funny!
          LOLOLOLOLOL!!! That is hilarious! But, it’s true! What 9 year olds have they seen that wear glitter? Maybe they go to Disneyland and see the girls who got all fixed up as a princess or something. That’s probably the only place I’ve seen girls that age (and younger) wearing glitter. 😀
          LOLOL! Yep! 😛

          • Yeah, because you don’t want to have all dolls and just enough clothes to dress them and no furniture!
            Yeah, exactly.
            Yeah I didn’t think so. That’d be a good idea. LOL!! I understand that. Like once I had this small fake horse, like foal size, or bigger, and it was so cool, but it was just sitting under my loft bed. I didn’t want to get rid of it, because all the details, like the sturrips are adjustable! But eventually I just moved it down to the basement, and now my dolls have SO much more space in their room! And when it was in my room it was just collecting dust so there wasn’t really a point of keeping it there 😛
            P.S. 🙁
            P.S.S. That’s true.
            Yeah, the good dwarf who Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy save from drowning, and his name is Trumpkin I think. Oh okay, so he does die. That makes more sense.
            Exactly, you don’t ever see random girls walking past your house wearing glitter on their faces! At Disneyland I would understand, but most anywhere else I wouldn’t.
            LOLOL! 😛

          • LOL! Right! 😛
            Yes, NEVER get rid of ANYTHING AG!! LOLOL!
            Oh, wow! That horse sounds really cool! Was it something for you or for your dolls?
            The reason I don’t want to take my computer out of my room is because we bought the desk to match my room. It’s pink and white and the size and shape is perfect! And it’s SO CUTE! But then I have to decide on what do I want/need more? Do I want to keep my desk in there because it’s cute? Or do I want to take it out so I have more room for AG?
            P.S. I think she was doing better yesterday. My sister and her husband were able to go visit her so that’s a good sign 🙂
            P.S.S. Right- the DLF- Hehe! 😛
            LOLOL! Exactly! Like who does that?
            Yes, DL makes sense- everywhere else- no! LOL! 😛

  • LOLOL! Right!! 😛
    It was for me- but when I was ALOT smaller! If it was for my dolls then I wouldn’t have moved it out of my room.
    Oh, I get that, does it match your bedroom walls?
    Well, do you use it, or is it a decoration thing? If you use it then I’d keep it in there and maybe go through a closet and see if there’s anything you can get rid of, then maybe put it on Craigslist, or Ebay. But if you don’t use it, then I’d get it out of my room, or put it in a closet in your room and bring it out when you want/need it.
    P.S. That’s good! Hopefully you’ll get to see her soon 🙂
    P.S.S. Oh, I didn’t know they called him the DLF in the movie, I thought that was just in the book, but I like the DLF better than Trumpkin, hehe! 😛
    NO ONE!! Hehe!
    LOL! Yep! 😛

    • Oh, ok! I have a horse for me, too (But when I was like 8- lol) and I can’t get rid of her. She’s awesome!
      LOL! Yeah, I figured it was for you because a horse for dolls wouldn’t take up that much space- hehe! 😛
      Well, the pink does- my walls are painted pink and purple. And my loft bed is pink, my TV shelf- thing (you know- what the tv goes on) is pink, and my cubical/cubby shelves are pink. And I have some white shelves, too 😉
      Um- it’s complicated. I don’t use the computer, but the desk I pretty much use for piling up things that I don’t know where to put and maybe for playing, too.
      Yeah, my desk can not go in my closet- LOL! And we wouldn’t have anywhere to store it if I brought it out of my room- Hehe 😛
      P.S. Yeah, hopefully 🙂
      P.S.S. Yep, they do!
      I think Trumpkin is a cute name for a little dwarf! It’s so cute! 😀
      DLF is cute, though- I love that they call him that 🙂
      Hehe! 😀

  • Oh, that’s cool! I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. But I did go for my first horseback riding lessons today! It was SO awesome, but right after that, we went swimming with our friends and all I had today was a rice krispy treat, some potstickers, and a donut, so I’m completely worn out! Hehe! 😀
    Yeah, it would take up a lot of space… 😛
    Whoa, that’s a lot of pink! But I can see why you don’t want to get rid of it. It sounds really cute. My computer is grey and black, but it doesn’t look too bad in my room. It almost kinda goes with the turquoise!
    Oh okay. Yeah, that’s what I use my desk for too. my computer, my printer, some plates, and a beginning horsemanship book that I’m supposed to study because I’m going to be tested on Thursday!!
    P.S.S. Yeah it is kinda cute. I like it alot better than Nikabrik. Hehe!
    Yeah, I love how that started, their Dear Little Friend… 😀

    • That’s awesome! Are you learning how to irde English or Western?
      I went swimming yesterday, too 😀
      Mmmmmm!! Rice Krispy Treat and a donut…. That is amazing! LOL! 😛
      Yeah, it is a lot. Pink is my favorite color, though- hehe! 🙂
      Turquoise is a pretty color- I always liked it 🙂
      Oh, so at your lessons they test you? I don’t have to read anything or be tested. I’m glad, too because that would put a lot of stress on me- LOL!
      P.S.S. Yeah, Nikabrik sounds like a bad guy name- LOL! 😛
      I know! It’s so cute 🙂

  • I’m learning Western, which I have heard is easier than English. And where you take lessons, do they let you saddle up, Evie (is that her name)?
    And I’m having another lesson on Tuesday because my dad wants to go with us, so I’ll tell you about that as well 🙂
    Oh really? That’s funny! Did you swim in your pool?
    LOL! I know! Mom’s says were never doing that again though… 😛
    Hehe! Yeah I understand that, my favorite color is turquoise and my bedroom wall is turquoise!
    Oh no, not at the lessons, I think I’d fail the first few lessons, hehe! But I told you that I’m going to be working at the fair this year, and at the fair there’s this thing called Groom Squad. It’s a group of three girls and basically they take a dirty horse and groom it for 30 minutes, and then there’s a judge. But also, each girl has a job. One girl does something called showmanship, which is where you present the horse to the judge, which my friend is doing, and hopefully tomorrow I’m going with her to watch her practice it, since it’d be good for me to learn it anyways. And then there’s the brushes, which is where you lay out a towel and you lay the brushes on the towel, which my friends sister is doing. And the last job is the test, which I’m doing, and they quiz you on parts of the saddle, bridle, horse body parts, etc.
    No kidding! And the most stressful thing is that most people say that the test is REALLY hard. Which of course comforts me alot! But I’m learning the parts of the horse with the AG horses I have and the parts of the English saddle with the AG doll English saddle I have and I’ve drawn a Western saddle and I’m trying to learn the parts of the Western saddle from that! LOL!
    P.S.S. LOL! Yeah, it does!

    • Oh, ok! I’ve ridden before on a Western saddle, but didn’t do anything, so I don’t really know what it’s like. 😛
      When you ride Western do you hold the reins in one hand and keep your other hand at your side? I’ve seen it like that before and I’m just wondering if that’s how you ride 😉
      Yes, her name is Evie 🙂
      No, not yet- I have tightened the saddle before, but I haven’t learned how to saddle her up, yet. Do you get to put the saddle on? And what’s the horse’s name that you ride?
      Oh, cool! I want my dad to come, but he doesn’t want to because there’s dogs walking around and barking- he’s been bit a lot, so that’s why he doesn’t wanna come 😉
      It is funny! Yes, I did 🙂
      LOLOLOL! I don’t blame her! 😀
      Right, you’re supposed to paint your bedroom walls your favorite color, right? 😛
      Oh, ok! LOL! Yeah, I would, too!
      That all sounds really cool! What a neat thing to be able to do 🙂
      Well, that’s good that you have all that stuff to help you!
      P.S.S. Hehe! 😛

  • What do you mean it didn’t do anything?
    Oh no, not yet! I grab the reins with both hands, and place each hand on one side of the saddle horn. But I have seen people do it that way, I don’t really know if that’s for more experianced riders, or if that’s what people do when they’re roping, or something like that.
    Oh okay, that’s a cute name! 🙂
    Oh okay, I see. Not yet, but my instructer says that when I feel comfortable putting the saddle on, I could. Her names Sunny, she’s 27 years old, and really sweet!
    Ouch! He’s been bit by those dogs, or by some other dogs? There’s a dog where I take lessons, and she’s really sweet, her name’s Macy 🙂
    Oh okay 🙂
    Right! 😛
    Yeah, it’s gonna really fun, I can’t wait! 😀
    Yep!! Hehe! But it’d be better if I had a real saddle… 😛

    • Like I just sat there- somebody led me 😉
      Oh, yeah! I was just wondering- hehe! I was holding on to my saddle until recently- now I hold on for a minute and then let go- that’s exciting for me! 😀
      Yeah, maybe it’s for more experienced 😉
      It is a cute name 🙂
      That’s great! I feel comfortable doing it, but I just don’t wanna lift that heavy thing! LOL! 😛
      Aw, that’s cute! Oh, wow! I think she’s the same age as Evie! 🙂
      No, some other dogs. 😉
      Aw, that’s good! I think there’s 3 or 4 dogs where I take lessons. Their names are Maddy (I’m not sure how she spells it), Jazz, and Jet. But the two sweetest dogs died- their names were Snowy and Mandy 🙁
      Yeah, well you could study the saddles where you take lessons at 😀

      • Ooooh! Okay, I get it. Was that when you were first starting your lessons, or was that just recently?
        Hehe! Do you do that while your posting? And what part of the saddle did you hold onto?
        Yeah, that would make sense.
        LOL! I don’t exactly know how heavy it is, but I was at the barn on Wednsday, and a girl, I won’t say her name just in case ;), was getting ready to saddle up and I saw her holding the saddle in one arm, and the bridle in another, but she was stagering along, and my friend who knows her better, helped her.
        Oh wow, that seems like a lot of dogs! Aw, that’s sad! 🙁
        So do you know the owner of the place where you take lessons?
        That is true, my instructer tries to help me with all that stuff, since she knows I haven’t been around horses that much. And she helped me a lot yesterday when we went out for showmanship, and that was a lot of fun!
        And how long have you been taking lessons?
        P.S. How’s Alyssa? Any updates?

        • That was YEARS ago- I don’t even know how old I was- I might have been 7 or something- LOL!
          Yeah, like when I first start trotting/posting I hold on and then once I feel that I’m stable and I can do it- I let go and don’t hold on for the rest of the time! Yay! LOL!
          I don’t even know. Like if it was a Western saddle- it would be to the left of the saddle horn and actually holding the saddle. If you look at an English saddle it has a gap in the front middle and I hold on to the left of the gap 😉
          Oh, my gosh! She was pretty strong, then! I know that Western saddles are super heavy. English saddles are lighter, though 😉
          It is a lot!
          Yeah, it is sad- I mostly miss Snowy- she was my favorite 🙁
          Hehe- yes! The owner is my instructor- she owns the farm, boards horses, and gives lessons. She is a great riding instructor- she’s very patient, tells me when I’m doing good, corrects my mistakes, and she’s really nice!
          Aw, that’s great! 🙂
          Um- well, at this place over a year. And then when I was like 7 I took lessons for a few months and then stopped. I would only really count the place I’m at right now so we’ll just say over a year 🙂
          P.S. Oh, yes! I forgot to tell you!
          Alyssa went home some time last week and is doing a lot better! I think she has a wheelchair and walker to help her out since she was in bed for so long, but she’s doing really good!
          Thank you SO much for your prayers!

          • LOL! Okay, that’s a little bit more understandable, cause now your 14, and if they didn’t let you steer the horse, that’d be kinda weird! LOL!
            LOL! Oh I see, I do that while I’m mounting, and I kinda hold onto the horn, and the reins, like keep my hands as close as I can to the horn, so I feel a little bit more stable.
            Do you use a stepping stool while your mounting, or are you tall enough to put your foot into the sturrip from the ground?
            Well, she was carrying an English saddle, but I think they’re still pretty heavy, I haven’t lifted one, but I don’t really know if I want to try! 😛
            Aw! 🙁 Do you know how she died, or do you not want to talk about that?
            Oh okay, the owner’s my instructor too, and I think she owns Sunny, but I’m not positive about that. She sounds really nice!
            Oh okay, so do you take lessons once a week?
            P.S. That’s awesome! I’m so glad she’s feeling better! Have you seen her yet?
            You’re welcome! 🙂

          • Yeah, it would be weird! LOL! 😛
            Hehe! That was like me when I first started 😀
            I use a stepping stool. I don’t know if I could get up without it or not, but I do use one. 😉
            Yes, they are still heavy. LOL! I know what you mean!
            I think it was just old age. I’m not really sure 😉
            Oh, ok! That’s cool! My instructor owns Evie, too 🙂
            She is nice!
            Yes, I do. I’m having my next one on Thursday 😀
            P.S. I am, too!
            No, I haven’t. I’m probably not gonna get to go visit her because they live kinda far and they are always busy, so it’s hard to plan a day 😉

  • LOL! 😛
    Yeah, that makes sense because I did just start! LOL! 😀
    Oh okay. I do too, I think I’m just a little bit to short, even though I’m almost as tall as my instructor! 😛
    Yeah, I just learned that English saddles are 12 to 20 pounds, and a heavy Western saddle is 45 pounds!!
    That makes sense.
    Oh okay, that’s cool! 🙂
    Oh that’s nice! 😀
    P.S. Ah I see. I get that, a lot of my friends are really busy, and don’t haven as much time as I do, so it’s kinda hard to set a date.

    • LOL! 😀
      Hehe- Yeah, I’m as tall or a little taller than my instructor, so I could get up there without a step stool, but I don’t 😛
      Yeah- that’s a BIG difference! LOL! I think that’s one of the reasons why my instructor choes to teach me how to ride English. Because the saddles are smaller and aren’t as heavy so it’s better for the horses- something like that, I’m not sure 😛
      Yeah, I’m excited! 😀
      P.S. Yeah! Why do you have to live so far away? We could probably hang out a lot because we have the same problem!

      • Hehe! Yeah, our instructors are just a little short I guess! 😛
        LOL! I know, but I don’t know if all Western saddles are 45 pounds, some might be a little bit lighter. Yeah I know a horse, his name’s Commadore, and everyone at the barn has ridden him one time or another, and so he now has a bad back, so that might have been from the mixture of English and Western saddles on his back, so now he’s sitting in his stall or the paddock getting a little bit plump. But tomorrow we are going to that Groom Squad thing and he’s going ot be groomed which is good, because he REALLY needs it! 😛
        Yeah, we can’t do a lesson a week currently, we just do a lesson a month, but I might have to dip into my AG savings to get myself an extra lesson! But I don’t know if I want to do that! But my instructor says I can come out to the barn and help her work, and I think that’ll be fun! ANd maybe someday I could trade that in for a lesson 😀
        P.S. I know!!! It gets so frustrating! Yeah we probably could, if only you lived in WA or I lived in CA, cause we have almost everything in common!

        • LOL! Yep, I guess so! 😀
          Yeah, I’m sure some are lighter- or heavier! LOLOL!
          Aw, that’s so sad! Yeah, it could be.
          Hehe! Poor horsie 🙁
          Oh, really? That’s awesome! I hope you have fun!
          Aw, that’s sad. Do you posting? If you do, then each time you go riding you are going to be so sore! Because when I don’t ride for a long time and I do posting- my legs are aching! Hehe! 😛
          Oh, that would be fun! I’d like to do that, too, but I feel like I would do something wrong, you know? 😉
          LOL! Yeah, I know what you mean! 😛
          Definitely! That’s a perfect trade in! 🙂
          P.S. It really does!
          Hehe! Yeah!
          We do have a lot in common! Maybe we can make a portal that goes through the computer and we can just go visit each other! LOLOLOLOL!! 😀 😛

          • LOLOL! Yeah I’m sure!
            Yeah, but he’s also just old. And when we were grooming him the other day, I was using the curry comb on his flank and there’s a patch of dirt there and all the sudden he starts nodding his head, and one of the girls who goes to the barn alot, she said “Oh you found his favorite spot!” Hehe! 😀 😛
            Yeah, poor old guy 🙁
            I will!
            No, I think that’s only for English, buy I have a friend who does posting, and it looks painful! But it also looks kinda fun 😛
            I know EXACTLY what you mean! The Showmanship part, is bursting with rules, like if the halter touches the horse while doing Showmanship you are DISQUALIFIED!! But Showmanship is also one of the funnest things, like you get to do differant patterns with the horse, like one that’s my favorite, there are three cones in an L shape, and you start at the bottom of the L and walk towards the next cone (with the horse), you stop just a little bit after the cone and do a haunch turn, then jog to the judge. Then you check your horse’s postition, and then present your horse to the judge!
            Yeah, but mom wants to wait until we get to know her a little bit better 🙂
            P.S. LOLOLOLOL!! Good plan, now look for the portal button on the keyboard! LOLOL! 😀 😛

          • LOLOL! That’s funny! And cute! 🙂
            Ok, I thought so 😉 It is painful if you go without doing it for a long time. 😛
            Hehe! It is fun 😀
            Oh, my gosh! All those rules are so ridiculous. 😛
            That sounds like a lot of fun! But I still feel like I would do something wrong! LOLOL! 😀 😛
            Oh, I see. I totally understand that 🙂
            P.S. LOLOLOLOL! OKAY! Now, where is that button. “Button, button, who’s got the button?” As Willy Wonka says- LOL! 😀 😛
            Maybe it’s the button that says “End >/” To get to your house and then to get back home I have to click “Home /<" LOLOL! 😛

  • Oops, funnest isn’t a word 😛

  • Yeah it was, he did it while we were at Groom Squad, but we tried not to brush it because then he would get a little bit out of control! Hehe! 😀 😛
    I can only imagine! I went with my friend for her first time posting, and she was sore afterwards!
    I know, it doesn’t seem right, but it’s probably a safety thing, and that’s the only reason why they have rules like that.
    LOLOL! I still get what you mean, it was really fun, and what I really liked about it was everyone gopt a ribbon, because it’s not just grooming the horse, it’s learning too! And we got a white ribbon, (which is technically the worst you can get, but I like to think of it as a third place ribbon, hehe 😀 :P) and it’s hanging on my message board now, but I feel like I made a few mistakes, but I did learn alot!
    Yeah because we don’t want to force that on her, and maybe if she things I’ve done enough for a lesson, then we could do that 🙂
    P.S. LOL! Is that in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
    LOLOLOL! Yeah, that seems right, and maybe you press “Power” to make the portal come up! LOL! 😀 😛

    • LOL! I bet he would! 😀
      Oh, yeah! I’m not sore like instantly after I get off (more like I wanna go plop on the couch cause I’m exhausted), but by the next morning I am really sore! LOL!
      Yeah, I guess so.
      That’s awesome! Hehe! Yes, that’s a good way to think of it 🙂
      Absolutely! 🙂
      P.S. Hehe! It’s in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 😀
      Oh, yeah! LOLOLOL! I didn’t think of that! 😀 😛

      • 😀
        LOL! I know that feeling, when I’m walking up a steep hill, I feel so exhausted, and by the time I reach the top, I feel like I’m about to drop! But luckily the hill I’m talking about, where we turn, you go downhill for a while! Hehe 😛
        Thank you! Now I can’t remember, do you show horses?
        P.S. Oh okay, I haven’t seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so I’ll look for that the next time we watch Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 😀
        LOLOL! 😀 😛

        • LOLOL! Yes, exactly! 😀 P
          You’re welcome!
          No, I don’t. It would be fun, though! 🙂
          P.S. I haven’t seen it either 😛
          Okey- dokey!

  • And by the way, I just remembered you were saving up for a horse, and I just heard this story that I thought might be interesting to share with you!
    So there’s this girl in my 4-H group and she has the prettiest horse in the world, his name’s Bravo, and he’s a little spoiled but he can be sweet too. Anyways, I just heard that the girl actually saved up for him with her own money, and trained him herself!! And then her younger sister got a horse, which I think she might have saved up for as well, but I’m not sure how long it took them, but I’ll ask the next time I see them 😀

    • Hehe- Yeah, I haven’t really started yet, but I’m going to! LOL! 😛
      Oh, wow! That’s amazing! It must’ve been a lot of hard work to do all that.
      Ugh! I need to start saving!
      Thank you for sharing that with me 🙂

      • LOL! I know, I’m trying to save up for AG stuff AND more riding lessons! And so far I have around 100 dollars, and that’s enough for riding lessons throughout the month, with nothing left for AG stuff! And every once and a while I’ve been thinking about saving up for a horse, I found an adorable one on Craigslist for 900 dollars, and he looked perfect, but for that cheap something’s probably wrong with him.
        I know, I was so surprised when I heard that. I thought that her parents had the money to pay for him and gave him to her for a birthday present or something like that!
        I know the feeling. Money can be SO annoying sometimes! But without money, how do you get AG stuff? 😛
        You’re welcome! 🙂

        • Oh, wow! You’re doing good at saving!
          Whoa! That’s a really good price! Yeah, there must be something wrong 🙁
          That would be so amazing. Imagine waking up on your birthday and there’s a horse in your yard! 😀
          It sure can! LOLOLOL!! That’s so true! 😀 😛

          • Thank you, though, I don’t always think that I am good at saving!
            Yeah, I kinda figured, but he looked really sweet, though he was a mustang so he probably can’t show or anything like that.
            That would be awesome! I can see it now… a beautiful light brown horse with a black mane and tail standing under the big tree in our yard… Oh, the pains of reality! 😛
            😀 😛

          • Hehe! Yeah, sometimes people tell me I’m good at saving, but I don’t think I am either! 😛
            I wonder if they just need to get rid of him, though? But, yeah- something is probably wrong with him.
            Poor guy 🙁
            LOL! I picture a white horse with a silvery white main and tail- his name would be Shadowfax.. I hope I can find a horse like that someday! It would be so amazing!
            LOLOL! I know, right? I always picture him next to a horse trailer in our backyard, but it’s not really our yard- it’s a fake house that I don’t live in- LOLOLOL! 😀 😛

  • Hehe! 😛
    That could be true, and it would make sense too. Yeah, I know 🙁 And I have made the final decision that I will save up for a horse, and it might take me a few years to save up for one, but by the time I have, I’ll probably be a better rider! Hehe! 😀 😛
    Oh I know! To own a horse like that would be amazing too! But I’d take any type of horse as long as he’s friendly! A friend of mine, just bought a horse a few weeks ago, and his name’s Twitch, and he is SOOOO sweet! He would just lay down in his stall and the previous owner would sit on him while he would do that! And one time my friend was scratching him in his ears and he started streaching out his neck and closing his eyes, it was so cute!
    That’s Gandolf’s horse from LOTR isn’t it? 😀
    LOLOLOLOL!!! I can picture him in my backyard, but I can picture him in our neighbor’s yard better! LOL! 😀 😛

    • That’s a very good decision!
      LOL! That’s true 😀
      Hehe- I would, too! I would want to look at a few, though before making up my mind 😉
      Awwwwww!! That’s so awesome!
      Oh, he sounds so sweet!
      LOL! Yes, it is! And just so you know, it’s Gandalf 😉
      LOLOLOLOL!! That’s funny! I picture him in a house that was made up in my mind! 😀 😛

      • Thank you!
        Yeah, maybe even ride him to get a feel for him, and make sure he’s not a show horse if you’re not going to show him. So let’s just say you did have enough money to buy a horse, would your parents help you with the other expenses (feeding, boarding, vet bills, shoeing(is that how you spell it?))?
        Yeah, he’s a really sweet horse, and I only spent 4 hours with him and I fell in love with him already!
        Oh that’s right, it sounds like Gandolf, hehe 😛
        LOLOL! Yeah, I can imagine that too, a beautiful Victorain red house on a few acres next to Lacamas Lake (which we live really close to), and a beautiful horse standing on the porch *sighs* But that is actually a house we pass on our way to my friends house, it’s really pretty! But I can’t imagine a light brown horse there, I can imagine a dun horse, or a roan horse, and even a white one… but that house isn’t for sale, it’s a house that my friends sister dreams she lives in! 😛

        • You’re welcome! 🙂
          Right, I wouldn’t want a show horse- just a horse- hehe! 😀
          Probably. But right now if I had enough money to buy a horse they wouldn’t be able to help with the expenses.
          Knowing my mom, though I’m sure she would find a way! 😉
          LOL! I don’t know how to spell that! I’ve never tried 😀 Isn’t there a name for it? Like a Farrier or something?
          Aw, that’s great! 🙂
          LOL! Yes, but sometimes they say it Gan-Dalf and sometimes it sounds like Gan-dolf. I say it both ways. LOLOL! 😀
          Aaaaaah…. How beautifully amazing! If only dreams like that really did come true, huh? 😀 😛

          • Exactly, a nice, pretty, broken, trail horse!
            Yeah, that’s what my parents said they would do too, but it’ll really depend on my mom’s business, if that could cover the expense of a horse then that would be a real blessing!
            LOL! I haven’t either! 😛
            I think so, it might be Farrier, but I’m not sure, I’ll have to find out 😀
            Yeah, he’s a really sweet horse, hopefully I’ll be able to see him when I go for my riding lesson this month! 😀
            I’ve always said it Gandolf, but I’ve only said his name a few times! 😛
            Ah, I know… I think I need to take a private plane over the next rainbow I see! LOL! 😀 😛
            P.S. Alright, I have a problem, and hopefully you might be able to help.
            So the other day I was wondering which doll I might want to get next, first I thought Rebecca, but then I remembered that she’ll probably be here for a few more years, then I thought Caroline, but then I also thought she’d be here for a while too, then I thought about Emily. I have Molly and it’d be really cool to have Molly’s BFF, but I really don’t want to get another doll this year, since I already have seven, and alot of my friends only have one or two dolls, except for one who has 4. But I really don’t want to go Ebay shopping again either since when Molly and Emily retire, the Ebay prices will grow as high as the Piramids in Egypt!! Well, not really but you get the point, so any suggestions?

          • Yeah, that sounds perfect 🙂
            That would be a blessing! I’m hoping that by the time I can buy horse we’ll be able to cover the expenses 🙂
            I think so, too, but like you- I’m not sure! LOL! 😀
            Awww!! 😀
            LOLOL! Yeah, I say it a LOT! LOL! 😛
            LOLOLOLOL!!! 😀
            P.S. Hmmm… That’s a tough one!
            Rebecca and Caroline are both GREAT dolls and their collections are beautiful. I can highly recommend both of them!
            Emily would be a good idea as well, because it would be fun to have a BF Collection.
            So, the question(s) you really have to ask yourself are these:
            Do I really want any of them right now? Or do I want one just to want one?
            After you answer those questions (and if you say yes to the first one) ask yourself this:
            1. Who have I always loved?
            2. What do I like about her?
            3. Would she make a good addition to my “family”?
            4. Do I want to spend (or ask for her?) all that money on her?

            Also, you might want to wait and see who is coming out next year. We obviously know that since Molly and Emily are retiring some new HC is gonna come out. And there’s also the next GOTY. 😉
            It’s all up to you! And I hope this helps you 🙂

  • Yeah, that’d be awesome if we didn’t have to pay for much of the expenses!
    When I told my Uncle that I was saving up for a horse, he said “Why not save up for a car, since that will be more useful!” And I said “Well technically a horse is a type of transportation!” LOL! 😛
    Yeah, I hope to get a horse at least half as sweet as he is 🙂
    P.S. Well I think due to Emily retiring, and the fact that one of my AG doll weaknesses is redheads, I think I’ll go for her. And Rebecca and Caroline will probably be around for another 5 or more years.
    Oh you just reminded me, I have some updated GOTY news!!
    So now it looks like AG is deciding between two names, (not positive though) Isabelle and Teagan. I like Isabelle a LOT better than Teagan though, to me it sounds like a type of tea… 😛
    But for now I’ll just call her Blanche. So ten yr old Blanche Palmer is a ballet dancer.
    Her older sister is a ballet dancer too and Blanche lives in her sisters shadow.
    She has a competitor named Renna (I think), Renna is better at ballet than Blanche due to her parents hiring a private coach.
    Blanche will have a movie and it will be filmed around October, November this year I think.
    Now none of this could be true, but it’s kinda nice to imagine what she will be like 😀

    • Yes, it would!
      LOLOL! That’s a great answer! But, I guess it is kind of funny- because now people don’t really ride horses to go to the store! 😀
      Oh, yes! It’s going to be pretty hard trying to find the right horse 😉
      P.S. Ok! That’s a good choice 🙂
      Oh, definitely! Well, Rebecca probably shorter than that- But it sounds about right for Caroline 🙂
      Yeah, I’ve never even heard of that name before! LOLOL! It does! I keep on thinking of a Veagen (is that how you spell it?) 😛
      I don’t like the name Blanche either. It makes me think of an Orangutan because of a Little House episode! It’s called “For The Love Of Blanche” Have you seen that one?
      Oh, yeah! I’ve heard of all that! I thought her name was Renata, though. I think I read about this on DD- you linked it to me 🙂
      Yeah, I don’t how I’m gonna like her. I think I’ll have the same feelings towards her as I did Mckenna. Kind of- well- blah and not very interesting. But then again- I might like HER and just not her story- LOL! 😀 😛
      What do you think about her?

      • I know, and if I was boarding it, I wouldn’t want to drive all the way out to the stables just so I could saddle it up and take it all the way back home to the grocery story, then bring it all the way back and unsaddle it and put it back in it’s stall then drive back home with the stuff I got! 😛
        Yeah I know, but when the time is right I’m going to ask my instructor what she thinks and maybe she could help me look 🙂
        P.S. Yeah I thought so too 🙂
        And it’ll be perfect, because I’m feeding and excersizing our neighbors dog, and he pays me 10 dollars a day to watch him while he’s gone (he’s a fireman) and for August I’m getting 50 dollars a month from him! And mroe from September, so I’ll have extra AG money! Now if only I’d win that giftcard giveaway on AG’s website then I’d have the BIGGEST AG SHOPPING SPREE IN THE HISTORY OF AG SHOPPING SPREES!!!!!! LOL! 😛
        Yeah, and in the next 5 or more years I’ll hopefully add those to my collection! 😀
        I haven’t either. LOL! It does! I think so, I’m not sure, I’m not a Veagan! 😛
        LOLOL! Yeah I have, but I’m not a fan of that one. I don’t really like the later LHOTP episodes, because Laura and her family aren’t really the main characters anymore, it’s like they’re minor characters instead of major! Who’s your favorite LHOTP character?
        I did? Oh, I must have forgot… LOL! 😛
        Yeah, that’s kinda how I felt. I mean Mckenna was pretty and all, but I don’t know if I would have liked here story. I kinda liked her movie but not as much as I like the HC movies. LOL! I get that, I have that with Chrissa, because I like the doll, but I’m not a fan of the stories.
        I don’t know if I’ll like her. I don’t really get the whole dance thing because Marisol was a dancer, so I feel like they’re copying Marisol, and I’m not a huge dancing fan, I’d rather a girl who’s a little more crafty. Or maybe a little bit more animal focased, like Nicki, she was a total horse and dog girl (like me 😀 ) and she did skiing on the side.

        • LOLOLOL!! Yeah, that would make no sense! LOL! 😀 😛
          Yeah, same here 🙂
          Oh, my gosh! That’s great! I wish I could have a job like that 😀
          LOLOL! Yep, I would, too! 😀
          Hehe- I’m sure you will!
          LOL! Yeah, I think that’s how you spell it- it seems right 😉
          Oh, I like the later seasons better than the older ones. You’re like my mom! She loves the ones when they’re younger 🙂
          Hmmm… I really like Mr. Edwards! He’s really funny! And I like Mrs. Oleson, too. Just because she’s so ridiculous! And I love Laura- but her acting when she’s older isn’t that good, but I still like her- Hehe! What about you?
          Hehe- That’s ok! 🙂
          I didn’t think she was very pretty. Her outfits, her face, her hair, was all pretty boring. I only liked that one purple outfit of hers- I can’t remember the name, though… And about her I only liked her hair- it seems like it’s really fun to style! 😀
          Exactly! So I might feel that way about her, but you never know 😉
          They might be. But didn’t Marisol do tap dancing? Me neither. 😛
          Yes! That sounds like a great GOTY! They really need to make a crafty one who loves horses- I would so get her! But, then- that would also depend on what she looks like. I’m not gonna spend over $110 just because I like her story- LOL! 😀 😛

          • LOL! No it wouldn’t! 😛
            Yeah, and I might ask a few girls around the barn what they think. The ones that have horses that is.
            P.S. Yeah, he’s a really nice guy, and when he payed me today, he payed me an extra 10 dollars for bringing his dog home when he got out!
            Did you enter that contest?
            Yeah, I think so too.
            Oh really? I like the later ones, but just not the Little House: A New Beginning, because Laura’s parents move away, and I don’t like that, it seems so strange with the Carters, or whatever their name is in that house! It makes me feel kinda sad 🙁
            I like Mr. Edwards too, but I don’t like how he gets divorced.
            Well I have alot! I’ve always liked Dr. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Olsen, and Mr. Ingalls, but then I also love Laura, Reverand Alden, and Mrs. Beadle.
            Yeah, I LOVE the ones when they are younger, and I like it when they’re older too. There are a few episodes I don’t like though, some that scared me when I was little, like the Monster of Walnut Grove.
            Well, I like her hair done in certain ways, and she looks pretty in certain outfits, but she isn’t a doll that I would like to have right not. Yeah, her hair looks fun to style, and she doesn’t have a part, so you can do differant hairstyles without the part being in the way!
            Oh, are you talking about her school outfit, the ones with the purple sweater?
            She did lots of differant kinds of dance, but I can’t remember what 😛
            Yeah, I think that would be awesome! And if she was homeschooled would make it even more awesome! LOL! Yeah, I wouldn’t either, and that would be even more if you got her accesories! 😀 😛

          • Oh, yeah! That’s a good idea! 🙂
            P.S. Wow! That’s awesome!
            Hehe- Yes, I did! 😀
            Yeah, some episodes in that season are weird. But I like a lot of them 🙂
            You were right- it’s the Carters 😉 I understand that, but I like them. My mom is ok with them, but she likes the original things much better 🙂
            Good choices! Although, I don’t really care for Reverend Alden. He’s kinda annoying 😛
            Oh, yes! I love Ms. Beadle (or Mrs. Simms since she gets married)!! I love her outfits, too! 😀
            I’m like that with the ones where they’re older. I love it when they’re older. I think because I like Laura and Almanzo’s family. I love baby Rose! She’s SO CUTE!! I like Jenny, too, but she’s kinda annoying 😛
            I haven’t watched that one. I don’t think my mom wants me to see it 😉
            Yeah, I agree. Oh, yeah, huh? I didn’t think about that!
            YES! I LOVE that outfit! It was the only one I wanted actually 😀 😛
            Oh, really? I don’t know her very well. I just know that she loved to dance and then she moved and for some reason couldn’t dance anymore- or something like that. Is that right?
            Yeah, that would make her perfect!! 😀
            LOLOL! That’s true! 😛

  • Thank you! 🙂
    P.S. Yeah, he’s really nice! 🙂
    Oh okay!
    Yeah some are, like the Lake Keizia Monster, that ones kinda weird, but I like that one, I love the monster they made, and the look on Mrs Olsen, Nellie, and Willie’s face when they saw the monster! 😛
    Yeah, I like the ones when Laura and Almanzo are falling in love, and the older ones, and I love how Mrs. Olsen always calls Amlanzo Zaldanzo at first! 😛
    Hehe! Well sometimes I think he’s annoying but for the most part I like him. And since LHOTP is kind of a Baptist show, and I’m not a Baptist, we disagree with some of the things he says.
    Oh yes, I LOVE her outfits! They’re so pretty! Plain, but elegant.
    Yeah, I like Almanzo’s family, but not as much as Laura’s 😛
    I haven’t seen Rose in a while, but if I remember correctly I thought she was pretty cute.
    I don’t really like Jenny, she’s just kinda annoying sometimes, like you said 😛
    Yeah, I’m not surprised, I don’t know if it would scare me now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.
    Yeah, that’s the part I love about her wig 😀
    I like that one too, and I can’t remember why I didn’t get it… Oh yeah.. I was out of money… big surprise, right? 😛
    Yeah, her parents wanted to move into a safer neighborhood, so she could go outside without fear of something happening, and there’s no dance school where she now lives, so I think she somehow makes that happen, but I’m not sure… 😀 😛
    I know, right? 😀

    • You’re welcome 😀
      P.S. Oh, I love that episode! It’s so hilarious!
      Yeah, me too!
      Hehe! You mean Almanzo 😉 And she actually calls him Zaldamo 😉 But, yes that is so funny! I can’t believe she finally got his name right! LOL! 😀 😛
      Oh, yeah- us too! 😉
      I know! I love the one with the yellow top and fuschia skirt and the blue top one! I think that one has a blue skirt, but I’m like blanking out right now 😛
      Yeah, me and my mom love her! She’s so adorable 🙂
      Right 😉
      Hehe! Yeah, that’s pretty cool!
      LOLOL! I don’t know why I didn’t ask for it for Christmas! It was so adorable! And I love how they had her hair done in that picture! It looked perfect with the outfit! 😀
      Oh, ok! So I was right. I’m trying to remember a little bit more about the older AG dolls, so I’m glad I got that right! 😀
      Yep! 😀

      • 😀
        Hehe! Now our P.S.’s are longer than our comments again! 😛
        P.S. yeah, I do too! But it’s kinda strange too, about the Loch Ness Monster, and stuff like that 😉
        Whoops, typo 😛 Oh that’s right! I haven’t seen LHOTP since we last had cable, and that was a few years ago, so I’m a little rusty on some things! 😀 😛 LOL! I know, I love that! But the thing I don’t like is Laura when she’s falling in Love with Almanzo, she looks like she 13 to me sometimes, and then they say she’s 16, but that could just be me 😛
        Hehe! I can’t remember all her outfits, but I also loved how sweet she was, she was much better than that Mr. Applewood, or what ever his name was 😛
        Yeah, I think it would have looked great on Kanani, in my opinion. Her and Mckenna have a similar hair color! 😀 😛
        Hehe! Yep, you did! 😀

        • LOLOLOL!!! I noticed that! It’s funny because before our regular comments got shorter we had like 2 comments going on in 1 comment! LOL! You know what I mean, right? 😛
          P.S. Yeah, some things are, well- interesting. Hehe! 😛
          Oh, ok! That’s alright- just helping you out 🙂
          Yeah, and she does a poor job at acting during that time as well. And my mom doesn’t like her voice gets all gentle and quiet- kinda like a whisper. That’s near the end of the 6th season when they’re both in love 😉
          And she is really 16 in that season. Because I think she was 9 or 10 when she first started with season 1. I don’t know- I’m getting confused- LOL! 😀
          Aw, I know! She’s so nice! Oh, yes- “Miss Beadle was a much better teacher than this Crab Apple!” LOLOL!
          Ooooh! Probably! Uh- they do? I thought Mckenna’s was more like a carmel color- Kanani’s more brown 😉
          Yay! LOL! 😀

          • Oops! I signed my name twice because the P.S. felt like the actual comment! 😀 😛

  • LOL! Yeah, you’re right! 😀 😛
    LOL! It does feel like the actual comment! 😀 😛
    P.S. That’s a good way to put it!
    Oh yeah, I know! Hmm… talking about that episode made me hungry for chicken… 😛
    Oh really? I don’t remember, I’ll have to catch up with LHOTP today, and watch some later episodes 😀 Do you have a favorite out of the episodes?
    Oh your right! She was 9 when she got the role of Laura, and she was 19 when the series ended. She looks too young for him to me, but then back then, girls married at 13, so she was an old spinster at 16 😛
    LOLOL! Willie said that didn’t he? I like Willie too, how he’s always getting in trouble, but Nellie doesn’t! 😛
    Oh no, your right, I was thinking of a differant doll… 😛
    LOL! 😀

    • LOLOL!
      P.S. LOL!
      Well, in season 9 one of my favorites is “A Child With No Name”. I don’t know why, though. It’s a really sad one, but I like things like that for some weird reason 😛 I also like “May I Have This Dance” and “Hello And Goodbye”.
      But if you’re talking about ones from season 6 (when Laura and Almanzo are falling in love) then I like “Author, Author!” and “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” I think those ones are really good! 🙂
      Right! Yeah, Almanzo was like 20 something when she was 17. I guess it’s not that bad, but it’s just too young- LOL! 😛
      LOLOL! I guess so!
      No, it was actually one of the older boys who kept trying to get Laura into trouble even though they said they wanted to help. It was a note that they passed to her in class 😉
      I know! Willie is so hilarious! I feel so bad for him, too!
      Oh, ok! LOL! 😀

      • I don’t know what to reply, so I’ll just go strait to the P.S.! 😛
        P.S. Oh that one is sad! I cry every time she wakes up and finds the baby dead. *sniff, sniff* I am seriously tearing up as I write this!
        Oh those are good ones!
        Auther, Auther, what ones that? I know the title, but I forgot the rest! 😛
        LOL! It is kinda young, but for back then, that was marrying age. Did you ever read the books?
        Oh that’s right! I need to watch that one again too! It’s one of my favorites! But I think my favorites are Mary’s wedding, and Laura’s wedding! I think the titles are “The Wedding” And “Laura Ingalls Wilder”… I think 😀 😛
        I know, he always stands in the corner, I remember that! Did Nellie ever stand in the corner? I thought she may have once.

        • LOLOL! 😛
          P.S. I know! I get teary I never actually cry on that one. Hehe! I know what you mean! I get that way with LOTR 😀 😛
          Author, Author is the one where Caroline’s mom and dad are coming (to see Mary’s baby) but her mom dies on the train and then her dad writes a book about all of his memories. I think his book was called “My Book of Memories” I think that one is really good! 🙂
          I know, it’s crazy! Yes, I did- did you?
          Yep! That’s right! I like “The Wedding, but it’s not a favorite. There’s one part that’s really annoying. 😛
          I LOVE “Laura Ingalls Wilder”!! That is one of my favorites! And I feel so bad for Eliza Jane, too 🙁
          Hehe! Yep, he does! And I love it when Laura leaves the school “Times Are Changing Pt. 1” because Willie says, “Mrs. Wilder- Once more- for old times sake” And then she sends him to the corner! And when she leaves he turns around and is crying! Oh my gosh! I always get teary right there! 😛
          Um- yes, she does… I can’t remember which one, though…. Aw, man! This gonna drive me crazy! IT’s an earlier one, though- I know that! LOL! 😀 😛

  • Again strait to the P.S. LOL! 😛
    LOL! I get teary when watching that one, because she blames it on Dr. Baker, and he’s one of my favorite characters! I love him in “Theres No Place Like Home”, how he takes care of Mr. Hanson and all.
    Oooooh! I remember that one now! I LOVE that one! I love how Albert tricks Mrs. Oleson to buying a bunch of books! 😀 😛
    It is crazy! Yes I did, I LOVED them! They’re one of my favorite book series!
    I LOVE all the weddings on LHOTP! But I do think I like Laura’s more than Mary’s. I know 🙁
    I LOVE that part! It’s sad and funny at the same time! I forgot he started crying though. Was that when Mrs. Plum took over, or am I thinking of a differant time?
    And just a fun fact, did you know that in real life, Laura and Willie are brother and sister? And Andy and Albert are brothers? And Mrs. Plum is Mr. Ingalls’s real life daughter?
    I thought so, I just can’t remember when.
    LOL! I know, right? You always remember something that happened in a TV series, but then you can’t remember what episode! It’s so annoying! 😛
    Gee, I almost signed my name twice! LOL! 😛

    • LOLOL!
      P.S. Oh, I know! It’s so sad! 🙁 And at the end he’s trying to say bye to everyone. but there’s nobody around. I’m sure he thought that no one cared about him! 🙁
      LOLOL! Yeah, sneaky Albert 😛
      Really? They are really good! Speaking of books- I’m almost done reading the LOTR trilogy!! 😀
      I do, too! Yeah, definitely. We just watched that one the other night 😀
      I know! Like I’ll be crying, but also laughing at that part 😛
      Yes, that’s right. 🙂
      Oh, I know! I’m pretty sure both Laura and Willie were adopted, too. Or was that Albert and Andy? I’ll have to read that little booklet I have to find out! 😀
      LOLOL! Exactly! I still haven’t figured it out! 😛
      LOL! I know, right? I did, too! 😀 😛

  • Now I need to think of something to say… Oh! I’m having a riding lesson tomorrow (random)!! 😀 😛
    P.S. I know! The poor doctor! That reminds me of when he quit being a docter and started being a farmer… he wasn’t very good at it 😛
    LOL! I know, he thinks of all the sneaky plans, like the Lake Keizia monster, tricking Mrs. Oleson to buy all those books, and tricking her and Nellie to buying their honey bee log in the morning when the bees are taking their “naps”!
    Yes! I’ve been thinking about reading them again! Really? YAY!!! LOL! 😀
    Oh you did? I just watched the one where Laura and Almanzo met, and that one was good, I loved how she put the Cayenne Pepper in instead of cinnamon, that would have been awful!
    Yes, I just looked that up, Melissa was given up for adoption when she was born, to comedian named Paul Gilbert and his wife, and soon after they adoped a boy named Jonathan. Albert was also adopted, but Andy wasn’t I don’t think.
    I know, I tried to look it up, but I couldn’t find anything! 😛
    LOL! It’s hard when the P.S. feels like the comment! And I almost did it again! 😛

    • LOLOLOL! Well, yay for you! I hope it goes well 😀
      P.S. LOL! No, he wasn’t! I like that episode, too.. 😛
      LOLOLOL! I know! Albert is so funny! 😛
      Hmmm… You should read LOTR instead! LOLOL! 😀 I finished it yesterday morning! It was so good and cried! LOL! I think it was the chapter before the last one- the Hobbits were so amazing! I was smiling so much on that chapter and getting so excited and proud of them! 😀 😛 Oh, and the last chapter is SO sad! Just like in the movie! Waah! LOL! 😛
      Wait- what would’ve been awful? It was horrible that she put in the Cayenne Pepper! Cinnamon Chicken sounds really good. I’ve always wanted to try that! 😀
      Oh, that’s right! I forgot that her parents were comedians!
      Yeah, I think so. I’m really wanting to read that book I have now! 😛
      LOL! I was going to, also!! 😀 😛

  • LOL! Well, we actually moved it to next week, and instead we went to our friends creek, and that was just as fun,, except for when my friend suggested that we went of the rope swing at the same time and when we tried it she somehow got above me and I fell into the water! But even that was kinda fun… 😀 😛
    P.S. Yeah, it makes me kinda sad too, though.
    Hehe! Albert… 😛
    LOLOL! Oh you did? Hmm… it sounds tragic, but good enough for you to read it again. LOL! It sounds like it’s very similar to the movie! 😛
    If we had to try it! LOL! 😛 Yeah, now all I can think of is Cinnamon Chicken… I can even smell it, and taste it! Sorry, I slept in a little bit this morning, I must still be half asleep! 😛
    Yeah, but I think they divorced, but I’m not sure.
    LOL! What book is it?
    LOL! It get’s really confusing sometimes! 😛

    • Oh, my gosh! That sounds scary, but I would probably be laughing- LOLOLOL! 😀
      P.S. It is! It’s amazing! Oh, definitely. I keep feeling like I should be picking up the book and reading a chapter, but then I remember I finished it. I still have to read the Appendices, though. And then I’ll read The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales 😀 😛
      It is, but there’s a lot of stuff that’s different! Like some whole chapters aren’t even in the movie! And if they put all of the songs in the movie that were in the books- it would be the biggest musical on earth and the LONGEST movies EVER!! LOLOLOL!! 😀 😛
      Hehe! It sounds really good alright! LOLOL! So you’re gonna be crazy funny all day, huh? I love it when I’m like that! 😀 😛
      Aw, that’s sad 🙁
      It’s a book that came with season 9. It tells about some of the actors and actress’s, stuff about the episodes, and just a bunch of stuff like that. It’s really cool!
      LOL! It does! 😀

  • LOLOL! It was kinda scary, but it was fun too! When we went to the creek the next day I was smart enough to not try going together again… 😛
    P.S. What’s The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales? I’ve never heard of them! 😛
    LOLOLOL! J.R.R. Tolkien must have been a music lover if there are THAT many songs in the book! But I’ve never pictured him that way, I’ve always thought of him as a regular guy whose wife drives him crazy because she wants to watch musicals every night! But then again, by the time there were any musicals, his wife and him may have been too old to enjoy them! LOL! 😛
    LOL! Yep! And I was for most of the day, but I was also kinda lazy 😛
    I know, it’s scary how 4 in every 5 acters and actresses get divorced 🙁
    Ooooh! I get it! So you purchased LHOTP then?
    YAY! I didn’t do it this time! LOL! 😛

    • LOL! That’s good!
      P.S. They come before The Hobbit and LOTR. They’re stories of people that might’ve been mentioned and stories of some other people. It’s related to it all, though 😉
      I know that in The Simlarrilion (I think.. 😛 ) it tells about Galadriel and her story. And it tells about Beren and Luthien. Oh- wait, you probably wouldn’t know about them, huh? Well, they’re mentioned in the movie and the books 😉
      I know, right?!? Like almost every to every other chapter there was a song. Mostly in Fellowship, though. 😀
      LOLOLOLOLOL!!! 😀 😀
      LOL! That’s so funny! 😛
      Yeah 🙁
      Yep! We have all of the seasons, except for the last 3 episodes. Have you seen those?
      LOLOLOLOL!!! Yes, you did, actually! 😀 😛

  • Yes I am becomin smarter… 😛 Oh and I just learned yesteday that a friend of mind just broke her finger on Sunday. They were over at someone else’s house and they decided to milk the cow, and the oldest person here was about 11, and the 11yr old threw the thing that they milk the cow with you know, into the stall, and it spooked the cow, so my friends finger got caught between the cow’s head and some sort of metal, or wood, so she had to be taken to the hospital. 🙁 I’d apreciate it if you would pray for her.
    P.S. Oh, that’s right, I’ve heard of those before! Oh I’ve heard of Galadriel, and Luthien sounds familier, but I can’t put my finger on it.
    Wow. That’s alot of songs for how big the Fellowship is! How many songs would that be, 50? Movies like that drive my dad crazy thought, because they sing everything! They don’t say one word normally, they sing it! Like the New Les Miserables, that really drove him crazy! LOL! 😛
    Um- I’ve seen the last one, where Matthew goes away, or something like that, it was kinda sad 🙁
    Oh my gosh! I said to myself over and over again, that I wasn’t going to do it and I did it! Right after I wrote that I wasn’t going to do it! Oops… LOLOL!
    Okay, I am NOT going to do it this time… I didn’t do it! YAY! LOLOLOL!

    • Oh, no! That’s awful! 🙁
      Of course, I’ll definitely pray for her!
      P.S. Yes, Galadriel is AMAZING! I love her!! 😀
      Luthien isn’t like a “character” she’s mentioned once in Fellowship (the movie). And then in the book Aragorn talks more about her, so you hear some of her story that way. And then in those books I talked about it tells the whole story of Luthien and Beren. I haven’t read that yet, though 😉
      And also Luthien is Annika’s elven name!! Cool, huh? 😀
      There are probably 50 songs or maybe less. It’s insane- LOL! 😀 😛
      Yeah, in movies it drives me crazy, too!
      LOLOL! I bet!
      Oh, yeah that’s the last episode of Season 9. I’m talking about 3 extra episodes that aren’t a season and they’re about the length of 2 episodes together. I’ve seen 2 of them (my mom didn’t want me to see the other one), but one is where Albert is dying and the other is the very LAST ONE. And they blow up the town 🙁 They are both REALLY sad! I cry a lot on them 😛
      LOLOLOLOL!!!! YAY! You didn’t do it!! 😀 😛

  • Thanks, she was feeling better yesterday even though we had to clean the ENTIRE day. GRRRR!! 😛
    P.S. Oh okay, so she’s just mentioned then.
    Yeah, that is cool! No wonder Annika thought of Luthien for the foals name! 😛
    Wow. That’s alot of songs! LOL! It is insane! They probably strained their voices after all that! LOL! 😛
    Oh, I haven’t seen those, but I have seen pictures of what used to be Walnut Grove after they blew it up. ALBERT DIES AS A KID?!?!?!?!? I’d DEFINATLY cry! What happened to him? And why’d they blow up the town? I know they did that after the series ended, but I didn’t know they made episodes out of them!
    YAY!!!!!! LOLOLOL! 😀 😛

    • Oh, that’s good!
      Yuck! I hate cleaning. I have to clean my room on Friday. I’m so not looking forward to it 😛
      P.S. Yes, that’s right 😉
      Yep! Annika love LOTR 😀 😛
      LOLOLOLOL!!! They probably did! 😛
      Oh, ok.
      LOLOL! Sadly, yes. He’s trying to get into medical school (if you remember- he wants to be a doctor) and he keeps on having these really bad nose bleeds. Then I think he passes out and Dr. Baker looks at him (Albert and Charles go to Walnut Grove for a visit- I think 😛 ) and then he’s at the hospital, diagnosed with whatever it is he has, and the doctor tells Charles that he’s dying. Albert doesn’t want to go back home becuase he doesn’t want Ma and his brother and sisters to be crying every time they look at him. So he goes back to Walnut Grove- to live. He wanted to be normal and not be treated like he was dying. It’s really sad and I feel so bad for Laura in that one, too 🙁
      Well, it was another railroad thing and the guy who runs the railroad wanted everyone in the twon to work for him. Oh, yeah! He owns the land that Walnut Grove was built on. And then nobody wants them to own their property, so they all blow up the town and Laura’s boarding house. The houses stayed, though. And then everyone moved away. It’s really sad! 🙁
      Oh, yeah! It shows everything blowing up, too. So, so sad 🙁
      LOLOLOL!! Sorry to tell you this, but you signed your name again! LOLOLOLOL!!! 😀 😛

  • LOL! I hate cleaning my room, but this I can promise you was than cleaning your room! We had to clean out the rooms entirely, because (this is going to get really confusing, so try to stick with me here) one sister of the family (20yrs) wants to move out of her room, into a bigger room, so she’s switching places with her sister (15yrs) and she’s switching rooms with her 2 brothers (12yrs on Suday and 8yrs on October 11th) and they’re taking the 20yr old sisters room and they’re sharing it with their other sister (10yrs), does that make any sense to you, cause most people who haven’t seen the house, or don’t know the family don’t get it 😛 But they were still working on it Wednsday and hopefully they’ll be done today, BEFORE I go over! LOL! 😛
    P.S. Oh my gosh! That’s awful! It sounds so terrible that I just have to watch it! LOL! 😛
    Oh yeah, and they had to do that in real life because once the series ended, they had to get rid of the town 🙁 Gee, I would feel awful for Lars Hanson in that episode, had he been alive!
    Yeha I saw a clip of that, so sad 🙁
    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I did it again! LOL! Okay this time I am NOT going to do it, and I mean it this time….
    YAY!! LOLOL! 😛

    • I know, right? 😛
      Ok, so you were helping your friends clean and re-arrange because everyone wanted to switch places. Is that right?
      That sounds insane! I mean it was crazy when my brothers moved out of my room into my sisters’ old room and I kept the room I shared with my brothers! We did painting and re-arranging and re-decorating. It was crazy, but fun! 😀
      P.S. LOLOL! I know what you mean! 😛
      Yep. It’s so sad 🙁
      Yeah, that would’ve been heart breaking if he was alive to see all that 🙁
      P.S.S. Random question, but- Do you like Barbie movies? 😀
      LOLOLOL!!!! Good job, Carli! I knew you could do it!! 😀 😛

  • Yep! You got it! Congratulations, you are one of the first people ever to understand that! LOL! 😛
    I know, it was alot of work, and I think they’re done now, I think. Wow, that is alot of moving around! I don’t have that, because I don’t have any siblings to switch with! 😛 But that does sound like fun! Now that I think about that, we’ve moved 5 times in my life, so I got differant rooms, and that was kinda like switching rooms with siblings! 😀
    P.S. I just read about them on Wikipedia, I cried reading about the last one, I don’t know if I could watch them without sobbing! 😛
    I know, that would really make me cry! :'(
    P.S.S. Some of them I like, but I haven’t watched them in FOREVER! My friends think they’re kinda stupid, but every once and a while I want to watch something besides LHOTP and Gilligans Island! So, I march up the stairs and grab one! 😀
    Thank you Jaclynn! I’m so proud of myself now! 😀 😛

    • LOLOL!! YAY!! 😀
      Hehe- that’s good! It was fun, but a lot fo work, too! And it was so much fun doing my room because I had never had an experience like that before 🙂
      Wow! That’s a lot of moving! I’ve never moved once! Although my family has lived in a few apartments before I was born 😛
      Hehe! It kind of is 🙂
      P.S. LOLOL!! You couldn’t! I cry (or at least get teary) every time I watch them 😛
      Hehe! Well, if you ever see them you will cry! 😛
      P.S.S. Oh, ok. Aw, that’s sad!
      Hehe! Yeah, I think they’re really good. Me and my mom still rent every one to see if we like it and then if we do- we buy it! We have a LOT of them, though. From The Nutcracker to Barbie in a Perfect Christmas. It’s sad to see how they’ve changed so much over the years, too. We miss the original kind, but oh well 😛
      LOLOLOL!!! You’re welcome!! 😀 😛

  • LOLOL!
    Yeah, like when you do something new that you’ve never done before, but then you’re glad it’s over.
    I know, I don’t remember half of it! And one move, we moved into a house we lived in before, so that wasn’t as exciting 😛
    P.S. I just watched the one where Albert gets sick, and I didn’t cry too much, just got a little teary eyed, but I don’t know if I could watch the last one, I told my mom about it and I started crying just telling her!
    P.S.S. Yeah, I know.
    I LOVE The Nutcracker! That’s one of my favorites! I know, like one that came out a few years ago, The Princess and the Pop Star instead of the Princess and the Pauper. But I always like how the put a Barbie doll into Toy Story, she’s funny in the 2nd one! 😀
    I almost did it again! LOL!

    • Right 😉
      Oh, wow! Hehe- that’s kinda funny- that would feel kind of weird to me, you know what I mean? 😛
      P.S. LOL! But isn’t it so sad how much Laura is crying and everything? That part where she’s sitting in front of the fireplace remembering times they spent together- That gets me like every time!
      LOLOLOL!!! Sounds like me when I first saw LOTR- I would cry talking about it and all the awesome-ness of it 😛
      P.S.S. Well, it is the first one ever, so I guess that makes sense! I like that one a lot, but it’s not a top favorite of mine- there are others that I like better 😉
      Oh, my gosh, yeah! I didn’t even want to see that one. I was so mad that they made that one! Especially since Princess and the Pauper is on my top favorites list! 😛
      Oh, yeah! LOL! I like her and Ken in the third one. They are so funny!
      Oh, my gosh- I have to tell you something. Me and my mom rented Barbie and The Pink Shoes about 2 weeks ago and it was the WORST Barbie movie ever made! I have NEVER laughed at a movie because it was so bad before, but I was laughing so much at this one. It was so ridiculous!! LOLOLOL!! 😀 😛
      P.S.S.S. When I was cleaning my room the other day I got so sad. I had been sleeping a few nights with my stuffed animals off of my bed- and loved it. It was so much more comfortable! So, I decided it was time to get them off of my bed and I was going through my animals to see which few I wanted to keep out. Guess what song came on (I listen to Disney music while I clean) while I was doing that? The sad Jessie song from Toy Story 2!! It was making me feel so evil. 🙁
      I found a way to keep them all in my room instead of packing them up in the garage, though so that’s good 🙂

  • Oh yeah, it did feel weird, everything was so much smaller, like my room, it was actually my parents room before, and it looked really big, but now, it looks smaller than my other room in the other house, probably because it is 😛
    P.S. Oh yeah, that part was sad, when she was telling Almanzo how they cut themselves and became bloodbrothers, and Willie fainted 😛
    Yeah, that sounds like me, I was telling my mom about the last episode, and when I told her that the people said the guy can have the land, but not the town, and they were infront of the church and everyone moves on! I was crying! 🙁 😛
    P.S.S. Oh it is? I didn’t know that! Well another reason why I like it is because me, mom, my sisters, and sometimes my aunt go to the Nutcracker Ballet every year in Portland, and it is SO much fun! Have you ever seen the play?
    I know right? It’s like they’re mocking it! It makes me mad, because I like the Princess and the Pauper too, it’s another one of my favorites. What other Barbie movies do you like?
    LOLOLOL! I like and don’t like movies like that, it’s like it’s stupid, but it’s funny! Like they say all these not very funny things, and it makes me laugh anyways!
    P.S.S.S. Oh just your luck! I know, after I watched Toy Story 3 I felt so bad about putting my stuffed animals in the attic, so I keep them in a closet in my room, and a little shelf thing-y so at least they’re in my room and don’t make me feel like I’m abandoning them!
    Well that’s good 🙂

    • LOLOL! 😛
      P.S. Hehe! Yeah, it’s so sad 🙁
      That part is very sad, but kind of awesome, too 😛
      P.S.S. Yep! 🙂
      I have, but I didn’t like it. It was weird and boring to me 😛
      I like Swan Lake, Rapunzel, The Three Musketeers, oh! And the Island Princess!! I love that one! 😀
      Right! Like there were a couple scenes where the guys were on horses singing “John Jacob Jingle Himershmidt (I’m not exactly sure how to spell it)” And it was so ridiculous! I was cracking up! LOLOL! 😀 😛
      P.S.S. I know, right? And then my mom was listening to Disney music that next day and I walked in the room and that song was playing!! 2 times in 2 days!! LOL! 😛
      Oh, I know! I cried so much on that movie! Even my older brother got choked up because he went through that years ago 🙁
      Yeah, doing that makes me feel so much better 🙂

  • I haven’t seen the Swan Lake one, I might be able to see if that ones on Netflix, or Amazon. I LOVE Rapunzel, but I haven’t seen it in a while, and I watched The Three Musketeers a while ago, and that was good to, and we own the Island Princess, but I don’t know where it is. Probably in our Disney/AG movie shelf 😛
    LOLOL! I can almost see that… it looks pretty ridiculas 😛
    How many Barbie movies do you have?

    • Really? That one is SO good! One of my favorites 😀
      LOL! I hope so! That’d be sad if you lost it 🙁
      It is ridiculous! 😛
      We have 13 of them. I want to get this other new one called Mariposa and Friends (or something like that). It was really good and I have the first one called Mariposa 🙂
      And then the next one coming out is Barbie and Her Sisters In A Pony Tale!!! I’m SO excited!! We saw the trailer and it looks like it’s gonna be good!! 😀

  • Yeah, I’ve never seen it, but it’d be fun to see it!
    Well I just saw it last night, so we didn’t loose it! 😛
    Oh okay, I think we have 5 or 6, not a lot, since I don’t like alot of the newer ones, but I’ve seen a lot more than 5 or 6, we rented them and then I watched them. Oh wait, we have 7, but I can’t find the 7th, it’s up there somewhere… I need to go through all my movies 😛
    That sounds like it will be great! Especially for horse lovers! I’ll try to watch the trailer, and if I like it and can find that one, I might have to watch it when it comes out! 😀

    • You should watch it! It’s really good! 😀
      YAY!! LOL! 😀
      Hehe! What’s the 7th one?
      Yes, it does! I’m so excited for it!! 😀
      I think something about it is that they’re on vacation at some horse place and it’s gonna go out of business. And Barbie finds a beautiful horse- the horse of her dreams! And I think they do a horse show, too! You should definitely watch the trailer! 🙂

      • Well, since I’m at the beach, Julie and I might try to find some movies on Netflix or Amazon, and I’ll keep my eyes open for some Barbie movies 😀
        Um, I think it’s The 12 Dancing Princesses, I like that one too! 😀
        Oh my goodness, that sounds like it will be really good! Now I HAVE to watch the trailer!! 😀

        • Good idea!
          OH, ok! That’s a good one. I remember when we first got it I watched it 2 times in a row! And that’s no where near my record 😛
          LOLOL! Yes, you should!

  • Well it turns out mom HAD to keep the laptop in the living room otherwise it wouldn’t charge, so I couldn’t take it into the bedroom! GRRRR! Bad laptop! 😛 But I’m going to try to watch a few tomorrow, if I’m not to busy.
    LOL! I think that one is my favorite, I don’t know if it’s the dresses, or the fact that there’s 12 girls, like it our church, which is on the bigger side, but there are bigger families 😀 😛

    • Which ones have you watched so far? We just recently watched The Island Princess and that weird new one I told you about 😛
      LOLOLOL! It is a really good one! Something I like about it is that all of their names are in alphabetical order! I think that’s just so cool and all of the names are just SO pretty! 😀

  • Well I just watched the trailer, and it was good! But it was definately differant, I can tell a differance between the older ones and the newer ones, maybe because the animation looks differant? But I haven’t had time to watch anything else, I have to fold some clothes and pack soon, so I might watch one later, maybe one we own! 😀
    Oh yeah, Barbie in the Pink Shoes wasn’t it?
    Oh they are? I never realized that! Do you know all their names? I thought Barbie’s name was Genevieve, right?
    It is cool, maybe that’s the one I’ll watch next! 😀

    • Oh, yeah! Barbie has changed so much over the years. It’s sad 🙁
      Yes, that’s right!
      Yes, I do! Here’s the list:
      Hadley & Isla
      Janessa, Kathleen, and Lacey
      Yep! You were right! 😀

  • Yeah, it is 🙁 But at least you can still watch some of the older ones!
    Oh wow, they are in order!
    It’s kinda funny, for princesses who by their clothing look like they were in the 17th century, they have fairly modern names! :S
    YAY!!!!! LOL! 😀 😛

    • That’s true 🙂
      I know, isn’t that cool? I LOVE their names! 😀
      LOL! I think they’re names are really rare, actually 😉
      LOLOLOL!! 😀

  • I like most of them, I’m not a huge fan of Blair, though, it sounds kinda strange to me, but you know, the more I say it the more I like it! 😛 But I’m not a huge fan of Fallon either.
    Well they’re rare, but they’re not exactly what I would call 17th century names, like Ashlynn, and Blair, and then pretty much the rest sound like older names, except I think Fallon seems kinda modern, but that could just be me 😛

    • Oh, really? I think it’s a pretty name 🙂
      LOL! You’re funny! 😀 😛
      Fallon is interesting. I actually named one of my Webkinz that 😀
      LOL! Well, I don’t really know much about that stuff, so let’s just say you’re right- LOLOLOL! 😀 😛

  • Are you talking about Blair or Fallon? 😛 I think Blair is actually kinda pretty, it has a nice ring to it, but Fallon sounds to me like a pet name 😛
    Why thank you! 😀 😛
    It sounds like a good webkinz name, what webkinz is it?

    • In the first line I was talking about Blair 🙂
      LOL! Poor Fallon! 😛
      You’re welcome! LOL! 😀
      It’s the Deer. I think I spelled it “Fallyn”, though 😉
      Hehe! 😀 😛

  • Oh okay! Yeah, I kinda like Blair, but I actually just realized I was thinking of the name “Blake” for a girl, not Blair 😛
    LOL! Aw! poor girl 😛
    LOL! 😀
    Oh okay.

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