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OH, MY GOSH!! We just found a link from AmericanGirl on Facebook that there were a few collections of Marie-Grace and Cecile’s on sale for $50- $60!! My mom knew we couldn’t pass it up and I am going to pay her back. I got Cecile’s Sweet Dreams Collection. It includes:
Cecile Doll
Meet Cecile Book
Cecile’s Nightwear


I am SOOOO EXCITED!! I have wanted Cecile ever since she came out and planned to get her someday and now she will be coming to me very soon!! YAAAAY!! 😀 😀

91 Responses to I’M GETTING CECILE!!!!

  • Congrats!! Are your ‘daughters’ excited to have a new sister?

  • Oh, wow that is so great for you! you’ll have to take lot’s of pictures when you get her out of the box. So where was this sale? So if there had been two dolls that you didn’t have, would you have bought both of them?

    • Thanks!! Oh, you know I will!! 😀
      Well, my mom saw that AG posted something about Marie-Grace and Cecile being on sale. So she followed that link which took her to another link. And there were 4 collections on sale! All she had to do was put in a coupon code! 😀
      Hmm.. I probably would’ve chosen which one I wanted more because we wouldn’t be able to afford 2 dolls 😉

      • hehe! Yes, I think I do! 😀
        Oh, cool! What a great deal! 🙂
        Yeah, I guess that’s true. Maybe then your Mom would just buy the other one for your Christmas present! LOL!

        • LOL! 😀
          I know! It’s a $138 value!! I’m in awe 😀 😛
          LOLOL!! Yes, I guess there would always be hope for that! 😀

          • So how often do you think they have AG stuff on the Today show and Jill’s Steals and Deals? I remember a while ago they had Bitty Babies on there. I didn’t really care about that! 😛

          • I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve ever heard about it! I’m gonna tell my mom to keep her eyes open more often, though! 😀 😛
            Oh, really? Aw, poor babies!

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOODNEES!!!!!!!!! This must be SO exciting for you! Is she on sale at AG’s web or just on facebook??????

    • LOLOL! It is VERY exciting!! I can’t stop thinking about it!! 😀
      Uh- the sale is kind of run through 2 sites. AG and some other site that I don’t know 😛
      I was going to get the Cecile collection that included her Special Dress, but it was already sold out! So, I said to check the nightgown one and it worked!! YAAY!! 😀

      • okay… I will have to tell my mom about that soon! (in hopes that they do one for caroline… I NEED her so bad!

        • LOL! I didn’t know you wanted Caroline! 🙂

          • REALLY!!!!! LOL!
            Well I put her on my Christmas wish-list
            (You might think I’m crazy but…) Along with an ipod… My mom likes the ipod better them the doll but I like the doll better then the ipod LOL! But my camera broke so it would be my new camera and so more pic’s for blogs (or websites)! LOL! But I LOVE her and if I do not get her for Christmas I will save up for her LOL So Really unless a cute new doll comes out Caroline is by far my Fav. LOL!
            So if you see a good deal please let me know! LOLOL
            P.S. I am really not abscessing : P

          • LOLOLOLOL!! Well, if you like Caroline better than an iPod you should get her! Just scratch the iPod off of the list! LOL! 😛
            LOLOL! Okay, I will let you know! 😀

  • Awesome! I am reading that series from my library this week!
    My BFF REALLY wants Marie-Grace, I should tell her about this! 🙂
    post pics of her when you get her please!!
    I wish they would do this for every AG doll!!!! How awesome would that be?! 🙂

    • Thanks! 😀
      Oh, really? Which book are you on? I think I’m in the middle of reading Troubles For Cecile. 🙂
      Yes, you should! Hurry, though because one of Cecile’s collection was sold out already 😉
      I definitely will!! I LOVE new dolls! 😀
      Yeah, that would be so amazing!! 😀

      • I just started the first one, I don’t know anything about the story so I am excited.
        Right after I saw your post I went over to that website and they are all sold out, so I didn’t tell my best friend.
        I have never gotten a doll straight from AG, my Samantha doll was used and given to me by a friend. and My Felicity doll I got off ebay, i got her for $70. 🙂
        I really want to get a brand new doll from ag, hoping for Rebecca and maybe a MYAG!! 🙂

        • Oh, cool! You’ll like it, it’s really good! I really liked Marie-Grace and the Orphans (or something like that)! It was so good! 🙂
          Aw, that’s sad! I kind of figured they would sell out quickly, though 😕
          Wow, that was really nice of your friend! I really want Samantha and hope to get her for Christmas 🙂
          Rebecca is such a great doll! And there are SO many adorable MAG’s! I hope you get one you want! 😀

          • Spoiler alert! Haha! Jk! 🙂
            Ikr, she was a little older than me and she had a lot of Pleasant company dolls so Sam is a pleasant co. How cool is that!? Except I kinda cut her bangs when I got her (why did I do that!?!?) Its not noticeable though so its okay. I hope you get her she is really really cute, she was my first ag so she has sentimental value! Love her! 🙂
            aw thanks! I hope so too! I like the MAG that has short curly blond hair, don’t know what number she is. 🙂


          • LOL! 😛
            Oh, wow! That is very cool!
            Oh, no that’s sad! Oh, okay, that’s a little better- LOLOL! 😛
            Thank you! I want her SO bad! 😀
            Aw, I know what you mean! That’s how I feel with Felicity 🙂
            You’re welcome! Oh! Does she have brown eyes? If she does that’s one that I like, too! 😀
            That’s okay, I don’t know any numbers. Only #55 because that’s my Annika! LOL! 😛

          • Hmm..I think the MAG I like has blue eyes. But I think I know which doll you are talking about and I love like her too! You and I both like the same dolls. I have Loved #55 for a while now. Maybe I will get her?! 🙂 hehe! There are too many cute dolls!
            Oh, btw I might be getting an AG blog of my own…. My mom has to look up what are the best and safest blog sites. I am so excited! It looks like so much fun,I need to think up a good name for it though. I will let you know once it is up and running! 😀 your the one that inspired me to get one!

          • Ooooh! I know which one you’re talking about now 🙂
            Yeah, isn’t that one SO cute?! I also love the one with curly red hair and blue eyes 😀
            Really? That’s so cool! I love Annika (#55) SO much!! She is absolutely beautiful! If you got her you would not be disappointed! 🙂
            LOL! I know, right? And it’s funny- ever since I got Annika I’ve been paying more attention to the MAG dolls and I’ve already found 2 or 3 that I think are SO cute (I’m saying that a lot, aren’t I? LOL 😛 )! LOLOL! 😀 😛
            YAY!!! That’s awesome, Annie!! I am SOO excited for you!! 😀
            Oh, good! Thanks! 🙂
            Aww, really? That’s so great to hear! I’m glad I inspired you 🙂

          • oh my gosh, I love that one too!! I have like 5 fave MAGs!
            Looks like i need to save up a lot of money! Although I will probably only get two more ag dolls, since I already have 3. idk. I am already making my christmas list and it so far is involving tons of ag stuff,including a doll! not that i will get it all but it is fun to dream! 🙂
            Thanks! I can’t wait to get a blog! I am already taking pictures and getting ideas for it! hehe! 😀

          • LOLOL! That’s so funny! Well, I guess we have the same taste in dolls! 😀
            Ah, you can get more! I’m getting my 9th (Cecile) soon plus I have tons of Bitty’s. You can never have too many “kids” 😀
            LOL! Pretty much all I had on my list last year was AG stuff 😛
            Oh, yeah I understand cause that’s exactly what I do! LOL!
            You’re welcome! Aw, that’s awesome! I LOVE having a blog- it is just so much fun! 😀

          • hehe! I want to get more!!!! but they are so expensive, I need a good excuse to get more and more! lol!!! 🙂 I think I will probably end up with a big doll family. I wish I would of started collecting when i was younger, like I got a doll when I was 8 or 9, but i lost interest for a while till just last november I got out my Samantha and Kirsten dolls and then I was like, “hmm…I wonder what accessories AG has?” then i saw Felicity was retired and I HAD to get her from Ebay, and that was the best day ever! I literally cried when I won the bet! I had wanted her since I was 5! 🙂 haha!

          • LOL! Yeah, they are expensive. I have bought a lot of my dolls myself with saved up chore money and money from craft fairs that I do with my mom. Maybe you could do that? 🙂
            Was that your first doll- when you were 8 or 9? Cause I got Felicity when I turned 9 and she was my first one! 😀
            Awww!! How sweet that is! 🙂
            That’s also cool how you have almost all of the retired HC’s! If I got Samantha I would probably want Nellie. I watched the movie the other day and loved them both so much! LOLOL! 😀

          • Yeah, maybe. I crochet too, I did a craft show last December, but nobody bought anything of mine. So that kinda made me not want to do them any more. :/ maybe I will try again. 🙂
            Yes, Samantha was my first I cant remember how old I was, I think I was 8. Kirsten is really my sisters doll, but when she moved out she gave her to me for safe keeping, which is funny ’cause she never let me touch her when I was little, now she is “mine”! 🙂
            I know, but now I would need Molly, but I don’t like her that much, I like Emily more. 😀
            Oh my gosh! I love that movie, one of the best AG movies. I don’t really like the GOTY movies. Have you seen the Saige one? I haven’t, Kinda feel like if I watch I will pick on it the whole time! Lol!! 🙂
            I wonder what the GOTY 2014 will be like!?!? 😀

          • Aw, how sad! I can totally understand that 🙁 Was it at a school? Cause we’ve done a couple at schools and didn’t make ANY sales. 😕
            That is so funny!! That’s exactly what happened to me! My sister has Addy and Josefina and when I was little I wasn’t allowed to hold them, play with them, or anything! And then when she moved out she gave them to me to play with or for “safe keeping” as you said, and now I feel like they’re my dolls! It will be really hard to part with them when she takes them back 🙁
            LOL! Yeah, I like Emily better, too 😀
            I know, right? And even though I’m a huge horse lover I like Samantha’s movie SO much better! It’s my favorite! 😀 No, I haven’t seen any of the GOTY ones. LOLOL! I know what you mean! 😛
            All I know is that she’s a ballerina, her name is either Blanche or Isabelle, she’s gonna have 3 books and a movie, aaand- that’s about it! Everyone is hoping that her ballet outfit isn’t pink, but I honestly don’t care. I do kinda hope that she doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes, though. It’s so common and they need to do something different! 😉
            I don’t think I’ll get her, but it all depends on what she looks like 😀

          • It was at my Grandparents retirement village. I think I might try another craft show, to help save for AG stuff! 😀
            Oh My Goodness, we have so much in common, it’s weird! HAHAHAHA!!!!!! 😀
            I saw Mckenna’s it was okay, like I think younger kids might like it more, I liked the gymnastics parts!! 🙂
            Oooo…I like Ballet, never taken a lesson, but I like to watch it. my Kirsten is actually a Ballerina! hehe! 🙂
            I don’t own any GOTY, I wanted Mckenna, But when i started looking AG dolls it was November, and i didn’t have enough time to save up for her. 🙁


          • Oh, okay. Yes, you should! 🙂
            LOLOLOL!! It is weird! 😀 😛
            Really? That’s probably the last one I would watch. I don’t really care for gymnastics 😉
            That’s funny! Well, if you get this one they could put on shows together! 😀
            Aww, that’s sad! 🙁

  • Oh my goodness! I am SO sorry I did not mean to go off topic! You can delete my other comment if you would like to! So sorry!

  • Holy wow! Yeah, I heard they were having a huge sale!

  • OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When did you find out about the deal, because my mom found out at about 7:00 AM Pacific time or earlier and we couldn’t get it 🙁 But the main reason we wanted to get it would be for my friend, for her mom to give to her for Christmas, but MG would’ve been an added bonus for me.
    And you got her at just the right time when Liz posted all those hairstyles for Cece! 😀

    • I KNOW!!! Thank you!! 😀
      Hmm.. Maybe around 9:30 ish PST? That’s werid that it didn’t work for you! And sad, too 🙁
      Oh, I see! That’s really nice 🙂
      I know, right?!? When I saw that I was like, “This is so perfect!” 😀

  • Yay! I am so excited for you! You. will. LOVE HER!!!

  • You’re welcome! I almost can’t believe you’re FINALLY getting her! 😀
    Oh really? Huh weird. Though my mom found out through my sister, who found it on Facebook of the news, and then mom went straight to the website, so she did it differantly than your mom did. And it’s possible that they were already sold out of Marie-Grace, since I think she’s more popular that Cecile.
    Yeah, it would have been really cool if we both had Marie-Grace and Cecile! 😀
    That’s what I thought too! I was really scared to try braids on Cecile, and now Cecile’s hair is in braids! And I really can’t wait to try the mini buns!
    And I have a few tips on Cece for ya:
    1: I wouldn’t use the pick. I know there are girls who do use the pick on her hair, but I like to finger style.
    2: Be bold. Don’t be afraid to touch her hair, it’s meant to be played with, and meant to last!
    3: Don’t be afraid to change her either. I know you don’t want the velcro to grab on of her curls, but after a while, you’ll be an expert! One thing I like to do is fold over the velcro, so it’s facing the shirt/dress, if it’s not a knit fabric, or a fabric the velcro will stick to.
    And lastly: Don’t get scared if her curls start to get a little rough, it just shows that she’s getting a little bit older, and that you’ve played with her 🙂

    • I KNOOOOOW!!! YAAAY!!! 😀 😀
      I really want to make something for her, but I don’t know what. Maybe an outfit? I already have a yarn doll made, so I don’t need to make that… Or maybe a hat? I don’t know! I just really want to do a bunch of stuff to welcome her because she’s such a surprise! 😀
      That is weird. You think Marie-Grace is more popular than Cecile? From things I’ve heard it seems opposite to me! 😛
      Yeah, it would’ve! I am SO excited to have a BF Collection! 😀
      Oh, the mini buns looked so cute! So did the braids! 🙂
      1. Oh, okay! Thanks for telling me because I had planned to hair pick 😛
      2. Eek! I know, but I’ll probably wait a while before I do anything, you know? I still haven’t even touched Minnie’s hair! 😛
      3. Oh, I’m not afraid of that! Thanks for that tip, though! 🙂
      4. Yeah, that’s true 🙂
      Thank you SO MUCH! All of those tips REALLY helped and calmed me down a little. I’ve been sorta stressing about her hair 😛

      • Oh gosh, I don’t know! Maybe hat that will match her meet outfit? Like the one in her accesories? I don’t know if you could do that, but it’d be cute! But if you culd make an outfit for her that’d be awesome! Or maybe some mittens, If you can crochet those.
        Well, I looked on AG’s website, and Marie-Grace doll and book has 43 pages of reviews, and Cecile only has 23. But those are just the people who reviewed them, so there’s more people, but Marie-Grace has more reviews 😉
        Yeah, that’s especially fun for photoshoots! 😀
        Oh yeah, I loved those! But I haven’t done them yet, but I can’t wait to try them!
        1. You’re welcome! I saw a girl on youtube who opened her and imediately started picking her hair, and the first thing she said was “Ok…. That didn’t turn out so well!”
        2. Oh yeah, definately! I waited a month or 2 before I touched my Cecile’s hair. Oh you haven’t? What hairstyle did she come in?
        3. Oh that’s good! I was, mainly because it happened and I was freaking out that I had messed up a curl! LOL! 😛
        You’re welcome! Oh don’t worry! You’ll get the hang of her hair, you do Minnie’s hair don’t you? 🙂
        But from what you’ve told me you are nothing compared to me last Christmas! I changed which doll I wanted 3 or 4 times because of her hair! I think I drove my mom a little crazy! 😛

        • I was thinking of that! But then what if I get her accessories someday? Then I’ll obviously not use the one I made anymore- LOLOL! 😛
          Aw, mittens would be cute! And kind of appropriate with the winter days coming 🙂
          Oh, wow! That’s A LOT!
          You’re right! Best Friend Photoshoots! Although they’ll be sisters… LOLOL! 😛
          Yeah, they’re super cute! 🙂
          1. Oh, my goodness! That is so sad!
          2. Hehe- I’ll probably wait 6 months- LOLOL! 😛 Nope! She came in pigtails like all the BT’s do 😉
          3. LOLOL! Oh, I see! 😀 😛
          4. I know, it’s just scary! I mean, Caroline’s hair is SOO hard to take care of and keep it looking nice. I’m hoping Cecile’s hair won’t be like that 😕
          No, I have never done Minnie’s hair. It’s been the same ever since I got her and that was 1 year and 8 months ago! LOLOLOL! 😀 😛
          Oh, my gosh!! LOLOL! I’m that way, but I think with other things. If I’m trying to decide between a doll it’s usually between 2. I don’t think I’ve ever changed my mind that many times, though! LOLOL! 😛

          • LOLOLOL! That’s true, but until you get her accesories, it’d be good!
            Mittens would be cute, I can see her wearing some now, when she’s walkin outside in the snow… er… grass. LOL! 😛
            I know, right?!
            LOLOL! That’s true, but it would be like Samantha and Nellie, how they were besties, and then they became sisters! 🙂
            1. Yeah, it is kinda sad. Hopefully she started finger curling instead!
            2. LOLOL! Well Liz waited 2 years so that’s nothing! 😛
            3. Yeah, but now I know what to do when that happens.
            4. Well the nice thing about Cecile’s hair, is it keeps it’s shape. Like I don’t have to do her hair very often. I can go days, or even a week or two without doing her hair. And I don’t know if you know this, but there are some hair care videos on AG’s website right here: http://www.americangirl.com/play/doll-hair-and-care/index.php
            and these are so awesome! They helped SO much when I got Cece. You should look at them if you haven’t! 🙂
            LOLOL! Oh that’s right. Well, you could start practicing on Minnie’s hair! Remember, it’s not to hard to put her hair back in pigtails 🙂
            LOLOL! Yeah, I got a little stressed out. It was between Rebecca and Cecile, and first I thought I’d get Cecile then Rebecca later. Then I thought I’d get Rebecca and then if I could care for her hair then I’d get Cecile. Then I thought Ok, if I want Ceceile, then I should get her! So I got Cecile! 😀 😛

          • That’s true, but I tried making it and didn’t like how it was looking, so last night I started making my own version of the new Sparkle Sequin Outfit! Hopefully that will come out cute! 🙂
            They would be cute, but it might be a little hard.. LOLOLOL! 😀 😛
            Yeah, I guess, but I think I’m just gonna make it that they’ve never met, but they get along really good 😀
            1. Hehe! Hopefully!
            2. LOLOL! That’s true! I could never wait that long to do my doll’s hair. It’s just too long!
            4. Oooh, that’s good! I like the sound of that 😀
            Oh, yeah I’ve looked at those, but never payed much attention to the one for Cecile- Hehe!
            I will have to watch that video. I’m sure it will help 🙂
            Right when I read this (which was early this morning) I went to Minnie and undid her hair! She looks so different now! Thanks for inspiring me to do that 🙂
            LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Oh, my gosh!! That is SOO FUNNY! 😀 😛

    • Yes, we ordered her before I posted this 😉
      She should be here in 7-10 days!! YAAAY!! 😀 😀

      • YAYYYY!!! They always come a day-to-two days early! I’ll probably be ordering something from AG soon, too, ’cause God just blessed our family with some money and me and my brother get a little bit of it 😀 I want to order something from Amazon, though, that’s AG, so it’s cheaper. I’m still deciding on whether to spend or save. I just bought Mini Saige so I think I’m gonna save.

        • Oh, yeah! They do, don’t they? YAAY!!!! 😀
          That’s great! Oh, that makes sense. Although usually if I have money it’s AG shopping I go! LOL! 😛
          Do you think you would buy an outfit? If so, which one? 🙂

          • Lol! Yep!!!:D
            LOL! I decided I’m going to buy the materials for a cake pop craft (Liz’s cake pop craft) since I already tithed and saved off at the money I got.
            I would probably buy Marie-Grace’s skirt set or summer dress. They are so cute and they’d look soooo good on my Cece!

          • Oh, yeah!! That craft is AMAZING!! 😀
            Good choices! I LOVE her Summer Dress! And her skirt set is great for playing country 🙂

  • Oh wow. That’s great!!!! Have a lot of fun with her!

  • Jaclynn, you haven’t updated the meet my dolls page recently have you?:) are you still doing it once a week?

  • That’s awesome Jaclynn! We tried, but they were already gone. I might be getting another my AG soon, though! (#25). Also did you hear about the new our generation doll house? I just saw it on doll diaries!

    • Thank you!!
      Oh, really? That’s sad 🙁
      I’m sorry, I don’t know the numbers. Who is #25? 🙂
      YES, I did!! It’s SOOO CUTE!!! 😀

  • Jaclynn!!!! I have really great news!!! 😀 So watch your email!!!! 😀 Can you guess what we did?

  • #25 has long, straight dark brown hair and brown eyes, light skin, and the classic face mold. And yes, the dollhouse is quite adorable. I would ask for it for Christmas or something, but I have no idea where I would put something like that! 🙂

    • Ooooh! I had to look her up on AG- LOL! 😛
      She is very cute! I think that’s the one I was thinking of getting, but I decided I liked #55 better 🙂
      Aaah, I know! It’s so amazing! But just like you I have no idea where I would put it 😛

  • Aw, that’s too bad! 🙁 Ooooh! If that turns out right, I think it’ll be adorable! Cecile looks SUPER cute in pink! 😀
    Yeah, that’s true.
    Oh I see. Well that’ll work too! 🙂
    2. Yeah, I agree. Every time I get a new doll that comes in a hairstyle I am dying to take it out so I can play with her hair. Like I took Saige’s style out the night I got her! But I don’t think I’ll do that again, that was just a little to fast 😛
    4. Yeah, I used to do her hair every morning, but now I only do it when I think she needs it. Oh yeah, you should totally look at it! It’s really helpful 🙂
    REALLY?!?!?! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! 😀 😛
    Yeah, I remember when I took Cecile’s hair out, it looked really differant! But it was kinda fun to play with! Especially when I thought of a style for her 😀
    Aw, you’re welcome! So what hairstyles have you tried on her so far? 😀
    Lucklily this year if I get a doll, I only have 1 choice, so I won’t go back and forth again! 😛

    • Yeah, but it’s ok because I think I’d rather just get her accessories 😉
      Thanks! I finished it the other day, but it doesn’t really look like that outfit. I did add some big jewels on the top of the shirt, though! And I made the skirt a little wavy/ruffle-y and in tan and the shirt is medium pink with 3/4 sleeves, and I made a little white wrap for her to wear with it! I’m SO excited for her to come!!! YAY! 😀
      Hehe! Yes, it will! 🙂
      2. Oh, my gosh! I did, too! LOL! I was dying to see what her hair looked like down 😀
      LOLOL! Yeah, I agree. Maybe I’ll wait to the next day! 😛
      4. I wish Caroline was that way! She needs it done constantly! It actually needs to be done right now, but I haven’t had a chance to do it yet. Maybe I’ll do it today! 🙂
      Okay, I definitely will! 😀
      LOLOLOL!! 😀
      Yeah, it was the same thing with Kirsten, too! It was like I had a whole new doll! 🙂
      Uh- I put some of the hair in front in a pony tail on top her head (it looked kinda cute), and I left her hair down after that! LOL! I haven’t really done anything yet. I’m still being cautious, LOL! 😛
      LOLOL!! That’s a good thing! Is your one choice Rebecca? 😀

  • Yeah, that’s true, then you get a necklace and gloves too!
    So it’s not exactly how you pictured it, but it sounds really cute! 😀
    2. I did too, only when I tried to put it back in the twist, it didn’t work 😛 So I wasn’t to happy about that, but I LOVED her hair down! 😀
    LOL! That’ll work 😛
    4. Oh that’s too bad. My friend’s neighbor has Caroline and her curls are always wavy because the girls says “I want her curls to come back but I don’t want to do her hair because it takes FOREVER!” But I’ve seen the way to do it and I think there might be an easier way, but I don’t really want to teach her.
    Yeah, she looked alot differant, but she was still GOREOUS! But I was still too scared to do her hair then 😛
    LOL! Have you seen the new cataloge? The big holiday one that says “Merry and Bright” and has 2 girls, a big girl and a little girl in the new red holiday dress’s (can’t remember the name 😛 )? Inside in the BT section, on the last page, it shows 2 Minnies, and one is wearing braids! It’s SO cute! I’m dying just looking at it! LOL! 😀 😛
    Yep! I don’t even know if I’m getting her for Christmas, but if I’m not, I might ask my parents to send Molly to the hospital for a Christmas present, then it’d be kinda like getting a new doll! 😀 😛

    • Exactly! I love her accessories! 😀
      Right! I think it’s adorable! Hehe! 😀
      2. Oh, I know! I had that same problem! LOLOL! 😛 Oh, yes! Her hair is SO amazing! 😀
      4. Oh, that’s sad 🙁 *Gasp* Can you teach me?!? LOLOL! 😛
      Yes, I have! I got i in the mail yesterday! Hehe! I’m pretty sure it’s called Sparkle Holiday Dress? Something like that. LOL!
      Oh, my gosh, I know!! When I saw that I told my mom “Look she has braids! I need to do that!” LOLOL! 😛
      I was dying SO much at that catalog! I LOVED all of the pictures!! AAAH!! LOLOL! 😀 😛
      Oh, that would be a good idea! But I thought it was Kanani you wanted to send in to get a new wig? What’s wrong with Molly?

      • Have you tried it on her? 😀
        2. Yes totally! It’s alot easier to manage than I thought it would be. But after get Cecile, no hair will scare me! 😛
        4. Yeah, I want to snatch the pick and the doll and show her a differant way, but she won’t even let my friend play with her dolls, so I wouldn’t dream of doing it! 😛
        LOLOL! It’s actually all in the pick video on AG’s website! The other girl combs it out, sprays it, then picks it, and then I forgot 😛
        Yes! That’s it! It’s super cute! I might need that one 😛
        LOLOL! I know right?! It’s really cute, and I have never seen AG do something like that before!
        Oh I know, I’m thinking about getting a blog, and if I get one before Christmas, I’m going to try to copy some of those pictures! 😀 😛
        Oh I almost forgot about her! Well Molly does too, she’s got shoulder length hair, and I actually like it, so now that I think about it, I’d rather send Kanani, but Molly will probably go there in the future, just probably not now 😉
        And BTW I’m actually using Molly in my photo for Liz’s photostory contest so you’ll (kinda) see then 😉

        • Oh, yeah! She looks SO CUTE in it! I can’t wait to post pics of her wearing it!! 😀
          2. Definitely! I LOVE doing her hair. It’s SO much fun! 🙂 Hehe! I think hair will still scare me, LOL! 😀 😛
          4. Oh, I see! LOL! 😛
          Really? Maybe I should watch it again.. 😛
          Oh, I just saw, it’s “Sparkle Party Dress”, but I was still close! LOL! 😛 Yeah, I think I’d rather have the Brocade Dress, though. It’s so pretty! 🙂
          That’s true! I haven’t either! Oh, my gosh. Now I want to go do her hair! LOLOL! 😛
          REALLY?!? YAAAY!! That would be so cool if you had a blog!! 😀
          LOLOL! Good idea! I love the one of the 2 MAG’s greeting each other at the door! It’s SO cute!! Oh, and I also love the Music page! And the pictures of the HC’s (on the first page of them) are super cute, too! 😀
          LOLOL! You’re funny! 😀 😛
          Oh, okay! What are your dolls dressing as?

          • That’s good! I can’t wait to see her wearing it! 😀
            2. LOL! I think the only doll hair that might scare me is the one on MAG 58, with the Addy face mold and the ultra curly black hair? It probably wouldn’t be too hard, but it just looks intimidating! 😛
            4. Maybe. I’m going to watch it when I get Rebecca, whenever that will be… 😛
            LOL! That’s true, only ond word off! 😛 That one’s pretty too, but I can’t decide between them! They’re both so elegant! I think the Brocade dress would look SO cute on Cece, but the Sparkle Party dress would looks adorable on Abbie! 😀 😛
            LOLOL! I know right? Sometimes I just get this itch to do my dolls hair! 😛
            Yeah I think so too! I’ve wanted one for a while now, I think it’s been about a year now, but it was just a few weeks ago when the itch REALLY started! So I’m going to tell my mom pretty soon here, but every time I try to tell her I end up not telling her! 😛
            Oh I love that one too! Oh I didn’t see the music page! I need to see it, right now! Be back in a sec! *grabs magazine and flipps through pages* Oh my gosh! It’s so pretty! I also love the first MAG page, with redhead MAG byu the Christmas tree! And I LOVE the stable page, the page where the dolls are decorating the Gingerbread house, with the picture of Meatloaf and Honey with the present in their mouth, and the page with a doll making a snowman, and the GOTY and HC pictures of them by the Christmas tree! I especially love the one of Marie-Grace and Cecile, and the one of Julie, and Molly’s! Or I could just say I’m going crazy over the new cataloge! 😀 😛
            Thank you! 😀 😛
            Do you mean for the contest, or for Halloween?

          • Oh, yes! I’ll have to post some pictures! 😀
            2. Ooooh, I think I know which one you’re talking about. It looks like it’d be just as hard as Cecile’s, don’t you think? 😉
            4. LOL! 😛
            YAY!! LOLOLOL! 😛 I think Cecile would look best in the Sparkle Party Dress and Annika would look gorgeous in the Brocade Dress! Maybe I need both… LOLOLOL! 😀 😛
            Yeah, exactly! 😀
            LOL! Oh, that’s sad! You need to tell her! I know your blog would be great! 🙂
            LOLOLOL!! I know, right?!? 😀 😛
            Oh, yes! She looks so beautiful in that pic!
            LOLOLOLOL!! Yeah, that would be better than listing every single page! LOLOLOLOL! 😀 😛
            You’re welcome! 😀
            Uh- kind of both, I guess. LOLOL! 😛

  • Yes you do! I can’t wait to see it! 😀
    2. True, it probably is. I don’t know why, but Cecile’s hair just looks a little bit less poofy, I don’t know how I would finger curl that hair, it’s so short! 😛
    LOLOLOL! Yeah, that’s a good solution, but for $36 each, that’s what I don’t like about them! But I guess it kinda makes sense.
    Actually I did a few days ago, and she said she’d be fine with it! YAY!!!!!! But when I do get one I have to finish my school before I post, or else mom will ground me or something like that, and then I’ll wish I’d have done my school first! 😛
    Aw, thanks! That means alot 🙂
    Yes she does! They did a great job on this cataloge!
    LOLOLOLOL!! True, that would take a while 😛
    LOLOL! Well, you probably saw my entry for Liz’s photo contest, Julie and Molly dressed up as salt and pepper, and that’s what they’re being for Halloween, Kanani, i think I might make her a snowman, and Abbie is oing to be a fairy, and if I find a green sock she’ll be Tinkerbell. And I’m not sure about the rest, I need more insparation 😛
    What abouy your dolls?

    • 2. Yeah, I think her hair is a little poofier than Ceciles. LOL! Well, maybe you could use your pinky 😛
      LOLOL! Yes, well you know AG! LOL! 😀 😛
      YAAAAAAAAAAYY!! SO EXCITED!! 😀 LOL! Oh, I see. Well, blogging/posting counts as school for me, so I don’t have that problem 😉
      You’re welcome 🙂
      They really did!! I LOOOOVE IT!!! 😀
      It sure would! LOLOLOLOL! 😛
      Ooooh, I sorta remember that… I’ll have to go look at it again 😉 How cute! I bet they’ll all look great! 😀
      Well, if you remember my pic from the Photo Contest on AGFan that’s what my dolls are being. If you don’t know who someone is dressed as you can ask 😉
      And I’m still undecided on what the toddlers will be dressed as. I know I’ll figure out something! 🙂

  • 2. LOL! True that, true that 😛
    LOLOL! That I do, though they do surprise me sometimes 😛
    I KNOW, ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh really? That would be awesome! Maybe mom would let me post instead of writing the next Psalm (Yes, I usually write one Psalm a day)! 😛
    Yes it’s probably my favorite cataloge! 😀
    I hope so! I still need to figure out a costume for Kit, Cece, and maybe Kanani, so I’ve got a little ways to go, but I’m SUPER excited! 😀
    Oh yeah, that would make more sense than making another bundle of cosumes 😛
    Oh I bet the toddlers outfits will turn out adorable! Are the twins going to be dressed up as something that goes together? 😀

    • LOLOL! 😀 😛
      And you should be!! It’s VERY exciting!! 😀 LOL! Maybe she will! 😛
      Yeah, it’s definitely one of my favorites 😀
      Hmm.. Well, one can be a butterfly! DD just posted how to make butterfly wings 😀
      LOL! Exactly 🙂
      I wanted to do that, but I didn’t have time to make new outfits. I have some cute Build-A-Bear Costumes that they can wear 🙂

  • Yes it is!!! She’s going to work with me after she get’s her website up, and that will be in tow days, so it will be up in a few weeks I hope, at the most Thanksgiving, but I doubt it will take that long! 😀 😛
    Oh they did? Huh, I must have missed it 😛
    Oh I see. That makes sense, wince you only have one more day til Halloween 😛

    • YAAAAYY!!! I can’t wait to see photostories of your dolls! It’s SO exciting!! 😀
      LOL! 😛
      Exactly. It all worked out great, though! I just have 4 more toddlers to get dressed for my Trunk or Treat post today! 😀

      • I know, I’m so excited!!! And I’m actually, I’m on vacation for the weekend in this huge house, and I just took pics of Kanani outside and inside, and a few pics of Carolina and they are SO CUTE! I CANNOT wait to post them soon! I think it’s going to be my second post I’m so excited! 😀
        Oh that’s good! Which ones still needed costumes?

        • Oh, YAY!! I can’t wait to see them!! 😀 😀
          I think it was Caleb, Kendra, Jeremy, and Janie. And then I had to put shoes on all the Disney Toddlers 😛

  • I can’t either!! 😀
    Oh okay, I loved Caleb’s cowboy outfit by the way, it reminded me of an old Raggedy Andy I have! 😀
    Oh right, shoes are very important 😛

    • LOL! Yeah, he looks so cute in it! You know that’s a Woody outfit, right? 😉
      Yes, they are. I just don’t like putting shoes on my dolls for some reason 😛

  • Yes I did, I was just saying that it looked like another outfit for a differant doll I have 😉
    And where did you get the Woody outfit, is it a Build a Bear outfit?
    Oh yes, I get that, right now all my dolls have shoes on, but in the summer they go barefoot everywhere! 😛

    • Oh, I see! Sorry about that. Just a little misunderstanding 😛
      Yes, it’s Build-A-Bear 😉
      LOLOL! Yeah, they’re pretty much always barefoot except for when I’m doing a photostory 😀 😛

  • Oh it’s fine! It’s hard to understand everything when you’re not talking face to face 😛
    Oh okay! It’s pretty cute! Especially on Caleb!
    LOL! Yeah, I find that it’s hard to find shoes that completely match the outfit, so sometimes my dolls go barefoot! 😛

    • LOL! Yes, it sure is! 😛
      It is cute! Hehe, yeah he’s so cute in it 🙂
      Oh, I know!! I can’t stand it when that happens!! 😛

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