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I know a lot of you are getting older. And I know that with growing older, for most people, that means they stop playing with their dolls. I’m turning 16 next month, and I do admit that for a while now, I haven’t really been playing with my dolls. My new way of playing with them is through my blog. By taking photoshoots, or making up stories with them. It is really sad how when you start growing up, you grow out of your toys, too.  I still love my Little People, and My Little Ponies, and Barbies, and all of it, but I rarely get them out to play with them anymore. Maybe only a couple times a year for my Barbies, and once every few years for my Little People and My Little Ponies. 🙁

The other day, my mom sent me this and I just thought it was so good! It gave me inspiration and literally made me want to start playing!


*Credit goes to whoever owns this picture*

Let this be an inspiration to all of you, to keep playing and to keep loving your toys and dolls no matter what! And always remember Toy Story – our toys are always there for us 🙂

And as I’ve always said, just because the world around you thinks that once you reach a certain age you have to stop playing, doesn’t mean you have to follow them! Don’t be a follower, be a leader. Lead other kids around you to continue loving and playing with their toys! 😀

I really hope that if you have been struggling with playing with your dolls, that this helped you! 🙂

Have a great day!

72 Responses to Inspiration

  • Nice quote! I, too, don’t play with Barbies as much as I used to. We have so much fun Barbie stuff, but I rarely play. This isn’t because I don’t care to play with them, but because I am busy with important stuff(like school) and I like to do other things. But I still love to play, and when I do play, I want to play some more! I think AG is making their target audience lower, and for one reason. Girls that are 10, 11, 12, have so many activities, they just don’t play with dolls. Especially if their peers pressured them not to. But girls that age totally should play dolls! I still love to play with my dolls, and I’m not going to stop just because I’m an age that’s “too old” for dolls. 🙂

    • Oh, that’s great that you still love to play! I love playing, too, but I find that it’s gotten harder for me to play. 🙁
      I agree! Those ages are definitely perfect for doll playing! 🙂
      Yay! That’s great! 😀

  • I am really Old and each year I start making all my own toys but by the end of the year my Old Old Mom says I have to many to keep and I am spoiled so she makes me give them all away. I don’t know what all the people I give them to do with them but at the end of the year they can’t wait for my MOM to make me give all my toys away again.
    Nobody ever gives me toys ;-(

    • LOL! Awe, that’s so sad! I will buy you a toy and send it to you, and I will tell your mom to let you keep it! 😀 😛

  • You made a great point in this post–it’s not that you quit playing with them but how you play with them changes. You can continue to enjoy them in different ways! Keep on having fun with your blog, you do a great job. As I say, you are never to old for dolls (or toys)! My mom had a huge Barbie collection when she died–she was 89!

  • YAY! Great post! We all need a little reminder now-and-then that it’s OK to still like dolls! Just because you are getting older and your friends don’t really like dolls anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop loving them! Follow your passion, no matter what anyone else thinks! 😀

    ~Lydia~ <3

  • I totally get what you mean! I am almost 15, and don’t get me wrong, I love my dolls, but sometimes I just feel drained of imagination, and don’t know what to play! I really like that quote, and it makes me want to start playing too!

    • I’m the same way! I can’t just start playing house and pretend to be busy and making my dolls food and so forth anymore. It’s fun for a little bit, but after a while, I’m ready to pick up! 🙁

  • Thats an awesome quote!!1

  • I’ve been the same way recently. While years ago, I could make up stuff with my dolls for 5 hours straight. Now I sew for them, do photo stories with them, stop motion, do their hair, craft, do everything but make up stories for 5 hours straight with them. It’s not nearly as hard as doing it with barbies, but I can get bored more easily sometimes then I can when I am stop motioning.
    My parents want to get rid of our Little People. My brother and sister don’t mind but I do.
    They say I’m too old to play with Little People (I was obsessed when I was 3) but I love to play with them once a year, like you. Barbies, TBH, I could do with less. We have so many blond ones, mainly blue-eyed that get on my nerves every time we play with them. Most of them are my sisters, though….

    Oooooooooooh! I like that! I think I will pin it to my doll’s space!

    Heehee, my friends started a Neverland Lost Girls club, and you have to still play with your old toys, and we can’t talk about school or anything like that while we see each other. It’s rather fun.

    • Oh, my goodness, I am EXACTLY like that! A couple years ago I would be playing ALL day in my room! With my dolls, toys, anything and I would have a blast! But now, when I start playing house with my dolls, I can only play it for about an hour. 🙁
      I LOVE my Little People! They’re adorable! I actually got them out this past summer and played with them 😛 I don’t really think playing with Little People is any different than playing with Barbie or any other figures. You make up stories with them, just the same as you would with anything else! I guess people just think it’s different because they’re small adorable figures that say ages 3 and up on their boxes 😛
      LOL! Well, that’s just the way Barbies are 😀

      Oh, my gosh! What a great idea! It sounds like a ton of fun! 😀

      • Haha, I’m the same way. I KNOW! It’s really annoying to grow up sometimes….
        I played with them the other day. They are so cute and teeny tiny. It’s like the older you get the more pink (which I didn’t mind growing out of) and dolls and playing and rainbows and butterflies and ladybugs and fairies and all are shunned.
        😀 It drives me nuts!
        😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Haha, someone needs to make a message board or something of that………..I would totally join! If I were allowed to, that is.

  • Wow. This was so good.
    I have been feeling…embarrassed to play and talk about dolls in front of people, even my friends and family.
    Even when I went to AG a few weeks ago, a employee was surprised I still played with dolls.

    That quote is really helpful, thanks.

    • Thank you!
      Awe, that is so sad! I feel shy about mentioning my dolls to everyone in my family, except for my mom. I just feel like they’ll think I’m weird. But last night I asked one of my brothers if he thought I was weird and if he supported me and he said, yeah! So that made me really happy 🙂
      I’m glad it helped you! 🙂

  • Thank you, Jaclynn, for posting this, this is so inspiring. By the time we move out of Florida, I will be about fourteen, and to me, that’s really old. I will save that picture, that is so inspiring. <3

  • I think blogging is great for playing with your dolls, because I can still use them, even though I don’t play stories with them anymore. I’m almost 16, too, and I still love my dolls! 😀 Good quote.


  • I admit that the majority of my Barbie dolls are packed away in the closet. My baby dolls are, well, that’s a completely different issue – my mom put them away in the basement and their eyes are a bit creepy now. However, my stuffed animals and my AG dolls (and Haley too) are prominently displayed in the house.

    It is possible to grow up and still indulge your creative side and imagination through your dolls. But now you are a collector and they are your collection not just toys. 🙂

    The point is to enjoy your life by doing what you enjoy and collecting what you like; don’t let anyone else dictate what you should do. That picture/quote is correct.

    Don’t forget there are many adult doll bloggers out there…Doll Diaries, Living a Doll’s Life, Adventure’s of Steampunk Addie, and many more!

    • That’s so true! They are a big, important collection! 🙂
      Yeah, I really think that the adult doll bloggers and the older girl bloggers can be a great inspiration to younger girls. I know it was that with me when I discovered AmericanGirlFan! 🙂

  • Wow! This is totally awesome. Very uplifting,
    Recently I haven’t had access to my dolls lately, due to them being packed for our move, and it’s
    Making me really realize how much I love my toys. For a while I felt weird that I was missing them that much:-)
    Speaking of fun toys, my lil brother loves little people too! He has a gas station, and a castle, and a house for them. He loves em,
    And my sister,( before she became absessed with AG:-)) was a my little pony crazy girl! She still is, actually.
    Has anyone heard of calico critters?? They are so cool, too,. They are fuzzy adorable little animals, and all my family loves em!

    • I’m glad you liked this post! 🙂
      Aww!! That’s so sad! You definitely don’t have to feel bad for missing them! I would, too! 🙂
      OMGOSH YES!!! I LOVE Calico Critters!! I have the Koala family- they’re SO adorable! Have you been on their website? It’s so cute with the most adorable little videos! 😀

      • Sorry I haven’t responded, I think you just put these comments up…
        I have the border collies and the pigs. I loveeee them! The pigs I meant he koalas sound adorable!! My sister has tons though, like, 5 family’s, I really like the website too!
        The baby calico critters are almost more cute! (Almost)…. 🙂

        • Yeah, I really want to start a collection of them. I can’t tell you how much I adore the Burger Cafe!!!! 😀
          The babies ARE adorable! 🙂

          • Hey! My sister / and I have the burger restraunt! I can tell you, it’s real fun, but even more if you have a car to go through the drive through! Lol, but the pieces are all so little and so many that it’s sometimes confusing for when you try to sit the critters down, hahaha!

          • LOL! I bet it would get confusing! I’d probably lose all the pieces 😛
            I really hope to get that set someday! It’s SO ADORABLE!! 😀

  • It won’t let me send something for tell us tuesday 🙁 Nothing happens when I press the “Send” or whatever.

  • I’m only 12, but i’m starting to feel that way. I haven’t played with my little people for ages, and my mom never allowed me to have barbies. I don’t “play” with my dolls as much, but I have always loved crafting for them, changing their clothes, doing their hair, and making scenes more. That’s my way of doll play!

    • That’s a great way to play with your play dolls! 🙂

      • Yeah I love doing it. But the other day i was at band ( i play the clarinet) and i was waiting for my sister to get done cause then my class starts, and i pulled out my doll crafts kit because the book was falling out. My friend was right there and saw it, she’s 11, and said,” You still play with your A.G. dolls? I bet you still play with barbies.” My answer was,” I’m not allowed to have barbies. My mom doesn’t like them” My friend told her sister that. It hurt that she made fun of me playing with my dolls. I don’t get why some people tease others about that. I hope to be in collage and still have my dolls!LOL

        • Oh, my goodness! That is really sad! I’m so sorry that happened to you 🙁
          I don’t get it either. If somebody doesn’t like what you play with, then oh well! They shouldn’t tease you about it 🙁
          LOL! Oh, yes! I will keep my dolls forever! 😀

  • Please tell this to my mom and cousin lol. They say I’m to old for dolls.

  • Ok, I’m both inspired, and scared, well, why am I scared that is,

    ok, so next year I’m going to be in middle school, and from what I have been told, there are tons, and tones of bullies, so yeah 🙁

    • Oh, woops 🙂

      so, anyway, but I LOVE my dolls ,but I don’t wanna have to give them away 🙁 so, therefore, I NEED someone’s help 🙂 🙁

      • Awe, I’m sorry! If you’re worried about other kids at school teasing you for playing with dolls, don’t let it get to you. Some people just aren’t nice and they don’t understand the fun that we girls have with our dolls! Nobody is ever too old for dolls. If you love your dolls, keep playing with them. Don’t let other kids make you embarrassed about it 🙂

  • Thanks so much for sharing this quote, it is such an inspiration! I’ve lately been feeling the same way, I have been taking pictures of them and doing there hair, and posting on my blog, but I haven’t really played with them for a bit. I used to spend hours in my room with them playing, but now I can only spend an hour at the most 🙁 I really hope I will play with my dolls forever 😀

    • You’re very welcome! 🙂
      That’s exactly the same with me. I would spend ALL day in my room playing, but now that never happens. I have been playing a bit more lately, though 🙂

      • If it’s any consolation, I don’t even spend 1 hour playing with my dolls! 30 minuets for me, and I feel like that’s a while!

  • That is so true!! I’m still eleven, so I still play with my dolls. I don’t want to ever outgrow my girls, that would be so sad!! I think I’ll just save them for my kids ( when I have them) 🙂 What do you think you’ll do with yours?
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • I agree! I want to play, but it’s getting harder to play because I am always so busy.

  • I will turn 13 next year and that is just so bitter for me. I don’t want to grow up! I want to stay 12 forever. And yes, it is hard for me to play dolls..I just feel so..old. What a great quote! Thanks Jaclynn!

    • I felt old when I turned 13, too. 🙁 Well, maybe your way of playing with your dolls is gonna have to change, too 🙂

      • Yeah, now what I really do is make stop motions and do photo shoots and hair, fashion design. And I do PLAY every now and then. Guess what! my friend and her dad just gave my friends mom Josefina for Christmas!

  • I can totally relate to this post. My story is a bit different but as a sixteen year old, I can personally testify that admitting to playing with dolls can be society awkward.

    When I was younger, I was more of a Lego girl. My older sister loved dolls and convinced me to play with her. We also started sewing and selling our doll clothes. And we would play hours on end imaging the doll travel the worlds and rule kingdoms. But then my sister grew out of this phase of playing with dolls and I quickly followed suit since I didn’t understand dolls really in the first place. I become too embarrassed to admit to other friends and adults that I sewed doll clothes.

    Then I realized that though I wasn’t a huge doll fun, I loved sewing for these dolls. I could sew everything on a small scale allowing me to create more outfits and not be afraid of failing. And through this passion for sewing I found a passion for dolls as well. I love my dolls now and through sewing and photo shooting I have found a new way to “play with them”. So I totally agree with you on this. Adult (and teens) should still be allowed to play with toys and dolls they just do it in a different way.

    Great post and it’s given me a lot to think on.

    • I think that’s great that you found a way to play with your dolls! Making clothes for them is definitely a fun thing to do 🙂
      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • I am 61 years old and my childhood love of dolls was rekindled after the birth of my granddaughter. She is now at an age when we can play with dolls together. I love your quote because when we dress our dolls and have tea parties all the joy of my childhood comes back and I feel young again. Thanks for sharing.

  • Even though you’re getting older and showing less interest in actually playing with them, it’s ok! You still love them and now you’re sort of playing with them in a different way by styling them and using them for awesome photo shoots. 🙂 We can still have things we love and enjoy them in different ways. It’s definitely not a bad thing. I still like cute things like plushies and pops and stuff and even though I don’t “play” with them I like having them and putting them on display. Even though they mostly just sit there I see them everyday and enjoy them in my own way (and so does Jason, lol!). I remember when I grew out of actually playing with my dolls, it happened gradually like it is with you and a lot of the time I didn’t even notice it. It just happens like with so many other things in life (our tastes in food, what we like to wear at different ages, how we think, etc.). You’re growing and beginning new chapters and going about things differently and it’s ok. Just think, you’ll have all those dolls to share with your nieces and/or daughters if you want one day. They will always be loved for sure! 🙂

  • Aww. I feel like that all the time. My friends say I had a boring childhood because I spent it reading (I learned at 5) and playing with my blankets, but I still have toys that I played with my siblings FOR HOURS ON END …like Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shop…remember when those were popular? I had a game I would play on the swings called Imagination…you just swing and closed your eyes, imagining youn are a bird over the ocean or something. I still do, but I always did it with people and now that no one else does so I feel sad to do it, you know? I feel like I want to stay and play in childhood, I mean, sure, growing up is cool and all…but you only have so long as a kid so shouldn’t you make it meaningful? I feel left behind, but I don’t want to leave all of this behind. I’m used to playing alone (I’m the third kid, first one was always mature and the second did whatever the oldest did, I didn’t have any friends until 6 or so…) but I feel so lonely sometimes. That’s why my blankies are so special to me, I was and still am too shy to talk to much of anyone, so I would talk to my blankies. Every one of them is special, I lost two at Disneyland and still feel the pain I felt next to California Screamin wondering how in the world it could happen again. My toys are my memories…

    • Oh, my goodness, yes! I LOVED my Polly Pockets and LPS! I would actually combine them both together and pretend that the Polly Pockets were shopping at the pet store! 🙂
      Yes, your childhood should definitely be meaningful. 🙂
      Oh, yeah, I’m the youngest and pretty far apart from my siblings. I would play with my brother, but soon he got older and didn’t wanna play anymore. My playmate was my mom. We played everything together, but a lot of the time I played by myself. I had a lot of fun, though, but there were times when I just really felt like playing with somebody. I definitely understand you, though. I bet we would have fun playing together 🙂
      And it’s okay to be shy. I’m shy, too and I never really know what to say to people 😛

  • Now I’m scared. -praying Toy Story isn’t real- lol

  • Check out my blog post that sort of echo’s the sentiment of this post:

  • This is so true! Wow I love this! Actually, since I saw it I printed it out and have it hanging on my bedroom wall. I do think it is sad when we outgrow our toys, but we can always use them for other things. I like to make clothes for my dolls now instead of play with them, but I still love to collect a lot of AG stuff, and other stuff (like squinkies and Disney stuff, etc.)
    I was actually inspired by stuff like this to create my own blog. I’d love it if you could check it out sometime 🙂

  • Jaclynn, I had a dream that you and Emma were at my house! It was pretty cool. 🙂 You and I were going to crochet together.


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