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It’s Over…

Yes. I finished writing the finale of all of my pirate stories. It took me a couple of minutes just to write “The End” and to click “Save Draft”. I got teary as I stared at the last sentence of the story, knowing that it was all over. My pirate stories have been so important to me and I feel like all of the characters are real people. They’re a part of me. Now that it’s over, I just feel so sad. Knowing that I will never again write another pirate story… 🙁

I have written 14 total pirate stories. The last one is my longest having 20 parts! I hope that you will all enjoy each of these stories just as much as I did writing them. I can’t wait to start posting them again! 😀

Around the time I was making Fire Cove Season 2, I made some posters for it that never got posted, so I thought I’d share one of them with you today 🙂


Ahhh…. Wow. Jake and Victoria……. The beginning of it all….. :’)

Since pirate stories have been my main focus for such a long time, I feel like it’s going to be hard to start writing other stories. I’m hoping that I’ll get into the flow of writing non-pirate stories easily and feel just as comfortable writing those as I did writing my pirate stories 🙂

How do you feel when you finish writing a story, or any big project that you’ve poured your heart into? Relieved? Happy? Sad?


12 Responses to It’s Over…

  • Awww.. Reading that makes me sad…but I love the poster!

    You’ll do great with non-pirate stories, too, I’m sure!

  • Aww, I’m so sorry that it’s all over! 🙁 But wait, does it have to be over? Couldn’t you just write more pirate stories with different characters, or is this a whole series? (Sorry, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, I’m just confused. 😉 )
    On the other hand, I’m really looking forward to reading these terrific stories! 😀 And I love the Fire Cove pictures! It feels like only yesterday that I was reading the finale of Season 2!

    • Yeah, it has to end. My pirate stories are written generation to generation, so even though I am constantly having new characters, I am running out of story ideas. So things needed to end before I started forcing more story ideas and where it felt cheesy and forced to the readers 😉
      Oh, and don’t worry! You did not sound rude at all! I can see how that can be confusing 🙂
      Awww, thank you so much!! 😀

  • Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  • Aw…… I’m so happy that you will be posting more Fire Cove stories, but that’s so sad to hear that there will be an end to it. I will probably feel that way too, when I finish writing the book, and photo series that I recently am starting. 😉

    • Yes, thankfully it won’t “officially” end for a long time, though 🙂
      Ooh, I’m looking forward to reading it! Good luck with it! 🙂


    • Hi Leah!
      I don’t have a posting schedule, it’s basically just whenever I get an idea or feel inspired to post, so you won’t see a post on my blog every day of the week 😉
      I did just take a photo shoot, though so I will be posting that soon 🙂

  • Oh Jaclynn I loved your pirate stories! They were really fun! But you know what, I love your non-pirate stories even better. Especially The Royal Dilemma. Keep writing stories and don’t ever stop!! 🙂

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