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Just a Random Pic ;)

Hi and Merry Christmas again!!

So, whenever I introduce my “kids” to each other I always line them up or just set them up in some way. Well, today my mom came in my room just as I had finished lining them up. She decided that she had to take a picture because it is just so crazy how many there are.


I counted 11 toddlers and 11 of the 18″. WHOA! Now I have 12 of the toddlers and 12 of the 18″ 😛
If I keep getting dolls, pretty soon they are gonna end up sleeping on the floor! They are all totally squished in their beds right now. Poor little things- LOL!

How many dolls do you have? Where do they sleep?

27 Responses to Just a Random Pic ;)

  • Whoa. That’s alot of dolls! Very random 😛
    I know, I just moved my dolls to my new closet, and they’re sorta squished, especially with 8 dolls, though its better than under my bed, so I don’t want to crawl down underneath the bed 😛

  • I now have six dolls and 1 three doll bunk bed so I use the boxes they came in (layered then in felt) and put a blanket and pillow on the box.
    It is really good for a bed!
    That is a lot of dolls 24!
    I love the picture!!
    Are you going to take a photo story of them being introduced?

    • Oh, yeah that does make a good bed!
      I know, I can’t believe I have that many!
      Thank you 🙂
      No, I’m going to do something else instead 😉

  • Lol!:) I’ve got 9 18″ dolls, 2 23″ ones, and I use 2 of my mom’s 18″ ones.XD I used to line up my dolls when I got a new one, but I don’t anymore. BTW I love the picture!:)

  • I only have 1 doll(Saige) and she sleeps in the box she came in. I just put a blanket and pillow in there and…Ta-Da! A doll bed!

  • Wow! You have so many – and they’re all just too adorable! Poor Elijah, having to live with 18″ girl “cooties” LOLOL!
    I am going to turn their boxes they were sleeping in, into…hmm…..maybe a shower? now, I’m turning the box that Kit’s bed came in to be a shower. I KNOW! A MINI DOLL HOTEL! OK, crafting inspiration here, Bye ya’ll and Merry Christmas! Love the photo, it’s just too pretty and CU-UUUTE!

  • i got some fun ag stuff for xmas and here they are; rebeccas lavender outfit, her pjs, saiges acceoies, coconut the pup, and …… drumroll……. josaphina! i have wanted her for a while… by the way itsactually mini doll. merry christmas!

  • Hello! Sorry to bug you and stuff but I’m letting you know I’m changing my name to Grace Ag lover. It looks better without many capitals.

    Lol! It sounds as if I’m CHANGING my real name LOLOL!

  • So which AG dolls do you have? Sorry haven’t followed you for very long so I don’t know.

    • Sorry, too long for you to type? Too time consuming? 😉

    • Hehe, that’s alright! I have:
      Annika (MAG #55)
      3 sets of Bitty Twins (light skin w/blue eyes and blond hair, light skin w/brown eyes and brown hair, dark skin w/brown eyes and black curly hair)
      And Beth (Bitty Baby)

  • I have four dolls, and the baby has her own crib, but my three others just share one bed with their two cousins. 🙂

    • I have 12 dolls. Four of them sleep in the trundle bed I have. Three of them (two of the youngest and Ruth, so she can keep an eye on them.) Sleep on a cardboard box bed I made, two sleep in chairs, one sleeps with a sleeping bag on the floor, and the last two sleep in a fold-up bed inside their very roomy closet. It’s really hard to fit them all in the tiny space I have! 😛 And then I’m getting a couple more soon, ugh. LOL! 😉


  • Wow!! That’s crazy!! 😀 Those are some great dolls. 🙂

  • I have a question – each night, do you put your dolls down to bed? I used to do that but when I realized I had five dolls it took so long to put them each int heir Pj’s, and tuck them into bed, etc LOL XD
    P.S. Sorry if I am commenting wayyyy too much! there are just so many awesome things on your site…one never knows when one has another chance to comment on a great site, does one? XD

    • No, I don’t do it every night. LOLOL! Yeah, if I wanted to get them ALL in their jammies and put them all into bed, it would probably take me 1 hour and 15-20 minutes, LOL! So, yeah, a lot of times I just put them to bed in their clothes. Putting them to bed has really become a chore, LOLOL! 😛
      P.S. Oh, no, it’s totally fine!! You know I LOVE comments 😀
      Awww, thank you! Hehe! 😀

  • my mom said that i could set up an etsy shop when i am a little older to sell my stuff. is it hard to set one up? i sew, knit, and crochet, and i think it would be super fun.

    • No, it’s not very hard at all 🙂
      That’s great! Be sure to let me know when you set it up 😉


  • Do you love all your dolls the same? I’m afraid that if I get Isabelle, Ivy, and MAG #33 (the dolls on my wishlist) they’ll become less special to me because I’d have so many.

    • Yes, I love them all equally! And I understand how you’re afraid of them becoming not so special. I will admit that there are some dolls who do not get as much attention as some of the others, though. When I notice that that’s happening, I try to give those ones some special attention. I think you should be okay getting those few dolls. Just try to give them all an equal amount of love and attention and it’ll all be fine! This is what I always say to my dolls:
      “Just because we make room for someone new, that doesn’t mean that there’s less love for you” 🙂
      I hope this helps you! And by the way, which one is MAG #33? Sorry, the only number I know is MAG #55! LOL! 😛

  • I have Samantha, Mia, Julie mini, an our generation doll, a bitty baby and a handful of just baby dolls. I also have a MAG- she had honey colored curly shoulder length hair and hazel eyes.

    • Oh, I love Mia! I hope to add her to my collection someday 🙂
      Oooh, yeah! I have that MAG! I named her Clara 🙂

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