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Leia~ A Photoshoot

Happy New Year, everyone!!

As some of you may know, I went to Lea Clark’s debut today with Emma and we both had so much fun! Weeelll… As I’m sure you can tell by the title – I GOT LEA!!! But, I’m spelling it “Leia” because, well, okay, because it’s Star Wars-y 😀

I only have a little bit of time right now, so I can’t do a photostory or review with her just yet, but be on the watch for it! 🙂 Now, here is Leia!

*drools just a little bit* She is such a GORGEOUS doll!!! I can’t handle this!! She’s AMAZING!!! *dies*

I tried getting a clear picture of her eye color for you. I think in person it is slightly more green than in the picture 😉 Also, here you can see the shape of her eyebrows. I’m pretty sure that they’re new as they appear to be more arched.

*sniffs* Leia is next to me right now and seriously, all I smell is her :O She smells so new!!

Here is a full body shot! Isn’t she adorable?! If you’re wondering about the messenger bag and compass necklace, yes, they are included with the doll and book for $120 🙂 But, ahem, they are in a terrible spot. We were like- I thought she came with the bag and necklace! I’m so disappointed! And so my mom looked it up on the site (we were already in the car) and it said that it’s supposed to be included. So just as Emma’s mom was about to call AG to ask about it, my mom is like “Are you sure it’s not anywhere? Is it behind the book?” And Emma and I were like- “No, it is not behind the book.” So then Emma picked up the part the book is in and saw in back of that package, that the bag and necklace were right there… Hehe…. XD

The necklace is seriously adorable!! And the arrow actually moves!! AAH!!

And the bag- OMGEE! I believe this and the compass will be used a LOT! 😀



Isn’t this such amazing hair?! :O

She has beautiful highlights! Light blonde and red! AGH! I think her hair color is like a caramel-y brown… It’s hard for me to tell 😉

I love her eyes next to this plant!

Isn’t she beautiful?! I’m so glad that I was able to purchase her as well as have her ears pierced! You’ll have to see the other thing I got soon 😉

What are your thoughts on Lea Clark?


Bonus pic!

It’s pretty much the same as the previous one, except the lighting is different 🙂

85 Responses to Leia~ A Photoshoot

  • Beautiful pictures! And congrats on getting Leia.

    I got her, too! I just posted some pictures on my blog, if you want to take a look at them. 🙂

    AG did pick a really bad stop to put the bag and necklace in! My dad and I had to ask an employee where the accessories were XD


    • Thank you, Loren! Congrats to you, as well! I read your post and will probably comment in the morning 😉
      Didn’t they? I was so confused and disappointed! XD

  • AHH CONGRATS! I wish we could’ve talked more and got to know Emma but we were really pressed for time. Her eyebrows are funky but she’s still gorgeous. Rebekah got Lea’s ears pierced too I LOVE HER EARRINGS!

    • The same thing happened with us about the compass! Just after opening her in store we were wondering and like, is this a malfunction? Her mom suggested behind the book and yeah..LOL

    • Thank you!! I know, we were, too. We had to be as fast as possible cause my family had something we had to be at around 3:30. I’m sorry we couldn’t talk more 🙁
      Oh really? I kinda like them, but everyone has different opinions! Did you end up getting anything? 🙂
      I KNOW!! When I saw the earrings on her I was like – I have to get her ears pierced :O XD

      • You’re so welcome! ? I had to be back around 1 so Rebekah’s mom was in a rush. And they let our group in early by 30 minutes so if we hadn’t walked by that would’ve put us behind a lot! Hopefully next time! Are you planning on going to Melody’s debut?
        Sometimes I think the eyebrows are cute then the next time I look at them it makes her seem angry ?? I sort of like them because of that though lol
        I got an early birthday present from Rebekah – Maryellen’s play outfit! Only 2 of her outfits and then I have her whole wardrobe XD
        THE DANGLIES THOUGH!!! ???

        • Oh, yeah, you guys definitely had to be quick! Hmm… I’m not sure yet, but maybe! I’ll have to see what I think of her 😉
          LOL! Yeah, on some dolls she looks angry, and on others, not so much. It’s kind of funny XD
          Oh YAY! I LOVE that outfit! 😀
          I KNOW!!! They’re SO adorable!!! *dies*

          • LOL Same! I expect her to be gorgeous, hopefully with the Sonali mold!
            XD It really is! The doll on display upstairs, wearing the purple dress, looked the angriest in my opinion LOL
            Same! LOL
            EXACTLY YES

          • YES!! The Sonali mold is one of my favorites! I hope I don’t like her though… I have too many dolls that I want right now XD

          • LOL we need leaks and find out!! XD

          • YES!! I love to see leaked pics, but I also hate it because then I’m never surprised LOL!

          • LOL but without leaks I wouldn’t know whether to plan to go or not! XD I’m really curious because in the picture of her first book it looks straight with curled ends out (but she had just gone to the salon or something) and IDK I NEED TO SEEEEEE

          • LOLOL! Yeah, I know! It’s a love/hate relationship between me and leaks XD
            I know, I’m so anxious to see what she looks like!! AAAGH!!!

          • LOL I never really had any problems with leaks or spoilers (everyone is just like “AHHH DON”T TELL ME” and I really don’t care like, if I know what’s going to happen I don’t have to stress! And it doesn’t take away the entertainment factor for me XD)
            I NEED TO SEE HER!

          • LOLOL! I know, I can’t wait to see what she looks like!! 😀

    I considered naming her Rey.. ;p Or Skylar Rey…
    Or Rey Lea

    or AnnaLea.

    Or something.


  • Aaahhhhh she’s amazing!!!! She flew off the shelves today!!! I went to her debut too, and it was jam-packed at the store. I am buying Brooke (TM #59) with my own money in a few weeks because she was sadly out of stock.?But at least I’m getting her!?I bought the bee myself outfit and my Ruthie doll looks adorable in it?. Lea is really cute, but I heard that her head doesn’t have strings?. Oh well. Brooke will be my 3rd doll, how many dolls do you have? I would go to the meet my dolls page but I’m too lazy.?Ok I use emojis a LOT. I noticed that they didn’t have her special occasion dress, was that just a prototype? Anyways. Enjoy Lea!!!

    • Isn’t she?! I adore her!! 😀
      Oh, that stinks! But at least you’ll still be able to get her! She’s a great doll 🙂
      Yes, that’s true. And her head is more difficult to turn because of it. It was so weird to see her without the neck strings…
      Hmmm…. I think maybe 23 or so? I know it’s just a little over 20! 😉
      Oh you’re right! I didn’t see it there or in the catalog! Very strange…
      Thanks! I will ;D

  • Aw, Leia’s so cute and pretty! These photos were absolutely amazing. 🙂 Congrats on a new doll! 😀

  • Wow……………………..
    Will you put her in a photostory?

    • I’m not sure if you mean a photostory of her being introduced or a photostory series, but for either one, it’s a yes! 😀

  • I have one word for you, Jaclynn:

  • Congrats on Lea! She is super pretty. I am asking for her for my birthday. I went to the Lea Clark release and it was fun! Here is a short story. You know how the were giving out those Brazilian things for Lea that like wrap around her for free? Well, I got one and I thought it was a little strange so I decided to sell it for $21 on an AG Facebook site. In the first few minutes I sold it! I was practically getting free money! I am saving money to buy Lea’s rainforest hut. ~Mya

    • Thank you! Yes, she sure is! 😀
      That’s great that you were able to go to the debut, too! I hope you get Lea for your birthday 🙂
      Oh my goodness, that’s a great idea! 😀
      Oh wow!! That’s awesome! Her hut is so adorable! 😀

    • I hope you get her!
      LOL Wow! I got the sarong thing I can’t believe people would buy it! That’s already a fraction of the hut! I hope you can get it!

  • I got Lea too! Isn’t she just so gorgeous? Those are great pictures! I also had some trouble finding her necklace and bag, and I also noticed that she doesn’t have neck strings. Congratulations on your new doll!

    • Oh YAY! Congrats!! Yes, she is amazing! I can’t wait to photograph her more and play with that amazing hair…:O
      Thank you! 😀
      I know, I’m disappointed about the neck strings… :/

      • Yeah I am too. I’ll just have to be really careful with her, because whenever some of my older dolls have a loose limb my dad has been able to fix it, but I guess that won’t be possible without neck strings.

  • Whoa, she is so beautiful! Congrats on getting her! Her skin tone is so pretty. Also, these pictures look amazing! 😀
    I don’t really like her story/collection, but the actual doll is gorgeous. Those eyebrows do look new! And her hair! :O
    Don’t you think that AG has made a lot of beach themed GOTYs? If you count Kailey, Jess, & Kanani, then Lea is the 4th. 😛

    ~Ms. AGdoll~

    • I know!! Thank you SO much! 😀
      Yeah, her story sounds like it’s been done before, but maybe I’ll like it more once I read it. I’m interested to see what her relationship is like with her brother. Those things always interest me 🙂
      I KNOW!! AGH!!! :O
      Oh, absolutely! I wonder why they enjoy doing beach themed dolls so much? XD

  • I really like the first picture! I love the lighting and she looks really pretty. 🙂

  • Gorgeous! Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

  • I love Lea’s whole collection, and I really want a lot of her things, including her. Me and my sister started a business, and searched around the house for all of our money, and we are still coming up with ways to get more money, so we can get her hut. Of course we wanted the most expensive things in her collection. The photoshoot is really pretty. And thanks for letting us know where the messenger bag and the necklace are.


  • Leia looks super pretty! I love how the light makes her face look soft. I was wondering… Have you seen any Lea’s that look mad? Your Leia looks normal, but some of the Lea dolls I’ve seen looked very angry.
    Congratulations on your new doll!

    • Thank you! 😀
      Hmm… Yeah, at the store a couple of the ones I was looking at looked a little mad. I think it was something about their eyes. Some of them were too far apart, so that was kind of weird…
      Thank you! 🙂

  • I might get Lea today! 🙂

  • She is gorgeous! I’m not sure I’m going to get her.? May be your review will help me decide. I defiantly will get some items from her collection though. ☺

    Could you check out my blog thedollsthatowntheuniverse.wordpress.com
    I started it yesterday.

    • She really is! I will be doing a review and comparison of her very soon, so yeah, maybe that will help you decide 🙂
      Sure, I’ll take a look at it soon! 🙂

  • I love this GOTY!!!!!! I really think I might have to get her myself. She’s just so dang gorgeous! She would be perfect, because she has eyes, skin, hair, and a face mold that none of my other dolls have. Plus her meet outfit is super pretty! Anyway, your pictures of her are amazing. I can tell the difference with your new camera! 🙂 I can’t wait to see more posts! Do you have pictures from the store?

    • Me too!!! She’s so amazingly beautiful!! 😀
      Thank you so much! 😀 Yes, I do have a few pics from the store, but they are only Lea’s collection. Our trip there was slightly rushed so I didn’t have a chance to take a bunch of pics 😉

  • Leia is SO pretty! What a gorgeous doll. I love how her hair is so curly/wavy! 🙂 Congrats on getting her. 😀
    P.S. I just happened to think of this, so I thought I would ask: when is “Jane” going to be complete? 😉

    • I know, her hair is so amazing!! Thank you! 😀
      P.S. I’m actually trying to answer that question for myself LOL! So I’m not really sure yet 😉

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Did you go through multiple Lea dolls to pick out the one you wanted, or did you just pick one off the shelves? I’ve seen lots of Lea dolls, but yours is my absolute favorite. Some of the other Lea dolls look mad because of the way their eyebrows are placed.

    • Yes, I did go through a few dolls before I found a good one. And I agree, some of them at the store did look kind of mad, but I guess you just have to find the perfect one 🙂

  • I love her! And the pictures are pretty 🙂 haha I love that you named her after Leia from Star Wars! That’s what I would do. Do you pronounce it like on the movie?

  • Amazing pictures! I just love the new doll smell 😉

  • LEA IS GORGEOUS! I’m sorry because I’m going crazy, but LEA IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DOLL I HAVE EVER SEEN! Your Lea looks sooooooooooo much prettier than any other Leas 🙂
    At the store, how many Leas did you have to go through to get the perfect one?
    Are any of these photos going to be her profile pic? (I highly recommend the last one, PERFECTION)
    I can really tell the difference with the new camera….. It makes me want an expensive camera and I am not even a photographer 🙂
    ***Looks at last picture on last time, goes to the AG website, sees if I have enough money to buy her, and frowns because I don’t***
    I guess until I get Lea I’ll just look at your pictures of Lea and dream…………….

    • She IS absolutely beautiful! AG is going to kill me with all these gorgeous dolls they’ve been releasing! XD
      Wow! I believe you’re the second person to say that! I wonder what it is about her exactly…:) I went through maybe around 3 or 4 Lea dolls 😉
      Yes, one of these will definitely be her profile picture! Aww, thank you! You’re so sweet 🙂
      LOL! I totally know how that is! 😀
      Awww… I hope you will be able to get Lea this year! 🙂

  • Hi!
    I just found your blog and it looks so awesome! Your photography is great and all your photos are so clear and pretty! I’m going to go follow you! Congratulations on Lea! She’s beautiful. 🙂 Mind taking a peek at my blog? Here’s the link if you have time. thesunshinedollies2.blogspot.com

    • Hi, Tenley!
      Thank you so much for your compliments! They really mean so much 🙂
      Oh! I actually do go to your blog already! I guess I’ve just never commented on there… Oopsie! I am definitely going to change that, though, because I really enjoy your blog! 🙂
      Thank you for following! 😀

  • Those are beautiful! Are you going to re-name her?

  • She is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats on the new doll! 🙂


  • And I like that she’s “Leia” instead of “Lea”. So much more beautiful – and, yes, “Star Wars-y”. 😉


  • Leia is truly beautiful, Jaclynn! I can’t wait to see more pics of her, and congratulations!

  • Oh, my word, she is so pretty!!!!!! Congrats! Could you please post a picture showing the differences in color between her hair and Jane’s? I want to see how close it is to Johnnie Ray’s.


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