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Meet My Dolls Updated With Marie-Grace

Head on over to “Meet My Dolls” and meet Marie-Grace!


Look for another girl on the page next week! 🙂

54 Responses to Meet My Dolls Updated With Marie-Grace

  • Did you get my email?!!! 😀

    • AG pics galore!!! 😀

    • *GASP* I don’t know! I’ll check right now!! 😀

      • LOL! 😀

        • Oh, my! I saw it and looked at all of the pictures!! There were so many! LOL! They were all great, though! Thank you for sending them all in to me! I loved looking at them! 😀
          And that’s weird about those 2 AG shirts. You’re probably right about them being store exclusives 🙂
          I bet you had SO much fun there! Was that your first time ever going to an AG Store?
          I’ll reply to the actual email, but I wanted to say a few things on here, so it’d be quicker 😉

          • You are welcome!!! I will probably send some to From A friend Friday, too. 🙂 Yeah, that’s what I immediately thought, since I had never seen them before. 😉
            I really did!! And yeah, it was the first time I had ever been to one. 🙂
            ~Christian Homeschooler

          • Oh, that’s a good idea! 🙂
            Yes, it makes sense 😉
            That’s awesome!! You must have been SO excited to finally go to one! 😀

  • Oh! Marie Grace is a cutie! When is cece coming?

    • I know! She is SO cute!! 😀
      She’ll be here either Thursday or Monday. I hope it’s Thursday cause then I can use her in my craft fair Saturday! Plus it’s sooner- LOL! 😀

  • When you have a chance check your email! Exciting news!

  • YAY!!!!!!!! Aw, she looks so cute in that picture! I need to get a doll with pincurls 🙂 😛
    So Cecile is coming on Thursday, right? 😀

    • Thanks! I love dressing her in modern clothes! 🙂 LOLOL! You’re funny! 😀
      We just tracked her and it said that the estimated delivery day was Friday!! YAAY!! 😀

      • Yeah, she’s a pretty cute modern girl, though the pincurls kinda through you off 😛
        YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to do a photostory, or a video to welcome her or something like that? 😀

        • LOLOL! Yeah, I guess that’s true 😛
          Well, I’ll play the whole “meeting part” first and then I’ll do a photostory of them meeting. Because if I took pictures while playing them meeting for the first time it wouldn’t feel as special. You know? 🙂

          • OH MY GOSH! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Let me guess, you LOVE her!!! 😀 😛
            Yes I totally get that! It’s nice to have some down time with your dolls before you grab the camera. It’d also be so weird if you were adopted and after you say hi to your new siblings, you stop and pose for a picture! LOL! 😛
            But it’s also nice because then the story can form before you take pictures, so you kinda have an idea on how you want things to look and what you want her to say.

          • LOLOLOL!! Oh, my gosh, YEEESS!! LOLOLOLOL!! She’s always with me (because she’s new and I can’t really play with her right now) even while I’m crocheting! I can’t help but stop looking at my work once in a while to look at Cecile! I’m dying! LOLOL! 😀 😛
            Exactly! It’s always a huge special thing and I don’t want it to feel just like a Photostory 😉
            LOLOL! That would be very weird! 😛
            Very true! I’ll probably post it on Monday 🙂

  • So when you get Cecile, is she going to be great friends with Marie-Grace?

  • Did you get the holiday catalog? Mine came yesterday! My little sister LOVES Marie-Grace and Kaya, Marie-Grace more though… Is Marie-Graces hair good? What age should she be? She already combs her dolls hair pretty well…
    Thank you!

    • AAAH! No, I didn’t!! I REALLY hope I get it today because I’m dying to look at it!! LOLOL! 😀 😛
      Marie-Grace’s hair is great! If it gets messy you just squirt it with water, brush and it looks perfect again! She’s one of those dolls that if it gets messy it can be easily fixed! I love doing her hair! It is so smooth! 🙂
      I would reccommend her for ages 7+ 😉
      Also, don’t ever take out her braids! I heard that someone did and it totally squished the curls down. So what I do when the top of her hair needs to be brushed is, I push the braids up over her face, brush her hair, and then put the braid back in place 🙂
      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you… My little sister will most likely take the braids out LOL! But she won’t mind to much! She seems like a good doll! She was debating between Kaya and Marie-Grace but said “Grace, I will most likely mess Kaya’s hair up because it is in braids so it will be longer so… I”M GETTING MARIE-GRACE!!!!!”
        I knew deep down she liked Marie better then Kaya! LOL! She’s had her eye on her since last year…

  • I really like how Marie-Grace’s face shape is different than other dolls! She is very cute! 🙂 Has Cecile arrived yet?!?!?! can’t wait to see pics of her! 😀


    • I know! That’s part of the reason why I love her so much! 😀 They really need to do different face molds more often!
      Actually…. YEEESSS!!! I just opened her a few minutes ago!!! I am DYING!! LOLOL!
      And it’s so cool because she wasn’t supposed to be here until Friday, so she’s 2 days early!! YAAAY!! 😀
      And yes, I’m getting ready to post some pics of me opening her in a bit! 😀

  • Me too! Last night at the dinner table she shouted ” I AM GETTING MARIE-GRACE” It was adorable! Are you entering the doll diaries photo contest or the American girl fan?

  • I’m entering both!

  • Correction:” I Am Getting Marie-Grace!!”

  • LOLOLOL! How’s her hair holding up? Is it as hard as you thought?
    LOLOL! I know what that’s like! It’s hard to keep your eyes off a new doll! Especially when you’ve wanted the doll for forever! 😀
    Yeah, it’s important, and gives you time to spend time with your doll family 🙂
    Yes it would! 😛
    Oh okay! I’ll look for it on Monday then! 😀

    • Actually, no! I haven’t had do anything to her hair yet, so that’s good! LOL! 😀
      My mom discovered a really cute style to do on her, too! And it’s with her pigtails (or whatever you wanna call it) still in! 😀
      LOLOLOL! It sure is! 😀 😛
      Exactly 🙂

      • LOL! Oh, well then I guess that makes her hair easy to care for! 😛
        Oh really? Where did she find it? 😀
        It was hard for me to keep my eyes off Saige, she was just so cute! And she had red hair! I didn’t have a doll with red hair before her, so she was really special, and I couldn’t stop playing with it! But I think mom got mad at me for being late for dinner… 😛

        • Yes, I guess it does! LOLOL! 😛
          Well, we were just sitting on the couch looking at Cece and my mom started messing around with her hair. Then ta-daaa! An adorable hairstyle was born! LOLOL! 😀
          Oh, I know! She’s beautiful!
          I know how that is! Saige was special because she was my first doll with freckles. Now Annika is special because of her hair color. LOL! 😀
          LOL! I know exactly what you mean! It’s like “I’ll be there in a sec! Let me finish this hairstyle on Saige first!” LOLOL! 😀 😛

  • LOLOL! Oh I see. You should post it on here! It’d be fun to see how she created it! 😀
    LOL! Saige was my second doll with freckles, but I LOVE them! Like yesterday I was able to make an Anne of Green Gables costume for her, and the only thing that wasn’t right about the costume is that s he has blue eyes, but toher than that, I think she looks pretty close! And I think I’m going to enter the picture I took at Doll Diaries! 😀
    LOLOLOL! Yeah that happens alot, or I’ll say “I’m coming! I just need to finish this comment!” but then mom gets made at me, and tells me to get off the computer 😛

    • Oh, I will! I have quite a few posts planned 😀
      I know!! Freckles are SO fun!! Oh, my gosh!!! I bet that is SOOO ADORABLE!! She’s a perfect “Anne Girl” 🙂
      YAY! I can’t wait to see it! 😀
      LOLOLOL! I do that ALL the time! Or I’ll be told my food is ready, but I’m so in to commenting that I forget about it! LOL! 😀 😛

  • Oh that’s good! I MUST figure out a new hairstyle for Cece in the meantime, fiddle with her hair a little 😀 😛
    Oh yes, she looks SOOOOOO CUTE! And it was so easy! I put her hair in braids, put her in Samantha’s meet dress, and in Cece’s meet boots, and put her hat from her hat and helmet set on, and put a book in her hand, and she looked perfect!
    LOL! Oh man, I can’t remember how many times thins like that have happened! I just HATE leaving comments half way finished, it really bothers me for some weird reason, so I always get in trouble for going overtime on the computer 😛

    • LOLOL! Oh! I did Cecile’s hair yesterday! It wasn’t hard at all and I found it super fun to do! YAY! 😀
      Oh, my gosh! I can totally see that! How ADORABLE!! Please submit a picture to DD!! 😀
      LOL! Yeah, I get that. Especially since I read, approve, and reply to comments! I don’t like stopping right when I’m in the middle of approving. So I always need a good long while to sit down and reply to comments. I’ll always be like “Wait, I have just a few more comments to do!” LOL! 😀

      • YAY!!! Can’t wait to see it!!! 😀
        Oh it just came up today! I can’t do a link with this computer, but you should be able to find it on DD! 😀
        LOL! Do you parents ever get mad at you for being late for dinner?

        • I saw it!! Oh, my goodness! She looks SOOO CUTE!! I loved your description, too! 😀
          Saige makes a perfect “Anne-girl” 😉
          No, not really 🙂

  • Doesn’t she? Oh thanks! 😀
    Hehe! Yeah she does!
    Oh that’s good. Mine do 😛

  • Hehe, well they don’t punish me, but they get mad and tell me not to do it again 😛

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