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Monthly Recap~ February 2017

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve posted!

I do want to apologize for that. Honestly, I’ve been feeling so unmotivated lately – I’m having a hard time doing anything….

I know this is just for a time, though and I will get motivated and inspired again soon. 🙂

Anyways – February has been officially over for about 2 weeks now so that means it’s time for another monthly recap! 😀

The highlight of February was definitely celebrating my 18th birthday! My mom and I went out to lunch and did some shopping then we came home and had dinner and I opened presents from my brother and parents. Should I do a haul of all my gifts on LMF? 😉
My parents got me a beautifully shiny red laptop and I absolutely LOVE it!! I’ve been wanting a laptop for such a long time now and I’m definitely getting a lot of use out of it! 😀 (IT’S SO PRETTY!!!)
We also watched Return of the King on my birthday – I cried through the whole ending of the movie. My heart. <3

I was really excited that Jordan and Aaryn were able to come down for my birthday so we could all get dressed up and go to dinner as a big, happy family. It was so great seeing them again and being able to celebrate my birthday with my whole family 🙂

Also for my birthday my mom layered my hair for me and put some blonde highlights in it – it’s very light, so kinda hard to tell in pics, but it’s easy to see in person – I really love it! 😀


Aside from all the birthday excitement, I also began brainstorming a new book idea! It was really fun because I created backstories and history for the characters and the land which is something I hadn’t done before. It made me really excited and I’m in love with one of the characters 😀 <3
I wrote about a thousand words for this book so far… I’m on pause with it right now cause I still wanna do some more planning for it. I’m hoping that maybe I can turn it into a trilogy, but we’ll see if that happens ;D

I got sick just a few days after my birthday and I’m still recovering. I’m so congested. Bleah! XD

ell, obviously it’s already March 12th, so some exciting things have already happened! Like…

I watched Moana – We didn’t see it in theaters, but we bought it the day it came out on DVD and I REALLY liked it! I don’t love it, but I really liked it – the songs are amazing (I’ve been listening to them on repeat pretty much nonstop XD ) and I really like the story. It felt relatable to me in some ways, like how Moana is trying to find who she is and how Maui realizes that hook or no hook, he’s Maui. 🙂

Once Upon a Time continued – AGH!!! NEW EPISODE TONIGHT!!! *fangirls*

And Jordan and Aaryn came down again for 4 days!! That was the best ever!! They came down because Jordan might be getting a job down here again and he had to take a test for it. Fingers are crossed!! 😀 But it was really great – we watched Storks together cause they hadn’t seen it yet and Jordan and I watched some episodes of Word Girl (oh, the memories), and then on their last day here, our neighbors/friends (they’re like family) came over and we all played a game together and talked about old times. It was super fun! 😀

And what more do I have to look forward to?

LHOAG’s birthday is coming up super soon!! I need to start planning a way to celebrate ;D

Hopefully Emma and I will be going to AG soon to buy our final dolls…

I’d also really like to be actually writing that book I mentioned earlier – I NEED TO PLAN SO I CAN WRITE. XD

And I’m really just gonna be working a lot on being responsible and growing in my walk with God. I need to stop being so distracted by worthless things and start DOING things, even if I don’t feel like it.

I’m hoping to get more active on my blogs, but in the meantime, please continue to bear with me. I’ve got a lot I’m trying to figure out right now 🙂

How have you all been? Is 2017 treating you well? Did you like Moana (if you saw it)?


30 Responses to Monthly Recap~ February 2017

  • Moana is great! I agree, I didn’t love it, but I liked it! And it’s funny cuz I’m listening to “How Far I’ll Go” right now. 😉 XD

    Ooh! A new book! That sounds interesting! What is it about, if you don’t mind telling? 🙂

    And HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!! 😀 Do post a gift haul! 😛

    • LOL! That is funny! I was listening to the soundtrack half the time I was typing up this post XD
      Hmm… *think think think* well, it’s about 2 sisters – princesses – in the middle of a huge war between the 4 kingdoms of the land. When their kingdom is destroyed, they flee to the underground cities and there they hope to recruit soldiers to fight against the kingdoms and restore peace to the land. That’s not a very good description, but that’s what I’ve got for now ;D
      THANK YOU!! I will get around to that soon! 😀

  • Don’t worry, I’ve been feeling the same way.
    Your birthday sounds like a lot of fun! And a RED laptop?!?!
    Your book sounds really cool!
    Sorry you were sick. I’m actually sick right now.
    I need to work on those too.

  • Ooooh, I LOVE your hair!!! It looks like something you’d see on Pinterest… 🙂
    <3 , IrishAG

  • Awesome! I hope you get more inspired to post.
    I really liked Moana! The songs are great 🙂

    • Thanks, Rebekah! 🙂
      They are so good! Which are your favorites? I really love How Far I’ll Go, I Am Moana, and You’re Welcome 😉

  • I love your hair, it’s so beautiful and curly! Word girl is like my second favorite PBSkids show my all time favorite is Martha speaks the PBSkids shows are way better than what’s made for kids nowadays :/

    Ooh! A red laptop it must be so shiny and sleek! I haven’t watched Moana yet but it sounds cool.

    – <3 Staff

  • I really liked Moana! I just love those songs. 😀 oooh! a new story idea! cool! 😀 I’ve been having lots of ideas, but no actual writing. 😛 yes, yes, a haul post!
    Most crazily, ~Olive

    • They’re SO good! 😀
      Yeah!! 😀 Ooh ideas are good! I hope you’ve been writing them down! 🙂
      Okie dokie! XD

  • Oh my, yes! Motivation comes and goes, why can’t it just stay?!
    Happy birthday again!! Your cake looks so FANCY! And you look gorgeous, of course! 😉 😀
    Congrats on your laptop!
    So glad they were able to come down! If Jordan and Aaryn move back…will you be staying in CA?!
    Oooh story! Exciting!!
    AHH Moana! It was so good! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the movie totally surprised me, and the songs were AMAAZINNGGGG!

    P.S. Reminder to email me about Facebook! 😀

    • I KNOW RIGHT?!
      Awe, thank you!! 😀 Yes, I LOVED my cake!! I wanted a nicer looking cake for this birthday ;D
      LOL! No, unfortunately not… We’re still not totally sure what we are doing, though XD
      I KNOOOWWW!!! I Am Moana gives me chills like every time XD
      P.S. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! I’m the most forgetful person. XD I will email you today!

    • I just emailed you! 🙂

  • Happy belated birthday!
    YOUR LAST DOLLS? They grow up so fast! *wipes away tear*

  • I’m glad that your brother and sister-in-law got to visit for your birthday! Your hair looks gorgeous!!!


    Storks gave me nightmares (but what doesn’t?) and now I’m about to watch moana with my mom…


    • Okay, so, I watched Moana.

      At first I was like, “I hated that.”
      Then I was like wait. But I liked two of the songs, the chicken, and… (long list) My mom was like: You liked it.
      Me: …Fine, I did. Just not what I expected.

    • LOLOL! Awe, thank you! 😀

      Oh… That’s sad… 🙁

      Don’t worry, I’m not growing out of them, I just don’t like the changes AG is making 🙂

      • That’s the general consensus isn’t it? (I’ve been kind of out of the dolling world… I’m obsessed with Nanea, but I’m really more into the smaller scale now…)

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