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Monthly Recap~ January 2017

Well, here I am again to bring you a monthly recap that is actually on time! XD

I’m currently lying in my bed watching Storks cause I’m really tired and just feel kinda blah – I think I’m getting sick :/

Anyhoo! Let’s get on wiiitthhh….


Ooh, lookie! I made a cool image thingy! XD

1. I started playing piano. Really the keyboard since we don’t have a piano, but ya know. XD I’m having so much fun with this!! I can’t wait until I get REALLY good! 😀

2. I’ve practiced my singing a lot more. I really love to sing and lately I’ve been focusing more on singing on key and using my actual voice instead of my fake singing voice. I think I’m getting pretty good 🙂

3. IT HAILED – OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS IT WAS AMAZING!! There was a storm like last week and it kept hailing off and on. There was lightning, winds, thunder, pouring rain – I literally died. It hasn’t hailed since I was super young so it was almost like a first experience for me. XD There was so much it seriously looked like it had snowed!! And afterwards the mountains you can see from our house were covered in snow, but it’s all pretty much melted now. 🙁

4. We went to our friend’s wedding – which was SO beautiful! Okay, guys. The parents walked down the aisle to “The Last Goodbye” music and I forget who (probably the bride), but someone walked down to “All I Ask of You” music. I was crying. It was amazing. *dies*

5. We are looking into moving- yet again we’re in the searching stage. I really think that this time we’re going to move so it’s exciting and scary and emotional and yeah…. Prayers concerning this would be appreciated. 😉

1. TENNEY AND LOGAN WERE REVEALED – I’m not going to post any pictures, but oh my goodness me needs. O_O

2. The. Last. Jedi.
Just – oh my gosh. Can you even believe that it’s THIS YEAR?? *dies*

3. LOTR POP!s were revealed!! :O FRODO and SAM!! Oh my heart. <3

4. Rey is a Solo. I’m like totally convinced. I’ll be surprised if it’s not true, that’s how convinced I am. O_O (I made that image after reading an in depth theory of Rey being a Solo and fell in love with the idea. XD )

Tenney and Logan’s release- isn’t it so exciting?! They’re almost here!! :O

My 18th birthday- Guys I’m gonna be 18 this month. Isn’t that bizarre?! I started this blog when I was 14…. So crazy… O_O

So with my 18th birthday means….

A fancy dinner, blonde highlights, and Jordan and Aaryn coming down! I’m so excited! 😀

I’m also planning to start writing another book this month since this month will be a year since I started my last one 🙂

I don’t know what else will happen this month, but that’s okay – if I knew everything that was going to happen life wouldn’t be much of an adventure, now would it? 😉

So tell me…

How was your month? Was it a good start to the New Year? Anything exciting to look forward to in February?


57 Responses to Monthly Recap~ January 2017

  • You watched storks? I love that movie! The babies are just sew cute! I died.



    • Yes!! It’s SO funny! And oh my gosh I know. They’re so chubby and happy. And their little baby noises!! *squeal* XD

  • I am so sorry you are starting to feel sick, Jaclynn! I just prayed for you! Get well FAST! <3
    I LOVE reading your monthly recaps! They are so organized and fun to read! I'll be starting to play "piano" on our keyboard, too! I'm really excited for that! And isn't hail SO cool?! I think I've only seen hail twice in my entire life as well!
    And oh my goodness, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! That is AMAZING! Turning 18 must feel crazy! You must tell me how it feels once your birthday hits! LOL!
    And I'm planning to write another book in the month I started my last book last year, too! I actually finished my first novel yesterday and am going to start the sequel (it's a trilogy series) in March, hopefully! 😀
    As for my month, it was pretty great! It was an OK start to the New Year, but the following months are going to be even better. I'm super excited for February – for one, I'll be traveling back to visit Texas again! <3 I am SO excited. It will also be my eighth flight on an airplane, so I'm really looking forward to it!
    Once again, I LOVE your recap posts! Actually, I love all of your posts. XD I hope you have an AMAZING February, Jaclynn!


    • Awe, thanks so much, Madi! 😀 (prepare for lots of thank yous in this comment XD)
      You are so sweet!! Thank you! I’ve only done a couple and I’m still trying to figure out how to organize them and see what works best for me, so you’re super sweet to say that! 🙂
      OOOH!! That’s awesome, Madi!! I hope you love playing as much as I do! 😀 YES! I love it!! I wish it would hail more often! XD
      LOL! Awe, thanks!! 😀 Believe me, it’s in just a couple weeks and I already feel super strange. XD
      Oh my goodness that’s SUPER exciting!! Isn’t that just a crazy feeling – to finish a book?! I went through many feels when I finished mine, let me tell you… XD
      Awe, I’m glad that you get to go to Texas pretty often! I know how much you love and miss it 🙂
      Thanks so much again, Madi!! I hope you do, too! 🙂

      • You’re so welcome! 😀 (LOLOL! XD)
        Aw, thanks so much! You’re welcome! Wow, only a couple?! It seems like you’e been doing them for a while! They’re amazing!
        I hope so, too! It sounds REALLY fun!! And YES! More hail would be super cool! XD
        LOL! You’re welcome! Oh my goodness, I bet. XD
        Thank you SO much! YES! I could hardly believe it! Oh, yes… definitely having quite a few different feels about it all… XD
        Aww, thank you SO much! 😀 🙂 🙂
        You’re so welcome, and thank you!! 😀


        P.S. I always love to reply to comments that reply to mine, but since yours don’t notify me when you reply, if I don’t reply to yours on here, that means that I haven’t seen it or something… just so you know I’m not, like, ignoring your comment or anything. XD

        • Awwww, you’re so sweet!! Thanks again! 😀
          You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome! 😀 XD
          P.S. Oh, it’s fine, Madison! I totally understand that! 🙂

  • Ugh, getting sick is no fun. :/ I hope you enjoyed your movie, though! XD
    Wow, that’s awesome that you’re learning piano! I started learning it a few years ago, but I never really enjoyed it until quite recently. It really is so much fun! 😀
    Good luck with moving and all of that! 🙂
    WOW, happy early birthday! I shall send you many virtual donuts on your birthday. What day of the month is it? XD

    -Clara <3

    • No, it’s not. :/ I did! Though I was working on this post during pretty much the entire thing, but I still saw enough of it to enjoy it! XD
      Ooh! That’s great that you can play and that you’re enjoying it now! I love the piano because it’s not obnoxious or anything, it’s just so nice and beautiful ;D
      Awe, thanks so much, Clara!! My birthday is on the 21st 😀

  • Wow, I didn’t realize we were so close in age! Do you have college plans? 🙂

  • I hope you get well soon! And I will pray for your move… Those can be tough sometimes! Oh my word Logan and Tenney are so adorbs! Can’t wait to see more of them! Love your posts!

  • oooooh, I wanna watch storks! 😀
    STAR WARS!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!! you think she’s a solo, hmmm? then why would they just leave her on jakku? a lot of people think that she’s Luke’s daughter, and that seems like something disney would do, and it would make more sense that she ended up getting dumped on a planet. I hope she’s not Luke’s daughter though, because I think that he wouldn’t be the kind of person to do that. but then, I didn’t think that he was the kind of person to give up and hide either. but so far, I’m undecided. could you give a link to the the theory you read? I’d like to see it. *looks curious*
    Most crazily, ~Olive

      Well, the theory is that they didn’t leave her, but that she was taken. Because it was talking about Han and Leia’s marriage and how according to Bloodline (which I think is a Star Wars comic series or something) their marriage was really good, so why on earth would Ben turning to the dark side rip their family apart? Something that does destroy marriages is the loss of a child. So the theory is that Rey was taken away from them and that when Han says in TFA “We both had to deal with it in our own way.” Isn’t actually about Ben turning to the dark side, but about when they lost Rey. And that Leia sent Ben to train with Luke so that she could grieve or something (having trouble remembering here XD ) and that the reason why Ben has so much hate for his parents is because they sent him away at such a hard time when he was struggling, too. And also J. J. Abrams (the director of TFA) specified that Rey was taken from her family…. There’s a lot more depth to it, but I don’t have the link (my mom showed it to me, so…) and can’t remember everything, but that’s what I’ve got! ;D
      I don’t think she is Luke’s daughter because everyone is predicting that and Disney and Star Wars are known for unexpected mind blowing plot twists, but I don’t know… XD

      • Oh! And also I’ve heard that Daisy Ridley has said a few times that it’s obvious who Rey’s parents are in the movie…. That it’s no surprise. I think it makes perfect sense for her parents to be Han and Leia, but that is my own personal opinion, of course 🙂 XD

  • Thanks for the recap! I’ve seen Tenney but not Logan, so I’m eagerly awaiting the official release to get a look at him. This really is history for AG… a boy doll. Goodness! Will they be changing the brand name to American Girl and Boy someday? Lol! 😉
    Ah, yes, the many Rey theories. I have my personal favorites, but I’m forcing myself to not think about it too much so that when The Last Jedi comes out, I can be surprised and not disappointed, just in case it wasn’t a theory I liked. 😉
    If you end up moving, will it be closer to Jordan and Aaryn? I hope so! 🙂
    Have a GREAT February!!


    • No problem! 😀 OOOH he is so cute!! 😀
      LOL! That would be kinda strange… XD
      Ooh, yes, that’s wise. 😉
      Actually, no…. We are looking to move out of state…. :O :/
      Thank you, Lizzy!! You too! 😀

  • No! No! Rey is a Kenobi!! I know it seems to make sense that she’s a Solo, but she is most definitely a Kenobi!!!!

    • LOLOL! Well everyone is free to their own opinions! XD To me, it doesn’t make sense for her to be a Kenobi cause that would mean that eventually Obi Wan would have had to have gotten married and had a family (which I just could not see him doing, even with the fact that he was in love with Duchess Satine)…. I don’t know, though. Anything is possible! ;D

  • I’M SO STOKED FOR THE LAST JEDI!!! I fell in love with Rouge One(here I go bawling my eyes out…)! My friend is pretty convinced that Rey is a Kenobi, but Obi Wan died in a New Hope…so Rey couldn’t have been born yet, right??? If she was a Kenobi though, I could see her and Kylo Ren falling in love and combining the dark and light side to bring balance to The Force. But I personally think that Luke is her father. 😀

    • I AM TOO!!! I wish it was December already!! *cries* XD
      No, she couldn’t have been born already cause that would mean she’d have to be around Luke and Leia’s age – seeing as how Obi Wan was so old in A New Hope. He would have had to have a family that lasted generations and she was born around the time as Kylo Ren, making her parents about as old as Han and Leia… (Oh lookie there, the Rey Solo theory leaked in a bit…XD )
      Oooh…. I’ve heard that people ship Rey and Kylo, but I just don’t like that…. HES EVIL! XD But that is an interesting theory you have! ;D
      This is so much fun sharing Star Wars theories here!! *squeal* XD

      • SAME!!!! XP
        Yeah??? I was just reading your theory about how Rey would be a Solo, and it totally makes sense!! I’m joining the team, Jaclynn?
        Yeah, I never cared for Kylo Ren(DOES HE HAVE NO SANITY?!?!?!!), but my “dark(?)” friend who used to despise him with a passion has now made him one of her fave SW characters(LIKE, HOW??!?!), so she helped plant that theory? I don’t really care how it turns out(but I do hope they’re twins or at least sibs) as long as Kylo Ren turns back to the Light???
        IKR?!?!! XD *MEGA SQUEALS* We totally need like a SW theory forum or something?

        • Btw, did you know that Maz from TFA is hidden in every SW movie?!!! ??

          • What?! No! How is that possible??

          • Well, I thought I had seen her(I won’t spoil how?) in TPM, and I did!! If you look it up, they say that she is supposedly hidden in all of them!!!??

          • Oh how funny! I looked it up and that little statue thingy does look like her! XD From what I read, though, it’s just speculation and they’re saying that she is in the movies but you can’t see her – which doesn’t make sense… LOL! But that is really cool about the statue that looks like her in TPM! 😀
            Oh my gosh – did you see some of the theories that Maz used to be a Jawa? XD

          • 😀
            Yeah, I don’t see how that would work..*shrugs* 😛
            Oh my word, how funny!!! xD

        • WHOO HOO!!! Thank you for joining the team, Lainey. We appreciate your support. ???
          UGH WHY?! He’s terrible!! I mean seriously – he killed Han Solo – HIS DAD!! He has temper tantrums, he wants to finish what Vader started and is looking to him to guide him back to darkness, but it’s like, dude – didn’t you hear the whole story?! He was redeemed in the end and killed the emperor!! Just ugh. XD
          I don’t think they’ll be twins…. If anything I think she’s just some made up sister or if they’re going by the books/comics, I think she is their daughter Jaina and that she had a twin brother named Jacen…. Which I’d totally love that. ❤️
          That would definitely be cool if he did, but then my feelings would be conflicted and I’d have to like him even though I hate him for killing Han… Hm…. XD
          WE DO! XD

          • It’s an honor????
            IKR?!?!! ?? Well, she is VERY much like Emma(she wants to be a Sith, but I honestly have no idea how anyone could-I’m a Jedi all the way?)! ?
            Yeah, but that’s pretty much the reason I hope he turns back-so I don’t hate him as much…oooooooh….but then he’d have to face Leia…? Ok, ditch that theory!! That would totally break my heart??
            Oh, another thing to back up the Rey Solo theory is that my friend also said she saw a commercial where Kylo was saying “My father has The Force, my mother had The Force, and my sister has The Force” ?
            In May 2018, they’re coming out with another SW movie about Han before he met Luke and Leia!!! I seriously think that Han was at one time related to a Jedi-he’s totally Force sensitive! And what Kylo said backs it up!

          • Yeah, I can understand that… It’s just that he’s so EVIL!!! Ugh! ?
            I wonder what they’re going to do for Leia in episode 9…. Since – you know. ?
            Oh! I wonder if she made a mistake because that sounds almost exactly like what Luke says; “the force is strong in my family. My father has it, my sister has it, I have it.” He says that in Return of the Jedi to Leia when he tells her that they’re brother and sister and that quote is also played in one of the trailers for TFA ;D
            I KNOW!!! I’m excited but scared because no one can be Han Solo except Harrison Ford. Just no. So that actor better be amazing or I’ll never be able to buy it. XD
            That’s funny – I’ve heard a few people think that he’s Force sensitive! I don’t know… I just like to think he’s an awesome beast. He doesn’t seem like he would be someone to have the force in my opinion. XD

          • YES!! :'(
            Hmm…yeah…I’ll have to ask her tomorrow;D
            Yeah, it just won’t be the same:( Harrison Ford is pure awesomenessXD
            Definitely a scoundrel XP It will definitely be interesting!! 😀

          • He is totally pure awesomeness! XD

    • I seriously thought Rey and Kylo were twins or siblings! But then I heard the whole Rey-is-a-Kenobi theory, and it makes sense….but then again so does the Rey-is-a-solo theory…..both of them have holes, anyhow. I don’t think Luke would marry…that seems unlike him…but there was that scene in the end of The movie, so maybe…..

      • There are so many theories…. I’m excited to see which one – if any – turn out to be true! 😀

  • My month was good!

    Also, piano is awesome! This is my 10th year training classical, and I really love it. (Although I will warn you that once you play for many years it gets hard to power through the hours of practice. XD)

    • EEE!! I know!! 😀
      Uh oh…. And I don’t have much patience either. XD Your warning is greatly appreciated. 😉 XD

  • Happy 18th birthday for later this month! 🙂 I love “All I Ask Of You”. I would go crazy if someone played that at a wedding! I really want it played at my wedding one day.:P

    • Awe, thanks, Nikki! 🙂
      I knooowwww!!! My mom and I were dying! XD I want it played at my wedding, too! XD

  • I love weddings. I always cry.
    Happy early birthday!! Wow, 18 is a big number 😀
    Is the Storks movie good? I want to watch it. I hope you are feeling better.
    I’m looking forward to the super bowl, Valentine’s day, and my Church’s youth retreat! It is going to be a fun month 😛

    • Me too! ??
      Thank you, Rebekah! It is indeed… I’m still not sure what I think about it. XD
      It is good! It’s funny and cute and a bit ridiculous. I compare it to Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 😉
      I am, thanks! I think I just had allergies but I’m still hoping I won’t get sick since my mom is…
      Ooh that sounds super fun!! 😀

  • Fun stuff! Wow, it’s crazy how long you’ve had you’re blog! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog! Happy Birthday in advance and to many more awesome blog posts and adventures!


  • Have you seen pictures of Tenney and Logan? Where at?


  • So sorry you’re feeling sick! Will keep you in prayers.
    You should post a video of you singing and playing keyboard once you feel really comfortable in it ?
    Are you guys looking out of state or nearby where you were? It would stink to not be able to meet up again! Also, not the main struggle with moving, I know. Prayers that you find an affordable, perfect for your family, what you’re looking for house (or what God picks ?) without too much stress or emotion…moving is tough!
    Yess Tenney looks SO PRETTY! I saw her book in a Barnes and Noble…??
    NOO 18 ALREADY!?! I remember when you were 14…that’s so crazy! Hope you have an incredible birthday!

    About the Rey Solo thing…I’m torn. It’s something speculated since TFA came out and it seems TOO obvious. But if it seems so obvious people wouldn’t suspect it would they do it? But people still suspect it and AGH then there’s the evidence too. And I totally see Rey as Leia’s daughter.

    • Thank you, Amelia! At the moment I’m not sick, but my mom is so I’m hoping I don’t get sick! I think I just had allergies before and was tired from work. XD
      Oh, uh… I don’t know if that will ever happen. I’m not really a good singer. XD
      We’re currently looking to move out of state…. So if that happens we will have to try to meet up again before that! Thanks so much. That’s really appreciated 🙂
      I LOVE HER!!! ??
      I know!!! It’s so insane!! I don’t even know what to think – it’s just crazy! XD Thank you! 🙂
      Oh yeah, I TOTALLY see her being their child. She actually looks like she could be related (coughunlikekylocough)! XD

  • I really hope Rey is related to obi wan somehow because he was the first star wars character I liked… But I really don’t care… I’m weird?

  • When are the LOTR pops coming out?

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