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Older Girls Love AG, Too!

Hello everyone! I’m sure a few of you are wondering why I haven’t posted about TrulyMe yet, but don’t worry! There will be a post on that within the next few days πŸ™‚

Right now, I am here to ask YOU to email American Girl. Why, you ask? Well, here’s why;

Yesterday, I went to enter in the Truly Awesome Sweepstakes that AG is having now through August. Each week you can enter to win a different prize and this week it’s your choice of a TrulyMe doll and the new Love to Layer Accessories. So, guess what happened when I went to enter? I was putting in my birth date and I couldn’t go any farther back than 2001. I clicked on the rules and saw that only girls ages 8-13 are allowed to enter. That is really unfair! AG should not have an age limit in the sweepstakes! Girls ages 14 and up (and I mean WAY up), LOVE AG still! How couldΒ they block us out from being able to enter?

I wrote an email to AG about this because it is just wrong. They clearly do not realize how many of their customers are older teens and women. It’s up to us to make that known to them! So here’s what I’m asking;

Write to AG telling them how you are disappointed that you can’t enter the sweepstakes because of the age limit, or tell them that you think it’s unfair to the older girls. Then, if you have a blog, post about this situation on your blog and ask your readers to write as well. Let’s spread this around! The more letters/emails AG receives, the better. I don’t know if they’ll even do anything about it, but I feel that we need to get our point across! πŸ™‚

Enjoy your night, everyone! πŸ™‚


100 Responses to Older Girls Love AG, Too!

  • I don’t turn 14 until next month, so I am barely young enough. I was shocked about that too! It’s not right, and I’ll plan to send an email to them. πŸ˜‰


  • I totally agree with you. Older girls should be able to enter! I was disappointed when I saw that I couldn’t enter, but that’s how all AG’s sweepstakes for girls are. πŸ˜› The thing is, AG’s age range for 18″ dolls are 8-13(or is it 12?). They really don’t care that much about anyone else. πŸ˜› Anyway, I will see about emailing AG. πŸ™‚

  • Wow, I had no idea! I was thinking that I would love to enter the contest, but I unfortunately can’t. πŸ™ Thanks for letting us all know.
    I definitely plan to do a post about this, as well as e-mail AG! This was a very smart idea on your part, I totally agree with everything you said. πŸ™‚

  • I totally will, even though it doesn’t affect me. This is a good cause!

  • I agree with you Jaclynn! I wish they would consider the girls older than thirteen. You’re right, many of us are older than that and love AG! I just sent them an email, and will be posting a link to your post on our blog. πŸ™‚

  • Wow! This seems like a big mistake on AG’s part. I’ll see if I can email them soon. :/

    On a lighter note, I got to watch The Fellowship of the Ring tonight for the first time, and I loved it! We’ll be watching the next two over Saturday and Sunday. πŸ˜€

    • I think so, too! πŸ˜•

      OOOOH!!! I literally smiled when I read that! LOL! I’m so glad you loved it! LOTR is the BEST! πŸ˜€

  • I’m 13 so I can enter πŸ™‚ – but barely. My friend is barely 14 and she can’t enter πŸ™

  • I am going to write a letter and ask my parents if they can email them, too, because I am 10, but I don’t have an email, and I think that this is really unfair too!

  • Yeah, I was disappointed too, I’m one of those girls in the “way up” category. πŸ™‚ I think 18 would have been a better cutoff, I can see them not wanting adults to enter perhaps, but 13 is way too low. Very strange-and unfair!

  • I can see why american girl put the age restriction on. Maybe they’ve had problems with adults winning and since their main audience is 8-13 year old girls, they want to make it possible for them to win.
    I understand your frustration. I was unable to enter as well!!! I might send AG an email. Thanks for this post. I will make one of my own.

    • Hmmm, maybe! Thank you so much! I’m so glad to see that so many of you agree with me and are going to email AG! πŸ™‚

  • I’m not 14 yet, but I wasn’t going to enter anyway, just because it’s kinda time consuming considering I probably won’t win. πŸ˜‰
    Nonetheless, I noticed in this new release many outfits seemed to be directed toward younger girls. I mean, look at all that pink tutu-ness!
    I hope AG will start fulfilling it’s mission plan of helping girls find out who they are. Because, we particular girls, like dolls, and probably will for a long time, if not forever.


    • True, it does seem to be for younger girls. I think AG should make a collection of dolls and such for the older girls who want more clothes for their dolls that match what they wear, instead of just focusing on the younger girls πŸ˜•

  • I do think there should be a wider age limit to this sweepstakes. To at least 18. I understand why they might want to keep the older collectors out. It happens that way sometimes. They want to target their main marketing demographic. They should widen that demographic.

    However, I feel your frustration big time. I still read Seventeen magazine and I can’t enter their monthly freebies even though there are some really cool items I’d like to have but won’t buy for myself.

    So trust me when I say I am bummed out about not being able to enter the AG Truly Me Sweeps. πŸ™

  • Oh noes!!!!
    I’ll try and post about it, but I’ll definitely send an email to AG. πŸ™‚
    And if you’d like (need to double check with my mom, as well) I can sign up for you, and if I win I’ll email/PM you on Etsy and send it to you. πŸ™‚ My sister can enter for us. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, my goodness you are so sweet!! I would absolutely LOVE that if it wasn’t too much trouble (and if your mom is okay with it)!! Thank you so much for offering to do that for me! πŸ˜€

      • IT’s fine!! Your one of my favorite doll bloggers, and I think you definitely deserve the chance. I’ll ask my mom sometime in the next few days (she’s on a trip right now) and tell you. πŸ™‚

  • I totally agree with you! We should definitely be allowed to enter! Plus, a lot of us have jobs, etsy shops, babysitting, etc, and so we have money to shop from them a lot, so it kind of seems like people in our age group are their most frequent shoppers! I will definitely try to email them. Like you said, the more emails the better. πŸ™‚

  • Even though I’m 11 , so I have a couple years to go, I still agree with you! What will happen when I turn 14?! πŸ˜‰ I’m sending an email to them right away. πŸ™‚

    ~Lydia~ <3

  • That is sooo unfair!! I do not have to worry, But for older girls, it is soo unfair!! I will email them if I get time soon!!! And when my blog gets set up I will post about it!

  • Okay, I emailed- one reason they probably don’t want adults winning, because, then later they could sell the doll, whereas they expect girls under fourteen to be innocent, LOL!

  • I only know 1 girl who is under 13 that likes American Girl. Maybe they are trying to have a limited number of people enter?

  • i wrote them an email. I hope they change the age for the next contest
    I also saw something sad on their website, Caroline is going into the archives :(:(

  • Yeah, I don’t think they should put an age limit on those things.


  • I noticed that too! I entered like five minutes ago, I was super mad! I am going to post a blog post right now!

  • Wow! Shocking! I will do a post AND email! Totally unfair….

  • That is unfair, although i’m sure american girl has reasons for this we should definitely tell AG that it is unfair to exclude older doll lovers from entering πŸ™‚

  • I agree, that is definitely unfair. I am 13 right now but going to turn 14 really soon. I emailed American Girl and this is what I said:

    Hi American Girl,

    Why do you have it that only children ages 8 – 13 can only enter the sweepstakes? I am within the age, I am 13, but it is unfair to the other people. I mean, people older than 13 still like 18″ dolls. I am actually going to turn 14 soon. I know many doll bloggers that are older than me. I understand if you don’t want adults entering, but maybe you should make the age limit to enter 17 or 18. I just think it is unfair to others who are older and love dolls and I don’t think you want people to start lying about their age to enter.

    Thank you,

    Hope Potteiger
    All Things Doll blogger

    I didn’t actually realize that when I entered the sweepstakes. Thank you for sharing about it!


    • Great email! Thank you for writing to them! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks! They replied to me and this is what they said:

        Dear Hope,

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the age requirement for the
        sweepstakes. We are sorry this caused such disappointment. Please accept
        our apology for letting you down. We truly do value your business and
        the support we receive from customers who are older than 13 years old.
        For this particular contest, however, the age guidelines were
        established to match the age recommendations for the prizes offered —
        the dolls, accessories, and outfits. We hope you understand.

        Thank you again for your feedback and for your interest in American


        American Girl Customer Service


        • I got the same thing. I’m still going to email them back though. They talk about the “age recommendations”, but that makes no sense. AG’s products on all the boxes, etc, say 8+ NOT 8-13! πŸ˜•

        • oh my gosh! I got the same email too!!!!!!!!

  • This is WAY unfair. I mean, I entered because I am within the age limit. But that is unfair to YOU and all the OTHERS who want to enter. And, I know girls who love AG and are younger than 8! This is unfair. I am going to email them now. I am not saying I am telling them the are horrible and dumb. I am telling them that they are being unfair. Way to go on pointing this out. ~Mya~

    • Yes, that is so true about the younger girls, too! Thanks for emailing them! πŸ™‚

    • I actually understand not doing under 8. By saying that it’s 8+ (the dolls) they are pretty much avoiding some petty lawsuits about their 5 year old who choked on a doll’s accessories or something. However, they should do older. I think through 17 would be a good idea, because, hey, adults probably would have more of a means to buy one themselves. (did I use correct grammar there?) But saying that 13 is the highest you can be to enter isn’t paying much attention to the many 14, 15, 16+ fans out there. They should, in the very least, allow those ages.

  • If my parents let me, I will email them about this! I do not have to worry, but for older girls, It is unfair! I love your blog!

  • I agree with you! Older girls should be allowed to enter, too. I didn’t even notice the age limit because my mom entered for me. :p
    I’ll definitely be writing to american girl,
    Because the isn’t fair. πŸ™

  • Jaclynn, I wrote them an email. Thank you for taking action on this. American Girl encourages girls to take stand for things they believe in. πŸ˜‰
    I’m only 12, so I can enter, but I still feel for you.

  • Hi Jaclynn. I need prayers right now. My grandmother is not doing so well. She has been in the hospital for a few days. My dad is going to visit her.

    • Oh, I am so sorry, Katie! πŸ™ I will keep your grandmother and your family in my prayers!

      • Jaclynn, thank you for your prayers! They mean a lot! (And they worked!) I was so scared and worried. My grandma got out of the hospital about two days ago! She’s now in rehab. πŸ™‚

  • I emailed them and they replied, and frankly I don’t expect them to change it, but I needed to put my opinion there for them to see! πŸ™‚

  • What about little girls? A few years ago my sister wanted to enter a contest but she wasn’t eight yet. She was disappointed since she wasn’t old enough. I never noticed you couldn’t enter over the age of thirteen. That’s not fair!

  • Too bad you can’t enter πŸ™ so in like 2 years I couldn’t entrr in sweepstakes πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  • They shouldn’t put an age limit on, even if it’s just to fit the recommendations. I hope they change this for next time!

  • I am in the age limit, but still, that’s SO UNFAIR! I am definitely going to post about this on my blog!

  • I posted a commentary on my blog about this. I know that I have at least 2 people who work for AG that read my blog, hopefully they will forward this on. It’s not right, and seeing what their response was made me VERY angry.


  • yeah i sorta guessed that its is too bad indeed

  • That’s a disappointment. Like, if you go to the store, you can see ADULTS carrying around their dolls. I guess AG doesn’t realize that most of their customers are older than 13. And that’s sad because everyone should get to enter and giveaways ect.. I totally get your point. Spread the word, folks! πŸ˜‰

  • This is a bit late, but this is what I wrote in my email:

    Dear American Girl,

    It was recently brought to my attention that there is an age limit of 14 in your new sweepstakes. I don’t really care about entering in the first place, but I am dissapointed that you think that girls, by the age of 14, have grown out of dolls.

    Your mission statement is “American Girl celebrates a girl’s inner star…” What if liking, playing with, and photographing dolls is a girl’s hobby and passion? Maybe a “Inspiring young girls” would be more appropriate as you obviously do not believe in older girls doing such through dolls.

    It may be surprising but even adults use dolls. Maybe they don’t play with them anymore, but they collect and photograph them. It is their passion.

    Also, on every American Girl product I have ever purchased, the box says 8+. There should not be an age limit on a worthwhile thing.


    A 13 Year Old Doll Lover.

  • So true, Jaclynn! Thanks!

  • Hi! I have a question, so, you know photostories and stop motions? How do you make your dolls eyes close without laying them down??

    Thanks in advance!


    • You just tuck a bit of your doll’s eyelashes under their eye πŸ™‚ Make sure you don’t keep it that way for too long, though or that part of the eyelash will get bent weird πŸ˜‰

  • yeah it is totally unfair. But unless or until they change just use as far back as you can.

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