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One Day Down-

– and two more to go! At least for this week, but I’ve still got two more next week. Hillside today was so fun! I had a few sales, so that was great! I’m hoping to have plenty of money to buy my family Christmas presents and also hopefully have some leftover…. Gotta save for Lea Clark! Uh, yeah, hehe, there’s no picture of her yet, but hey! She sounds gorgeous! XD


Here’s a cool shot of my table I took this afternoon. Don’t they all look beautiful? I definitely think that each one of them serves their part well 🙂

Okay, now that Hillside business is done I’d like to say something….


I hope you all had a wonderful time yesterday and that you got nice and full eating all that pie… Oops! I mean turkey! Yeah, that’s definitely what I mean…. 😉

So, I know this post is kinda boring, but I just didn’t want to leave you all post-less.  I’ll post again soon with a photoshoot!  Hopefully one from Hillside 😀

Have a nice night! 

What’s your favorite kind of pie?


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