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Post Problems :(

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I didn’t do another post yesterday like I told you but we had some things to do that made it to where I couldn’t post. And today I’m trying to film something but either the camera is messing up- or I don’t like it so I’m REALLY trying to get this video right! LOL! But yeah, I just started fimling one that was turning out good but then there was…..
A SPIDER!!! So I have to watch it again and see how it came out cause I was looking at it while filming… LOL! Once again, SO SORRY! I’m gonna try to have this up as soon as possible!! Check back again!
Bye for now!
~Jaclynn <3

30 Responses to Post Problems :(

  • A spider I despise spiders! Wait try saying that three times fast!

    • I KNOW! ME TOO! I will NOT kill a spider if it’s in the bathrrom or the kithcen or the living room- but if it’s by my dolls there’s NO STOPPING ME!! LOLOL!
      Saying what? A spider I despise spiders? That’s not too hard, actually!
      P.S. you left some stuff here! :O

      • haha I would freak and tell my sister to kill it!

        • LOLOL! I know- but if it’s by my dolls- I’ll do it!! LOL! But yeah if it’s anywhere else “Mommy! SPIDER!!!” Or, “Jordan!! THERE’S A SPIDER!!” LOLOL! But depending on what kind it is he’ll call my mom to do it! LOL!

  • Spiders are pretty gross. Regular daddy-long-legs aren’t so bad. If they are REALLY small, than I might actually squish them with my finger. Sometimes when I kill a bug I wait a while before picking it up, because then some of the yuckiness of wore off. Also, I think it helps to squeal really loudly if you are killing a bug. 😀
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  • Oh okay! I was wondering why you didn’t do another post. Was it on your doll? I have been lucky enough to avoid that problem, but I just looked up at my chandelier, and I saw a BUNCH of cobwebs! I haven’t killed a spider so far, but if one got on my dolls…REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ohmygosh! That’s funny! Where was it?

    • Christian Homeschooler- They are! Ew! I don’t like those! EW! I could never do that! LOLOL! I think so too! I don’t squeal but I yell! LOL!

      Carli- No, thank goodness! It was by my computer by all of my AG clothes!! AAH! Then it disappeared and I moved all my dolls to their beds (they were on the floor) and I took a step- and there it was!!! I jumped out of the way and it moved all fats- I got a tennis shoe and smashed that thing! *SHIIIIVER* I don’t like killing spiders!! 🙁

      Emma- I know! It was on the floor by my computer!!! :((

  • Oh okay. Eek!!!!!!! Why can’t spiders be a little more helpful and a little less scary?! One time I found an egg sack, right in the bathroom! And I have friends who have found an egg sack, and they touched it (they didn’t know what it was) and a bunch of little spiders came out! It sounded horrible! I don’t like killing spiders either! I don’t think anyone does though.

    • Carli- I know!! LOLOL! Oh my gosh!! THAT IS SO SCARY!!
      AAAH!! you made me shutter! LOL! That is so scary and disgusting!!
      Yeah, if they do then that’s crazy! LOL!

      • Hehe, I’m looking back through old posts.
        AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! She touched it and a bunch of baby spiders came out? *shiiiiivvvveeeerrrrssss* I dislike spiders soooo much…..the tiny ones don’t bite but still I squash them, after all, they grow up into momma spiders XD
        I like roly-polies though. they’re so cute. and ladybugs. and worms.and butterflies. ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T BITE! XD

  • I know! It was awful! I jumped when I heard that! But, one thing I have learned is when You live in our home, spiders love to come spend the night in the summer. So I’ve been checking every corner in my room CONSTANTLY to make sure they’re not sneaking up on me!

    • Ew!! Scary!! I know! I have bug problems in my room, too. I don’t like bugs 🙁 LOL!

      • Since I have my bedroom in the basement of our house, I get more bugs in my room than upstairs. Sometimes even mice run around in our ceiling. Now THAT is REALLY gross.

        • How cool! That you’re room is in a basement!! I like that!
          OH. MY. GOOOOOSH!!!!!! That’s freaky!!!!!!!!!!!!! And DISGUSTING!!!

          • I know! Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often. Also, the ceiling in our room pops up. So my dad puts mouse traps in the ceiling. That’s why there aren’t usually mice.
            Why do you think that it is cool that my room is in the basement? I like my room where it is, and the fact that is in the basement, though. Except for the bugs that come in from the garage!
            ~Christian Homeschooler

          • I’ve always wanted a pet mouse! they are soooo cute! I don’t see why they would be gross…..at least they’re better than rats. rats are MEAN. and sneaky. We had hundreds in our CHURCH. But mice..are cute..and small….and innocent..
            I NEED ONE!
            Wasps come into our house regularly though. My dad got stung by too when he stepped right above their nest–
            *stops talking about bugs and adorable little mice*
            Oops, I just realized new rules say only talking about dolls or what the post is about… sorry! last comment about anything else besides your posts and dolls. 🙂
            P.S. I have never seen this post before!

  • I know! I don’t either! Something about them makes them a little less lovable than a puppy.

  • Haha! Yeah, I’ll have to agree with that! I’d much rather play with my dog, that play with a bug. Again, something about them. But, then again, its hard to tame a spider…

  • THAT IS SO SCARY!!!! AH AH AHA AH AH AHAH AHA AH AH AH AHAH AHA AH!!! I would be so scared!!! I’d grab my dolls AND RUN!!!

    • LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I have a BIT TOO MANY dolls to pick them up and run!!! LOL! It is scary! I was panicking!!!! 🙁

  • Christian Homeschooler-
    Oh, that’s good! I don’t know! It just sounds so fun! Like if my room was in the basement I’d have so many “adventures” in there! I’d love to try that out but we don’t have a basement.. LOL!

    • 😀 I think of having “adventures” in an attic. Can you go in your attic and play? I can’t, ’cause it is not much of an attic.
      ~Christian Homeschooler

      • We don’t exactly have an attic. It’s just a hole in the ceiling I, dont’ even think we have stuff up there! I’ve never even looked up there actually! LOL!

  • Yeah it would be hard to pick them ALL up! U remember at ur house where I had all 6 or 7 dolls in my hands!!!:)

  • It’s like argh!!!

  • I can’t pick them up!!!

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