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Pretty Plaid Shirt & Purple Play Shorts ~Review and Photoshoot

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting a ton lately, but I’m gonna try to change that 😉
I was going to post Masquerade last night, but that didn’t end up working out, so I’ll probably have it up tomorrow 🙂
Anyway, a week or 2 ago, a package from AG arrived with some surprises from my mom! Today I finally got to take pics for a review and photoshoot of 2 of the items, so let’s get on with it, shall we? 🙂

Here is the Pretty Plaid Shirt. Right when I saw this online, I died (but then, what else is new? XD)!
The shirt is made a of a very thin material, but I don’t see it ripping or anything. It is dark blue with stripes of, I’d say sea green and pink. Everyone sees colors differently, and that’s what I see when I look at the shirt 🙂

It has 4 working buttons which are surprisingly easy to use. I prefer to leave the top button unbuttoned at the collar.

It has a cute little pocket that you could actually put something in.

The sleeves go down to about an inch above the wrist where they cuff up. They can not be rolled down as it is sewn on the side.

On the bottom of the shirt there’s a little metal American Girl tag.

The shirt is made to be tied in a knot. I think they made it long enough for people to tie easily, but then, I do have tiny hands 😉 I was really glad that my doll could still wear the shirt tied without it exposing the stomach. I was a little worried about that at first 😉

This is what the shirt looks like untied. Not very appealing, but maybe if you wanted to pair it with a skirt tucked in, you could do that 🙂

The Purple Play Shorts are adorable and match perfectly with this outfit! As you can see, they are a bit too short, but all AG’s shorts and skirts these days are too short. Thankfully they’re just dolls 😉

There are only 2 belt loops in the front, which I think is a little odd… The lavender shorts have coral stitching.

There are 2 back pockets.

An American Girl tag is on the left pocket.

If you pull down the shorts just a tad, your doll can put her thumbs in her pockets which looks super cute 😉

Just another shot 😉

I rate the Pretty Plaid Shirt 5 out of 5 stars. I don’t have a problem with it at all!
I rate the shorts 4 out of 5 stars due to the length and only 2 belt loops. That just seems really strange to me XD

So, now it’s time for a long photoshoot because Jocelyn looks adorable and I got up early to take these pics, so I had to take advantage of the shade and non overwhelming heat while I could! XD

I got so much bokeh in my photos today!! *squeal*

Mysterious…. XD

I haven’t taken a photoshoot in forever, guys! I didn’t realize how much I missed it! *cries* LOL! JK ;D


Do you ever suddenly find a cut on yourself and you’re like – where on earth did that come from? XD Okay, that was random…..


Everybody in their Sunday best…. (I’m trying a new thing. Putting random thoughts and whatnot into my photoshoots. How do you like it? XD)

I was really happy with how this turned out 🙂

Which one do you like best – this one or the other one?

Oh bokeh, oh bokeh, I love you so much. You bring spots of gladness into our lives. Why then, oh bokeh, must you be so hard to get in my photos?! XD

Isn’t Jocelyn so pretty? *heart eyes*

All done!! If you read this entire post, I congratulate you! XD

I should have another review and photoshoot up soon, so stay tuned! 🙂

Do you ever say something completely random that makes no sense? I’m asking because I was just going to end this post by asking “what do you want for waffles?” XD I think I’m tired…. 

Have a wonderful day!


25 Responses to Pretty Plaid Shirt & Purple Play Shorts ~Review and Photoshoot

  • Lovely review and photos, Jaclynn! I have the plaid shirt too and I love it! 😀

  • Haha! The random “thing” is my life! Lol! It’s so much fun being a weirdo, I think. I’m the kind of person that will buy a hot dog hat just for one event to wear it and wear it by myself. I did do that last week!

  • Awe soooo cute!!!!!! It looks so good!!!!!! Oh please check out my YouTube channel? Type Flower Arts channel and scroll down a bit and you will see a picture of some yellow converse shoes, click them and that’s me!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Reya! 🙂
      I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to go on YouTube, otherwise I would 😉

  • OMG So pretty! How much was the outfit on Ag? Btw you are my inspiration for my blog! ^.^

    • Awe, thank you so much, Cady! I’m so glad I was an inspiration to you 🙂
      The pieces are actually sold separately. The shirt is $12 and the shorts are $10 🙂

  • Uh, Jaclynn, have you met me? I say the randomest things. Like all the time. YES, I have found cuts on myself and wonder where it came from! Sometimes I wonder if I hurt myself at Gymnastics, but it usually doesn’t hurt THAT much when I fall off the beam…
    I like your new photo shoot style!! XD
    One time I began a post with WAFFLE. Instead of a simple “hello.” Lol, I just woke up so I’m tired and this probably makes no sense. Great review and amazing bokehful pictures!!!

    Brooke wanted to step in for a sec, she says-
    Jocelyn you’re very pretty!


    • LOL! I admit, I have been a witness of your randomness ;D
      Right?! It mostly happens to me with bruises though. I always have a bruise. Sometimes I wonder if I’m attacking myself in my sleep or something XD
      Thanks so much, Rutvi! And Jocelyn says thanks, too 😀


  • LOL! I love random stuff! XD

  • Amazing photos!! 🙂 I say random stuff all the time! ;P WAFFLESSSS

  • Whew, I’m FINALLY reading this! I went on a 3 day road trip with my dad and sister, and I just got back. 😉
    First off- MASQUERADE!!!! I NEED IT! XD Second, that shirt is so cute! I love the colors. 🙂
    I like the random thoughts between photos- it’s quite amusing. XD

    -Clara <3

    • Awe, that sounds fun! 😀
      LOL! It’s coming soon! XD Isn’t it adorbs? I want it in my size 😀
      Why, thank you! I felt very random as I was typing this post. I just needed to let it out XD

  • Great review, Jaclyn!! I love this shirt, but I don’t have it yet so it’s nice to see your review, and look at your gorgeous photos ?? until I get it. ☺ I also really liked your random thoughts in this post!! It keeps the post very interesting!! ???

    • Thank you so much, Charity! You are so sweet! 🙂
      LOL! I’m glad you enjoyed it! XD

  • Thank you for the details. Cute outfit. Great shoot.

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