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Saige and Molly Dolls and Items- Sold Out or Back Ordered

I’ve been browsing the AG site and I thought I’d give you all an update of Saige and Molly stuff that is either sold out or back ordered. First we’ll do Saige and her collection.


 Saige Doll and Book is back ordered until December 6th.


Saige’s Pajamas are back ordered until December 12th.


Saige’s Necklace for Girls is SOLD OUT.


Molly Doll and Paperback Boxed Set is SOLD OUT.


Molly Boxed Set with Game- Paperback is SOLD OUT.


Molly’s Birthday Set is SOLD OUT.

That’s the last of it! It seems like Molly and her collection are selling out more quickly than Saige and her collection. I honestly expected Saige to sell out first. I guess because I like her better 🙂

Who (including collection) do you think will sell out first? Molly or Saige? Do you plan to purchase any of their collections before they move to the archives?

38 Responses to Saige and Molly Dolls and Items- Sold Out or Back Ordered

  • I don’t know which one will sell out first, but I’m guessing Saige, since she is the GOTY, so she has only been here for a year. Molly has been around since the beginning(I think it is somewhat tragic that they are retiring her).
    I wish I could have Saige before she sells out.

    • Yeah, I’m thinking that, too. But then so many things of Molly’s is already sold out. And everything listed of Saige’s is only back ordered (except for the necklace). So it’s kind of confusing 😉
      Yes, it is sad. You know I don’t really care for her, but I still think it’s really sad. Especially since she was one of the very first dolls! 🙁
      Oh, that would be so awesome!! I hope you get her 🙂

  • I told my mom I wanted her for Christmas. My dad is encouraging her to order her before Thanksgiving. 😉 I’m really sad they are archiving her. 🙁 She is my favorite historical character. 😛


    • Yes, it’s very sad they’re archiving her 🙁
      That’s great that you’re getting her! I’m very happy for you 😀
      Aw, how sweet 🙂

    So sad… at least they have her collection on Amazon! For,. like, wayyyyy more $$$, but hey, at least she’s not ALL gone. Her books are still there, her movie, and all her stuff can be found on Amazon or Ebay.
    But the thought of never ever seeing her in a catalogue again….or the HC faces on all the HC stuff…….that’s just…..heart breaking.

  • I think Saige will! last year Mckenna sold out in early December.
    It’s sad how they just keep retiring dolls! 🙁 even thought I don’t really like Molly, I am still sad! lol!


  • NOOOOOO! Molly! Think of Emily! How will she survive alone in my house? Stay with me for just eight more months! Then I could get you for my next birthday! WHY! WHY!

    I might attempt to find Molly on eBay, because I actually love – I mean LOVE – her and her collection. She’ll definitely sell out first – everyone’s rushing to complete their collections.

    • Awww!! That’s so sad! 🙁
      Well you never know. Maybe your parents will surprise you at Christmas! 🙂

      That’s a good idea, although at first all of the Molly’s are going to be SOOOO much money! You’ll probably have to wait awhile 😕
      Yes, that’s what I was thinking, too. And especially since all her stuff isn’t getting back ordered (like Saige), it’s getting sold out!

  • I think Saige will and about a week after Molly. Everybody is rushing because they don’t wait to miss getting the doll… No.More.Molly. NOOOOOOOO!
    Time to check the ag store.

  • *GASP* MOLLY IS SOLD OUT?!?!?!??!?!?!? I almost can’t believe it! I know she’s available with her accessories and all, but it seems so shocking! And Saige is on backorder… though I wouldn’t be surprised if they take her off backorder, they do that with lots of stuff 😛
    Um… I think Molly will sell out quicker than Saige. Everyone knew that Saige would be retiring Dec 31st, so they had more time to get her, but we’ve only known about Molly retiring for a month or so, so more people are rushing to get her.

    • Yep! That way to buy her, anyway. I know! I can’t believe that people would want to buy her with her boxed book set first. The books are gonna be around forever, but her accessories won’t. It seems weird to me- hehe! 😛
      Yeah, I noticed that! It keeps saying that Saige’s accessories are on backorder and then a little while later, they’re not! I was getting so confused- LOL! 😀 😛
      That’s true! But then some more things of Saige’s is on backorder, so I don’t really know what to say.. It’s so hard! 🙂

  • Does that mean that I can’t get Saige in-store? I sure hope not! That would be so disappointing:( I live very near the Alderwood AG and me and my bff, Emily(AKA Aqua) are going to go in early December. I am getting Saige and she is getting Marie-Grace!

    • Hmm… I asked my mom and she said that you will probably be able to buy her. I hope that’s true!! 😕
      If not, maybe you could buy her from my mom. She bought one to invest in- haha! 😛
      Oh, Aqua! I see her on AGFan all the time! LOL! I hope you guys get what you want and that you have a great time! 😀
      Hey! Maybe you could take pics of the store for me to post here? If it’s not too much trouble of course. If you can’t it’s totally fine 😉

      • Hi there! Yes, I hope so too:( Hehe…maybe! I’m pretty sure that she will be there, though. Yes, totally! I am planning on taking TONS of pics, so I would LOVE it if you posted some here! Yay:) Yah, Aqua is my bff. We live like 5 minutes away from each other in Everett, WA.

        • Yes, I hope she will be!
          Great! Thank you! 😀
          Oh, wow! That is so cool!

          • Are there any specific pics that you would like me to take? Like Molly, Christmas, bitty babies,etc…? And how many would you want? I’ll probably just send them all to you in batches:)

          • Hmm… Maybe some of Molly, Saige, the new Bitty Babies, and some of the new stuff they came out with 🙂
            Well, maybe at the most 20 pictures 😉
            Thank you so much for doing this, Emma!

          • OK! I think I’m going this tuesday…can’t wait:)

          • Oh, yay! So, did you go and buy your stuff? 😀

  • Yeah, it’s kinda sad… I’m glad I’ve saved all my catalogues now, since I can look back at her and Emily. Yeah, it does seem weird. Her accessories are much more fun than the books in my opinion 😛
    LOL! I know right? When I was saving for Saige, I saw that her painting set was on backorder, so I started saving for it. Then they took it off backorder, so I stopped. Then they put it on backorder again, so I got it, then they took it off, and I was pretty mad… LOL! 😛
    I know, AG is so unexpected, and it depends on who REALLY wants Molly and who REALLY wants Saige. So we shall see… 😀 😛

    • Yeah, I have saved a lot, too. I saved the last catalogs of Felicity, Samantha, and Kirsten, so I can go back and look at them and their collections once in a while 🙂
      I know! It makes no sense to me 😛
      LOLOL! Oh, my goodness! That is so weird! 😛
      Yep, that’s very true… I’m gonna go see how their collections are doing! LOL! 😀

  • Yeah, it’s always fun to look back at old catalogs 🙂
    Me either 😛
    It was weird! I’m glad I got it, though I don’t use it that often… 😛
    LOL! That’s a good idea, you could keep a chart of who’s selling out faster! 😀 😛

    • It sure is! 😀
      LOL! I don’t use mine a lot either, but it’s good to have 🙂
      Hey, that’s a great idea! 😀

  • That’s true, since it’s always good for playing and photostories 😀
    Why thank you! 😀

  • Hi!
    I like Saige better, but Molly has been around for longer, so I guess it depends on the person on what they would buy. But people will be able to eventually buy Molly again, once she comes back out of the Archives, so maybe Saige will sellout first.


    • That’s right. Molly is completely SOLD OUT! You can’t buy her from AG anymore. Saige is still available, but her stuff is starting to sell out as well. Crazy, I totally thought Saige would sell out first!
      What do you mean? The dolls don’t come out of the archives. 😉

  • Molly. Is. Gone. For. EVER. :'(
    The Doll and Accessories? Sold out! Doll and paperback book? Forget it! Best friends collection? See you in the archives! Doll and paperback book boxed set? GONE!
    *Molly comes up to the computer chair and tugs at my shirt*
    Molly: I’m right here, mom!
    THANK GOD! *picks up Molly and hugs and squeezes her so tight*
    Molly: umm…a little help, here?
    Oh..sorry, Molly. XD

    • Oh, I know!! I saw that! It is very, very sad 🙁
      Most of her collection is gone, too! Saige is still available from when I last checked. I’m really sad that Picasso is sold out, though. Oh! And Cecile’s Special Dress isn’t on their site anymore!! I am SOOO SAD!! What are they doing to us?!? WAAAH! 🙁
      JK, I’m not really crying 😛
      Aw, sweet Molly 🙂
      P.S. LOL!

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