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fire cove

News On The Second Season Of Fire Cove!


Hey everyone! It’s me, Jess. Mommy wanted me to talk to you today about the second season of Fire Cove.


First- It’s JULY!! That means the second season will be starting in a few weeks!! YAY!


Second- WHY AM I THE BAD GUY?! I am way too nice to play a bad guy!! But then, I guess I do a pretty good job at acting, but still!


Oh, did I let that slip? Okay, yes, I am going to play the Evil Blackheart Jones! ARGH!!


And third- Mommy still has to make my costume and Clara’s, too. Oh, right! Clara is gonna be playing a pirate as well. And no, she isn’t working for me. She’s actually like, super nice. Anyways, I think that’s about it for now… Oh wait!!! Mommy wanted me to tell you that in the THIRD season (so not this one coming up, but the next one) something REALLY sad is going to happen!!! You’re not allowed to know yet, though. 😉

Okay, so that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed hearing some news about the second season! Have a great day everyone! Bye!


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