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Frozen Fractals~ Part 1

My name is Elexa and I am the daughter of Queen Elsa and Jack Frost. My parents are the rulers of a small kingdom in Norway by the name of Arendelle. Just a few years ago (when I was 18), my life was insane and I did something that will haunt me all my life. This is my story:


I gazed at my personal picture of my father, Jack Frost. I closed my eyes and I saw images and heard voices in my head of the day my father died….



I gasped- “Papa!”


As soon as I saw my father and realized I was striking him with my ice, I stopped my magic.


I gazed at him lying on the ground- he was gone.



I cried and cried….


“Oh, Papa. If I’d have only known you were standing behind me you would still be alive. You’d still be here with us. It’s been three weeks now….I love you and I miss you with all my heart!” I cried.


Then I heard voices outside and I was certain that I heard my name, so I looked out the window. It was Mother and Eiden!


“Mother, are you sure you want to do that to Elexa? Taking away her powers for what happened….” Eiden’s voice trailed off as he thought of his father. “That just doesn’t seem right. It was only an accident.” Eiden continued. Eiden was my twin brother and we’ve always been very close. I was glad he was defending me!
“No, Eiden. Elexa has been using her powers too much. Something like that should not be used lightly. I’ve seen a change in her, too. She seems more serious and she is focusing too hard on her power and I know what that’s like.” Mother had been forced to hide her magic all her life, then when her and her sister, Anna got into a little fight, her magic powers were revealed. She had run away on her coronation night and almost turned into a monster. But now, she has control over her powers and no one is afraid of her.


“Well, if you think it’s best….” Eiden replied. “What?! Eiden how could you!” I yelled, but in a whisper, so no one would hear.


“I’ll start searching for a way to remove her powers immediately. But I’m going to have a talk with Elexa first.” Mother said.


“Remove my powers? That would be like taking away my life! There’s no way I’m gonna allow that to happen. I need to leave…” I said to myself.


I looked once more at the picture of my father and slipped away. I was headed towards the woods.


“I should’ve changed my dress!” I grumbled as I ran through the trees. Then I noticed a small cottage and decided to see if anyone lived there.


“My Lady! To what do I owe this honor of having you visiting my house?” The lady at the cottage asked. I saw something in her and I knew exactly what I wanted her to do for me.


“I’d like to stay here for awhile an-” I was cut off by the woman.


“Oh, certainly, My Lady! I’d be happy to have you stay here for the night!” The woman replied.Β “Thank you, now tell me, what is your name?” I asked. “Oh, yes, it’s Abigail.” She replied.


“Wonderful! Now Abigail, there’s one more thing I’d like for you to do for me.” I said. “Anything, My Lady!” Abigail replied. I grinned and said, “I need you to be my slave…”

That’s all for Part One! The next part will be coming soon!! I hope you like it so far! πŸ˜€

Fire Cove Season 2- Blackheart’s Resolve~ Part 4 THE GRAND FINALE!!


Jake went over to Captain Coronado to thank her again. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am to ye.” Jake said.


“Aye, I know ye are. Twas the least I could do.” Captain Coronado replied. Then she reached into her desk and pulled something out of it…


“Here, I want ye to have this. It will bring ye wisdom. But, ye must promise never to take yer eyes off it! Any evil pirate would die fer a special item as this.” Captain Coronado explained.


“Thank ye. And, aye, ye have my word.” Jake promised.


“Now then. Ye best get prepared for battle. Blackheart will have heard of what I done and I’m sure she’ll be comin’ after ye with ships and cannons. Ye must be ready.” Captain Coronado stated.


“Aye, we’ll start preparin’ for battle right away.” Jake said.


I had been talking with Siara, but as soon as I heard Jake mention battle I turned my head towards him. I didn’t want to have anything to do with a battle. But since Jake thought it was best, I knew it was only right for me to follow him- whether I liked it or not.


Meanwhile, Blackheart was on the hunt for me and Jake. I knew she would not rest until we were back in her cells.


“Captain Jones! Captain! Captain!” Blackheart’s deckhand called. “Aye, what is it?!” Blackheart shouted. “It’s a note! It’s about The Code!” The deckhand explained. “WHAT?!” Blackheart yelled furiously and snatched the note from his hand.


The note said: “Code number 12 has hereby been terminated by Captain Coronado- The Keeper of The Code.”


Blackheart exclaimed in disgust. She threw the note to the ground and squished it with her foot.


“YOU! Bring me some paper NOW! I have me own little note I need to write. Thar troubles are far from over…” Blackheart ordered.


“Aye, Cap’n!” He said and scurried off.



“Victoria, we have to be prepared to defend ourselves!” Jake stated. I had been talking with him about the battle. I know I had decided to follow him, but I just didn’t want there to be any battle.


“I know, but perhaps we could try reasoning with her first!” I said.


“Uh, ‘scuse me, but while ye were talkin’ a bird dropped this here note. Ye might wanna take a look.” Siara said.


Jake read aloud: “As Captain Blackheart Jones’ second in command, I regret to inform you that Captain Jones is dead. Ye are now free from her wrath. Captain Reed.”


“What? Sh-she’s dead? But how? What on earth happened?” I was in a state of shock. It didn’t make sense to me that she died.


“It don’t say what happened. But as the note said- we don’t have to worry ’bout her fighting us anymore.” Siara said. I know that Blackheart was evil and mean, but I still felt sad that she died.


Jake was staring at the deck. “I don’t know. This doesn’t make sense to me. Blackheart is the best pirate around. It doesn’t seem likely to me that she just died. Ah, well, I’m sure it’s true. We did get a note from Captain Reed…” I walked over to Jake and said-


“Yes, Jake. It’s all over. We may finally live and sail forever- in peace.”



How My Dolls Spent Easter

After we got home from church yesterday and ate lunch I just wanted to relax for awhile. Then it was time to go over my brother in-law’s family’s house. I had such a great time and I got to see my friend Alyssa (you might remember me asking for prayer requests for her when she was in the hospital with bad seizures. Thankfully she is doing a LOT better and it made me really happy!) πŸ˜€

First, my girls started out with an Easter Egg Hunt! All of my “kids” didn’t do it, only 6 of them and they were in teams of 3 πŸ˜‰


All the pretty eggs on the lawn πŸ™‚


“Which way should we go first?” Cecile asked excitedly.


“Oh, oh! Let’s get those pretty pink eggs!” Marie-Grace said.


Rebecca went to pick them up and placed them in the basket.


“I think we have enough eggs now. We should let the others get the rest.” Kaya said trying to be fair to her sisters.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Saige replied.


After the egg hunt, they all went inside to join the others.


Marie-Grace counted her eggs and Cecile and Caroline sat with her.
“How many did you guys get?” Caroline asked.


“Five, six and seven! We got seven eggs!” Marie-Grace said with a big smile.


“They collected practically all of the pink eggs. There were hardly any for us!” Kanani said to Jess.

“Well, I know I haven’t been here long, but it seems like pink is Marie-Grace’s favorite color, so I guess it makes sense.” Jess said with a giggle.


Samantha poured herself a cup of tea and said, “Do you like tea, Lissie?”
“Yes, I love tea!” Felicity replied and Samantha poured her a cup.


“C’mon, Kristoff. Let’s get all the cinnamon rolls before the others get a chance to have any!” Eli whispered, but Samantha heard him. “Eli, you two are not eating all of those cinnamon rolls! That is so bad for you!” Samantha scolded.


“How are you doing, Jess? I thought it might be hard for you to celebrate Easter without your family.” Annika said sadly.

“I’m doing okay. Some things have been a little hard, but I’m doing alright.” Jess replied.


“That’s good. And remember, I’m always here if you need to talk to someone.” Annika said kindly.


“Thank you, Annika. I’ll remember that.” Jess smiled. “This family is a lot different than my old one,” Jess thought, “but I think that in time, I’m going to love it here. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with such an amazing family.”


Alright! You all guessed correctly, I did get the Sweet School Dress! Now as for the doll, Anonymous was the only one who guessed that correctly πŸ™‚


It’s Jess!! She absolutely LOVES this outfit! And I’ll definitely be reviewing it soon, so keep your eyes open for it! πŸ˜€

Happy (late) Easter from me and my dolls!!!!

How did you spend your Easter? Did you get any dolly surprises?

Special Shout-Out

My friend Emma has a blog where she posts photostories and photoshoots of her dolls, but sadly, I am the only one who comments on her blog πŸ™

Her photostories are really good and the photoshoots are beautiful! Emma is super nice and friendly and (for all you Frozen lovers) she is also obsessed with Frozen!Β Please head on over to her blog, “Wack-A-Doodle-Doos” and leave a comment. She would appreciate it SO much!

Here are a few pictures from her most recent posts:


Julie is so sweet to her sister in Congratulations Molly!


Jess sitting outside with Licorice in Photo shoot- Jess!


Find out what happens atΒ Saige’s First Slumber Party!

Thank you in advance for checking out her blog πŸ™‚

Kristoff’s Sad Day

Ever since Kristoff came to live with us he has been missing Sven (his reindeer) so much. Just before I adopted him, Sven was taken away. We didn’t know where, but I found out that the orphanage sold him. I have been doing all I can to get him back, but it’s been very hard. And today, Kristoff was feeling very upset….


Kristoff walked into the bedroom with his head hanging down.


Cecile noticed that he looked very sad, so she asked, “Kristoff, are you okay?”


Kristoff moved closer to where Cecile was sitting, with his head still hanging down. “You’re missing Sven, aren’t you?” Cecile asked sympathetically. Kristoff turned his eyes away and nodded his head.


“I miss him a whole lot. Sven and me have always been together. I don’t think I’ll ever see him again.” Kristoff said sadly.


Overhearing the conversation, Lissie went over to Kristoff and placed her hand on his shoulder. “I know you miss, Sven, Kristoff, but you can’t give up hope! Mommy is trying to get him back for you still, so you just may see him again. And just think, Sven wouldn’t want you feeling sad because he’s not here with you. He would want you to be having fun and enjoying your days.” Felicity said kindly. She was always good at making people feel better.


“What’s wrong?” I asked as I walked in the room. “I miss Sven.” Kristoff replied.
“Oh, I see. Why don’t you go in the stables and visit with the horses? I know it will make you feel better.” I said with a smile.


Kristoff looked at Penny and sighed, “This isn’t making me feel better. It makes me miss him even more.” Kristoff was just about to turn around and go inside when he saw something…


It was a little fluffy tail! Kristoff got a little curious, so he walked over to the next stall.


“Sven! Sven! Sven! It’s you!!” Kristoff shouted happily.


Kristoff went in the stall to pet him when Sven tackled him to the ground! Sven was just as happy to see Kristoff as Kristoff was to see Sven! Kristoff laughed and laughed. “Sven, I missed you! I can’t believe you’re here!”

Now, I just have to make sure that Kristoff doesn’t share any carrots with Sven πŸ™‚


Bonus picture!
I thought I’d share this adorable picture with you of Sven’s sweet little face:

He is the cutest little thing!! Just like in the movie πŸ˜€


“Cuties, I’m Gonna Keep You!”

Yes, this is another Frozen inspired post! I am so obsessed πŸ˜€


So, who is this little cutie?


“It’s me, Kristoff!” He says. Of course it is!!
I ordered Kristoff about a week ago and he just came in the mail today! Can I just say that I am dying over his cuteness??


Look at that sweet little face!! I love his freckles πŸ™‚


His mittens are so adorable!


And I LOVE his boots!! “Or the pear-shaped, square-shaped weirdness of his feet?” πŸ˜›


And the rest of his outfit is absolutely adorable!!


One of my favorite things about him is that he is a little taller than Anna! I love how realistic that is πŸ™‚


You can see the height difference better in this picture.


It looks like Kristoff really likes his new little sister!

I’m sure you’re all wondering how old I’m going to make him be. Well, I have decided to make him be 7 years old. I think that’s a good age for him πŸ˜‰

How do you like my new little Kristoff?

Elsa’s Photoshoot and Review

I know that this Elsa doll is like a Barbie and that this is an American Girl Blog, but we talk about all kinds of dolls, so why not have a different type of doll in a post once in a while, right? πŸ˜‰


Doesn’t Elsa look so radiant in this picture?!


“Let it go!”


“Let it goo!” Hehe πŸ˜›


The first thing I have to say is that her hair is AMAZING! They did a fantastic job with her hair!


She has such a pretty face and I love the make-up on her eyes! Too pretty!


Unfortunately my Elsa doll came with a couple imperfections. Although I inspected several of the dolls in the store, I did not see that her cape was coming un-sewn. That’s a bummer, but my mom said she can fix it for me πŸ™‚

The other problem (I couldn’t take a picture because it’d be too difficult to see) is that her left leg is tilted in which makes it shorter than the right. That makes it hard for her to stand up, so usually I have to lean her against something or hold her up myself. So hopefully this teaches you 2 things:
1. Inspect the doll as much as you can before you buy/open her.
2. When opened, do not throw away all of the packaging right away. Make sure there’s nothing wrong with her first and then throw it out.


Her cape is so gorgeous and the detail is amazing! This is definitely one of the best parts about her!


Close up of the cape, so you can see the detail.


Something I really like about her is that her arms can move in three different places- at the shoulder, at the elbow, and at her wrist. This makes her very fun to pose!

Now I’m going to show you the differences between two Elsa dolls I have.


The one on the left, I bought at Disneyland and the one on the right, I bought at Target. I bought the one from Target first because I had NO idea that the other one existed. When I saw the other one at Disneyland I was very mad at myself for spending my money on the other one. But once I had money again, I bought the one from Disneyland and I was super happy with my purchase!
I’m sure you can see how different they are. I thought the one on the right looked good (seriously? How could I think that? πŸ˜› ), so when I saw the other one, I pretty much died! LOL! πŸ˜›


Here you can see how different their hair and cape is. I LOVE Elsa A’s (Yes, I got tired of saying the one on the left πŸ˜› ) hair!!! It’s perfect!! πŸ˜€


I thought I’d show you the Anna I have as well. The one from Disneyland is 10 times better, but I haven’t gotten around to buying her yet. πŸ˜‰


And here’s my Kristoff! He’s cool, but the other one is also 10 times better. I plan to add the better Kristoff and Anna as well as Hans to my collection someday.


One last photo πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed my review! Let me know which ones you have! I’d love to know!

Anna Plays With Squinkies

I know that Anna is not an American Girl Doll, but she is played with as one of my “kids”, so I thought that she could use a little attention. Besides, I’m dying to show you all of the different expressions she can make just by the angle of her head πŸ™‚


Anna laid her head on her little play table feeling very blah. “I’m bored.” Anna sighed. She stayed there a little while longer and then-


-she sat up! “I know what I wanna play with!” Anna exclaimed.


She quickly headed out the door. What was she up to?


She was getting her Squinky Castle of course!


She gently placed the castle on her table.


She took off the lid and got out all of these squinkies! Which one will she take out of it’s bubble first?


Anna looks very happy with this one! But who is it?


It’s Merida!! She is her favorite Disney Princess right now. But I have a feeling once she sees Frozen, she will LOVE Anna πŸ˜‰


Anna played for a long time. But after a while, she started to get hungry and a little tired of playing with squinkies.


She got up and went to the door, she was on her way to get a cookie. But she was leaving quite a mess behind! “I’ll pick it up later.” Anna said.


But it looks like she knows, she’ll end up watching a movie and one of her big sisters will be cleaning up her mess!


Anna is truly an amazing doll and I am SO happy to have her! I hope to add Kristoff to my little family sometime as well, but I don’t expect that to be soon. He’s been sold out for a while and I can’t find him anywhere πŸ˜•

Do you have any squinkies?

I hope you enjoyed!
P.S. Today is the LAST day to vote for who you think looks best in the Cozy Sweater Outfit. If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time! Simply CLICK HERE to vote!

“Let It GO!”

If you’ve seen Frozen, you’ll like this post, and if not, then you’ll still like this post! Hehe! πŸ˜›
Ever since I saw Frozen I have been obsessed with that movie and everything about it! I have memorized the songs “Let It Go” and “For the First Time In Forever”. I sing them ALL the time! They are SO GOOD!
Anyways, I knew that I just had to make an Elsa dress for my dolls, and I finally finished it tonight!! Caroline is being my model πŸ˜‰


Elsa (A.K.A. Caroline) is walking through the snow and- what is that? It sounds like singing!
“-not a footprint to be seen…”

“A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like, I’m the queen.”


“Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them knoow!! Well, now they knoooow!!”


“Let it go!”


“Let it goo! You’ll never see me cry!”


“Here I stand in the light of daaay! Let the storm rage OOOON!!”


“The cold never bothered me anyway!”

What do you think of the outfit? Doesn’t Caroline make a perfect Elsa?
P.S. This outfit will be available to buy in my Etsy shop soon! πŸ™‚

My Etsy Shop

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