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Talent Show!

It was dark and silent and the audience waited patiently for the performers to go on.


After what seemed like forever their host finally came out-


“Good Evening, Campers! Thank you for joining us tonight. I am your host Felicity and I think it’s time to get started! First we present Kanani Akina doing the Hula Dance!” Felicity finished and everyone clapped.


Kanani danced and danced!


“Are we on next, Kirsten?” Rebecca asked.

“I think so, why are you so nervous? I thought you would love doing this?” Kirsten replied.

“I do, but I’m just not used to it.” Said Rebecca.


Everyone loved Kanani’s dance!


“Hi girls! How did I do?” Kanani asked when she had caught her breath.

“You were wonderful!” said Saige.

“Good job, Kanani!” Kirsten said.

“Were there a lot of people out there?” asked Rebecca.


Although Rebecca had major stage fright- she did great!


Saige showed her painting skills.
“And that’s how you make shadows!” Saige said.


Everyone received an award!

“Saige, you get first prize! Your prize is a Merida Vinylmation from the Disney Store!” Felicity said.


“Kanani, you get second place! Your prize is a brand new Belle Vinylmation from the Disney Store!”


“Kirsten, you get a Cinderella Vinylmation.”


“And Rebecca, you get a Rapunzel Vinylmation.”


“CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!” Felicity shouted and the whole audience cheered and clapped! It was a great Talent Show 🙂

What are your doll’s talents?

An Exciting Day Turned Upside Down

Monday morning, June 17th- it was the day that my new daughter, and my kid’s new sister was going to arrive! Yes, indeed- Annika was coming! Until something happened….


“Come on! We have to practice how we’re going to greet Annika when mommy picks her up from the orphanage!” Felicity said.

“Yes, we must rehearse!” Rebecca agreed.

They had just finished *rehearsing* when I (mommy) came in with some sad news.

“Girls, I’m afraid Annika won’t be arriving today.” I said sadly.

“How come?”

“What happened?”

“Is everything alright?”

Questions spinned in the air.

“Annika got a cold so she won’t be able to come until next Monday. I know you’re disappointed, but in the meantime maybe we could make something for her. And we should pray that she will heal quickly, too.” I said.

“Yes, we can do that! Let’s make her a ‘Welcome To Your New Home’ card!” Caroline suggested and everyone agreed.


Saige signed last and the card was finished.


Here’s the front-


And the inside which reads:

“Welcome Home, Annika! WE LOVE YOU!
Love, Mommy and your brothers and sisters”

And on the left is all of their signatures.


“There, now it’s ready to be handed to Annika in just one week!” Saige said.

What do you do to welcome your new dolls?

Welcome To Camp (pt.1)!

Hi! Today my dolls started camp! This is only part one of 2 or 3 so more will be coming later today (hopefully)!

I’ll be the “narrator” and tell you what they’ve done so far 😉


Felicity, Addy, and Saige are all camp/cabin leaders. Felicity takes the registration forms and helps them check-in.
“Hi! Welcome to Camp! My name is Felicity and I am one of your cabin leaders. Just write your name and cabin name on the blanks to sign-in.” Felicity said.

After they had checked in the campers went to the next table to pick up their visors and name badges.


Felicity started going through the registration forms after her job was done.


“Hi campers! My name is Saige and I am another one of your cabin leaders. I’m going to take you to your cabin now, so pair up with someone (just in case) and follow me!” said Saige.


After walking for a bit they had come to their cabin at last!


Kanani and Caroline had arrived first so they decided to rest for a bit while they waited for the others to arrive.


“Oh, hi! We’re watching cartoons- wanna join us?” Asked Kanani.


“There’s no time for cartoons at present. We have to go over some rules so gather around!” Saige said, getting their attention.


“Rule #1: Stay with at least ONE room mate at all times. Don’t go anywhere alone- there are wild animals out there and the woods are big so it’s very easy to get lost. We have signs all around camp telling you where to go, but they stop at a certain point in the woods, so stay close by.” Saige explained.

“Rule #2: Bed time is at 9:00. If one of us camp leaders or counselors see you outside after that time- you will-well let’s just say you’ll get a talk from one of us. You may get punished depending on what you were doing. However, if you were going to the bathroom then that’s understandable and you won’t get punished.” Saige continued telling and explaining rules to everyone for about 20 more minutes.


“And last, but not least- your cabin code! Each of our cabins have a code that they have to follow. This is ours:


And this is where we end part 1! Tune in later for more Camp FUN! 😀

What did your dolls do on their first day of camp?

Let’s Go On A Picnic!

It was such a nice day out that a few of the girls decided to go out back and have a picnic!
“Here’s a good spot!” Felicity said who took charge of “picking the spot”.

“Whew! I’m glad you finally picked a spot! This basket is heavy!” Kirsten said.

“Who knew it was so hard to lay out a picnic blanket?” Saige said quite surprised, and Felicity just giggled.

Kirsten offered to take out the paper plates, cups, water, and food.

Yummy food!

Saige just loved her cheese sandwich!

After a delicious lunch and lots of talk and laughter it was time to go back inside.
“Well, at least the basket isn’t as heavy as before!” Kanani said and everyone laughed.

Have you or your dolls ever been on a picnic?

My AG Store!

OK, time to show you my set-up of an AG Store! It had to be really small and different than the others of course and I didn’t use my Bitty’s because I didn’t have room this time.


Here are the dolls and underneath (on the bunk under them) are the clothes that didn’t have boxes to be put in.


The boxed clothes, Berry Wheelchair, Baking Table, Baking Accessories, Saige’s Painting Set, Penny, and other care supplies.


Right outside my bedroom door was the perfect spot for all of my American Girl books, sets, and movies!


Here’s my register. I have some birthday stickers to hand out, American Girl receipts, “Featured Items” (hehe!), gift cards, and packs of cards that came with Felicity’s outfits!

What do you think of my store? Do/have you ever played American Girl Store?

I’ve made one with a hair salon before, too! But then things got moved around in my room so now I have no room to do that- hehe!

AG Store!

Sorry! This isn’t a post of me at the AG store- hehe 😛
Ok, I have been working for HOURS to set up an American Girl store in my room. Should it take hours? Should it be exhausting? Answer= NO! But it just is! I know it will be worth it when I finish but it just takes SO LONG! This is what I am doing:
Sorting through 4 little bins- meaning taking out everything AG and not AG and making piles of what belongs with what.
Then I have to make more piles of what clothes belong to who.
Next I have to dress all of my dolls in their “Meet Outfits” and do their hair in the “Meet Hairstyle”.

After all that- it’s time to set up! I have to find a spot for every single thing and organize everything into sections. Yes, I’m organized (when I play, lol!) and very realistic too so everything has to be just right.  Plus I have a small room with a lot of stuff in it so that makes setting up even harder! LOL!

Here’s a picture of my bedroom floor right now:


Crazy, huh? And that’s not even everything showing! LOL!
So that little spot on the floor that’s empty- that’s where I’m sitting!
And I had Barbies out so that’s why there’s a barbie box right there- I had to dig through becuase I accidentally putpair of AG tights in there- oops!
So, anyways that’s my room right now and have to pick it up tonight because I’m going to Disneyland tomorrow- LOL! Guess I’ll have to continue preparing to play AG store on Saturday!
Hope you liked my little Behind- the- Scenes pic! 😀

Birthday Party!!!!

I’m so happy! Today is Rebecca’s birthday!! And then Addy’s is on the 9th and Felicity’s on the 21st!! WOW! I have a LOT of birthdays to celebrate this month! Since there’s so many and not too far apart I thought it’d be too much to celebrate 3 birthdays on separate days, so I  decided to have one BIG birthday party for ALL OF THEM!!! This is how they celebrated 🙂


The pretty table with all of the delicious foods!


“Joesfina! I can’t believe you’re eating a cupcake! We were supposed to wait until Rebecca, Addy, and Lissie came and we all shout “SURPISE”!!” Kanani said.
“Well, I helped make them- so I can eat’em whenever I want!
Anyways stop scolding me!” Josefina replied.

“Why?” Kanani asked.
“Because, 1- I’m older than you. 2- I’m hungry. And 3- You don’t want me to be annoyed at the party!!” Josefina explained with a mischievious grin.


“When are they gonna get here?” Asked Caroline getting very excited.
“I don’t know! But we have to be patient! Anyways, they’re just in the other room! Hehe!” Saige said with a giggle.


“Here they COME!!” Marie-Grace said enthusiastically!


“SURPIIIIISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!!!!” Everyone shouted.



“Oh my goodness! Thank you!!!” Felicity, Addy, and Rebecca said in unison.


“Look! We have TONS of food! Dig in!” Kirsten said, feeling very proud of herself.

After much eating it was time to open gifts!


“Saige! It’s beatiful!” Lissie said holding up her drawing of some lovely horses.
“Thank you, Saige!” Addy said very grateful.
“I LOVE it!” Rebecca said.
“I’m glad! It’s not from a store but I didn’t have any money and I wanted to get you something.” Saige said a little shy.
“Oh, Saige! It’s ok! Homemade gifts are the very best of all!” Felicity said, always able to cheer up her sisters.



Do you have Rebecca? How do you celebrate your doll’s birthdays?

Good Friday Photostory

Happy Good Friday Everyone! I’m so excited for Easter and it’s just in 2 days! Yay!
My dolls are having fun preparing for Easter in a bunch of different ways. Take a look!

Saige and Caroline are going through the outfits trying to figure out who’s gonna wear what on Sunday. Felicity is helping them decide.


Kanani and Marie-Grace getting the plates out for all the desserts and fun foods we’re going to have!


Josefina ready to pop the last batch of cupcakes in the oven.


Rebecca frosting the cupcakes! Don’t they look SO good?


Kirsten making Rice Krispy Treats! I love those!


“Josefina! You don’t have an apron on! You’re gonna ruin Rebecca’s dress!” Addy said, in her “older” tone.
“Oh, Addy! I’m fine! I’m putting the last batch in right now and then I’m done! I don’t need to put an  apron on just for that!” Josefina replied, a little annoyed.
“Well, still. Next time put it on, ok?”
“Aye, yi, yi! Alright! Josefina replied once again- annoyed.


“I’m so excited for the egg hunt! I wonder what kind of candy we’ll get?” Kirsten wondered trying to change the subject.


“I don’t know, but I hope we get lots and lots! I hope it’s a beautiful day on Sunday!” Josefina said, getting very excited herself.

“Girls! Come on, gather round! I have something to tell you.” I said.
So they all gathered round and I made my announcement.


“Girls, I know you’ve been looking forward to Easter and the egg hunt, but it’s supposed to rain. So I’m afraid we’ll have to cancel the egg hunt.” I said feeling so sorry for my girls.


” Oh no! What will we do?”
“Will we still get candy?”
“I’ve been looking forward to it for so long!”
“My first Easter here and I can’t have an Egg hunt.” They all said and questioned. Then Rebecca spoke,


“I have an idea! Since we can’t have an egg hunt outside doesn’t mean we can’t have an egg hunt inside! There’s enough room so, why not?” She said trying to cheer up her sisters.


“Rebecca, that’s a wonderful idea!”
“We get to have an egg hunt after all!”
“You’re the best, Rebecca!”
Many hugs were passed to her that day! They were all so happy to get to have their egg hunt after all!


“It IS a wonderful idea, Rebecca! So now that that’s all settled- can we eat some cookies?” Josefina said in her silly mood. And everyone laughed and enjoyed the rest of the day!

Are your dolls doing any preparing for Easter today? Have you ever had an indoor egg hunt?
Have a great day everyone!!

Kanani Bakes Cookies!

I took these pictures awhile back to send in to AGfan- but I never did so I decided to share them with you!


It was cold day and it was perfect weather to bake some cookies!

Chocolate chip cookies that is!


These are the type of cookies she’s  making!


“They’re ready to go in, mommy!” Kanani said, since I have to put them in 😉


Kanani waiting for the timer to *BEEP*! “Patience sweetie!” I said.


“They’re done, they’re done, they’re done!!!” Kanani said very excited!


“Go on, take a bite!” I told her.


“Delicious!!” Kanani said with her mouth full. “I’d send you all some if I could!” She offered generously.

Well, Kanani had a LOT of fun showing you all what a great baker she is!

Kirsten and Josefina are normally the bakers but everyone else was still asleep. Kanani wanted to surprise them all!

What’s your favorite cookie? Do you have any little bakers in your doll family?

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