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Amazing Thrift Store Find!!!

Sometime last week, my mom and I went to the thrift store just to see if they had anything doll-ish there. We checked the back first, where they have stuffed animals and sometimes dolls, but didn’t find anything interesting. Then we went to the front to look at the dolls that are behind the counter- we found an Our Generation Doll and a Bitty Baby!! We were going to buy the Our Generation Doll, but realized that it wasn’t that much cheaper than buying it from Target, so we passed on her (but yes, we did buy the Bitty Baby!). As we were looking around, still trying to find an AG doll, I looked down and saw………

Mia’s Bedroom Furniture!!!!!!! I nearly had a heart-attack!!! Unfortunately, it was $99.99. Too much money for us to spend.
But, when we bought the Bitty Baby, they gave us a coupon for 50% off anything that was only good to use Tuesday or Wednesday. So on Tuesday we went and I was hoping that the furniture would still be there! This time we went straight to the counter and there it was. I told my mom that I could put around $30 towards it, that way she would end up only spending $20- it was a deal!


So here it is!! We bought it for only $50!!! Mia’s Bedroom Furniture was originally sold from American Girl for $125 and included the chair, mattress, and pillow. All is included, except for the pillow. We also looked it up on eBay just to see how much it was selling for- I could easily sell it for around $300, but I’m keeping it 😛


The chair is so adorable and I love the roomy desk area!

On this side, it has two drawers that open and close, as well as a little closet/cabinet.


The door to the closet/cabinet has a mirror inside and four shelves. This is a great piece of furniture for storing things! 😀

The bed pulls out and the mattress unfolds to fit on the bed. It can also be pushed in, and the mattress velcros closed to make a seat 🙂

I have always loved this set and thought it would be such a neat thing to have, so I am VERY happy to have this!! I had a lot of work to do on it, but I am very happy with the way it turned out. I will be posting more photos of it all new and clean tomorrow and pictures of the Bitty Baby will be coming soon as well 😀

What do you think of Mia’s Bedroom Furniture?

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