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Sick Rebecca Part 3

Today, I’m so happy to report that Rebecca is coming home!!!
Here are some pictures from her tests yesterday and coming home today!


They had to take some blood tests- poor thing!


All bandaged up.


*inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale* They listened to her heart beat.


Temperature looks good!


“Well, Rebecca- you’re good to go home!” Said doctor Jack. (hehe! Kinda like “Jaclynn” since I was the doctor of course!)
“YAAAAAY!!!” Rebecca exclaimed! “But, what is wrong with me, doctor?” She asked.
“Well, it seems you’re Anemic. It’s nothing serious- you just have to change your diet to eating things with iron in it, such as spinach and green vegetables. The reason you passed out those couple of times is because the red blood cell count is low. If you start getting more iron in your diet- as well as taking some iron vitamins- you’ll be better in no time!” Doctor Jack explained.
“Ooooh! Ok, thank you doctor!” Rebecca said happily, besides the fact that she doesn’t like spinach-blech!


“Mommy!!! I’m fine! I just have Ameniack!” She said.
“Oh, wonderful! And it’s “Anemia”, sweetie.” I corrected.
The doctor explained everything to me while Rebecca’s things were packed.


While we drove home Rebecca smiled. She couldn’t wait to be home with her brothers and sisters- even if she did have to eat spinach!

Yay! Rebecca’s gonna be just fine! I thought she was going to need surgery! Ugh- the worries of a mom (hehe)!
Have you ever been Anemic before? Have your dolls ever needed surgery?

Sick Rebecca Part 2

After church today, Saige and I went to visit Rebecca at the hospital before they did her tests. Rebecca would like to tell you what happened when we arrived;

 The nurse knocked on the door and entered my room.
“You have some visitors, Rebecca.” She said. She’s a very nice nurse!


“Mommy! Saige! I’m so happy to see you! I’ve been so lonely in here.” I said, feeling empty inside, but glad to see my mommy and sister at the same time.


“Hi, Rebecca!”, Saige said, “How are you feeling?” She stroked my head.
“Alright- Just sad.” I replied.
“Hey, sweetie, we brought you some things to make you feel better.” Mommy said.
“What?” I asked, my spirits being lifted already.


I gasped! “My doll! Oh, thank you so much!!” I was so happy to have my doll back. “Could you help me into my wheelchair?” I asked. I wanted to look at everything better.


“My shawl! This will help a bunch- it’s always so cold in here.” I said gratefully.


“Marie-Grace sent you her slippers. She said she could do without them until you come home.” Mommy explained.
“Aw, she’s so sweet! Tell her I said thank you!” I replied.


“I thought you might get bored in here, so I decided to lend you my drawing pad.” Saige said, a bit shy.
“Thank you, Saige! This will keep me entertained for a long time!” I said, and she smiled.


“Oh, Saige!! This is beautiful!! Thank you so much!!” I said holding up a painting that Saige had just finished.


“Do you really like it? I thought you could use some color in here to make you feel better.” Saige said.
“Oh, I do! You did a great job!” I told her.


Here I am with all my stuff to keep me busy. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful and caring family!
Then the nurse walked in and said;
“I’m sorry to interrupt but I’m afraid visiting time is over. It’s time for Rebecca’s tests.”
Mommy replied- “Oh, I see. Thank you nurse!” Then she turned to me and gave me a hug. “We’ll be in the waiting room. We’re going to stay here until we find out what’s wrong with you. You’ll be just fine- I’m here and God is always with you.” And with that she gave me a kiss and left the room. Next thing I knew I was on my way to have my tests done. I couldn’t wait to find out what was wrong with me.

Hi, it’s Jaclynn again!
Poor Rebecca. What do you think is wrong with her? Will she need surgery? I don’t know yet. The doctor said the test results won’t come in until tomorrow. I’m so worried about my girl! 🙁
Stay tuned for part 3 coming up tomorrow!

Sick Rebecca Part 1 :(

Poor Rebecca! She just got sick and we had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. We don’t know what’s wrong with her yet- she has to stay over for some tests 🙁


Here’s Rebecca in her room at the Hospital.
“Hmm.. I think I’ll read a book and have a truffle.” Rebecca said, feeling very depressed and lonely.


After she read her book and ate a truffle the nurse came in and said;
“You should get some rest, Rebecca. Doctor’s orders.”
So Rebecca climbed into bed to rest. She’s always been one to follow the rules.


Get well soon, Rebecca! Hugs & kisses to you!! <3
Have your dolls ever been to the hospital?

Birthday Party!!!!

I’m so happy! Today is Rebecca’s birthday!! And then Addy’s is on the 9th and Felicity’s on the 21st!! WOW! I have a LOT of birthdays to celebrate this month! Since there’s so many and not too far apart I thought it’d be too much to celebrate 3 birthdays on separate days, so I  decided to have one BIG birthday party for ALL OF THEM!!! This is how they celebrated 🙂


The pretty table with all of the delicious foods!


“Joesfina! I can’t believe you’re eating a cupcake! We were supposed to wait until Rebecca, Addy, and Lissie came and we all shout “SURPISE”!!” Kanani said.
“Well, I helped make them- so I can eat’em whenever I want!
Anyways stop scolding me!” Josefina replied.

“Why?” Kanani asked.
“Because, 1- I’m older than you. 2- I’m hungry. And 3- You don’t want me to be annoyed at the party!!” Josefina explained with a mischievious grin.


“When are they gonna get here?” Asked Caroline getting very excited.
“I don’t know! But we have to be patient! Anyways, they’re just in the other room! Hehe!” Saige said with a giggle.


“Here they COME!!” Marie-Grace said enthusiastically!


“SURPIIIIISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!!!!” Everyone shouted.



“Oh my goodness! Thank you!!!” Felicity, Addy, and Rebecca said in unison.


“Look! We have TONS of food! Dig in!” Kirsten said, feeling very proud of herself.

After much eating it was time to open gifts!


“Saige! It’s beatiful!” Lissie said holding up her drawing of some lovely horses.
“Thank you, Saige!” Addy said very grateful.
“I LOVE it!” Rebecca said.
“I’m glad! It’s not from a store but I didn’t have any money and I wanted to get you something.” Saige said a little shy.
“Oh, Saige! It’s ok! Homemade gifts are the very best of all!” Felicity said, always able to cheer up her sisters.



Do you have Rebecca? How do you celebrate your doll’s birthdays?

Good Friday Photostory

Happy Good Friday Everyone! I’m so excited for Easter and it’s just in 2 days! Yay!
My dolls are having fun preparing for Easter in a bunch of different ways. Take a look!

Saige and Caroline are going through the outfits trying to figure out who’s gonna wear what on Sunday. Felicity is helping them decide.


Kanani and Marie-Grace getting the plates out for all the desserts and fun foods we’re going to have!


Josefina ready to pop the last batch of cupcakes in the oven.


Rebecca frosting the cupcakes! Don’t they look SO good?


Kirsten making Rice Krispy Treats! I love those!


“Josefina! You don’t have an apron on! You’re gonna ruin Rebecca’s dress!” Addy said, in her “older” tone.
“Oh, Addy! I’m fine! I’m putting the last batch in right now and then I’m done! I don’t need to put an  apron on just for that!” Josefina replied, a little annoyed.
“Well, still. Next time put it on, ok?”
“Aye, yi, yi! Alright! Josefina replied once again- annoyed.


“I’m so excited for the egg hunt! I wonder what kind of candy we’ll get?” Kirsten wondered trying to change the subject.


“I don’t know, but I hope we get lots and lots! I hope it’s a beautiful day on Sunday!” Josefina said, getting very excited herself.

“Girls! Come on, gather round! I have something to tell you.” I said.
So they all gathered round and I made my announcement.


“Girls, I know you’ve been looking forward to Easter and the egg hunt, but it’s supposed to rain. So I’m afraid we’ll have to cancel the egg hunt.” I said feeling so sorry for my girls.


” Oh no! What will we do?”
“Will we still get candy?”
“I’ve been looking forward to it for so long!”
“My first Easter here and I can’t have an Egg hunt.” They all said and questioned. Then Rebecca spoke,


“I have an idea! Since we can’t have an egg hunt outside doesn’t mean we can’t have an egg hunt inside! There’s enough room so, why not?” She said trying to cheer up her sisters.


“Rebecca, that’s a wonderful idea!”
“We get to have an egg hunt after all!”
“You’re the best, Rebecca!”
Many hugs were passed to her that day! They were all so happy to get to have their egg hunt after all!


“It IS a wonderful idea, Rebecca! So now that that’s all settled- can we eat some cookies?” Josefina said in her silly mood. And everyone laughed and enjoyed the rest of the day!

Are your dolls doing any preparing for Easter today? Have you ever had an indoor egg hunt?
Have a great day everyone!!

Who Do You Think Looks Best In Caroline’s Work Dress?

Something I love seeing when I dress my dolls is how different they look in each outfit! Like putting Kirsten in Rebecca’s School Dress! It’s just so cool! I decided it would be fun for YOU to decide who looks best in Caroline’s Work Dress!


First we have Marie-Grace!


Second- Felicity!


And third- Rebecca!

Now all you have to do is look at each picture and write in the comments below who YOU think looks best in the dress! I will let the voting go on for 2 days and on the 3rd day I’ll reveal the winner!!
Have fun!

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